Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ridhima finds the locker!

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima telling Vansh that she knows how all this happened. That mummy ji.. Vansh asks what she said? She says mummy ji has blue colored poison which she mixed in the fruit plate because of which… He throws his breakfast plate and asks how dare she to blame his mother? Other side, Anupriya tells Kabir not to worry. In India mothers are treated as God. No one will believe a mother tried to give poison to her son, especially Vansh no matter how much Ridhima tries to convince him. She comes to Vansh’s room and asks him to relax. Anger is not good for his health in such condition. Anyone can be misunderstood. She was scared with this incident and she did some of his tests. She gives him reports. She says pasta that came from outside had peanuts which caused allergic reaction. She goes to Ridhima and talks sweet saying she forgave her. She further tells Vansh to forgive Ridhima as well, she took care of him whole night. Vansh tells Ridhima see how much Anupriya cares for him. She must not have slept last night either and found reason and she was blaming her. Ridhima says sorry to Anupriya. Anupriya says in her mind, her hardwork of years cannot be broken that easily. She leaves. Ridhima tells Vansh to take medicine, but he says no need and leaves furiously. Ridhima thinks Anupriya planned everything very smartly. She could not expose her. She will have to stay 2 steps ahead next time.

Ridhima comes to kitchen. Dadi asks her whether Vansh had breakfast and how is he. She says he’s good, but he didn’t eat breakfast. And without food, he cannot take medicine. Someone whom he can’t refuse will have to try. Dadi tells Anupriya to go. Ridhima thinks it’s important to make Anupriya busy. As soon as Anupriya goes to Vansh room, Ridhima goes somewhere.

Chanchal complains Aryan about Ridhima. He says she’ll have to pay for her mistake. They need to cut her wings.

Ridhima comes to Anupriya’s room and tries to open cupboard with a pin. She manages to open it, but the locker is not there. She finds a note from Anupriya that she knew Ridhima would check there again, but she’s too smart for her. She won’t be able to reach the locker ever. Ridhima is disappointed. She says Anupriya won’t take risk to take the locker out of her room. She searches in her room.

Dadi comes to Vansh and says he’s lucky to have a wife like Ridhima. Anupriya thinks she needs to catch Ridhima red handed. It will be fun to see her disappointed. Ridhima says Anupriya was right, she’s too weak in this game. Just then she sees fingerprints on a wall. She checks it’s hollow and there must be a way to open it. She manages to find the locker and is very happy. Just then Anupriya enters. She cannot see Ridhima as she hides. She goes inside to check. Ridhima quietly leaves with the locker. Anupriya thinks Ridhima must have given up. Poor her. Just then she finds a note by Ridhima that she’s smarter than what Anupriya thought. Anupriya checks the locker is missing. She gets tensed as all her and Kabir’s secrets are in it. Everyone will find out that Kabir is her son. She will have to stop Ridhima. She searches Ridhima everywhere. Meanwhile. Ridhima is trying to open the locker. She’s not able to break the lock. Anupriya comes to the room where Ridhima is. Before she enters and turns on the lights, Ridhima hides. Anupriya goes to check in bathroom. Ridhima is hiding in bathtub filled with water. Anupriya receives a call from Kabir. She informs him about the situation. Ridhima is not able to hear anything. She wonders who she’s talking with. Kabir says the locker is old, it’s impossible to open it without key. If Ridhima had managed to open the locker, then Vansh and everyone would have known the truth by now. She is hiding somewhere for sure. He tells Anupriya that she must find Ridhima. She says she is trying. She leaves.

Ridhima is going somewhere with the locker. Seeing Ishani coming, she throws the locker and it falls and hangs on the jhoomer.

Anupriya comes to Vansh and asks whether he saw Ridhima. He says she’s not there and he is not interested to know either. Anupriya thinks Kabir was right that Ridhima has not managed to open the locker yet. She asks him whether he’s still upset with her. She tells him to forgive Ridhima for her. He’s understanding, so he can forgive her. That’s how relationship gets stronger. He says he will try. She thinks now only Vansh will bring that locker to her.

After Ishani leaves, Ridhima sees the locker falling down from the jhoomer. She runs and catches it. Vansh comes there and asks why is she hiding? She wonders whether he saw the box. He says, eyes..A person looks away when he has done anything wrong. He asks how she got wet. She says she fell in bathtub. He asks what? She says weird, right? He says very weird. He asks her to change clothes. He leaves. She thinks of hiding the locker from Vansh until she finds out the truth.

