Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Season Finale

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siya saying Vansh’s birthday is tomorrow, you don’t wish him, you don’t tell him that I told you about it. She goes. Riddhima says strange, firstly that room where someone is locked, and then this fact that Vansh doesn’t celebrate his birthday, can there be any connection between these two. She takes a cake for Vansh. He shouts and asks were you following me, what were you doing here. She says no, I got this cake, I baked it for your birthday. He throws the cake. He says I hate my birthdays Riddhima, leave me alone. She says no one hates birthdays, why don’t you like it, it gives happiness to everyone, I m an orphan, I don’t know my birthday, I chose a day myself and celebrate my birthday, it gives me happiness.

He says not everyone is lucky like you, you like celebrating birthday. She asks why do you hate your birthday, I want to know, I m your wife, and this room, what’s inside this room, why do you keep coming here, is there something I should know, did you keep someone captive, don’t get angry, I m guessing, I want to share your pain, please. Vansh says you want to know right, come with me. He takes her inside. She asks whose room is it. He says my dad’s, he is no more, but I kept his memories safe. She looks around. She asks and this cot. He says its mine. He shows his dad’s clothes and memories.

She asks what had happened to him, Vansh… Vansh leaves from there. She asks him again. He says on my birthday, my dad got murdered, I got his dead body as the birthday gift. She gets shocked and says I m sorry. He says why I couldn’t save him, he went for a deal, I was going for it, I feel helpless, I couldn’t find his murderer, when I miss him, I come here and talk to him, I hear his recorded messages, I feel this guilt will kill me. She says I m sorry. Dadi looks on. Vansh and Riddhima go. Dadi opens a locker. She takes the black box. She goes out. Vyom asks where are you going, finally, I got you and the black box together, come on, give it to me. She says never, this will go to the right place, this secret should reveal in front of Vansh, whatever he does with me, I will tolerate, you can’t stop me, Vansh has to know what had happened with his dad. Vyom says he shouldn’t know that secret. Vansh and Riddima come. Vansh asks what shouldn’t I know. Vyom says give the black box to me. Dadi says no.

Vansh pushes Vyom away. Vansh asks Dadi what’s the truth. Vyom says I will say, Ajay Rai Singhania, your dad, I killed him. Vansh and Riddhima get shocked. Vyom says you know on whose saying, your Dadi’s. Dadi feels ashamed. Vyom says your special birthday gift, you know what I got in return, all the secrets of VR empire, this is the secret, its inside this black box. Vansh looks at Dadi. Vansh says it has her recorded voice and videos, she did it, am I saying the truth, tell the truth to Vansh, come on. Vansh asks what is he saying, Dadi how can you get your son killed, this can’t be the truth. Dadi says this is not the truth, I will tell you, I was very angry, Ajay was going for the deal, it was dangerous for it, he didn’t listen to me, I angrily asked Vyom to kill him, business comes first, I didn’t know Vyom is recording my talks, when I realized my mistake, I stopped Vyom, but he had to take the revenge of his wife and daughter, he didn’t listen to me, he killed Ajay, he used the recording to blackmail me, I didn’t get your dad killed, Vyom is Ajay’s murderer. Vyom says yes, I killed your dad, because you killed my family, I snatched your dad and now your turn, my revenge will get fulfilled today, when you die on your birthday, happy birthday Vansh. He points the gun at Vansh.

He shoots. Dadi comes in front. She gets shot. Vansh takes out his gun and shoots Vyom. Vansh and Riddhima attend Dadi. Vansh asks Riddhima to call the ambulance. Riddhima cries. Dadi says I had to face this, forgive me if possible. Riddhima says nothing will happen to you. Dadi dies. Vansh cries and recalls Dadi’s words. Riddhima also recalls Dadi’s words. Vansh hugs Dadi.

Its morning, Angre reads Vansh’s letter… Angre, my friend, I had no blood relation with you, you did a lot for me and Singhania family, none can be more loyal and sincere than you, you will have the responsibility of the family, take care of Siya and Ishani, don’t try to find me, this is my last order, yours Vansh. Aryan claps and says time for another drink. Chanchal goes after him. Angre cries. Ishani and Siya get sad.

