Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep finds out Arohi is pregnant

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says you fooled me again.
Arohi says ma papa its me. Deep changed my face. He wanted password for that locker. Ma says stay away from us. don’t touch us. we know you are with Malik and his sister. Arohi says papa touch me. You will recognize me like you used too. He touches her hand and recalls he used to recognize her touch. He shoves her and says you can’t be my Arohi. You can’t fool us anymore.
First Malik fooled us and hen you. I said that code for that girl who wasn’t even my daughter. Arohi says ma please try to understand. Ma says you are with Malik. Arohi says what is wrong. Ia m your arohi. Can’t you see.

Deep calls Arohi. She doesn’t pick. Arohi says you have to come with me. Ma says you can’t take us

anywhere. Arohi sits in the car and takes them somewhere. Deep says where is my mom. i will find out where you are Arohi. He keeps calling her but she doesn’t pick. Deep comes to the houe and says Arohi where is my mom.
Tara says Deep? Deep says Arohi no one can save me from you. Deep breaks stuff in anger. Tara says deep what are you doing. He says no one can harm my mom. I will kill everyone. Tara hugs him and says I will bring your mom in front of you Deep.

Scene 2
Arohi fires the whole place and takes the truck of gold from the thugs. Virat calls them and say find her out. I want my gold or I will kill you. Virat says I should have killed that Arohi. Arohi comes there with a gun. She smirks. Deep says where is my mom? Virat says where is the gold? Arohi says you wont ever have it. Tara says no one can save me from you. Virat stops her. Arohi says see he will protect me for that gold. Your hands are empty. Arohi leaves. Tara says she left from here and you two couldn’t do anything. Virat says we first have to find out where old is. Tara says she will tell us when we torture her. Virat says she is Arohi. Don’t dare killing her or I will kill you.

Deep stops Arohi outside. He says you have to tell me where my mom is. Stop playing this game. Arohi says look at you so helpless. I wont tell you anything. Deep shoves her and says you have too. Arohi recalls when he hugged her and her sleeve was torn. deep said we will go on honeymoon and no one will come between us. Arohi and deep put gun on each other. Arohi says shoot. Arohi says I don’t wanna kill the dead. Look at you, you have nothing. She leaves.

Arohi says ma papa you didn’t eat. Ma says don’t come near or we will kill ourselves. Papa says your face scares us. She says I am arohi. That was Arohi. They changed my face. Ma says we can’t trust you. I was told you are dead. Please don’t take my reason to live from me. i can tell you what happened with Niku bhabhi and me. She tells them everything. How Deep burned her and changed her face. He says we don’t trust your stupid self made story. Arohi says Deep did all this. I will show you his face. She shows them his photo. She says this is Waasundra’s son. He says what? He saved us. Ma says he is a good man. Don’t defame him. He saved us from Malik. Arohi says what.

Deep comes to Arohi’s room and looks for something. He sees a file. It is Arohi’s sonography. He says arohi is pregnant? Arohi is pregnant with my baby? He is dazed.

Precap-Deep sas how could you hide this from me Arohi. You can’t take my baby away from me. Tara texts Arohi meet me near graveyard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Cute ardeep flashback scene.

    1. Satya127

      Hu rhivanya….I saw ur comment in the last episode
      Yes i also did not find any bashing of actors before related to immj but from when nia came everywhere bashing…..Disgusting
      I want to clear one thing
      I don’t know alisha before this show but by watching her spectacular performance as AROHI and Tara i was connected with her and mostly to AROHI and i cant accept anyone in arohi role except alisha because only alisha can do justice to arohi role and coming to nia i am not interested in her personal issues how she is and all but wht matters to me is her work reading the script and doing web content stuff is not wht needed for all fans to connect with arohi and accept her because nia herself spoiled all the opportunities given by r fans i tried many times but she proved me wrong and now i dont even accept nia as AROHI
      This show has come to top level only because of arjun and Alisha their hardwork brought the fruitful results for the show….And now suddenly some fans started bashing each other…Guys show is of arsha only till now many of us watch the show only because of arsha….so stop bashing each other and i dont even tell to bash nia by personal issues regarding her color and all i only tell nia is unfit for AROHI role she is not able to develop that connection with the fans but if nia is tara or anjali i atleast will accept her but not as AROHI…nia may be good actress but truly speaking she failed as AROHI….

