Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima prays for her relation

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying I don’t know where is Ragini, she can be a big threat for the person who killed Uma. Anupriya hides Ragini. Kabir recalls catching Ragini. Riddhima says someone is keeping an eye on me always. He says you are safe here, there is no one here. She says I know. He says Siya has lied to you, she has Ragini, she is playing a game with you. Riddhima says she can’t do this, Vansh loves her a lot, she can’t do this with him, I have few hours to find Ragini. Ragini kicks the shelf. The vase falls. Riddhima turns and asks how did the vase fall. He says rats are there. She says I think there is someone behind. He says there is no one.

Kabir sees Anupriya and Ragini gone. Kabir says come here, leave it, we have no time, I will search Ragini, you go home, I know your relation with Vansh matters a lot, don’t worry. I will do something. Riddhima leaves. Anupriya smiles. Siya hears Riddhima’s recording. Vansh asks what’s Riddhima saying. Siya worries. Vansh says she has made my new exercise chart. He says you got on your feet, I got one good surprise, you used to be fascinated with heels in childhood, you couldn’t fulfill your dreams, you used to say that you maybe not wearing heels sandals, I got this in mind when you got rid of wheelchairs. She stands on her feet.

He says you can wear heels now. She asks how do you know my feelings. He says I know, don’t know what is it that you aren’t able to share with me, you are behaving odd today, tell me if there is anything. Siya says yes, I have to say something, I trust you, you will find Ragini’s kidnapper and punish Uma’s murderer. Vansh says I also believe, we will reach mum’s murderer soon. He goes. She says after knowing Ragini’s kidnapper, your tension will get more, I wish I could say the truth.

Anupriya pushes Ragini and scolds her. Ragini argues. She says Riddhima is there in Vansh’s life now, she will challenge you, she is courageous, I can see your defeat. Anupriya raises hand. Kabir stops her. Anupriya says you are saying as if you know Riddhima. Kabir asks her not to waste energy on Ragini. He says I have made special arrangements, it has more pain. Ragini says do anything you want, if Vansh knows this, he won’t leave you both. Kabir says this may happen, but who will tell him. Mishra takes Ragini. Kabir smiles. Dadi says I thought to keep a shanti puja at home, since big happiness can come, we can celebrate Siya’s recovery. Riddhima says right, I went to temple. She gives prasad. Dadi says Lord should give bahu like you to everyone, you have all the relatives of a good bahu. She hugs Riddhima.

Riddhima thinks I have cheated Vansh, I will fix this and do a wife’s duty. Dadi says give this prasad to Vansh also, he needs blessings, he doesn’t say his pain to anyone, I know you will know his problem, return me the old Vansh, get his smile back, I know no one can do this work except you. Riddhima says Vansh’s smile will return soon. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in the bangle. Dadi says mangalsutra matters a lot for married woman, take care of it. Riddhima says sorry. She goes to give prasad to Vansh.

Anupriya says our mission has reached the final stage, I can see our victory. She shows the card. Kabir asks what’s this. She smiles. FB shows Aryan calling Chanchal and saying I have safely kept the card in an envelope. Anupriya comes and looks on. He asks her to come. She gives him prasad. She thinks I will get the card once the spiked prasad shows the effect. Aryan gets an upset stomach. He goes to washroom. Anupriya takes the card from the envelope. She puts another card. She goes out. FB ends. Kabir says we did it. She says we did it. They hug.

He checks the footage. Kabir says good job, Vansh, you will be ruined now. Vansh says great job, Angre, you have shown me the way in darkness, come to me, quickly. He turns. Riddhima’s mangalsutra breaks by his hand. She drops the prasad plate. She sees the beads spreading on the floor and cries.

He asks are you okay. She says my mangalsutra broke, its a big bad omen. He says no, I got a good news, Angre got the cctv footage, in which I can see Ragini’s kidnappers, I will finally know where is she, I got a new hope to punish my mum’s murderer. She worries and says then I will lose you, my mangalsutra broke, Dadi just told me. He wipes her tears. He says you know your tears are so precious, like it has shattered my heart, I can’t see you in trouble, if I change this bad omen into a good omen then… Vansh gets the thread and needle. He needles the beads. Ishq mein marjawan…..plays…. He ties the string to her hand.

