Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh falls in danger

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying thank you. Vansh asks for what. He takes her. Ishani says maybe Riddhima died. She opens the door and says she got saved and ran away. Anupriya says she would have seen her life’s worst day. Ishani says I hate Riddhima because I married that servant because of her, why do you hate her, are you hiding something. Anupriya says don’t overthink, you are my daughter, I care for you, your plan failed. Vansh asks what’s all this, are you fine. He wipes her sweat. Dil ye tere bina….plays… She thinks why did I see Vansh in pain. He says who did this, whoever wants your bad, it will be his life’s last mistake, just tell me his name. Riddhima thinks Ishani had that Kada/bracelet, it means she was behind it.

Ishani says we cleaned the room, now Riddhima has no proof against us, but what is the secret you are hiding, I m your daughter, won’t you tell me the reason behind this hatred, else you would have not give me this kada. Anupriya says give it back to me. Ishani says who asks such gifts back. Anupriya holds her hand and says I said just return it. Riddhima says it didn’t happen by anyone’s mistake, I thought to keep barbecue for everyone, the coal fell down, I was foolish. He says what was the need to do cooking. He gets the ointment and asks May I…. She nods. He applies the ointment to her feet. Ishq mein marjawan…..plays….

He says sometimes little carelessness can hurt our life, sit here, I will get the bandage. He goes. She says I didn’t know Ishani will harm me, I think Anupriya is also involved, Ishani isn’t alone in this plan, I know she is hiding big secret, I will find out and expose her. Ishani says tell me the secret, I will return the kada. Anupriya says give it back to me. Ishani says you can tell Vansh if you want, there is some secret. Dadi comes and asks what secret. Anupriya says she was asking secret to stay fit in pregnancy. Dadi says no need to think of this Ishani, go and get tea. Ishani goes.

Anupriya gets Kabir’s call. Dadi asks who is K. Anupriya says its a call from the office, they trouble after office hours, have the juice. Chanchal says the men went out, why don’t we see a good movie. Dadi says I will sleep with Ishani today to take care of her, Angre isn’t at home. Riddhima gets prasad. Dadi says I kept a puja for Ishani’s child. Riddhima gives prasad to Ishani. Ishani thinks you would never mess up with me now. Riddhima thinks I will find the secret tonight. Anupriya thinks I know you will find the secret, the worst will happen with you.

Dadi asks Chanchal to cut the watermelon for Riddhima. She takes the fruits for Ishani. Chanchal gets upset. She goes to answer call. Anupriya injects the watermelon. She says when you eat this watermelon, Riddhima you will forget to breath, rest in peace. Riddhima goes to Ishani’s room. Chanchal looks for Riddhima. She says let her be in bathroom. She keeps the watermelon plate and goes. Riddhima thinks sorry Dadi, I have to do this to reach the secret. She takes some cutter to cut the kada. Vansh comes out of the bathroom and sees the cut watermelon kept. Dadi gets up. Riddhima hides. Dadi says there is no one. She sleeps.

She gets the key. She goes and hides the tool. She says I m just one step away from the secret. Anupriya puts a string. Riddhima drops the key. Anupriya catches the key. She says you think you are very smart, this is the last warning, danger is around you.

She injects the plant and says you maybe in this plant’s place. She thinks what was Anupriya saying. Vansh asks where did you go by keeping this watermelon plate. She says I went for a walk, but I didn’t get it. He says maybe Dadi sent it, come, lets finish it. She sees a blue mark on the watermelon piece. She thinks Anupriya added that liquid in this fruit for me. She throws the watermelon from Vansh’s hand and says you can’t eat it, it has poison, do you feel fine, tell me, any breathing difficulty. He coughs. She worries.

Precap: Vansh falls on the floor with something coming out of his mouth. Ridhima gets tensed and screams Dadi. Later, she blames Anupriya for Vansh’s condition and says if anything happens to him, she won’t spare her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riddhima should have told ishani’s name to vansh. Anupriya and Ishani would have got exposed
    But yeah Ishani is very smart she wants to know why Anupriya helped her. Awww vansh is sooo sweet but we are really going to see his bad avtar once again don’t know the new promo.was again a dream or what but what is going in vansh’s mind is a real mystery and the promo was not a dream what will he do after that………….
    Thanks for the updates.
    Btw anyone remembers the pic of Riddhima smiling wearing the same dress which she was wearing in today’s precap… Reply if you got that

    1. It’s not that easy remember when Riddhima was saying Ishani was behind writing threatening note on mirror but Vansh didn’t believe her. Although Ishani was innocent, but this situation is somewhat similar

  2. Thanks for the update


      hi are you ridhima helly ………………. i love your acting

  3. Their is nothing to say about this episode but I would like say about vansh bcz his caring, affection, love towards riddhima it’s really adorable. The serial is like a line I don’t know where it does ends.

