Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima regrets to cheat Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan saying don’t know who shot the first bullet, I recorded the video, the box fell, I got saved from Vansh’s hands, I don’t know how the chip fell there, at last I got this chip, who can be that fourth person, who shot the bullet. Anupriya says no one knows that I was also there. FB shows Anupriya shooting Ragini. Vansh runs somewhere. She says you deserve this death by my hands, Ragini. She hears footsteps and goes. She says Vansh ran after the 4th person, I got hidden, if this girl told him the truth, I would have been not there in the world. Kabir says fate saved us that day, Riddhima saved us today, I believed you that she died, but you didn’t check it, its Lord’s grace, she was alive, Riddhima got her to us, we got saved. She says when Ragini is in here, none can know our secret.

Kabir says that secret can shake that family’s foundation, that you killed Vansh’s mum. She smiles. She says it was necessary to kill her, else how would I reach Vansh’s dad and make my place there, this foolish girl got a proof, which could prove that I m behind that murder, she was blackmailing me, I took time to know Ragini is blackmailer, I proved she is a cheater to Vansh, our masterplan was on track, I became elder bahu of Raisinghania family. Kabir sees pics and throws over her. They smile. He says don’t worry mom, Vansh can never find out who was the real murderer of his mum.

Riddhima thinks Vansh didn’t kill Ragini, did Aryan shoot her or anyone else, what’s the truth. She asks Vansh when you came back, what happened. Vansh cries. FB shows Vansh holding Ragini and checking her pulse. He says oh no, her pulse is weak. Ragini says listen to me Vansh, forgive me, I did wrong with you. He says nothing will happen to you. She says I have to tell you about your mum’s murderer, sorry I used to blackmail her, I will tell her name. He asks who is it.

She faints. He says get up, tell me the name. He takes her. FB ends. He says I took Ragini to hospital, she went in coma, she knew my mum’s murderer, I shifted her to a safe house, I didn’t keep her captive, I was saving her life, I was waiting for her recovery since 3 years, I booked a house for her in Mauritius, so that she goes and starts a new life, I didn’t tell you, if anyone kept an eye on us, if anyone knew you know this secret, then your life would have been in danger. Riddhima thinks I thought he is a devil, why couldn’t I trust him. He says I lost her, maybe I can never get justice for my late mum. She thinks I m sorry Vansh. She says storm is coming, come fast Vansh. He falls in the pit. She shouts Vansh…. Anupriya says I think storm is going to come. Kabir says yes, but it will come in Vansh and Riddhima’s lives, Riddhima saved Ragini’s life and handed her over to me, this was her big mistake, Vansh didn’t let anyone know that Ragini is alive, even you didn’t know it. He serves the champagne to her. He says it went according to our plan, cheers to our success.

Kabir says Riddhima is useless for us, Vansh will spend his life behind bars, none can stop our mission from completing. Ragini gets up and thinks she is Anupriya, how did I come here. Anupriya says you can live in that house with pride, our dream will be fulfilled. Ragini goes out and cries. Riddhima shouts Vansh, please open your eyes. She sees wound on his head. She tears her dupatta and ties to his head. She says everything happened because of me, I will not let anything happen to you, please open your eyes. She goes and gets some water. She sprinkles on his face and asks him to get up.

Vansh is resting on the bed. Riddhima cries and recalls his words. He wakes up shouting Maa. He asks why did you save me Riddhima, you would have let me die, I m a devil, I thought I will never love anyone, you proved me wrong, your love forced me to trust someone again. Dil ye tere bina….plays…. They see each other. He says you loved me, you always stopped me from doing wrong, like my mum used to do, you didn’t get scared of my name, I scared and threatened you, your courage surprised me and raised your respect, I told you I see my mum’s reflection in you, I don’t deserve you, I couldn’t become a good husband or a good son to punish my mum’s murderer, I m sorry mum, I m sorry Riddhima.

Riddhima hugs him. She cries. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… She thinks I misunderstood you and made a big mistake, I want to make Ragini reach you and rectify my mistake, I will express love and apologize, I know you will forgive me, I have to get Ragini from Kabir. Kabir and Anupriya get shocked. Kabir asks where is Ragini, I will find her. He goes. Ragini is running out. She falls down and cries. Someone comes. She gets shocked.