He says its fine now, our marriage doesn’t depend on these beads, everything will get fine. She says I feel worried, like something bad is going to happen, come with me. She lights diya. They perform the aarti together. Ragini asks Mishra to let her go. She says I m feeling much hungry, give me something to eat. Riddhima thinks I can just see darkness, make me reach Ragini, give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Vansh thinks Angre will get footage, everything will get fine. Riddhima thinks if Angre gets the footage, then our relation will shatter. Mishra asks Ragini to have the food. He says have the food, don’t use your mind. She recalls taking his phone from his pocket. She says I will call Vansh. Vansh’s phone is on silent. He takes the aarti. Riddhima does tilak to him. He says I didn’t see you so scared, what is it troubling you, tell me, I can’t see you like this. Riddhima thinks I wish I could confess that I m the reason for your problem, Angre will get footage, you will know the truth. Ragini calls him.

Precap: Ragini calls Vansh. Riddhima picks up and says she’s his wife. She asks Ragini who kidnapped her? Where is she right now? Ragini says Kabir.. Before she says anything more, Kabir comes from back and grabs her. Anupriya is on phone and says finally Ragini’s chapter is over. Now no one will know Vansh’s real mother’s murderer. Siya hears it. She calls Vansh and tells him that it’s Anupriya who killed their mother. She heard Anupriya confessing it herself. Vansh is in disbelief.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Since the past few days I’m seeing a video where Vansh wi fall from a high place. Some sources say he’ll experience a memory loss. I just hope before that Ridhu finds out Kabir and Anu’s reality and keep Ragini safe. I’ve also been hearing people say that Vansh is the real mastermind. Even though this is possible it seems all too easy for the audience to say this. I mean we never expected Deep to be the mastermind in the end of the show. It goes to show that the writer won’t make it so easy for the audience to guess who the mastermind is. I think from the very beginning the writer painted Vansh’s character as someone mysterious so that people get misled by his actions and think he is the real mastermind of the show. It shouldn’t be so easy for us to decide that. It should be unexpected. One thing for sure though. The writer has painted Ridhu as impossibly naive however we have to admit that Ridhu is a reckless individual. She is selfless and reckless in love. From the episode where she explains what is love to Vansh, I realized that it’s either she doesn’t give or gives her all for love. She has the potential to surpass all her limits and do what she thinks she should do for love. This show is a merry go round and I’m not stressing my brain anymore😂

    1. Dude my brain already stopped working few episodes ago.😂😂
      Vansh will suffer memory loss , leap is coming, Riddhima is exposed-so many news are flying in the air of social media. Don’t know which one’s true.
      The write of the story Mamta Y. Patnaik always said in her interview that Vansh has so many layers in his character and it’ll take end of the show to understand Vansh. So they’ll show him as the mastermind only it’s kinda fixed.
      As for Riddhima, when will we see her “heel turn” just don’t know but only her antagonist enigma is the only thing I’m waiting to watch. Maybe I’m thinking of 100/150 episodes ahead but I just wanna see that.

    2. @ tonni omg! Yeah episodes Ku yaisa Bolitho fhir further episodes Ku…. I guess kuch baada thamasha hee honarvala Hai

    3. Kuch bada hona chahiye..Itni din ho gaye, hum fans Ragini ki story ko patience lekar dekh rahe hai..Abh kuch dhamaka nehi huye toh kaise chalegi?
      Dhamaka ma matlab ye nehi ki Vansh ki memory chale jaye ya phir leap aajaye.
      It’s not the perfect time for leap and memory loss drama will be total flop.
      So the CVs should something clever than these.

    4. @Asen
      memory loos naatak ho sakata hai

  2. Throughout the episode my heart was beating like anything….. Kya ab kabir sach me vansh ko arest kar laga…. aur wo vansh ka clif pe se girne wala bts …. seriously wish this time its a dream of riddhima…. iss squence ko end kardo yar… nahi dekhna…. riansh ko seprate hote huye….

