Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima is accused for Sunny’s murder

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan coming to call Riddhima. He says Dadi is calling you, what are you doing here. She makes excuses and thinks its good he didn’t see Sunny. Riddhima goes to Dadi and asks why did you call me. Dadi says I didn’t call you. Ishani looks for Sunny. She shouts Sunny, get up…. She cries. Everyone runs out of the house to see. They get shocked seeing Sunny dead. Angre checks Sunny and signs no. Ishani says no, how can this happen, when you are here. Vansh consoles her and takes her away. Riddhima cries. She says its because of her, I will find your murderer, Aryan came here and lied to me, he sent me away, it means Aryan killed you.

Riddhima goes inside the house. Angre and Aryan get some message. Aryan says we got Sunny’s murderer. Vansh gets shocked seeing the video. Riddhima thinks who is the murderer. Aryan shows the video to everyone. He says the murder weapon is in her hands. She says its all a lie. He asks her to explain, what was she doing there. Angre says I have checked the CCTV footage, no one came in and none left from the house. Aryan asks Riddhima why did she kill Sunny, Ishani was going to marry him. He accuses her. Riddhima says I can never do this with anyone, Aryan killed Sunny, Aryan lied that Dadi called me, but Dadi didn’t call me. Uncle scolds her for accusing Aryan. She says I didn’t do this, trust me. She cries. Vansh gets angry. He stops uncle from calling the police. He says no need to call the police, I know Riddhima didn’t do this murder.

Aryan asks what are you saying, do you have any proof. Dadi says you should be ashamed, Ishani’s fiance got murdered, and you are blaming Riddhima, she is innocent, whatever happened wasn’t good, Vansh has the responsibility to secure the family, find the truth and punish the murderer. Vansh says I promise, I will find the truth. He goes. Riddhima thinks Vansh has shown trust on me, why did he try to save me. Aryan says Vansh supported you, but remember, you won’t get saved. She says you have blamed me wrong, you know I can never do this, I was with Sunny, you sent me by a lie, Dadi wasn’t calling me, then Sunny got murdered, you are my first suspect. He says good, prove it and show, remember you can never prove me the culprit. He smiles and goes.

Ishani sees Riddhima at the door and scolds her. She shouts I hate you. Riddhima cries and tries to explain. Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words. Anupriya asks why are you supporting Riddhima, she has killed Sunny today. She says Riddhima isn’t innocent as she looks, I didn’t know she will do this. He asks her not to do anything, he will handle this. He says someone has hurt my sister, I will punish that wrongdoer. Riddhima says culprit should be punished, I know who killed Sunny. She cries and says I m blamed of killing someone. Someone spies on her. Riddhima thinks Aryan would have done some mistake, how to find the proof. She comes across Vansh. Her hair get stuck to his shirt button. He asks her to relax. He removes the stuck hair.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. He asks her to be careful, her time isn’t going well. She says I m not hiding anything, I m not wrong, I don’t need to be careful. She thinks why is he behaving strange, he is supporting me, he is so calm, no, something is wrong. He smiles and turns to go. She stops him. He holds her hand. She gets away. She says I need to ask something, your sister’s fiance is killed, you are behaving calm, either you know who killed Sunny or you are behind the murder. Vansh laughs.

He says wherever a murder happens, murderer is Vansh Raisinghania, right, I had killed Ragini, Mr. Sate and now Sunny, interesting, if I was a cold blooded murderer, you would have been dead instead questioning me, think why didn’t I kill you today, I have saved you from the family, I m sure you don’t love red roses so much, can I know the reason for going there. She tries to go.

He stops her. She says you said right. He steps back. She says I didn’t go for gardening, I had gone to find proof about Ragini’s murder. He smiles and says you should not believe anyone, you don’t believe me, what enmity do we have, people have work to say something, you stay away from cheat, forget Ragini, think about yourself, you are staying so worried because of all this, you don’t take care of yourself, you are precious Riddhima, take care. She thinks he can’t be so good without any reason, I will find out.