Vansh sees the kalash and plays the piano. Riddhima says sorry. He asks why are you saying sorry, you aren’t behind Ragini’s kidnapping, you were just mistaken about my intentions to keep her, don’t know why fate always cheats me. He shows the kalash and says you know what’s in it. She signs no. He says the ashes of my mum’s last sign. He recalls the painting. She says I was broken knowing my mum had been murdered, but I had a hope that I will get justice to her. He keeps the kalash in shelf. He says now I think that hope also went far, I will feel guilty seeing this kalash, I couldn’t get justice for mum. He asks will you do me a favor.

Precap: Riddhima says all this happened because of her and now only she will fix it, no matter what she has to do. She catches the mask person and tries to remove the mask. She says you?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What Vansh is saying might be the truth.
    But I just have this guy feeling that he knows Riddhima has taken Ragini somewhere and so he is doing all this drama like hurting himself and recalling the painting to make Riddhima feel guilty and bring Ragini back. Vansh’s mom may be still alive and will probably come about further in the show when Anupriya’s truth is revealed to everyone. But I just feel that Vansh is using Riddhima to some extent. Both men are using her because they see that she is stupid and easy to manipulate. Let’s see where this show takes us in the next 6-9 days

    1. Muje nahi lakthahe but let’s see what will happen 😍😊

    2. @Asen
      Yes, I feel that too

    3. Yes damn sure I too feel vansh is upto something by his touching dialogues and being emotional to bring out the truth from riddhima …He started palying his mind game with riddhima. He stared at riddhima in piana scene.

      Mask person may be

      siya because she is handicapped .suddenly seeing her walking that shocked riddhima . And that person is thin figure so possibilities are there.

      Cant be Ishani . because very well riddhima knows about Ishani who is always against her. Tho use dekh kar hairaan hone ki zaroorat nahi

    4. I don’t think so coz anupriya said that she killed vansh mum and ragini knew her thruth and was blackmailing her

  2. Riansh Lover

    Oh god…Filled with guilt riddhu ….Wait …Ragani was running ?So shes out of the comma …the hug was still the best part … I loved it and happy to see riansh back but with guilt💕💕💕💕💕

  3. I too have a feeling that vansh is acting so that he can know from Riddhima where she has sent Ragini…. But I pray that what he is telling is truth😸🤞🤞
    Vansh is good from starting only 🌟 🌟

    1. No, Vansh is definitely not acting because Anupriya herself told Kabir that she had shot Ragini and she also said that she killed Vansh’s mother to enter the VR mansion. Anupriya also said that she killed his mother so that Vansh wouldn’t know from that she killed his mother. So Vansh was waiting for 3 years just to know that truth… whereas Anupriya and Kabir also said clearly that they wanted her back so that Vansh cannot know the truth from Ragini. This definitely means that Vansh isn’t acting

  4. OMG!! Its just i can’t even believe vansh can’t this story just stay on a track if one part is cleared they come with another turn to confuse us this is just too much first they said vansh is evil then he started showing feelings for ridhimma and turned good then they said he killed ragini and turned bad cause the proof is against him ridhimma found out that ragini is alive then vansh turned good then again torchoring ragini he turned bad and then the truth came out proves again he is good can’t they stay in on character?? 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  5. As for now …. I am really scared for vansh…. how will he react when he will come to know that riddhima is behind disappearance of ragini…… and she is send by kabir… to ruin him….. very emotional episode …. but some where there is feeling that vansh is just facking it all to know the master mind behind riddhima….. (bcoz in recent episode precap when riddhima was w8ng for kabir at poolside to inform about ragini…. vansh noticed that riddhima was looking at some one…. but in next episode nothing was shown like that….)

    1. iam also thinking the same bcoz before 3episode he came to know that ridhima is a spy and he is going to play something but now he is saying that he is trusting her and saying she cannot broke his trust and he also did not said the person who knows everything and helping him i think he is just acting to ridhima bcoz ridhima is an emotional fool and vansh rai singhania will not give up easily

  6. So vansh has cleared all the misunderstandings with riddhima but riddhima hasn’t still yet. Don’t know what vansh will do after knowing that riddhima is the one who kidnapped ragini along with kabir. Exited for upcoming episodes

  7. So, Anupriya killed vansh’s mother to make a place in singhania mansion.. That means whatever kabir told, that is, he lost his mother’s love and care due to vansh and he is taking revenge for that wasn’t the real reason for him to be behind vansh.. So, there is a big reason for which the mother son duo want to destroy singhania’s.. May be related to vansh and kabir’s dad..

