Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi reveals the truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima looking for the evidence. She says I have to find the proof against Aryan, but such smartness is just in Vansh, it means Vansh has killed Sunny, I will find proof for Ragini’s murder, I m sure everything will get connected. She gets shocked seeing the red blooded bone. Vansh comes and stops her. He says brilliant, you have dug out my secrets, I think you should dig out further, come on dig it up, I will help you. He digs the grave. He says Ragini was lovely, she loved me a lot, maybe I loved her too, she made a mistake that I hide, she cheated me, one who cheats me aren’t left alive, all of them have got buried. She gets scared and falls inside the grave. Vansh says you have to give your life and pay a price for knowing Ragini’s truth. Riddhima shouts no. Her dream ends. Dadi asks what happened, I heard your scream.

Riddhima shows the bones. Dadi says you got scared seeing that, its the doggy’s bone, we buried Suzy here, what are you doing here. Riddhima says Ragini… Dadi says why are you after Ragini’s story, think of your future, not the past, there is nothing in her story. Riddhima asks why are the secrets linked to her. Dadi says Ragini was a greedy girl, her dreams were big, she was after Vansh’s money, when Vansh got to know this, he wanted to get away, he didn’t love her, he has just loved one girl in his life, that’s you. Riddhima gets shocked. Dadi says the family was against you, the proof was against you, Vansh supported you, he loves you, he never let Ragini step inside this house. Riddhima asks what, Ragini didn’t come in this house.

Dadi says no. Riddhima recalls Sunny’s words. She says if Vansh didn’t love Ragini, why did he keep her big statue. Dadi says Vansh keeps his relations from heart, he can give his life for those whom he loves, if anyone cheats him, it hurts him a lot, then he makes a statue and keeps it at home as a sign of cheat, first his mum cheated him and then his Ragini, poor Vansh, if you have got your answers, shall we go in. Riddhima says yes.

Riddhima comes home and thinks. She hears Chanchal asking someone to send the statue of the lady, she is a suhaagan, I will send the pic. Riddhima hides and thinks whose statue is she talking about. She goes to check the pic. She gets shocked seeing her pic.

She cries and says this can’t happen, Vansh has killed Sunny, now he will kill me, my doubt was right, he was acting in front of everyone, Kabir where are you, I wish to tell you that I m near my death. Its night, Riddhima opens the window and sits there. She gets scared and thinks Vansh can throw me down and kill me. Vansh says no, I m not thinking that. She asks what do you mean. He says if I was in your place, I would have never stood near the window when the weather is too bad. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. She tries to shut the window. He helps her. She says how did you control your heart when Ragini’s entry was banned.

Vansh asks how do you like this. She says Dadi told me a lot of things. He says you believed it, its not necessary that Dadi knows the truth, she knows that I told her, you know that Dadi told you, the news that reaches you can be false story or truth, I can never forgive cheat. He goes. She says I won’t let my promise break, I will keep trying, Vansh erased Sunny’s murder proof, I have to find Ragini’s murder proof and give it to Kabir. Vansh says she would be so scared that she will not get even sleep. Anupriya says she was so eager to know the secret, she deserves it, what’s the need that Dadi showers love for her, she told about Ragini, Riddhima can find something else. Vansh says don’t worry, I won’t let Riddhima reach the truth, what happens with her tomorrow, all her spying tricks will end.

Riddhima says I will get evidence and go from this mansion. She gets Ragini’s diary. She sends a note for Kabir. Vansh sends the family for the outing. He says you won’t go and I won’t go to take care of you. Aryan asks when did Vansh do this before.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Arre ye kya ho rha h..
    BTW thanks for update Amena….

  2. Oof Vansh’s smirk…. FML, if anyone is looking for me I’ll be pushing up daisies somewhere… that smirk killed me… Vansh’s family are like a pack of wolves except Dadi – she’s proabably a llama but the rest are wolves; systematically working together to expose Ridhimma… It’s beautiful; even more so cause Ridhimma is absolutely foolish, there should be a fool competition between Ridhimma and Arohi… Looks like they have cast Ragini according to the Wiki page. Just layers of mystery… Seriously want a fight scene though… with Vansh shirtless…. yes … that would ressurect me… Anyone else thin Vansh is not really the head of the family, Anupriya is… I feel Anupriya pulls all their strings, she is the true criminal mastermind. As for Kabir… I wonder if they are changing the actor – it was a sucky role and Vishal can do so much better, he hasn’t been seen for days.

    1. I just think that when vansh burned Ridhima’s business he saw the photo of ridhima is kabir and that’s why he plays the game ….

    2. I don’t think so cuz Kabir had burned every photo of him that Riddhima had. So that Vansh could not know that Kabir and Ridhima are connected. Only one pic that Ridhima had was that ring. Which is still with Ridhima I beleive

  3. I love thriller but not so much. There were no less mystery taht one more mystery came, who killed Sunny.
    They should solve at least one first they should give clear chit to Ragni first then should move to other mystery.

    1. The same they did in season 1. Mystery after mystery leaves viewers confused. I don’t think that Ragini’s chapter will be closed easily without the entry of Swarda Thigale. I hope that writers have done their homework properly during lockdown. Let’s see.

    2. Mona146

      this serial will make go insane just like its earlier season. no logic just watch accessories and makeup. I’m sure sunny didn’t die.