Riddhima gets shocked seeing the bones. Vansh threatens to kill her. She shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oof Vansh what are you planning you delightful devil… this game Vansh, Ishani and Sunny are playing is so unpredictable, Ridhimma is a fly in a spiders web can’t wait for her to get caught and thrown out. I think both male characters will remain grey, Rrahul is amazing in Twisted and Vishal was awesome in Vish – Ridhimma will be stuck between the both in turmoil… Kabir probably killed Mr Sate to reach his goal… IMM – there is no happy ending if it’s anything to go by the first season Ridhimma is going to become collateral between the 2, either she gets destroyed in their fight or she wakes up and fights them both. Vansh is putting up a loving act, Kabir is probably doing the same – still think his character is written awfully it’s a shame that the writers write law enforcement in such a poor light.

    1. You are on point Kalika. Both the male leads are grey characters. And I’m happy with that. I don’t want Vansh to be a clean hearted non-criminal, I actually can’t imagine him other than that. And we cannot expect a happy ending in this show. All people who are genuinely routing for Vansh and Riddhima as a couple and Vansh himself to be guilt free, should actually realise that this is not a romance genre. This is a romantic thriller, even though the makers are trying to instill more romance in this season as compared to the previous one. So all romantic buffs should keep all their hopes aside.

      PS : The new montage shows Riddhima and Kabir having 1 grey shade each, but Vansh has 2 grey shades. Which definitely means that there’s much more to Vansh that we don’t know about and he’s one step ahead of both of them.

  2. How did sunny got killed so suddenly…… so much interesting plot…. vanish being so kind towards her is actually something fishy….
    Thanks for the faster updates amena

  3. hmm… It is getting interesting day by day now i wonder which new turn it will take

  4. Interesting!

  5. Is Sunny really dead?I’m doubtful about that?The websites showed all the family members in some party and occassion dresses.If it’s not Ishani’s wedding then what’s all that decorations for?
    Vansh is playing something big.He will use Riddhima to take revenge from Kabir.He’s the antagonist here so ultimately he’ll destroy Kabir and hurt Riddhima for sure.

  6. I honestly think SIYA is involved . She is too quiet . She is faking being disabled.

  7. I think it is done by vansh bcz he want to make ridhima to realize if a innocent person would be known as a murderer how much it pains for that person….. But,I think he didn’t kill sunny. Through his help he playing this game. In another perspective vansh love his family more than his life then how can he play with his sister feelings…. Or it may another 3 suspects in our list. Any way the serial getting more and more……..interesting, very interesting…..
    Sudhir g you are looking so cute sweet and lovely when you are smiling

  8. Omg I was doubling up with laughter when Vansh said sarcastically that wherever a murder happens, it is supposed to be Vansh who is behind it. Poor Riddhima!

    1. Even I was laughing hard Nia at that scene….

  9. OMG! This is something which I’ve never expected but I think Sunny is not dead.this is some plan to trap Riddhima…. IMMJ2 is just becoming so interesting and thrilling each and everyday….so many twists and turns…. Rrahul and Helly’s acting is just magical…they both look sooo lovely together….their scene just make me crazy especially Rrahul… Loved the episode…..

  10. Agree with you Kalika and Nia….Even I don’t want Vansh to be a noncriminal,lovesick character…Rrahul’s acting skills are not meant to go waste…. I wanna see a grey shade of every character here…like it could be Riddhima is Ragini’s sister or Ragini herself and she trapped Kabir to reach Vansh and Vansh could also know Ridhbir’s plan since starting…. Kabir could be Vansh’s step bro or best friend and have some secret agenda, Anupriya could be a negetive character, Siya,Ishani,Chachi,Aangre etc…I wanna watch some romantic thrills full of twists and turns…and some sizzling romance between Riansh(They really worth it)…it’s not supposed to have a happily ever after ending after all its Ishq Mein Marjawan…..

  11. Aastha kumari

    Thank for update

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