      1. very well done said. I totally agree with you Satya 127.

      2. Hi satya.well explained. She failed as arohi.
        She only suit for anjali.

  2. I like Tara dialogue deep ko takleef dena sirf mera hak hai. arsha are looking so cute in flashback scene.

    1. Satya127

      Yes i also found arohi in tara today….And yes i loved this dialogue of tara….

    2. Me too.

  3. #wewantaalishaasaarohi @yashpatnaikofficial @mamtayashpatnaik plz alisha mam ko vaapas lao arohi ki role mein

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nothing much changed, deep and aarohi can be manupulative so easily, they are kaan ke kacche (कान के कच्चे), who can do anything without trust on each other…

  5. Satya127

    Today i felt my arohi (alisha) in the show….The two cutest flashback scenes made me soo releaved after soo many days and the today i find my AROHI (alisha) every wherr in deep’s thoughts….the sweet music at background arsha as ardeep made my day…..Now come in deep give back arohi’s identity to her
    bring my alisha back as arohi #wewantalishaasarohi
    Today also it is proved nia can be tara or anjali but not for arohi….Nia is not an option for arohi…..

  6. Satya127

    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

    1. Nice hastags use them on Twitter and Instagram as well. I sometime troll mamta madam on Twitter.😹

      1. Satya127

        Sorry arjun i dont have those accounts….Ha i dont want to troll mamata but just show her that she is wrong and and make her accept my point….They can’t do injustice to the loyal viewers of immj they can’t destroy ardeep (arsha) which we all love to see together she not only made alisha as a side role but killed the charm by bringing nia if they could had replaced Tara i welcome them but not arohi…..
        If u r OK use the same tags on twitter and insta…I only want them to bring alisha back as AROHI this is a request of every true fan of arsha because they cant make alisha as side role and nia does not suit arohi and not does not suit arjun……I had seen almost arjun’s all shows and i did not get this bad feeling with any jodi of his but for nia and arjun i really feel like something is missing they only look indecent when they do those scenes…..

      2. Almost all the arsha fans said same thing that new pair does not look good but Mamta does not listen. And instead she add those flashback scene and now those those stupid writers are changed.

  7. Satya127

    Happy 10th anniversary mjht…..
    My fav show which had shown true meaning of friendship,love,responsibilitys……
    We got two beautiful love stories of mayur and sajan and real life cutest jodi monaya….
    This show every episode is worth watching….
    I hope they bring a new season witg the same cast again it will be super watching arjun,sanaya,mohit,rati, ……Their masti wow….This will be more perfect then this khichidi immj

  8. Satya127

    Yes arjun
    By adding flashback scenes they r making me confuse by seeing them i get emotional too and i feel alisha is still AROHI i mean the main lead….
    Hope these writers use their brains perfectly and understand our viewers feelings and bring alisha as AROHI back….

  9. Satya127 I read in spoiler alert that now deep comes to know about arohi pregnancy and again love story starts between deep and arohi(nia) and there will be also a romantic dance between them which we don’t want to see and I request all Arsha fans to stop watching the show so that Trp decrease and Alisha mam will be back as arohi and I really can’t understand one thing that why noone are talking about the injustice done to alisha mam as she was replaced she made the show what it is today and now she became a side role plz everyone tag the channel and makers plz we fans should make alisha mam to win by Bringin back her as arohi

    1. Hi shyamala.oh no I don’t want this scene between them.
      That means this writers indirectly says nia only continue the arohi role. I don’t expect this from makers.😔😔