  8. Ohh mine 😍 the best part i the hug love it.thank God Riansh is getting close again. But muje ek guilt hai weather vansh is acting or not bappa please don’t be a acting

  9. what favour will vansh will ask any guessing pls reply guys

    1. divorce?

    2. wat favour will he ask riddhima….🤔🤔 May be help from riddhima to search ragini?

    3. Shivanshi Singh

      I think divorce only!!! Become he told that he could not become a good son good husband…..
      Maybe something else..

  10. Awwww finally a great episode. Loved the hug 😍

  11. So whether it’s fake or real Vansh finally opend up to Riddhima but when will Riddhima open up?
    If she doesn’t open up before Vansh himself finds out then Riddhima is gonna be in real trouble.
    He didn’t shoot Ragini but he’ll definitely end up shooting Riddhima.
    But still I feel Vansh knows everything from before. Riddhima uttered “Ka” twice in front of Vansh but Vansh still didn’t realize that it’s Kabir!!!!That’s kinda weird.
    Vansh is the real gamer here I think. I feel like he wants to reach both Anupriya and Kabir as well as destroy Riddhima to teach the trio a lesson to mess up with Vansh Rai Singhania.

    The only thing I want to see now is Riddhima’s grey shed. She’s an ITA award winner for protagonist role so if she plays the grey character even if fora short time, she’ll kill it.
    I just wanna see that..
    Maybe it’ll come up after 100 episodes later but I’ll definitely wanna see that.

    1. @tonni true. It’s obvious this story is built on a #kava conspiracy and ancient rivalry. Riddhima is just a pawn that came in between. Both men are using Riddhima and that’s why I am certain that when she finally finds out the true faces of both men, she will show that grey shed. She’ll definetly have a character development later in the show and recognize her worth. She has the potential to be the mastermind of the entire show but as of now, I’m assuming it’s Vansh. He can’t possibly be so oblivious with so much hints around. I also expect something major from a character in the show we least expect it from. That’s Siya. I expect something major from Siya’s role. She isn’t off my suspect list😂 Anyways, I feel that this show will close with a main character dying or even Vansh and Riddhima.

    2. She’s an ITA award winner for protagonist role and also for her antagonist role.. You are right! She’ll definitely kill a negative role, sometimes I feel like the makers are wasting her talent..

    3. Jelly Shah won ITA for Antagonist role. I had googled it before.

    4. @Raina yes she’s ITA award winner for antagonist too. So far she’s been doing it in the show. So I want to see her protagonist side andas the show is immj 2 I guess it’ll definitely make her go grey. We’ll have to wat. Don’t know how long it’ll take.
      @Asen Siya will come up with something major in future I guess. I also think Riddhima will turn grey after seeing that how she’s being used by both the lads but sometimes I feel like Riddhima too is hiding domething. She also has a motive to enter Vansh’s life. Doesn’t matter in which angle her grey side will come out but I just hope it comes out.
      I wanna see a brutal beauty with brain.

    5. This year Vishal Vashista will win the Award for Antagonist male. Damon sure. Bcuz as I noticed if protagonist role casts turns to antagonistic they will be awarded.
      You can check it . Alisha Panwar won the Award ( Arohi – Tara immj1). And so on

  12. Wow.. Interesting precap.. Who will be that masked man🤔

    1. It’s not the real masked man for sure. The real one is still hiding. It maybe someone else.
      The masked man’s story will be prolonged I guess just like previous.

    2. Do you have any idea who the masked person?
      Good luck and All the very best for your exams

  13. There is one thing that no one noticed that is when riddhima saw Ragini alive from the door hole vansh was giving water to ragini it means vansh already have get information about his mother murders and he is playing a very big game against riddhima ,kabir and anupriya

    1. Bingo!….. Absolutely right.

    2. @R Well what you are saying also can be true but, I feel like it could also possibly be that Ragini got awake for just a minute and was not able to breathe because in the episode I saw, she was having difficulty breathing so probably she must have woken up from coma but could not talk because of difficulty breathing. Probably Riddhima saw all of this in that minute of Ragini waking up. And maybe a few seconds after Riddhima stopped seeing through the glass of the room, Ragini fell unconscious again. Well you know, it could have been a coincidence.