    1. @Rimsha
      main aasha karatee hoon yah hai

  3. Riansh Lover

    Hmmm…i don’t know head starts spinning when i think about this ….and yes vansh was falling from somewhere and they both were lighting diyas for diwali separately… I’m getting a scared feeling because helly mam said that there will be big dhamaka

  4. Why they are dragging so much!!!!
    Already enough of it. Where is the revelation?
    Atleast Kabir should’ve been exposed to Riddhima by now but still no progress.
    I mean..c’mon now!!!Solve Ragini issue already. Come up with some new story.
    Don’t know what will happen to Ragini now bcz in order to imprison Vansh with that chip, Ragini should die.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Kabir kills people in a minute for his mission but why is he keeping Ragini alive now? Hah?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Procrastination leads to destruction. That’s what going to happen with Kabir. He killed everyone just as simple as tearing a paper. Now he wants to torture Ragini, before killing. Hahaha

      After the promo its seems to be lil bit improving. Hope this is not a dream by Anupriya or Kabir. It’s also matters whether Ridhima heard Kabir’s name or not…..
      I think there will be a DHAMAKA. but it may not be BIG as we all thought

  5. Now Ragini’s story will comes to an end otherhand Ridhima will get exposed.
    But what striking on me is How Ragini knows about Ridhima very well??? does they have any connections???
    Is Mishra in Hands with Kabir’s crime or he is just supporting him as its his job?? is Mishra Good or Bad??
    My mind doesnt have the capacity to think more IT MAY BLAST

    1. @ den I thought Ragini nae Kabir aur ridhu kee conversation pura soon lee, based on their conversation she thought riddhima is very strong,she loves him and she cares about him. That’s y she warned them.

  6. Wow what an episode. They always have amazing sound effects with the scenes I’m loving it

  7. Vernali Mohanty

    Idk about you guys but now I’m kinda bored and I don’t want to think anymore 👀😂

  8. Wowww… Precap is so interesting.. I wish that its not a dream

  9. Siya is also a mastermind like her brother.

  10. Voo Sab anjankae tension Mae thae, hum sab loog sab janakar tension Mae hai. I can’t believe it. Siya Saab sunkar vansh ko Anu ji Kae baarae Mae boldhi….. I am not going to believe in this, if everyone get exposed then it will be not so easy to take this high voltage drama. Definitely kuch na kuch twist jarur hogaaa. Lekin voo twist kyav kanaeka kisiko Nahi patha but when ridhu get exposed I don’t know how vansh will react . Sochnae par hee daar lagrahahai

    1. Wait year…..
      In the interview by India Forum both actors committed that everyone will get exposed in these few days. And no body will be having a happy ending. So it’s clear that makers are up to taking a big turn from the entire story.

  11. Wow promo is quite interesting than episode. I hope it’s not anyone’s dream. How will vansh fall from cliff then? And many people are saying that he will forget everything after that accident . If that happens then i’m done with the show.It’ll again start from beginning. I want this news to be false.But still can’t guess what is that dhamaka that actors were talking about.

  12. wow precap was amazing finally sia knows the truth I wonder if vansh will belief her or hear her I think he will not hear but I wonder what will happen to sia what if anupriya kills her before she tells anyone about it or anupriya will find some excuse right guys?because anupriya’s truth cannot come out that soon the bts of vansh when he is falling from the cliff that maybe will be ridhima’s dream
    guys I want to ask you questions can you pleas tell me that countries that you live in the comment everyone pleas I am so curious to know pls pls it’s a request

    1. I m an Overseas Pakistani. In Oman.

    2. Ridhima always dream things.Hope that vansh is falling from cliff is also her dream.I am from India and you?

    3. Vansh will surely hear to Sia.
      Anupriya’s next action lets wait N watch. I don’t think so Anupriya would kill Sia.

    4. Bangladesh.

    5. I‘m living in Germany. I have started to watch this serial,because I watched also Swaragini and when I saw that Helly Shah is playing in this serial , I started to watch it

    6. Hi can I know your good name?

  13. India
    What about you?

  14. Nigeria

  15. I agree with everyone else over here as to how this series is forcing me to think so much…. its kinda distracting me from my studies which is really bad!😆😆
    I dont think memory loss would be a good idea coz this is shown in every other indian show, and I want to see something different here.
    I can’t seem to trust the precap enough. Sia informing Vansh about Anu’s truth…..seems highly impossible considering the infinite “dreams” these makers introduce. But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for it.
    I’m kinda relieved that Sia is not negative atleast as of now. But she being able to walk suddenly without anybody knowing is way too illogical. Why are medical scenarios treated like a joke in tv serials? Makes me very irritated.