Vansh stops the jeep. Riddhima says I got this white rose for my life. Vansh says you always give me surprises. She says you remember our first meet, it was related to a white rose, thanks for filling my life with flowers. They recall their moments. He says I filled enough thorns too. She says flowers and thorns together make a life. He says life is just a mirror in which we see what we want, I wanted to see joy and saw that. She says I wanted to see love and got that. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He says I have found peace in your arms, I have seen love that shines in your eyes. She says when you are with me, I feel my day is filled with flowers and night is brightened by stars. He says joy and sorrow don’t matter, just love and trust matters. She nods. He says our coming days will be better than present, we will have a small world, our children, a moon will hide and see us, it will say this is love and life. She says I love you. He says I love you too. They smile and leave in the jeep.

End of Season

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Finally i’m back and grateful for this interactive platform where we all met for”I WILL DIE IN THIS LOVE”where i got to know most of you.
    Do you all remember how it started from🔫(s) to 🌹(s).And they finally made it together.They fought against the world for their love.Yeeeey!They finally won!!!
    I’m might not mention everyone by names but you’ll keep warming my heart.

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      how much their relationship has evolved, how they started and how they became the most incredible couple

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  7. Amazing episode ended on a happy note. All mystery were open but when Aryan killed Sara it was not revealed. All the cast and crew were just amazing and hard working. It was very heartbreaking day but it is said that every end is a new beginning waiting for next Rrahel project. It was, is and will be the most iconic and very special serial to us . # Riansh best Jodi # Vangre friendship goal #KAVA goals . It was a proud moment when immj2 got best itv serial in ita. I am very sad because from tomorrow I can’t watch new episodes but I will cherish all the old episodes. I will read all the ff of immj2 and read it and comment it but sometimes I can’t comment due to my studies but I will try to comment on every ff . Thank you all the authors for bringing a smile on our face how stressful or exhausting day but you make us stress-free and draw a frown into a beautiful smile. Thank you all tu friends. Iam very grateful to have you in my life ❤

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      1. the first date,
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      3, when Vihaan appears at the wedding Kabir and Riddhima and she runs into his arms

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      When he played his move in Riddhima’s bday party against Kabir as well as his entire part in Ishani’s godhbharai (baby shower)

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  15. Hi all! As always, long review ALERT! I just saw the episode and I don’t know what to say or where to begin! Ever since I heard about the show’s cancellation, I was pretty okay….After having suffered and still going through my health problems, it was clear to me that there are MUCH more important things than a tv show/webseries. That being said, after watching today’s episode and the last few episodes in fact, I did start to reconnect with the earlier sentiment that I had regarding the show… certainly had something special to it….an indescribable charm, from that magical Riansh dance at Ishani’s wedding sangeet when RIddhima genuinely smiled at Vansh for the first time when he lifted her, to the last scene when Vansh planted his classic gentle kiss on RIddhu’s forehead as they drove away to a better and simpler life together. The series was far from perfect…..perhaps, if I wasn’t so emotionally connected to it and looked at it from an objective perspective, I would have found my or other people’s obsession with it a bit strange. But what could I do, I was mesmerized by RIansh’s love story, the heartfelt and natural acting by the cast, the impressive work ethic of the crew, and the poignant dialogues and emotional scenes given by the writers, as well as the beautifully complex characters created by Mamta Patnaik and her team, and often wonderfully staged episodes by the directors…it was truly a labor of love! I know we are all upset that the show was cancelled just shy of one year of broadcasting, but there’s a life lesson in all of this….hard work does pay off….our show may have had a short lifespan, but it did connect with its audiences in such a way that even some of the biggest series cannot. I think that’s pretty impressive, don’t you?

