Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Vansh reveals about the precious ruby

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya going to meet her partner. She says baby’s death has cracked Vansh and Riddhima’s lives. She recalls Riddhima’s words. She removes the fake nose. She says Riddhima has snatched my son, my property and power, she sent me to jail and made me cry, I m getting peace to see her tears, the poison which I filled in their lives will end their relation, lets celebrate our win. They drink.

Anupriya stops the person and asks what’s the hurry to leave from this room, you know all my secrets, it can be risky to keep you alive, I don’t even trust my son, this was our last cheers. She points gun at the person. The person pushes her and points gun at her. She asks how dare you. The person pours kerosene over her and lights the fire. She shouts no. She doesn’t see any fire. She says its just water, he was just scaring me. She reads a message, don’t threaten me again, else it will be petrol instead water. She gets angry and says I will not leave you, before my partner ruins my game, I have to kill Riddhima, I will write the story of her death.

Anupriya gets a bomb. She says I will attach this to Riddhima’s body, she will be dead. Vansh wakes up. He sees the broken bottle and recalls. He asks what did I do, what happened last night. Riddhima comes to the room and sees him. She asks him to have lemon water. She says don’t be stubborn, drink this. She makes him drink. He asks what are these marks on your body, what happened. She says nothing. He asks who did this. She says leave my hand.

He recalls their talk. He leaves her. He hits the mirror and hurts himself. She stops him. Vansh says I had hurt you, I should get punished, no need to care for me. He leaves. She thinks don’t fall in your own eyes, you aren’t bad, bad people are around us. She leaves. Anupriya comes to their room. She says perfect, no one is here, Riddhima will die in just 5 hours, game over. She fixes the bomb. She says Riddhima will leave this world, good bye Riddhima. She leaves. Ishani orders some cosmetics. A parcel comes for Riddhima. Aryan says you can give it to me, we are family. The man says sorry, the sender has given instructions that I hand this over to Riddhima. Chanchal asks the sender’s name. The man says Rudra Rai Singhania. Ishani says my uncle is dead, how can he send this parcel. The man says he had sent this parcel ten days back, he said if anything happens to him, then this parcel should be handed over to Riddhima.

Aryan, Ishani and Chanchal think what is the secret, what did Rudra want to tell her. Aryan says she isn’t here, give it to me. Riddhima comes and says I m Riddhima, what happened, I m here. The man says Rudra had sent this parcel for you. She receives it. She recalls Rudra’s words. She thinks I shouldn’t open this parcel in front of them. Angre comes to Vansh’s room. Vansh says close the door, its time that I take a big decision, you are seeing that I m losing everything in my life, we have to focus on those diamonds to secure the family, I was thinking to sell my precious thing. Angre asks what, its more precious than the diamonds, its related to your mum. Vansh says I don’t know how valuable is that, we have no option. Angre says please think again.

Someone looks on. Vansh says I have thought of it. He opens the locker. Riddhima gets a box in the parcel. She gets a note and a key. She reads, this key is an answer to all the questions, the lock is present in the kitchen. She thinks is this related to red gloves man. She thanks Rudra. She thinks your sacrifice and efforts won’t go waste. Angre says you will get that thing out after many years. Vansh says priorities change with time. He gets something from the locker. Angre says no, I can’t touch it. Vansh shows the box. He opens it. He sees a big red ruby. He smiles. He says its not any ordinary ruby, such 4-5 rubies exist in the world, it changes colour according to the weather, its price would be 25 thousand crores, its related to my mum, I want to sell it now for securing my family, I don’t have time to sell it officially, I m ready to bear the loss, give the news that whoever gets my lost diamonds back, I will give this ruby as the reward.

Angre agrees. The person goes. Vansh keeps the ruby back in the locker. They leave. Kabir comes there and recalls Vansh’s words. He says you want to get back on your feet by using this ruby, don’t worry Vansh, I will snatch this as well, you will come on the roads. He goes to access the locker. He gets shock on touching it. He says wow and smiles. He says good security, not bad Vansh, I m quite impressed, I have a solution for this, I did much research, whatever is imp for you becomes my target. Riddhima goes to the kitchen to look for the lock. Kabir comes and asks shall I help. She falls in his arms. Vansh comes and sees them together.

Precap: Riddhima tells Vansh that their baby is alive and safe. He is confused, yet happy. He hugs her. Anupriya looks at the video footage and thinks it’s good both Riddhima and Vansh are together in their room, both will die together. She waits for the bomb to blast. The bomb explodes and Anupriya gets happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Tonni

    Am I first?