    3. I noticed.
      But that’s loophole dear. Vansh could’ve asked her before but he didn’t.
      He wasn’t playing game then but from today’s episode he’s playing game.
      Vansh could easily asked her back then and start the game but he started playing now..
      What should’ve been done way before, is happening now.. So it’s a loophole again.

    4. @Lisa yes maybe that’s reason. or maybe he known some how that Riddhima was following him so he was playing.
      @Tonni but maybe that day Vansh known that Riddhima is following him i mean from that day he was playing.

    5. @Tonni and @Sara Maybe Vansh asked Ragini but she did not answer because of difficulty breathing and after that again fallen unconscious. In the episode it was shown through the loophole but also was shown inside the room…like a closer view that Ragini was not able to breathe properly. So Vansh may not be playing a game. That is what I feel. It can be possible that Vansh is playing a game (hopefully not 🤞). Well, the only way to find out the real truth is to watch the future episodes 😁.

    6. Ragini is mentally unstable.

  14. The hug was soooo adorable!!!!
    Finally Vansh had to kneel down to get a proper hug..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Shorty Riddhima.
    No offense actually. I’m also a shorty. Barely made it to 5′.😅😅😅😅

    1. Me too,but not 5′. below 5′

    2. Vansh kee Ishq Mein phaas gayim.
      I never saw vansh like this. I am so sad. ☹️
      Love you Rrahul 💖💖💖

  15. Episode was great….but this vansh is scaring me… he’s definitely upto something.just hope they solve this mystery before introducing any other twist….

  16. Does anyone find it suspicious that Anu and Aryan say the ‘first’ bullet?Does it mean that there was a second 1?Perhaps a shootout?If that is the case,then vansh is hiding something.The episode was nice but Iam still mad at the writers.Why can’t they let ridhu think for once?Forget an excursion to Goa,it is as if her brain went to Hawaii on holiday and Hawaii went into lockdown immediatley afterwards.As we speak,it is having cocktail after another.WELL, HOLIDAY’S OVER!MAKERS BRING BACK RIDHU BRAIN!

    1. yes i think there was second bullet too. and if you remember when vansh and angre were talking(when Riddhima heard them and misunderstood) Vansh’s gun didn’t have one bullet and he said “that day bullet was shoot but missed” so i think maybe second bullet is connected to Vansh some how

    2. Arrey yaar mere dialogue ko hi borrow kardi. Brain went for excursion in go a.
      I will file for copyright .

  17. Sometimes I think vansh knows about ridhima’s identity. sometimes I think if vansh knew about her then why he trusts her or act like that.sometimes I think kabir loves her but then I think then why kabir is using her sometimes I think vansh know about anupriya then I think why he kept her at his home sometimes I think sia is mastermind then I think she is handicapped then how can she be mastermind Sometime I think don’t I think too much about a serial just wait for upcoming episodes..

    1. @Xyz
      Ithink there are many hidden things behind Funch. As for Sia, she is not in a wheelchair, but can move. The truth is that Funch doubted from the beginning about Redhima and cooperated with Sia and made her work on treating Sia, but this is nothing but a game for them to find out what Redhima is hiding, and whoever uses Redhima now did not It is not as big as we think, but whoever does the game from the beginning will be Fansh and Reedhima is nothing but a pawn for them to use both of them, but in the end Redhima will know this fact and start taking revenge

  18. I think the whole story of this Ishq mein marjawan season 2 is that there is a person who is finding the murderer of his mother and the two Anupriya and Kabir are the ones who want to take the VR mansion from him and Kabir want to make Vansh’s life hell.

  19. RiyaVaghani

    Ufffff! I dunno what to think! So many doubts! So many questions! So many hopes! And there is this one bitter truth… I just hope the misunderstandings are cleared! I hate trust issues!

  20. In an interview vansh said he will not get happy ending.if it’s not going to be a happy ending with vansh and riddhu together then it’s waste of watching the full show.they should not make as season 1.yeh dono milkar Ishq se (vansh and riddhu)doosron ka marr dal na hai.

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