    2. Satya127

      This is disgusting….
      And i don’t want our arsha fans to accept defeat that easily
      I decided and i want to ask all the arsha fans like me can’t we stop watching the show on tv to bring justice to alisha and ourselves….Those writers played with our feelings and emotions spoiled the show destroyed the essence of each character….This is it guys
      Let us all take a stand lets stop watching the show on tv…..Now the trp is already low and immj is already ready to be kicked out of top 20….If they think we r fools….Then let us all unite to show them who the real fools are….
      This is a stand taken to bring back our connection with the show to give what alisha deserves….Nia can never take my arohi’s place never ever….
      Guys keep tagging the tag that #wewantalishaasarohi with all the posts related to mamtha,yash,colors,alisha,nia,arjun (except to the posts related which r very related to very personal issues like arjun fathers birthday their u can’t go and protest it looks odd with that we may loose our point )in all the social networking sites….( but don’t bash anyone not alisha and arjun and not nia) but state the point correctly and completely that nia is unfit for the role….
      Lets gift the great brainless writers who gave us the big shock and a rotten khichidi as a return gift frim our side ” the lowest trp with the huge protest from all the sides….” i am sure they will like it guys respond and keep on passing the message to everyone….

  10. what is mjht ?? 10 years old. In childhood i just saw shaktiman. After that never seen any serial. immj is second serial that i watched just because of initial promo and arjun. First episode was bang on, serial killer girl looks cool , then deep started loving aarohi and i quitted watching this show as usual hero loves heroin nothing new. One day while swapping channels on tv , i saw deep torturing aarohi, that was one of the high points.So i decided this serial worth to watch , regularly watched afterwards . During aarohi revenge tara has nothing to do and aarohi keep slaping her ,disappointed with tara and they keep swapping between tara and aarohi complete change over in just 2 second which just raises my frustration level “ushi din mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki logic does not exist in this show. when i missed few episode i was searching on net found this website and like 300+ comments and sometimes comments are 500+ Dhara,Rhivanya is always there with episode review.

    coming today Tara is still there, But aarohi(nia) is useless and story is a big mess. on wedding night tara was there in room but somehow aarohi got pregenant. “kuan sa wifi connection mujhe bi bata do”.

    1. Hi arjun.I also saw sakthimaan in tamil.wifi connection hai ya nahi mujey kuch nahi patha Par wife ka saath connection hai.(I also thought she was Tara.but this writers thought that she was arohi) so arohi is pregnant now.

    2. Hi Arjun. mjht stands for Miley Jab Hum Tum. It was a show about two sisters from village who come to city to stay with their cousins and join a new college. Arjun used to be in that show too. The show was very popular and fresh for that time. And the actors and chemistry between them was also good, be it Mayank(Arjun)/Nupur pair or Samrat/Gunjan pair. That is the first time i had watched Arjun onscreen and completely loved him. That character was also very sensible and mature, though a bit snobby which made it fun to watch when he argued with Nupur (the chatty and little immature one)
      As for immj, i too loved the concept and Arjun. Can’t remember the last time i saw thriller love story on tv which was a mainstream show. I too didn’t watch the show continuously though. I skipped the part when Arohi went to jail, as i didnt like so much of negativity and Arohi’s brother being killed. (i really liked Aniket). But when Arohi came back, took so many disguises (Kesari, Tara, electrician, pundit :P) and was trapping the Raichands, i was back to watching. Absolutely loved it. But you are right about Tara. Tara had nothing to do, either spending three months remaining kidnapped or coming once/twice to be used by Arohi and then kept again captured. I am surprised Tara never mentions how Arohi kept her kidnapped for so long. I was hoping we will get to know why Tara hates blood so much, how she feels about her family, her past… Even the scenes where she talked with Chawanni (when kidnapped) and chawanni brought food for her, i wondered if she will develop some compassion for him. But Tara was used just to confuse whether we are seeing Arohi/Tara or to murder people. Even now, Nia is shown more but not Tara. Actually, none of the characters are developed well except for Arohi. At least Deep has more screen time now. I remember during Arohi’s revenge track, even Deep used to be sidelined a lot. But at least we got to watch Alisha. Nia is unbearable. I dont know why but the way she makes her face, with her lips upturned and screaming, i just cant handle her. And no logic, no sense in this show anymore. (logic was always less, but now it is zero. In fact, i think logic is running in the negatives in this show, sucking reasoning ability from its viewers also) -_-