    1. Yeah u r !!!!

    2. First reply 🤣🤣

    3. The tweet links you have send last wu were acutally right … One more lagging episode …but am sure the rudra parcel is plan of riddhima and really hope ke selling ruby is plan of vansh

    4. Tonni

      @Rimsha I also hope that this time both of them succeed in their respective plans.

    5. Timely!

  2. I think so and maybe I am the second ☝️

  3. Tonni

    Ummm….giving away the ruby of 25 thousand crores for those lost diamonds?
    Were those diamonds more expensive than the ruby?

    1. i think he wants to catch the culprit

    2. I’m almost certain this is Vansh’s plan to trap Kabir or whomever he thinks is after the diamonds. If not, I don’t get why he would make such a deal/sale.

    3. Vansh only have 5000 crores bank balance.
      Then his Ruby worths 25000 crores.
      5 square ka maamla kaise🤔🤔
      If Ruby and diamonds are of same price then from where does he got 20000 crores to buy diamonds?

    4. Tonni

      @Den it’s related to his mom and it was kept hidden.
      So it’s not included in net worth.
      But there’s no way the ruby is more expensive the diamonds.
      Ye kaisa plan hain?
      Less kimti diamonds ki liye more expensive ruby ko dau pe lagana!🤔🤔🤔
      He should learn some planning from his wife.

    5. @Den…
      The question is true…but if we calculate I don’t think we can get perfect value of what he earn or where did he get those…!!
      abt the Ruby he told it’s related to his mom (Ancestors or a gift from his father to her)
      And diamonds it was half of his life time earning…

    6. Tonni

      @Nifa according to your info, the diamonds worth 2500 crores and the ruby worths 25000 crores.
      What type of planning is this?
      To get back 2500 crores keeping a ransom of 25000 crores??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    7. @Tonni….
      Ya!!! I think it’s just pawn to reach the culprit…and he may have kept the real one in some other place
      Haan abt the diamonds he can’t get it back na??? and as his meetings are being cancelled and he’s in loss… He want to find the culprit by hook or by crook….

  4. i hope riddhima shouts at kabir or else vansh will think something n all 😣

    1. Gabriela

      Will she shout like a lioness, or does she want to mislead Kabir?

  5. What if that Ruby was hust Vansh’s plan to catch the culprit??🤔🤔

    1. Tonni

      I bet it is!!

    2. Ya….. maybe its a plan…

    3. yeah i think so atleast i hope so,becoz everytime these writers say vansh is brilliant,he is a matermind… but tbh i havnt seen him do anything that uk great. no offense.i like vansh but he is just potrayed to be a masterplayer but he talks more than his actions.

    4. Exactly, talking too much no action, so many loopholes,what stop him from removing Kabir hood that day ,or even shooting the tires of that car ,that took Kabir from there.

    5. Gabriela

      I am sure of that!

    6. @Tonni @Nifa and @Shagun
      Remember Vansh is no more that much brilliant as he used to be😂😂😂😂
      If you want to see the mastermind Vansh then watch the first 50 episodes without skipping.
      It was lit🔥🔥🔥🔥
      But when he fall in love, his brain too fell down. (only to a extent!!) 😅😅

    7. Thakur Priyanka

      U know what just 2 days back I completed watching 1to 50 episodes without skipping because I was badly missing old VR

    8. okay @Den 😂😂

  6. Jealous Vansh 😂😂😂😂 Rip Kabir

    1. and riddhima 😥

    2. Tonni

      @Shagun naah,,,Vansh won’t say anything to Riddhima I guess.
      Out of jealousy, choti-moti nok jhok ho sakte hain leki koyi bawal nahi honge itni si baat pe.