Precap: Ridhima says Anupriya’s biggest secret is her hidden son. She will bring her secret out. Kabir is in a plumber’s dress, wearing a mask. He’s trying to run away from Ridhima.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why Vansh is so stupid..Why!!!😭😭😭
    It’s making me cry yaar..
    Riddhima should find out something this time bcz she tried hard..
    But I guess Vansh will catch her with the box and bust her..😒😒

    1. Seriously Just please let Riddhima find something related to it..She has been trying so hard aftr all..
      Filhal toh I hv only- WTH…
      Riddhima is progessing with light’s speed & but with the same speed they r deteriorating Vansh’s character..
      I m not gonna watch this if Vansh being dumb all the while is not a ploy..I can’t take it evn if I wish to…

  2. ok first if all this is not what ishq mein marjawa is about it looks like normal drama, like choti sardarni or any other show on zee tv , start plus, its does have the first what the first season 1 had, drama, kills, fic-scence, even in the first couple episode u alreay know what the story was about. which love was going to die, who while that person be. it was amazing and deep was part kabir and part vash.

    but this scene this is not ishq mein marjawan, at first it was u get see to vash kill as viillon and seeing as seceurt , who does dealing or criminal mind who deal business and has a lot of secuet that is hading and R looking for that securet and find who was. kabir as police who went justice. you could see that. but then they change everything because peoeple like chermeity or romance. which K& R also had. Vash decifinty the villsion and Kabir as here. because kabir does look like villsion who just doesnt and if even watch the show close not just romance they while see it. i thought ishq mein marjawan was about someone die in that love which is betray, backstabbing, killing, scuert and more drama . in the first season 1 even in the benign u just know what the show was going to be about and in episode 13 u see everything comes together. but the season 2 now it already on ep 75 nothing like this is not ishq mien marjawan were all looking forward it . the trailer and everything what they show on TV is different . we dont even know anyone scerey, especeu kabir and his mother which i feel like she not kabir mother but vash even those they are saying she is vash stepmother and kabir mother and i dont get the feeling it. i dont know if anyone feel the same i feel it. and dont thing this is about which couple i want no . it about what the hell are write talking about . in coulpe of ep we see vash prayer for R safe and putting in sindoor and its turning in this turn husnabd prayer and wife safe while sindoor fall on and blaah balahh u know what how those go. if i’m being honest i;m done until i feel like this is what ishq mein marjawan is going to be about then if i remember i hope to come back. please if you think it not true what i’m saying then you haven’t being watch the show. please all those people that show tell me if my lieing. this is just normal drama that i see every day which is boring and i thought ishq mein marajawan was support to be different then another other drama that we see ever day , who ever write the first season 1 well done . the story goes with the tittle well done , wonderful job .

    i’m can guess what should happen now because it stupid the way it going now .
    First R should fall in love with V but find out later it all part of his plan for him to fall for her so they can use her again K. The whole family is part of special Dada being nice to R because she want the to trust V and all Him so she can fall for all him and can keep her in control like deep did with arohi. but as it turn out K family was kill buy V family because they need the business and house, money and other stuff. so they are doing a drama that v mum die but it’s K mum who is die and V real mum is K stepmother who is alone being nice to him and acting as his real mum so they can control him. him being getting revenge is alone because they are let him so they can keep eye on him. R learn the truth which to get revenge on the whole family , special V because he use it her and K also learn the truth both try to get revenge and also R learn about her family being keep at securt by V family and learn the truth and R & K learn they love each other so much but cant be together because V while keep kill any of they family no might how hard they try but still find a away to toghter but V wont let happen , blackmain R and get her back . not might what they do. R while die with K ishq while V die with R ishq and K while die with R ishq, i dont know about you guys but i;m can write my way of the story i thing should, please comment what u thing and let me if you agree. bye. because as so everthing is the same when is somtihg amaxing going to happen. as everyone know K doesn’t look V and while vash can play the V. K can play the hero who is sweet and V can Kill it Being the V. let me know . bye

    1. IK i don’t think that will happen your story is too boring but Rrahul sudhir ki condition abhi bhi thik nhi h just keep patience

    2. @ik far as beyhadh 1 and 2 I wanted the story to go skeptical and with turns .Though ,I prefer Vansh as the main lead even if he is a grey character like Maya in Beyhadh.Recent episodes of immj2 were quite boring and didn’t make sense.The fiery in Vansh and mild Riddhima is missing as of now.Im still hoping they will bring back some ripple in still storyline.

    3. What is your point coz i didn’t understand anything? First your english needs alot of collection. Second read understand the drama and coment so far ishqmeinmarjawan is the best in indian drama and its being watched all over the world.

    4. @annastaciah whose comment are you talking about ??

  3. Disappointed with all this. Is Vansh really so dumb or is he acting it all up? I’m actually waiting for the confrontation between any of the leads. Atleast that way the story would move further. These people have reduced Vansh to a mere saas-bahu hero.
    I dont understand Anu’s logic. She says she’s doing all this just to scare off Riddhima. But doesn’t she realise that all this is pushing her further towards the truth? When Riddhima saw that video of hers, that time itself she could have remained calm and made up any damn excuse. But not only she acted strange after that, but she also gave Riddhima a warning to stay away from her affairs! Wow. What a brilliant way to prevent someone from spying on you. Especially when her own son “trained” her so effectively for this.

