Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kills Vedika

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedika says what will you do about this lie that you are pregnant? She shows her a fake tummy. And says I will wear this. Vedika says you are so brave. I want to help you too. Arohi says please go from here. Virat is very dangerous. These people will kill you. Run away.

Virat comes to Prithvi and says drinking much? He drinks with him. Virat says was the story true? Or were you just trying to save mummy ji?
Arohi says please go from here. I can’t risk your life. I don’t wanna lose more people. Vedika says I will leave. arohi hugs her. Arohi says thank you so much. After all this ends, we will have a goof time together. Arohio leaves.

Arohi says thank God vedika will leave. Deep is going towards Vedika’s room.
Arohi says where is he? Vedika packs her bag and calls Prithvi. he doesn’t pick. Arohi says where is deep?
Deep comes to Vedika’s room. He throttles her. Niku sees it. He runs towards Arohi’s room and tries telling her. Arohi say where are you taking me? They come to Vedika’s room. Prithvi is also looking for Vedika. Niku takes Arohi to Vedika’s room. Arohi says sees that no one is there. She says vedika.. Prithvi is also looking for her. He reads her text I am leaving papa. He says thank God she left.

Virat comes to Prithvi and says I saw someone worried for Vedika. and it was you. Why? Prithvi says I was looking for you. Arohi says to go to your room. I have to follow Deep. He is scared. He says I wont go. Arohi takes him with her. She sees Deep’s car and follows it. Deep isn’t in car.
Prithvi says we have to keep and eye on vedika. she shouldn’t run from herre.

Arohi says to niku stay here in the car. I am coming back. Niku is scared. Arohi looks for deep everywhere. Deep digs a grave. Arohi sees him. Arohi sees Vedika’s dead body. She cries. Deep says who is here? He looks for the noise. Arohi hits on his head with a snow but it doesn’t hurt him. Deep runs in her direction. Arohi runs.

Virat comes to Roma. Her eyes are closed and she thinks its deep. she says is it done? Virat says what? Roma says what are you doing here? Deep runs after Arohi.
Roma says I don’t wanna talk to you. He says I want to. You have answer me. Why don’t you get your DNA done? Roma says I don’t want anything go fromm here. Virat says why are you giving up on your dreams. Who is her father? Roma is about to slap him. Virat holds her hand and says you can’t run away from truth. She has fled.

Arohi sits in the car. She asks Niku to hide. Deep comes there. She drives the car. deep shoots the tire and the car stops. arohi is scared. Deep sees her face in the mirror. Deep shoots but Arohi runs the car. Deep says I have bury Devika. Arohi cries.. Vedika. Another person died because of me. she cries madly. Arohi says I can’t forgive myself.
Deep buries vedika. He says how can Arohi know all this?

Roma says go and do some job. Virat says your allegations will turn into murder too. Roma says I don’t want to kill him. I got her back. I thought you all would be happy and you are calling me murderer. Deep comes home. He nods at Roma. Virat says why are you silent? DEep says nothing. He says why is there sand on your clothes? Deep says went to meet contractor. He says we are being fooled. When I went to do mummy’s work. I saw Arohi there and she was in Tara’s car? Roma says what.. Deep says Arohi is living in this house as tara.
Precap-Virat says I had been saying this for so many days. They look for Arohi everywhere. Deep says her game is over now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I have nothing to say except frustration……. Guys don’t see this serial. After TRP decrease they automatically end this serial like Pradesh mein hai mera dil. London track all about revenge…. The writer should kill deep or cut him into pieces otherwise the writer himself a psycho . U maker the son of b*t*h where is ishq in this serial change it to revenge mein marjawan.

    But one thing clear it is mummysy who killed vedika by hand and deep did his duty … Before mummysy get punished deep should be hanged brutally. REPLAY ME WHAT U WANT

    1. Hai pks.really frustrated episode.

  2. Isseh kehteh hain Mata pita ke karmo kaa phal santaan ko bhugatnaa padtaa hain
    If Prithvi had not supported Roma in front of Tara(Aarohi) and Viraat then today Vedika would’ve been alive
    And this Roma planned to kill her own daughter whom she kept her in her womb for 9 months oh god
    Feeling bad for Aarohi she lost her new friend
    Now Prithvi will break from inside

    1. Hai felt bad for arohi.

  3. Hello friends. How r u all?
    Wt happened with deep.why do llike this?
    Is really deep kill vedika?
    I don’t think he kill vedika. Really I miss the vedika character. I think Roma kill vedika.
    As usual deep clear all the evidence. But deep don’t know nikku saw the murder.he is the main evidence. I like viraat character. His brain working so everyone knows arohi is stay with them.wt happened next? How arohi manage these problems?
    Good night friends.
    @sathya my health is not completely all right.