    3. Gabriela


    4. yeah true 😂😂@Tonni

    5. 😂😂😂

  7. I have a doubt…
    If red gloves man is Angre then
    why is he supporting Anupriya…???
    Is he the real son of her…😑😑…

    1. Tonni

      Already they broke up their partnership!🤣🤣

    2. Nimo the makers are switching the hoodie.
      First it was a man. Bcuz a perfect masculine figure was it.
      Then they showed it was Aryan’s shoes
      Then with Angre’s voice.
      Now its Ishani.
      May the makers will give it to an end by revealing that hoodie was Ridhima only 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    3. Thakur Priyanka

      May be 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. @Den…
      Yes… it’s soo confusing…😑😑… but then the rumours state it may be Angre…

  8. Smart riddihma back
    Vansh again will misunderstand Her 😂😂

  9. themysticalmetanoia

    so finally my bomb theory was to an extent correct

    1. Gabriela

      Yes, and from my theory, it was correct. Ridhima trusted Vansh

    2. themysticalmetanoia


  10. This Mom-Son AnuBir😂😂😂😂
    Whoever help them, they only gets Murdered in return.

    1. @Den..
      .the list is big…😂😂…
      They can murder anyone 🤣

    2. Uff! Very scary episode! I hope Vansh doesn’t misunderstand Riddhima and Anupriya don’t become successful in killing Riddhima. I don’t understand the meaning of that precap shown today after reading the Tomorrow’s episode. Can someone explain?

    3. I was looking you dear Abc

    4. You were looking me? I don’t understand

    5. Simply. You were in top commenter so looked for you

  11. I think the Ruby is a fake one…( Other wise how Vansh can be so careless 🙄)

    1. Tonni

      Either it’s the fake one or not, he’s just using as his pawn to nab the culprit I guess.

    2. Gabriela

      You are right! I think its fake

  12. kabir loves snooping around really what if this ruby was a plan that vansh made to trap the person who has his diamonds and riddu is in full mom mode now i love it

    1. Gabriela

      Kabir will be caught or unmasked

  13. May be your right @Tonni

  14. Samaila

    Budhiya ki partner ne kya uska bharta, next kaun hai Kabbu

  15. Wht the hell how kabir can touch riddhima in front of vansh i dont want any misunderstanding before vansh eyes🥺

    1. Naah…
      Vansh won’t misunderstand Ridhima.
      And dear Kabir had already touched Ridhima several time by saving her life where Vansh wasn’t😅😅
      Don’t forget that😂😂😂😂
      RidhBir ki jai✌✌

    2. Samaila

      @Den 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Hmmm🤔

  17. themysticalmetanoia

    i just loved seeing a jealous vansh at the end of the episode

    1. But seeing Today’s episode , it was like Vansh is losing trust on Riddhima. Vansh was not only disappointed with her but also blamed her for all that doing with the child so I hope Riddhima Catches the enemy as soon as possible!

    2. themysticalmetanoia

      no i dont think he will misunderstand riddhima instead he will warn kabir to stay away from riddhima
      watch this episode 5 march he clearly blamed himself for riddhimas condition in the conversation with riddhima
      n hurted himself he also was apoligietic towards ridhu
      he said she should not care about him as he is responsible for her this state n even the baby

  18. Does Anupriya elope from central jail or any Armory in Indo-China border🤔🤔🤔🤔
    She got Bomb as it was available in the local market😂😂😂😂

    1. Gabriela


    2. @Den sister you are really funny with your comments. Keep it up

    3. Tonni

      VR Mansion mein chemicals, poisons, bombs wholesale mein milte hain..
      Indo-Chaina border ki soldiers ko VR mansion ka pata batade..
      Woh log le jayenge yaha se bombs, chemicals and poisons.
      In this way, our Vansh will earn some money too!
      He is in poor state right now!

    4. Gabriela


    5. Thakur Priyanka


    6. Samaila


    7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Thakur Priyanka


    9. Thakur Priyanka


  19. Uff! Very scary episode! I hope Vansh doesn’t misunderstand Riddhima and Anupriya don’t become successful in killing Riddhima. I don’t understand the meaning of that precap shown today after reading the Tomorrow’s episode. Can someone explain?

    1. Gabriela

      I hope that to! But I dont think so! Vansh its not that stupid!

    2. Gabbs sister till now Vansh is being like that only. He is not able to solve even a single mystery till now. I have just lost all the hopes from Vansh but lets see if your point becomes correct

  20. Its quize show guess who took the diamond whose wearing red gloves whoes red hoodie guy now whose black hoodie guy now ruby this time kabir takes ruby vansh is done for . next qiuze who took the ruby .where is this trak going a locker in the kitchen a real question so who knows the answers.will radhima know the truth .first diamonds now ruby i hope vansh gets his faith back .

    1. Show is like Quizzes me Marjawan or Jawaab Dhoondte Dhoondte Marjawan

    2. Mate
      This is what we call a suspense Thriller

    3. Thakur Priyanka

      For sure guarantee that we will be admitting in mental asylum

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