    Now that the series is over, I’m fine, but it will be a bit strange that my daily routine of writing reviews and looking at the IG accounts of the cast (namely Helly and Rrahul) will be over….This past year or so of watching IMM2 was like being transported in a beautiful dream, but I’m also ready to step back into reality and spend my energy and time on living more life, and watching less tv…..though if there’s an IMM3, you best believe that I will hurry back to my computer screen haha! I’ve said enough, but I just want to say that it was an incredible series, with just an unbelievable charm. I never EVER imagined myself joining a fan community for a series, and felt at times strange for doing so, but I’m glad that I got to cross paths (in a virtual scene, of course) with so many wonderful, intelligent, funny, and compassionate people….y’all are all so amazing and I wish you the best in whatever you are doing or will do. On a personal level, thanks so much for showering me with your prayers and well wishes amidst my health problems, or what I want to term as my wellness journey (to be optimistic) lol! As a side note, I know a good chunk of the fandom didn’t really care about Rrahel as a couple off-screen, but I was one of those shippers lol, and it’s one part of my obsession related to the series that I’m not very proud of haha….In any case, after today’s live with Rrahul and Helly, it’s pretty clear that they’re just colleagues who share a healthy professional relationship….I’m glad that’s cleared up and I wish them the best in their professional and personal lives. I can’t wait to see what they will do next with their careers, and it was nice to see Rrahul in better spirits…..though I didn’t love his new haircut, but he still looks good!

