Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep saves Arohi’s parents

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says you are so clever right? find your parents. He shoves her and says go find them you don’t have a lot of time. Arohi says I beg you please tell me. He says they don’t have time. Don’t waste. Go. She says I haven’t seen a devil like you. She says then think how dangerous death would a devil give to them. She says is it a bomb? He says the person who took your parents is a real devil. Who knows what will he do to your parents. Arohi says I know Malik is Virat. You and Virat are playing this game together. I will ruin everything. Deep is dazed. Deep says who is Malik? Virat? Who said all that. She says Virat is Malik. He had been torturing my parents. He did all that because you asked him too. Deep says i and malik never came in front of each other.

Malik asked me to pretend to be Malik but was is Virat? She says you and your mom played this game. Deep shoves her and says your dad did that. Virat had one password and your father had one. Virat kidnapped them. Arohi says your mom wanted to take all that gold. My father gave up his life to save it. I am not like you. I will save them. Deep says Riverside Banglow. Arohi is dazed. Deep says that is very Malik has taken them. Go and save them. Arohi runs.

Arohi comes to Riverside Banglow. She sees them and says ma papa.. She takes off clothes from there faces. It is virat and tara. Arohi says where are my parents? They laugh. Virat says Deep loves fooling people. He asked us to come here and do this drama. Arohi says in heart deep you did this once again. Virat says so Deep will kill them and he sent you here. He is so clever. Arohi says where are my parents. Virat says how will you save them Arohi? Tara says we know you are Arohi.

Dad says I am sorry i couldn’t save you or Arohi. Mom says God will protect our sister.
Tara puts gun on Arohi and says we don’t need you anymore. i will shoot you here and there Deep will kill your parents.
The thugs are about to shoot Arohi’s parents. Someone comes and hits them all. He kills them. Arohi’s parents are dazed. Virat grasps tara. Tara says what are you doing Virat. She will run. Arohi runs. Tara says what did you do. Arohi killed our mom. Virat says we will kill her but with pain. Virat says she doesn’t know where her parents are. Let her find their dead bodies. I want to see that pain on her face. She will beg for her death. Tara says I will live as Tara. And Deep will always be mine. She will be gone from Deep’s life.

The person kills all the thugs. It’s deep. Arohi’s parents are dazed. Deep releases them. Dad says thanks for saving our life? but who are you? Deep says you have to go away from them. There is a car outside. please sit in that. They sit in the car.

Scene 2
Tara and Virat cheers. Deep shoots their glasses. He shoves Virat and says you are Malik. You thought i wont ever know. Virat and Deep hit each other. Virat says I did that because I was far more clever. You never knew I was malik. I have everything and you have nothing now. All you had was your mom and you don’t have her either now.
Deep gets a call from Arohi. She says if you want your mom alive meet me outside. Arohi is about attack Deep. He stops her. She says you killed my parents. I will kill you. Deep says your parents are alive. I have them. They are in that car. Arohi is dazed. He says the driver can take them from here. This is your last chance. If you don’t tell me where my mom is the driver will take them. Arohi tells him the address.
She says to her parents.. Ma papa.. they think she is Anjali.
Deep comes to the shop and no one is there. Deep says you fooled me Arohi again.

Precap-Arohi’s dad says we hate you. you can’t be our daughter. Deep says I wont leave you Arohi. He sees a parcel.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Happy birthday immj.
    It turns one year old.
    Congratulations entire team.
    Hats off to Alisha panwar(arohi& Tara) & arjun bijlani(deep).
    Well play their role.
    My only one wish please Alisha come back as Arohi.
    Am really miss u as arohi.

    1. Mee to Rivanya miss old arohi

      1. Satya127

        Mee too rhivanya i miss our AROHI our ARDEEP…..

    2. me too miss old aarohi

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I am not liking Nia pair with Arjun, as they don’t have spark which Alisha used to have… Actually some characters on screen chemistry do not easily look good at all with each other, though might be actors are good…..