    1. Hi Rhivanya,, Get well soon ?

      1. Thank you dear

    2. Hi rhibanya before yesterday episode I like deep and think he will change one day and has soft feelings for niku and arohi but now I totally got over and hate deep..

      Hey arjun bijlani it’s not a grey character u r playing.its a completely negative character. In grey character a character should know difference between good and bad

  4. I just hate Deep’s character
    3 times he had made Vedika unconscious
    And this time because of his act she will never gain consciousness even after knowing that Vedika is his so called Mummyji’s daughter he would have neglected his Mummyji’s order thinking that its her frustration and madness
    I really think that he doesn’t deserve Aarohi

    1. Yes I hate deep character.

  5. Hello evry1….i jst dont have a word 2 describe my hatred 4 deep i neva expected diz frm him evn in my dream i’m jst wondoring what excuse Aarohi wil make this time

    1. Hai lutfa.yor are Correct.

  6. I thought that Aarohi’s secret would be revealed in last 3-4 days of April month
    but ok Hope Aarohi manages her situation carefully but not risking nikku’s life anytime

    1. Yes now nikku life is more dangerous.

  7. Wrong choice of word ‘throttle’ means ‘gala dabana’. He suffocated her instead.

  8. i liked virat even more today… i wonder who’s hero n whos villian…. deep is such a bad hero… un believable… roma you are a big kala dabba on mankind….

    arohi tumhara kuch nahi hosakta.. boriya bistar bandle .. niku ke saath shimla chalejaana….

    1. I like virat today.

  9. I also think that Deep is not murderer because his face was not shown. I don’t think that Vedika is even killed and yes Nikku himself is evidence of murder, Nikku knows truth of Arohi’s bhabhi also but he can’t tell. I thought that we would get some information about Deep with the help of Nikku and Deep’s intercation scene when Arohi brought Nikku in Raichand mansion but nothing was shown. I think everyone would believe on excuse made by Arohi tomorrow, maybe she would reach home secretly.

    1. The two mastermind of the are Roma and arohi other are…. Puppets

    2. Hai mohit. Agree with you.

  10. Chalo ek cheez achi hui, arohi ka sch pata chl gaya, it has been so long! Pata nh kiya krna chah rhy thy, arohi was just waisting her time she didnt acheive any thing big even after staying there for so long! Arohi ki bhabi ka to koi zikr hi nh h! Inteqam ka april, inteqam ka april, pura april guzr gaya vedika p hua kuch nh!and what about that london track! Why cant they just go flat without dragging! Why ending the drama when viewer’s are fed up and gave up on the drama like others sasural simar ka, balika vadhu etc

  11. Deep is a monster!
    It’s doesn’t matter if he killed or not.
    How can live each day without a single thoughts of his victims.
    Well he rolls over to his mummyji.
    He only care for mummyji and her family.
    I just hope Arohi RUNS!

  12. i thi n arohi who’ll do sonething really convincing to show arohi took her vehicle

  13. I don’t think Deep killed Vedika. I think it was Roma who did and asked Deep to clear the evidence. If Arohi somehow manages to evade them and prove to be Tara, Viraat will start proceeding against Roma since Vedika is missing. And then when police comes to arrest Roma, she’ll blame it one Deep. There would be some evidence, some fingerprints on the dead body or something. Only person who could have seen Roma is Nikku and he can’t speak. My guess is this is how Deep could go to jail.

    1. correct… i think this is how he will go to jail..

  14. I wish if Aarohi secretly must have collected the evidences that She was not the serial killer
    but in order to save her daughter Tara the Raichand family used her face

  15. Riena

    Scared. Deep know aroohi live in his house as tara. Oh my good, what will do now? if they believe in deep words. then what will they do. how aroohi overcame all this. because she knows, if deep see her face. the end of all this drama. im so scared, plz showing love story in ardeep ???

    1. Hai Riena.title may ishq hai.but story may only revenge. No ishq.

      1. Yes u r right

  16. Hi guys ! I am reading telly updates since long but I am commenting for the first time.I also loved this serial but now I am really hating it.Especially Deep’s character. I think the writers really don’t want to show what Deep’s character is.

  17. hi guys watched this video , and tell me what happens . because i can’t understand Hindi .

    1. it first tells how deep had cheated arohi in shimla… later its told deep shouts arohi what’s this joke come out.. both fight n arohi locks deep in a room

      1. thx saras

    2. It’s arohi and deep face to face 1st time after Simla …….Eye lock scene……. Arohi locked deep into a room but why that is unknown……

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