    Okay, after a VERY long preface to my introduction (anyone still here haha?), let’s talk about the episode. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. Being the nitpicky person that I am, I have to say there were many flaws to it. I 100% agree that the makers did their best to wrap up the story in a nice way, especially given that they were made aware of the show’s cancellation only a little while before the last episode was shot….so no shade whatsoever to them. That being said, I just wish the final episode was longer or better developed. The first half of the episode was spent on RIddhu questioning Vansh and unnecessary pauses and prolonged reactions….if you’re rushing the storyline, shouldn’t you actually add more scenes or more content as well? Plus, Dadi’s and Vyom’s deaths seemed pretty fake and lacked the poignancy that they deserved….though the makers did remind us of Dadi’s goodness and her seminal role in bringing RIansh together, thereby creating the beautiful love story we were fascinated by, in her final moments through flashbacks… seeing Dadi’s evil side, how could we (or at least I) have forgotten that Dadi really brought Riansh together….shame on me lol! Plus, I was really hoping for some redemption for Vyom, but no….he died a quick death, with little emotion and without ever knowing who killed his family…..what a shame for such a developed and rich character. Plus, Aryan…..there was not much character development there either…..his last words were, I need a drink or something like that….besides being a murderer now, he was neither punished or even found responsible for Gayu’s death nor evolved from being a spoiled, penniless, brat….I’m not saying that I wanted him to turn good or anything, but I just felt that something different should have happened to him. I also wish that the supporting characters, e.g. Angre (especially), as well as Ishani, Siya, Aryan, and fake Chachi (I’ll always prefer real/old Chachi) played a more prominent role in the last episode…..but oh well. That being said, there are some things that did go very right in the episode….I said earlier on that the series is imperfect but what connected me to it was it’s charm, and this final episode was just a reflection of that….the good moments were great and magical moments! Angre tearfully reading Vansh’s final words to him and expressing the significance of their relationship, touched me….hats off to Zayn, my tears commenced with your dialogue delivery….I’m so proud of your acting journey throughout this series! Plus, of course, we had our final Riansh moment…..and how beautiful was it, the dialogues were a bit lengthy, but still I felt every word of them and RIansh/Rrahel…..they did a phenomenal job….just their glances at one another, Vansh’s sweet kiss on RIddhima’s forehead, and them driving away along the beautiful teafields to a promise of a better life, filled me with joy and sadness….at least they got their much deserved happy ending (with our Dottu of course)! Okay, my apologies again, now after a VERY long introduction, let’s get to the actual review! Just bear with me, if anyone is still reading!
    The Siya-Riddhima scene: How did RIddhima never find out Vansh’s birthday before….but oh well? Also, does Siya not know how to hold onto a secret, but I suppose it was good for RIddhima in this way.
    The first Riansh scene: Ouch, the way Vansh threw that cake after Riddhima so innocently and lovingly baked it, and brought it to him was so sad….dude, you need to chill and be a bit more mature. Then again, I suppose he is just trying to be his most honest self around the person that he loves the most. Also, in this scene, I realized why I like RIddhima so much….she’s really resilient, despite ALL of the horrible things she has experienced in her life and still never ceases to be optimistic and happy…that’s the definition of strength right there in my opinion. When she was talking about how she doesn’t even know her birth date, but just selected a day, and decided to celebrate her birthday then, to feel happy, I got a bit emotional…..But then, Vansh just had to say, “not everyone is as lucky as you that they like to celebrate their birthday”….boy, the girl has also been through a lot. But again, I understand Vansh is very emotionally broken, especially given what actually happened on his birthday in the past. As a side note, if RIddhu doesn’t know her real birthday, that means the kundali (horoscope) Dadi got of RIansh was inaccurate…maybe their future isn’t all gloom and doom in their future as the priest suggested lol…but I digress. Plus, I loved how gently, calmly, and directly Riddhima asked Vansh about his birthday secret and the hidden room….ordinarly, he wouldn’t have been as upfront about it to her, but this time since it was the finale, he was! Also, I always wanted the series to explore Vansh’s relationship with his dad, so I’m happy the final secret was related to him….but at the same time, I was a bit surprised that Vansh didn’t express any anger or resentment to his dad, since throughout the series he seemed to not even be fond of the man….but I guess he was dealing with a lot of complex emotions towards his father involving guilt for not protecting him, resentment towards his father for not protecting him in jail, and just love! After seeing that Vansh actually missed his dad and felt guilty about not going to the deal in his place where the latter eventually was murdered, made me feel sad….Vansh was carrying so much pain for so long….but it’s good that he’s being more open about this before he becomes a father himself! However, it would have been nice if we at least saw a photo of Vansh’s dad…to see where Vansh got his good looks from haha! Jokes aside, I think if we saw the dad in a flashback, we could connect with the character and Vansh’s backstory more, but oh well!
    The Dadi-black box scene: Why did they have to spend so much time just posing the camera on Dadi without her doing much lol? And wow, ITV Dadi was just awakened….yay. I always knew no matter how evil she could be, she loved Vansh deeply, so I’m happy that she finally had the courage to confront him! And finally, Dadi stood up to Vyom….he really harassed her, and as much as I disliked OTT Dadi, I did feel bad for her in those scenes.