  4. @tonni, pls don’t cry even am also feeling so sad about it but we can’t change the script just hope for the best things will happen soon in serial
    It’s really boring episode 😴😴

  5. I thought the show will be on its track at least one year.but it lost its track within 3 I lost the hopes

  6. I had seen last season of IMMJ and before nia Sharma entry I was fan of this show because it had some different concepts from any other saas bahu drama but in this season Iliked all the characters in starting because vansh was supposed to be mastermind but now they have made him dumb, kabeer also used to think like him but he is also become like brainless person and riddhima what to say about her character she used to love kabeer so much that she came to spying on vansh just on his saying.she knows nothing about him even though she used to hate him because her kabeer told that he is bad but now she has forgotten kabeer and start loving vansh in 2-3 days why because he has saved her life.

  7. What is this man. They have started this saas Bahu drama now. And how can be Riddhima si stuped that she tried to tell everything to Vansh without any proof.
    Why are they getting diverted from Ragini’s murder case. I feel it is somehow connected with Kabir too. But first this has to come out. Makers plz focus on this first. Instead of making Riddhima realise that she is falling for Vansh.

  8. I have a feeling that Riddhima can be Ragini’s sister and maybe Kabir would have liked Ragini ,whereas Ragini would have liked Vansh.

    1. Even I thought that but Ragini is left Faaaaaaaaaar Behind now…So let’s see what happens.

  9. Honestly. I’m waiting on the extraordinary scenes from this show. I’m also waiting for it to make logical sense. If Riddhima saw that glass was on the ground why not get a broom and shovel to remove it then go to pray. Or even brush it aside until she is finished. Aren’t there helpers in the mansion? Why unnecessarily hurting herself. Seems over the top for me honestly. Also. I’m hearing that Vansh is going to divorce her. It’s a rumor at this point and I understand that. But I’m hearing Vansh does this because he found out about Kabir and Riddhima. Which still puzzles me. I think Vansh already knows that Riddhima is working with Kabir. I think he also knows that Riddhima is not the mastermind because obviously Riddhima is a stranger to the family. And if Vansh knows that Riddhima is digging for some secret then obviously someone sent her there who knows about the family. So I think Vansh is playing a game here to get the real culprit out. He also told Rid that he’s not interested in her past so I’m only left to assume why he would act that way after finding out about Kabir nd Riddhima. So far IMMJ is following the same patterns and scripts from other desi serials. Waiting on unique ideas from this show

    1. Vansh knows she is a spy because before she was shot,he tried to find out who the mastermind was.I think he is just pretending.

  10. Relax guys, I think vansh is just fooling riddhima, by making her feel that her trusts or likes her…. Of course he knows that riddhima is a spy, he is just trying to bring out that mastermind who sent riddhima to VR mansion…amd that could be why he doesn’t trust riddhima blaming anupriya…
    By the way has anyone else noticed in previous episodes the way vansh talks to anupriya, it looks like he already doubts her… Who knows

  11. Vansh don’t even trust his shadow.. then how can he trust his step mom so much 😂

  12. I have a soft corner for Vansh and Riddhima as a couple and its nice to see their romance develop. Rrahul and Helly being confused about their feelings is a treat to watch and I am really enjoying Vishal as a negative role right now, he is pulling it off so well. However, I want more thrills and suspense rather than the typical soap storyline that’s going on right now. I am getting annoyed at the fact that every episode it always ends up with Riddhima hurt or accused. I want more story, more plot and a little more background. I want to know what happened to Ragini, why does Vansh have two grey shades on his face as compared to Riddhima and Kabir and is Riddhima really as innocent as she looks…

  13. I’m really disappointed with the storyline now yaar I was watching this for thrill and Backstabbing in love not for this stupid drama! Season 1 was far more thrilling and better than this shit. I don’t like Vansh as a positive character, he is behaving so Dumb!

  14. Anyone here knowns about Rrahul Sudhir’s update?
    It’s day 13 since he was tested positive for COVID-19.So there should be some information of him by now.
    The director Noel Smith is also back on the set.

    1. Yes he will be back start shoot from tomorrow for the show

  15. One show i couldn’t stand is nig boss, I very much hate that show.its pretty nonesense.
    Pls take nig boss of and add some values to other shows.

    Big boss is a waste, of people times. Numerous people I spoke with react the same. It true nonesense.

  16. Thanks for the quick update amena🙏🙏🙏😀.I just liked today’s episode.

  17. krithi poojary

    I liked today’s episode.

  18. Riansh lover

    I like Riddhima and Vansh a lot but I don’t like all these illogical things which is turning them down .Helly Shah and Rrahul Sudhir are both doing excellent and are hardworking.I really think they should be more logical please .Its also a thriller not only a romantic show

  19. What IMM 2 needs is a lot of action and a dash of romance,not vice versa.I also feel someone(neutral party who knows Kabir-Ridhima-Anupriya story) should work with Ridhima to unearth the truth indirectly.Just my views what do you think?

  20. By action I mean, the charachters a bit more deadlier and a lot of suspence in the serial.That too with realistic and logical scenes

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