Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh surprises Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying you maybe the first girl who doesn’t like gifts or the person giving it. He shows the dress. He says I m sure my choice is not bad, don’t you like it. She says I like it. Fb shows Sunny saying when Vansh showers love, it means there is a big reason behind, just play along. FB ends. Vansh says I feel you will look very beautiful in this dress, I want to see you in this dress. She says okay. He says right now. She goes. Ishani says no, I don’t want any gift, you thought you won’t inform me and go away, then convince me with a gift. Sunny says I know you, your mood got spoiled. He shows Sunny weds Ishani invite. She smiles and says its today. Sunny says we met on this date. She hugs him. She says so you had to give me this gift. He says I love you so much. She says I love you too, come, we will tell the family.

Aryan asks are you out of your mind, today, its about marriage. Dadi says marriage can’t be done in a rush. Ishani says I have to make this date imp, Vansh has to agree to me. Riddhima wears the gifted dress and comes. She asks is there any special occasion. Vansh says you will know it soon, there are more surprises for you. He gives the heart pillow. She recalls Kabir. She recalls Vansh burning it. She says its same pillow which… He says I had burnt it in anger, so I have got exactly same for you. She thinks something is wrong, he can never care for anyone, what’s happening. She takes it. He says I imagined you while buying this dress, you look much more beautiful than I thought, there is just one thing less. He lets her hair loose. He takes her for a dance. They dance. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He shows the surprises to her. He says there are many left, life should be full of surprises. FB shows Vansh gave beautiful moments to Ragini, she didn’t know that Vansh would kill her, its his way to do this. FB ends. Riddhima thinks will this happen with me also, Vansh is going to kill me, no. Vansh asks where are you lost. She says nowhere.

He says some moments are beautiful, they should be captured, you look beautiful, I will take a pic, who knows, I get a chance again or not. She recalls Sunny’s words. Sunny says Vansh had taken Ragini’s pic to keep as her memory. Vansh clicks her pic. He says I will always keep this pic as memory. Riddhima thinks will he kill me, is he preparing for my murder. He asks what happened, actually, you just give a different pose, turn a little. He clicks her pic and says its very perfect, it should be framed. He goes. She says no, he wants to kill me. She cries.

Vansh says sorry Ishani, I can’t agree. Ishani argues with him. She says just Siya is imp for you, not me. He asks what nonsense is this. She asks do you know my fav dessert. She asks Sunny not to talk between them. She asks her fav colour. Vansh says yellow. She says its Siya’s fav colour, I m not in your life, just Siya matters to you, I m nowhere, but for Sunny, I m his entire world, why don’t I marry him. Vansh makes her wear the bridal dupatta. He says fine, I agree if you are happy, you will get married to Sunny today. Ishani smiles.

Riddhima calls out Sunny and signs him to come. Sunny goes and asks why did you call me, I told you we will meet at night, if Vansh knows it, he won’t leave me. She says let me say, Vansh gave me many surprise gifts, he danced with me, he gave me a dress similar to Ragini’s, he took my pics as you told me, Vansh’s plan is clear, he will kill me, maybe he knows I m cheating him. Sunny says relax. She says I have to do something, I want your help. He says I m with you. She says hand over Ragini’s body to police, police will arrest Vansh, I will tell him also. He asks who. She says you know who I m talking about, help me, we have no time. He says you are right, Vansh is dangerous. They dig the grave. She says someone is coming, hide.

Precap will be added once episode airs on TV

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. OMG! Sunny is Vansh’s aide only. Riddhima is such a fool to do the same mistake again.

    1. Exactly! Just when I was thinking she is becoming smarter in how she identified Anupriya as the culprit and how she evaded the faulty coconut, but boy I was wrong!

  2. Achanaksae pathni Kae upper itna…. Pyar, humesha Apko rehatha Hai lekin aap expressive Nahi haina isliyae thoda shock hoo rahihu.

  3. But if that’s the case won’t that mean that Vansh played with her sister’s emotions juss to prove that a girl was guilty…Instead, he could have put a mic in that VR ring;))
    It’s more than meets the eye..Maybe they r just trying to divert..but how can Vansh do exactly same things which Sunny told Riddhima..
    She should have asked Sunny how he knows all about it..Kabir didn’t even knew that Ragini was Vansh’s ex fiancee but his so-called aide knows all the stuff…Huff….