  4. Ohh thanks for quick update dear!!
    Just addicted to this show now, did ishani get suspicious about her? Let’s see what will ridhima do now!😊

  5. Vansh is being sweet and all. But we gotta remember he’s in the mafia and he killed Neha. So I think he has the heart to kill someone. I think there will be a time in the show when Vansh goes to jail for this. Also Kabir should go to jail for Killing real DSR and shooting Ridz. Anupriya should also be jailed for killing D’Souza. Vansh obviously is going to find out the truth and is probably going to part ways with Ridz. Riddhima is obviously going to find out about Kabir and Anupriya. But more than anything I think maybe Ragini is alive or Siya is up to something. I still don’t want to believe that Siya is innocent. Also, I feel Aryan will do something one day that will cause either him or Vansh to be sent to jail. The show proves that Aryan is very incompetent in business affairs so that’s a possibility for me.

  6. Lover of IMMJ2

    When Vansh changes there’s going to be a bad explosion… Ishani and Anupriya are going to kill Riddhima slowly .. I don’t think Vansh will die ,🤧😥

  7. I don’t think Riddhima is that innocent may be she is the mastermind

    1. @Rajnandini Riddhima was never innocent..She’s the game changer..Either she’s innocent now and will become a psycho lover for Vansh later like Maya or maybe she alone is up to something huge..

    2. I guess vansh is similar to maya more than Riddhima…but it will be a great twist if shows takes that turn bcoz Maya was something really interesting very interesting…..

    3. I can’t take it anymore..
      C’mon man!Vansh isn’t meant to be like that..Where the hell is the mastermind mafia?
      Even Ishani is using her brain games against Anupriya..Abh Vansh ko bhi toh dimag lagana chahiye..
      I wanted yo see Vansh’s romantic persona for RIANSH chemistry..But I don’t wanna see a dumb Vansh..
      Makers must’ve seriuos reason for showing a dumb Vansh..

      One more thing..some are saying Vansh will act to hate Riddhima to protect her life from danger.

      Bhai yee crime thriller hain..It’s not something like old movies, melodramatic love story where hero leaves heroine just to let her be happy with someone else..
      So this hatred drama doesn’t make any sense..Vansh can cross all limits, all barriers when he’s in love that’s what they showed from the beginning of the show..Even Riddhima can go to any extent for her love..
      So don’t show any melodramatic,devdaas love saga..
      We’re not buying it makers..

    4. Vansh is like it’s not easy to win my trust but once you will it than its more tougher to break it.He will become a shield for the one who he trusts….

    5. Oh yes even I was attracted to the show coz of that fire in him…but now he is just too that fire is all away now and he is too cute and it doesn’t suit him…

    6. I think ridhma is with vansh and she is playing with kabir to expose kabir and anupriryai dont know y but it seems ridhma is love of vansh and real ragini myabe story is like soo like tara was love of deep. so i think whatever vansh is doing is coz and for ridhima. she is not against vansh she is with vansh

  8. Can anyone tell the precap of 6th October please 🙏

  9. I want to see riansh together .

  10. Please update about precap please

  11. @tonni yeh purae episodes bina connection Kae sath Chal rahaehai. lekin,the similar thing in every episode is,ridhu and vansh getting close.
    Behind all this melodrama this is the one of the reason or they may creating a very un-expected twist….. I was unable to imagine what’s the upcoming twist bcz I didn’t see immj-1 so it’s difficult to examine what will be going to happen bcz it’s the secvenc of immj-1

  12. Plz post choti sardarni and barrister babu update

  13. Please update precap amena


    I think so the serial people are very smart they will make it similar to chotti sarrdarni. Like now in that ad came na that Vansh knows ridhima’s truth she will leave VR Mansion . Then she will fall in love with somebody else and then Vansh will return.

    1. This won’t happen.


    am not sure but just giving an example how they can strecth serials

  16. @Tonni If Vansh sends Riddhima away from himself just to protect her, it would actually make sense as to why he has been quiet all throughout inspite of knowing that she’s a spy. But I agree with you that it would become so damn similar to those other typical dramas, and trust me when I say that I cant see this overtly emotional side of Vansh. From past few episodes, all I see him doing is screaming at the top of his voice “Riddhimaaaaaa”. Its irritating.

    1. Seriously i also agree i always mute the sound or skip that Rrriiiddddiimmmaaaa
      It’s irritating…

  17. Ya .That overly concerned Vansh is not so likeable for me.He is lacking the craze.

  18. Please update about precap amena

  19. Riansh😍

  20. Please update 6 oct

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