    2. Why Deep doubt Aarohi all time, and vice versa? Eithet villian are more powerful or they both are idiots, who can be manipulated so easily…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      3. Sometime if we do not watch any show for long time, its get difficult to get current happening, but in case of ishq mein marjawan, if you do not watch even for months, you can guess that whats happening and result will be villian virat and tara winning and deep and aarohi are each others enemy,
      as show goes on this way only all time… 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

      1. Satya127

        Yes i agree with u shraddhasharma…..

  3. Congratulations teams and fans of immj for completing 1 year. Arjun and alisha give their hard work to this show. We all know arjun is talented and start watching this show because of arjun when day passed Alisha win everyone heart with her performance as Arohi or tara she nailed in every single scene she perfectly portrayed arohi a simple girl and tara the serial killer just love her love ardeep love arsha wanted her to be as Arohi.

  4. Current track par baat nhi krni mujhe I just watched today episode just because of Arsha I also watched that scene on voot when tara comes as arohi to meet arohi parents that time I feel my arohi is back no one can play arohi role like you alisha. Writers ne sab kharab kr diya deep k character tara k character nia ki entry immj k worst track hai ye I miss my old immj. Guys you want to watch old episode on rishtey immj start on 1 October 8:30 pm

  5. Hi Rivanya you come on naagin 3 written update dhara di also there mera yha aane k mann nhi krta I miss. My friends you all are here

    1. Hi r u? am also miss you.sry am not watch naagin 3.

  6. Satya127

    Congratulations immj for completing one year
    One year before at the same time i was so impressed with the first episode…..
    The killing tara entry along with cutest simple AROHI and the most awaited deep raichand stylish entry with a swag and the dialogue u remember guys ‘mein selfi keliye 1 crode rupee latavu ‘ and the romantic title track sequence on the streets of shimla and there started the beautiful beginning of ardeep as arsha story which has win our heart…..
    I don’t know wht to tell about producers and writers they gave us very perfect story with one of the cutest jodi arsha as ardeep and deera of tv till 13th july for this i really appreciate them
    But from 16th July i want to hit everyone with anything each on their heads spoiled their best show…..made it all confusing took away our ardeep (arsha ) brought someone from nowwhere….
    This immj success is due to arjun and alisha hardwork and dedication and theit cute chemistry and how come they suddenly bring nia and claim her on our show….no way….
    Bring alisha back and continue only alisha as arohi….

  7. Satya127

    Few months before every video on YouTube related to immj only used be lije this is tge best show,ardeep r the best,…..
    But now we want alisha as arohi,we want arohi double role,bakwass show,gatiya show,confusing,nia ko hatao,deep hero ya villian,…..
    This situation is only because of writers stupidity….
    But in all this why everyone talk rubbish about arjun…..I just want to tell them deep role looks like negative but he is positive and may be he is positive or negative wht could arjun do with it he is just playing deep role with perfection….
    They just go on using all the nonsense about arjun…arjun is a very nice person i had not seen such a perfect and naughty actor….He is the best actor,best friend,best co star,best son,best father….and he really has a pure heart….. Which can won mant hearts Thanks to dance deewane it gave me a chance to watch the real side of arjun….(sorry guys if i hurt anyone but i cant tolerate these hatred towards arjun without any reason u may hate deep but why arjun)

    1. Hai satya.u know after nia entry some people bash arjun,some people bash Alisha,some people bash nia.but that people can’t understand they all are doing the job.
      And one more thing before nia entry no one bash any actors.but now lot of people fight with each other in social media.
      I respect all the actors.but current track shown as deep is more negative. Tara started love money. Totally ruined arohi,deep,Tara character.
      And Alisha not give up the arohi role.and she not leave the show.(she still play a Tara role).
      If Alisha decided she give up the arohi role mean I will try to accept nia as arohi.but this is a makers decision. Then how we will accept accept nia as not talk anything about nia.I want a justice for Alisha.
      I don’t know Alisha ko ae baath se problem ho ya a Alisha fan am not accept this.