      1. Satya127

        Yes dhara i really miss mayur and sajan the whole cool gang….Mayur sweet fights…Sajan cute moments….
        Mostly i miss my sadu and nupur ki raj mayank and filmy nupur…pyari gungan and basketball cham bhavesh (samarat)…But truly i feel mayank is picture perfect the way he is super always supports truth,corrects nupur,responsible,cute,everything…. The show has everything in it….i hope it comes back some fine day with the same cast or i hope it is retelecasted in star ustav atleast….So that i can rid of this khichidi rotten immj

      2. Thanks Dhara, for Explaining. I never been fan of serials .i just spend my life seeing cartoons, cricket matches and playing video games. In these game and movies killing people is so common.Every time a guy comes with gun and starts killing them. But this serial is unique Tara is killing spree . i enjoyed all those murders except aarohi family members.Many serials come and goes none of them are able to attract me Its just because of Psycho nature of Tara i watched a serial after so long. During revenge mission you all are enjoying and i was thinking why deep is so bewakoof and how long i had to wait for tara to come. Then deep started talking to his inner voice that i love Aarohi only Tara is my responsibility and then Aarohi takes gun and killed him. Such a disappointment. After london track Aarohi started crying like baby and saying deep i love you. I felt bad for aarohi and then both started loving each other. But No colors channels wants TRP.

        Now Nia came , so basically we are the fools watching ardeep for months. kisi ne saach hi kaha tha ladke serial nahi sakte -जिसका काम उसी को साजे.
        Nia aur deep ka romance apne paas raho mujhe nahi dekha. Now i just watch immj for 3-4 minutes only when tara comes.

  11. Although there is no point bashing this show any further, but anyone felt that the scene where Nia tells Arohi’s parents about Aniket’s death was not well done at all. The Kashyap couple were held captive for 6 years with no news of their children. Now someone is telling them that their son, daughter-in-law and grandson might be dead. But they are more concerned with who is Deep. Like, seriously? I mean, yes they didn’t believe Nia, but even that doubt or concern was missing from their expressions. Maybe they got completely confused by the plot of this show, like the rest of us! (And the fact that Nia doesn’t behave at all like their daughter Arohi. We saw everything and still can;t accept Nia. How will Arohi’s parents accept her 😛 )

    1. Satya127

      I also got the same thought dhara we saw everything but we don’t accept her as arohi and how could they and u r right about how nia is being with AROHI’S parents….If alisha would be there i am sure there will be that required emotional connection with the scene…

    2. Satya127

      Taking about nia action and expressions r just waste of our time….I really saw those flashback scenes because i am only connected with them……I dont understand wht they saw in nia…Ada is best than nia….Ada can also well play both positive and negative but nia if she try to portray herself as positive it is looking negative….heroine ko side role or villian banadhi or jo villain ki role ko suit karthi he use heroine kehraye or upar se ham sub ko villain bandi show ki… Jis ko hum ne inthna pyar diya ab usi show ko hun intna nafrat karthe he….Dhoka arohi ke sath nahi hum logoke sath hu a

  12. You are right guys.. we dont feel Arohi’s emotions in nia.. the story became so boring.. i used to watch every episode of immj but now am not. You writters have spoiled the fun. Nia doesnt match with Deep.. we want our Arohi back please.. u can do plastic surgery again to bring back our Arohi