  4. Those who are complaining Riddhima to be foolish let me remind them,Riddima is the character of a simple orphan girl who was blindfolded by his boyfriend to risk her life for solid proof against a white-collar mafia Vanh. Riddhima can show smatness and patience at a certain level then she had to broke down.I mean,that’s what simple girls do.Yeah..she’s smart but when it’s comes to Vansh and his family, they are smarter.So Riddhima is lifting the trophy for me for her acting.She is not foolish.She’s being Riddhima like any other girls.Just look at her acting of freaking out about her death.She nailed it.

    1. Exactly.Riddhima is smart but she is no competition to vansh and family.

    2. Agreed Tonni….. For people having problems with Ridhhima’s character and bashing her relentlessly, remember she is a simpleton not a trained spy. The fear, the anxiety is normal for a girl like her. She is cornered by the whole family right now (even I have my doubts on Dadi now).Yet she is determined to complete the mission. She knows she is gonna get killed(at least she thinks)but still she is not gonna let go of the promise she did to her boyfriend. Any common person would get scared and run away but she is being brave and is willing to do everything she can even if it costs her life. If this isn’t love I don’t know what it is.
      And as for VR’s character, it needs a little redeeming. It was really heartbreaking to see him playing with her feelings…Even Ridhhima felt a little bad about it(if anybody noticed while watching the episode). Now don’t tell me it’s a thriller and it’s supposed to be that way etc, etc. I know that. But a parallel love story won’t be a bad idea either instead of a cheat story. There needs to be a little positivity.
      Still having high hopes that the plotline will develop.😇

    3. You sound like you are personally offended. The character has been foolish from the get go. Knowing she’s just a civilian she wanted to play police and thief game with a mafia boss cause of her blind love. Kabir said you need to win me by defeating my enemies and she went running off to set herself on fire… no self preservation at all – sitting there, lamenting about her impending death instead of trying to get out of the situation – basically giving her life up for her blind love and faith in Kabir – seriously people no one will actually die for someone else unless they don’t love themselves to begin with. Remember she wasn’t forced into this – if she was I’d have some sympathy for the character- she chose the path she’s on

    4. Yeah Ellie,,I also want to see Vansh bashing Riddhima but on the other hand, he should continue loving her and protecting her. Mind games are necessary for Vansh’s mastermind side but love for Riddhima should also be there. Riddhima paid the price for being too nice to Anupriya but what is happening with her now it’s making me a little bit gloomy.

    5. @Ellie why does Vansh need to redeem himself? He is a grey character and this isn’t some love story with a happy ending, it’s a long and winding spiral of deceit and games, a love story would make it like any other crappy predictable serial

    6. @kalika Ridhhima’s character is potrayed like that only-innocent and vulnerable. She is supposed to be making stupid mistakes and learn and grow from it slowly and steadily…. This is not some web series that everything will go at a faster pace…. We will have to wait and watch how her character slowly develops.

      And yes I totally agree with you that this is a “story of deceit and games”, so we are gonna get stuff like this. But remember it’s a romance thriller too and there should be some development in the ” Romance” part as well. Otherwise there is no use in making a sequel if they are gonna continue the same old story.

      It’s just my thought. No offense🙂

    7. @Kalika that’s exactly what I;m saying dear,Riddhima had to play the act of a blindfolded girl by love for her selfish boyfriend. That’s what she’s doing brilliantly .She’s showing some smartness as well as a lot of foolishness like a simple girl. So she’s doing her job pretty nicely.

    8. @Kalika and I’m pretty sure that you also have craving for #RIANSH romance. Vansh is a grey character of course but his romance with Riddhima should be a real one and we want to see Vansh being loyal or Riddhima being loyal to Vansh till the end of the show..Doesn’t matter if the ending is happy or sad but we don’t want to see some lame grey shed in the ending like immj1. Imean Vansh can remain the villain mastermind, That’s okay with me but not like the way Deep did in the end of immj1.I’m also sure you don’t want that type of lame ending too!

    9. @ Kalika and @ Tonni
      Why can’t IMMJ have a happy ending. Just because it’s a romantic thriller doesn’t mean it should have open ending or sad ending. I want Riansh to stay together happily ever after.

  5. Agree with tonni… Riddhima is a simple girl with ordinary brain… She isn’t playing any cbcid role or the swara in swaragini… She is doing her best… She may be naive but that does not mean she is weak… She is very clear about her goal to find some proof against vansh irrespective of her situation…

  6. My dear friends already aa episode kaal rath hee you tube Mae upload karae…..
    And tq so much for the update.

  7. New promo says that Kabir will kill Riddhima. Is Kabir the real villain or not ? So much confusion…….

  8. Dear Kalika I am not personally offended… The fact is that riddhima is a clumsy girl from the very beginning… So showing her as a confident and sophisticated person is highly impossible even in IMM2 when she blindly obsessed with kabir as well as vansh being a white color criminal…. No hard feelings… Let’s wait and watch for the best…

  9. Guys don’t get confused and don’t expect or don’t imagine own scripts bcz it’s not a so-called drama serial it’s imm2 thriller anything can happen in any time so….. Let’s wait

  10. The new promo is out where Kabir shoots Riddhima….But isn’t this too early…Hmm…

  11. Riddhima ki fan

    Who do you think killed Sunny? Vansh ,Site , Aryan or Anger ……i think angre loves ishani

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