  8. Satya127

    And coming to trp it is good news for us…..
    Jis trp keliye wo log story ko khichidi banadi wahi trp unlogoko chod kar garihe…..
    Online trp mein 15 position now but till 13th July it used be in top 3…..
    And coming to regular trp it is on the edge
    20th position now and our immj till 13th july used to be in top 10…..
    And it is out of the top shows list of colors tv but our immj used be the number 1 and 2…..
    There is one dialogue said by our arohi (alisha)
    Jo jaisa kartha he vo wesa hi bartha he
    This suits the writers the best….jakar khudi apna show ko kharb kiya nia ko lakar or upar se fans ka favorite jodi ko chenli ab dekle…..
    Ada viewers to show chodi diya kuch hamari log sirf arsha keliye kahina kahi dekthe he warna sirf update padkar sari gussa comments mein daldethe he….Or kuch naya log jo abhi abhi added like 5% tell and shows of like this is best show and in that few people dont even known the complete story too wht happened till now….
    I did not think like i will be like this with my immj….Now i don’t feel anything for nia,tara,…..
    All the connection with the story and the show is lost……..
    Writers and producers realize ur mistakes atleast now and bring back alisha as arohi again and make only alisha to continue as arohi and make only our arsha as ARDEEP…..
    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  9. Hi satya.. nia show nundi epudu get out avtadi

    1. Satya127

      Naku matram nia ni ippude show nichi bayataku toseyalani vundhi…..Acting kuda radu emotion kuda vundhadu scene lo mali arjun pakkana akka la vuntundhi…..
      Arsha ke show success credit veluthundhi valu entho kastha padaru show ni best cheyadaniki alisha ratri pagalu sets lo gadipedi arjun kuda chala dedicated ga deep role chesadu inka chestundhu
      Kani nia show lo vachi mana favourite arsha as ardeep ni paduchesindhi ponile idhantha writers pani anukunte nia 5% effirt kudha ledu arohi character lo nia infact vachi motham arohi role lo vunna sweetness cuteness…Ani paduchesindhi.. Vachi script chaduvuthadi tappa eppudu emotions express cheyadu…roju rojuki disgusting apothundhi nia…..
      Now show lo arjun hero or villain telidu but arjun is the real hero in real life and i really love his work but due to nia i am no able to enjoy his work coming to alisha i adore alusha more as AROHI not as tara….I cannot support tara even or enjoy her performance… they made only a killer machine
      Sravanthi alisha lo a inherent innocence and sweet charm vundhi dani valla tanu mana arohi la perfect ga set ayindhi and with her great performance….Inka tara la kudha cute physo la kanipisthundhi….And mostly she is down to earth…..Kani nia over action…..Irritating unfit for arohi
      Naku deep medhe namakam than valla ma to chapadu ga arohi parents ni kapadhaka anjali face ni forever ki finish chestadani…..
      And ninna arjun one year wish lo kudha arsha as ardeep photo ne post chesdu and he tagged alisha first and some channel bolly 2 bolly lo adigethe cheparanta alisha as AROHI vastadhi ante kani kuncham time oaduthundha anta kani vallu suggest chesidhi emi tante full ga ani facebook insta twitter youtube lo we want alisha as arohi ni repeated ga request cheya manaru
      I feel mamata and yash r not that mad to do injustice to their soul of the show…..
      Inka deep kudha arohi ki tana identity mali estene justify avuthundhi….
      I want arsha as ardeep they can ahiw any rubbish by making arsha as ARDEEP

  10. s writers kuda kadu nia ne show mottam paduchesindi manaku aarohi ante chala estam aarohi ni antha torture pedutunna em anipinchatledu okka sec kuda connect avaleka pothunnam atla act chestundi nia. nia vellipote chalu antha set avtadi. enka enni rojulu vuntadho eme serial chudaleka chudam aapaleka pichekkutundi.

  11. Arrest deep Tara virat and end the serial no curiosity in the show

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