  13. Guy’s have you seen the latest promo and Wikipedia of Immj deep role will be played by Gurmeet choudhary after accident and arjun Sir face will change what a stupid show

    1. Is it not watch any promo may be it’s a fake news.

  14. @Arjun you are welcome. And its not like ladke serial nahi dekh sakte, any sane person cannot watch these serials. Even i used to think that whenever Tara gets released from Arohi’s captivity, she will be impossible to stop. But writers weakened Tara a lot. And now they have even made her a gold digger. Sigh. Now a days i spend my time watching Sinchan only. The cartoon has better character, story, and character development than these serials. lol

    1. 👍🙌 . I remember one comment from satya127 where she is mentioning that her mom gets worried when she does not watch Arjun’s serial and here comes my mom I can’t even tell her that I am watching this. 😹 😝

      1. Satya127

        Yes my mom thinks like that because i don’t even miss any arjun show from when i started liking his work like itvis impossible fir me to miss his show on tv but now if i want watch his work also only because of nia i shut the tv off and my mom asks is everything alright….
        Please bring ALISHA back as AROHI…..

  15. @Shyamal When i opened wikipedia, it showed Ada Khan as Arohi’s sister and Gurmeet as Ada’s husband… OMG, Arohi’s parents were not enough, now theyare going to introduce a whole new sister for Arohi? wtf. The writers could have just ended immj and began a new show with a new cast.
    All this is crap and insult to the fan base. Sending Tara to jail, and giving Deep and Arohi a happy ending with Deep finding out his mother would have been a logical conclusion to this story. But no! Now they are showing anything. Deep had a memory loss and din’t even know who his mother is. Then why he will kidnap Arohi’s parents after their accident? Or has everyone forgotten that Deep was supposed to have forgotten everything about his past? Everything has become bad about this show. Everything. The whole story had changed. The only thing left is for the writers to introduce ghost/supernatural elements and then this show can compete with Sasural Simar Ka!

    1. Sasural simar ka😹😹. I was wondering how a good serial can come in place of that in same time slot. Now I can say sasural simar ka is better. Some rumours never stops like alisha, Arjun will quit etc😝😝

      1. Satya127

        Yes these rumors…
        When u saw shyamala comment i was like u did not see any promo and when i saw it in wiki there r suddenly soo many characters then i thought like it is true and then i was like these writers and producers r facing a serious health problems like brain tumor and all pagal log….But after sometime when i saw wiki it only contains arsha and after sometime then nia was added….
        I really don’t get one point….How ciukd tge writers just waste someone’s hardwork for TRP ALISHA hardwork for both AROHI and Tara made us hook to the show arsha as ARDEEP was the main reason we all accepted the negativities in the show but now yuck story is the worst….
        In my feeling in whole tv world DEEP and AROHI are two difficult,unique,wonderful characters they can only played by arjun and Alisha only…. u don’t feel that connection with other actors….
        Brainless writers….Please give back arohi’s identity to her that can only make justice to alisha and arohi and to the viewers….

  16. Satya127

    Please pass on the message to stop watching immj on tv and keep tagging,trending,commenting that #wewantalishaasarohi….
    Decrease in TRP will only open their eyes friends trp plays a very important role for the show….
    If u had observed at 100 episodes our immj was top 1 and at 200 episodes it is on top 2 but now i think it is in negatives in all angle….
    Did u all observe how happy alisha is when show completed 100 and 200 episodes…It is surely visible how much she likes both characters the way she had cut the cake on 100the episode celebration and her wish of having 500,600,…Episodes of immj on 200th episodes celebrations…She is soo sweet,down to earth….And i personally felt bad for her i did not expect that alisha could act that perfectly in both AROHI and Tara she single handedly sometimes managed the whole show also and i did not expect that writers and producers will do injustice to her…

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