    1. High five Nia!!!!
      The show also forces me to think way too much that I can’t focus on my studies.
      It makes me compelled to watch every video related to the show and do some over’thinking whether those are fake or real.😑😑😑😑
      My mumma says, “thank God you never watched any serial before!!I’m surpeised to see how much time you waste on a single show.”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Indian shows always show medical scenarios focusing on spiritual aspect.

    2. Haha! I’ve watched serials before, but mostly I watch already completed serials that I can binge watch and complete within few days. If any good concept show comes up, I only follow them for few episodes and later lose all interest. But this is one show where we have crossed more than 100 episodes, and yet I’ve not lost any interest in it😂. Even though I get frustrated at times with the plot developments, but I’ve to admit that it is still very interesting!

    3. @Nia & @tonni
      Back at you guys.✋

      Even I had faced the same problem years ago. I was used to watch only very few shows which is very much differnt from others shows. As its distraction increased I stopped watching shows.

      And only after 4 years now I’m watching this show! which within few episodes made me addicted to it. Even Nagin 1 and other thriller shows doesnt made me this much addicted

      I’m forced to think and connects the dots in hurry to crack the mystery . I hadn’t used my brain this much even in maths and physics to solve Higher order questions.

      And as Tonni mentioned in anxiety its compelling me to watch each and every videos and feeds related to it. Due to which I even disabled YouTube and uninstalled instagram.

      Thanks to Corona. Due to lockdown I’m not very much distracted from studies. Whenever I’m taking my phone first thing shows is
      “Write the 20 questions given into your notebook and submit it within an hour otherwise we will call you today”
      JOin the link below to attend your class or else your parent should come to school tomorrow

      After seeing this horror I even doesn’t dare to think about thrillers 😂😂😂😂

    4. 🤣🤣🤣
      Same hear, this serial makes me more tougher to solve. I am guessing that if i will use my brain to understand chemistry i thought i can easily done it but this one ………. And this is the first serial I am watching even not missing a single episode.

    5. @Den Omg that is so hilarious!

    6. even I do agree it’s distracting mealso I am also a student like u and I am in love with this it’s like riansh is amaze so cannot forget about it I watch it at any cost loved this one ,none show is like this one I love it that how amazing story I am getting tension, anger, happiness ,sadness ,fear ,all the emotions when I see this I feel that even I am a character of this story

    7. even I do agree it’s distracting mealso I am also a student like u and I am in love with this it’s like riansh is amaze so cannot forget about it I watch it at any cost loved this one ,none show is like this one I love it that how amazing story I am getting tension, anger, happiness ,sadness ,fear ,all the emotions when I see this I feel that even I am a character of this story

  16. India(kerala)

    1. @Mm too
      Which district ? You are from

    2. Me also. But currently in tamil nadu for studies

  17. Zoya, Happy Birthday 🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉
    I don’t know whether you are reading it or not but read your comment in 8 November written update. May God bless you and you live a long, healthy and happy life.

    1. thank you

  18. Zoya’s bday on 8th November.. 😍Mine too.. Belated happy bday to youu😊

    1. ഇന്നലെ താൻറെ birthday ആയിരുന്നൊ???

      Be lated level up day dear🎉🎂
      How old are you then??😊

    2. Zoya’s birthday is on 9 November only. It’s not belated.
      Happy belated happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉

  19. I’m living in Germany

  20. Zoya dear congrats on your level up day 🎂🎉
    You are now at which level ?? ( I meant your age)
    today is your bday nah. Bcuz you had posted it on 10 am I’m I right❔

    (NB➡ sorry dear I had read your comment on previous post on morning itself. But unfortunately I had a online Viva at 6:30 pm. After that only I read WU and posted comment eventually forgot about your spcl day.)

    1. thank you iam becoming 18

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