Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Season Finale

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siya saying Vansh’s birthday is tomorrow, you don’t wish him, you don’t tell him that I told you about it. She goes. Riddhima says strange, firstly that room where someone is locked, and then this fact that Vansh doesn’t celebrate his birthday, can there be any connection between these two. She takes a cake for Vansh. He shouts and asks were you following me, what were you doing here. She says no, I got this cake, I baked it for your birthday. He throws the cake. He says I hate my birthdays Riddhima, leave me alone. She says no one hates birthdays, why don’t you like it, it gives happiness to everyone, I m an orphan, I don’t know my birthday, I chose a day myself and celebrate my birthday, it gives me happiness.

He says not everyone is lucky like you, you like celebrating birthday. She asks why do you hate your birthday, I want to know, I m your wife, and this room, what’s inside this room, why do you keep coming here, is there something I should know, did you keep someone captive, don’t get angry, I m guessing, I want to share your pain, please. Vansh says you want to know right, come with me. He takes her inside. She asks whose room is it. He says my dad’s, he is no more, but I kept his memories safe. She looks around. She asks and this cot. He says its mine. He shows his dad’s clothes and memories.

She asks what had happened to him, Vansh… Vansh leaves from there. She asks him again. He says on my birthday, my dad got murdered, I got his dead body as the birthday gift. She gets shocked and says I m sorry. He says why I couldn’t save him, he went for a deal, I was going for it, I feel helpless, I couldn’t find his murderer, when I miss him, I come here and talk to him, I hear his recorded messages, I feel this guilt will kill me. She says I m sorry. Dadi looks on. Vansh and Riddhima go. Dadi opens a locker. She takes the black box. She goes out. Vyom asks where are you going, finally, I got you and the black box together, come on, give it to me. She says never, this will go to the right place, this secret should reveal in front of Vansh, whatever he does with me, I will tolerate, you can’t stop me, Vansh has to know what had happened with his dad. Vyom says he shouldn’t know that secret. Vansh and Riddima come. Vansh asks what shouldn’t I know. Vyom says give the black box to me. Dadi says no.

Vansh pushes Vyom away. Vansh asks Dadi what’s the truth. Vyom says I will say, Ajay Rai Singhania, your dad, I killed him. Vansh and Riddhima get shocked. Vyom says you know on whose saying, your Dadi’s. Dadi feels ashamed. Vyom says your special birthday gift, you know what I got in return, all the secrets of VR empire, this is the secret, its inside this black box. Vansh looks at Dadi. Vansh says it has her recorded voice and videos, she did it, am I saying the truth, tell the truth to Vansh, come on. Vansh asks what is he saying, Dadi how can you get your son killed, this can’t be the truth. Dadi says this is not the truth, I will tell you, I was very angry, Ajay was going for the deal, it was dangerous for it, he didn’t listen to me, I angrily asked Vyom to kill him, business comes first, I didn’t know Vyom is recording my talks, when I realized my mistake, I stopped Vyom, but he had to take the revenge of his wife and daughter, he didn’t listen to me, he killed Ajay, he used the recording to blackmail me, I didn’t get your dad killed, Vyom is Ajay’s murderer. Vyom says yes, I killed your dad, because you killed my family, I snatched your dad and now your turn, my revenge will get fulfilled today, when you die on your birthday, happy birthday Vansh. He points the gun at Vansh.

He shoots. Dadi comes in front. She gets shot. Vansh takes out his gun and shoots Vyom. Vansh and Riddhima attend Dadi. Vansh asks Riddhima to call the ambulance. Riddhima cries. Dadi says I had to face this, forgive me if possible. Riddhima says nothing will happen to you. Dadi dies. Vansh cries and recalls Dadi’s words. Riddhima also recalls Dadi’s words. Vansh hugs Dadi.

Its morning, Angre reads Vansh’s letter… Angre, my friend, I had no blood relation with you, you did a lot for me and Singhania family, none can be more loyal and sincere than you, you will have the responsibility of the family, take care of Siya and Ishani, don’t try to find me, this is my last order, yours Vansh. Aryan claps and says time for another drink. Chanchal goes after him. Angre cries. Ishani and Siya get sad.

Vansh stops the jeep. Riddhima says I got this white rose for my life. Vansh says you always give me surprises. She says you remember our first meet, it was related to a white rose, thanks for filling my life with flowers. They recall their moments. He says I filled enough thorns too. She says flowers and thorns together make a life. He says life is just a mirror in which we see what we want, I wanted to see joy and saw that. She says I wanted to see love and got that. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He says I have found peace in your arms, I have seen love that shines in your eyes. She says when you are with me, I feel my day is filled with flowers and night is brightened by stars. He says joy and sorrow don’t matter, just love and trust matters. She nods. He says our coming days will be better than present, we will have a small world, our children, a moon will hide and see us, it will say this is love and life. She says I love you. He says I love you too. They smile and leave in the jeep.

End of Season

Update Credit to: Amena

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