    1. If not Vansh, it could be someone else from the house.

    2. Naah, Ishani is a shark like Vansh, they both are hunters and This Ridhimma is like a big fish that they both are circling this is their chakravyuh… she wants this whole Ragini murder story so bad so they are giving her what she wants. I can’t figure if they are going to gaslight her into doing something crazy resulting in Dadi kicking her out or scare her into running away. Either way Vansh is done with her and wants this hypocrite out

    3. thats exactly what is making me angry, kabir didn’t even know that much about ragin and his so called aid knows all these tiny details and ridma is gladly accepting. but something is telling me ridma can’t be that naive she is just playing along, this is imm anything can happen

    4. cee I think you are right in IMM anything can happen even they can show that Riddhima is Ragni and wants to know why Vansh killed her and she is using Kabeer for same 😂😂😂😂.

    5. Wow
      It made me laugh, not that it can’t be true
      Thank you

    6. Everyone is saying that Sunny is involved with Vansh but I think he is involved with any other family member

  4. riddhima and vansh is so beautiful lakin vansh ko riddhima par itna pyar kaisa aaraha hai mujha toh asli dushman kabir lag raha hai aisa kon hota jo apni duty ka liya apna pyaar ko dao par lagata hai

  5. I can bet precap will be Vansh pushing Riddhima into Ragni’s grave. And what a fool Riddhima is how can she find Ragni’s body in grave will it not get converted into bones? Riddhima is a Physiotherapist she has to know this na.
    This Vansh is confusing me now. Till now Vansh has just shown his emotions once that too when Riddhima triggered it. But now Vansh Romantic side is confusing me he can’t be so romantic so soon. He is planning something big and dangerous.
    And for Riddhima her fear his valid as she believes Vansh to be Murderer too. BTW he has killed the lady cop in starting so why can’t he kill Ragni and Mr. Sate but as he is saying I didn’t kill anyone I want to believe but I can’t.
    Either they should show Vansh’s emotional side at least to viewers if not Riddhima.
    Not like in season 1 that when Deep has been punished for whatever he did with Aarohi suddenly his bright side is shown where he took care of Aarohi’s nephew, then he took care of Chavani and also always tried to protect her. If they are planning to show Vansh’s bright side then just show it properly na. And be little Logical.

  6. Riddhima ki fan j

    No no no ……Please don’t kill riddihma .Vansh can’t be so good 1 day …. Sunny and vansh are working together. Sunny is the 1 did the whole coconut thing

  7. I spy Aryans involvement because he knows how to play with both riddhima and vansh without even them noticing it…. Jo bhi ho they look damn hot together

    1. I think kabir is the villian of the show
      Anupriya and aryan both r plotting against vansh. Maybe Kabir is somehow connected to the family and will end up becoming vansh’s half brother trying to get his properties and so called rights. I hope siya and dadi are positive characters of the show don’t spoil them by giving grey shads
      But whatever the show is damn interesting.Characters are really mysterious except Riddhima. And vansh he is someone beyond description….. I think their chemistry will spice up if riddhima becomes more interesting someone like komolika

  8. I’m totally confused this time…Surely Vansh is just playing with Riddhima,he is upto something;something big but I didn’t expect Riddhima to be this much stupid… hopefully she is just playing along with Vansh being aware of his game…

  9. Wow what an episode!!! Just loved Riansh romance….my fav couple,they are so cute and adorable… and hot and sizzling at the same time… Their sizzling chemistry just burns everything around them….

  10. Smriti Tyagi

    Suny and Vansh and Ishani are foling Ridhima to find whom she is helping How does Sunny know what Vansh said to Ragini

  11. Abhi 2 din pehle toh Vansh be like I don’t want to see ur face..ur shadow shall not fall on me…I will never forgive u and stuff…
    And now(since 2 days)what a drastic change…Hehe…What r they upto…

    1. Just watched the episode…Y they just keep on showing the same precap all the time…Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode..Maybe they hv decided to show all the dream sequences in the pecap;)
      I had a ques..Riddhima still bothered to change the dress evn being frightened that Vansh might be planning to kill her…Lyk seriously..Or maybe since starting when she meets Sunny evrything is a dream…(Based on our prev experiences..haha…She actually sees a lot of dreams..srry wala daydreaming ho jayega phir toh..)

  12. S, vansh said don’t show your face. But when we love some one we can’t leave without them

  13. I think that sunny is invovled with vansh. and vansh want to know the truth also hence he is waiting for ridhima to find the truth and exposed the killer in front of him and the whole family.

  14. I think that watch is a recorder and ridhimma makes the mistake of trusting a person so easily, let’s hope she has sth else in mind. Ooh and that part where ridhimma thinks Vansh is gonna kill her is so funny😂😂

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