Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Tarank in coma

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tarank is fainting. SHe says there is danger. Aroh says danger from who? Tarank faints. Wasu goes from there. Arohi brings water to Tarank. Her head is hit with a rod. Arohi calls Randhir.
Tarank is being treated. Arohi wonders what was she talking about. Doctor says she wont be conscious. Randhir asks Deep do you know what happened to Tarank? Deep says I don’t know she came here. This can be an accident. Wasu says this doesn’t look like an accident. Randhir says we will know once she is conscious. Tarank opens eyes. Arohi says Tarnak you are fine. Who did this to you? What were you telling me? She looks at everyone. Arohi says you are not in danger. Arohi says doctor why is she not speaking. Doctor says she is in coma. SHe can’t speak or react. Arohi says doctor.. When will she be fine? SHe says can take a day or a year. we can say anything after 24 hours. arohi says I can’t take a risk. She will stay here. Randhir says someone has to stay here for her security.

Arohi says to tarank I will find out who did this and I won’t leave that person. No one in this house can be trusted. Arohi falls asleep next to Tarank. Someone wakes her up. Aroi says deep you scared me. deep says I thought you aren’t scared of anyone. Arohi says someone will try to harm her again. Deep says she is safe in this house. Come and rest with me. Arohi says no.. SHe can’t be in danger. Deep takes her. Someone is looking at Tarank.
deep says this is my love. Always stay near me. He says there is a surprise for you. This sare.. Arohi says right now? He says yes.

A masked man comes near Tarank. Ranjit says to Wasu you have to be careful. Randhir looks at them. He says this man has many shades.
The person tries to kill Tarank with a pillow. Randhir comes there. Tarank looks scared. The person hides. Arohi wears the saree. Arohi and deep drink together. They dance. They come close to each other. Deep faints. Arohi says I am sorry Deep. I had to do this. She leaves. Deep gets up.

Arohi says she had some information. We have to be careful for her safetey. Randhir says someone came here to suffocate her. Her eyes were all red. That person is in this house. Doctor checks Tarank. He says she will come out of coma soon. Arohi says and she will tell who attacked her. Everyone leaves. Someone comes in the room with a knife and tries to stab Tarank. Arohi holds his hand.
Precap-The person hits Arohi and runs. Arohi says I can’t do anything. Deep hugs her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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