    The RIansh, Dadi, and Vyom, scene: Wow, finally RIansh came at the right moment….And the big Dadi mystery was that Vyom killed Vansh’s dad on Dadi’s behest (well kind of)…We had all suspected that Dadi killed her son, but I didn’t actually think Vyom killed him…, from Vyom’s earlier threats to Dadi, it seemed that Ajay died when Vansh and Vyom were much younger….but I suppose that’s another plot inconsistency! Also, why would Dadi give Vyom ALL the secrets of VR empire in exchange for killing her son….didn’t she want her son dead because he was going to do a deal against her wishes that would be bad for the business? Additionally, was Vyom just after the black box for Dadi’s recording…..why would she be willing to give the black box to him to further incriminate herself…..she could have just destroyed it, so if Vyom even accused her infront of Vansh for killing her son, Vansh would have never believed Vyom without any proof….but oh well. And it was interesting seeing Vansh so emotional and unsettled at the same time, hearing Vyom’s accusations against Dadi…..Rrahul conveyed the emotions beautifully with his eyes! Just seeing Vansh crying as he was questioning Dadi in a state of disbelief was so touching. Also, Dadi was a hypocrite….she said that Rai SInghanias never work with the enemy, but she solicited Vyom’s help in killing her son, knowing that he wanted to avenge his wife and child….wow. But, at the same time, she did say she wanted to call off the murder, but clearly Vyom used the situation to his advantage and killed Ajay anyways…..honestly, I can’t fully blame Dadi, even if she did do a lot of morally questionable things. Plus, I was really hoping that Vyom was good at heart or got some redemption, but he really was like a bottom feeder….even after killing Vansh’s dad to avenge his family, he wasn’t satisfied, and still hellbent on menacing the Rai Singhanias! Additionally, the Dadi death scene, or rather the gunshot, seemed fake, but the emotions were there (even if the scene was too rushed)….I loved how Vansh just shot Vyom without even thinking (I love the former’s fierce side), but at the same time I think Vyom deserved a better/more epic death. It would have been nice for him and us to know who actually killed his family. If there is ever an IMM3 (though I’m not holding my breath for it haha), I still think Vyom could be in it….If Vansh can survive falling down thousands of feet, I’m sure Vyom can survive one bullet….though he isn’t VR, so let’s see! It’s clear there was more left to be explored in Vyom’s story. In any case, Vyom may not have gotten his redemption, but Dadi did! I loved Vansh’s emotion when he was looking at his dying grandmother….their bond and the love that they shared (even when she was evil) was truly special….I was really waiting for a great acting moment from Rrahul in the Siliguri episodes (as Hellly and Vyom, and even Zayn had such beautiful ones in recent episodes), and I think this scene and the emotions that Rrahul conveyed with his eyes was what I was waiting for…..just the immense sadness and loss of someone so special to him, plus the immense shock of the whole situation was so evident. That final hug between Vansh and his grandmother was everything! Also, I’ve always said that one flaw doesn’t make someone bad or erase all the good that they have done and vice versa….I loved the flashbacks of Dadi….they reminded us (and apparently even RIddhima who was completely emotional, though interestingly did not call the ambulance even when Vansh asked her to haha) that even though Dadi did A LOT of bad things, she did have a good side to her, and that’s probably why Vansh loved her so much. We assume that Vansh doesn’t see the evilness in his family, but he probably did, but just lived with them long enough (especially in Dadi’s case and was raised and loved by her) to also see the good in them. Here, we were reminded that Dadi (and Siya) brought Riansh together…..Riddhima would have been out of VR mansion before RIansh’s love story even began, if it wasn’t for our not always so sweet Dadi! This doesn’t erase her shady side and I would have liked her to say a few words to RIddhima as she was dying (maybe that was asking for too much), but in the end of the day, the woman did truly love Vansh and want him to be happy (at least most of the time)…I don’t think the ITV Dadi was fake, that was just Indrani’s good side! Additionally, she probably felt so guilty about her son’s death and Vansh’s guilt that she tried extra hard to make sure that Vansh had love in his life. As a final note, Meenu ji did a wonderful job with the role and you can see what a talented and seasoned actress she is! Sadly, if there is ever an IMM3, we won’t see her and that will be strange, as the series feels incomplete without every single cast member being there, but oh well!
    The Ishangre/Aryan/Chachi/and Siya scene: Aww, Zayn, you really stole my heart. Those were apparently his real tears, and I could feel his emotions…..I felt all of his words and was incredibly sad that Angre couldn’t ride into the sunset or sunrise (in this case) with RIansh haha! But going to the scene, I loved Vansh’s words to Angre (with the sweet BGM playing), and how he left everything, as well as Siya’s and Ishani’s responsibility, to Angre….it’s true, after Vansh and much to Aryan’s dismay, Angre was the most worthy and capable person to inherit the empire and Vansh’s belongings…..Though Angre may seem incomplete without Vansh, I love how throughout the OTT series, they really explored Angre’s character and continuously hinted at him breaking away from Vansh and becoming his own person….they even developed his relationship with Ishani so much to show that he could love someone else/prioritize someone else besides Vansh….I know the ending was rushed and probably not how the makers intended to execute it, but I’m pretty sure the makers always intended RIansh to leave everything to Angre and leave the family. Now, those Ishangre scenes make so much more sense to me! Plus, we never got to see a fully good Ishani (and honestly that wasn’t necessary, she fine being flawed and all), but I loved the comforting and gentle hand that she put on Angre’s shoulder….though, inside she must be jumping with joy that her hubby inherited everything, instead of Aryan….Ishani’s finally rich! Also, though Chachi’s and Aryan’s reactions made sense, I was upset that their characters didn’t develop as much, and they were never punished. Also, RIddhu never found out about Gayu’s death…..what a disappointment…..again, there is more story to tell here. As for the Black Mamba storyline, I’m near certain Khalida (Anupriya) was called on set as there are BTS images of her at the hotel, but the makers must have scrapped the idea of her being Black Mamba at the last second, once they realized the show was canceled and didn’t have enough time to execute her scenes….who knows, but again, there is more story to be told. Plus, our Kabbu never came back, though I wasn’t expecting him to!
    The RIansh scene: One last RIansh scene….no matter my feelings about the episode, I must say this on-screen couple and the way RIansh characters meld together have such an inexplicable charm and magic. Just seeing them together, knowing it was the ending, and seeing that they would get their happy ending filled me with joy! To start with the scene, it’s funny that they were so chipper after everything that had happened the night before…..but it was nice seeing them so happy together. ALso, how beautiful did they look, especially Vansh! I liked how they gave Vansh an edgy, casual look and RIddhu a more traditional one….a good mix of ITV and OTT styles. Plus, I loved how Vansh was concerned about RIddhu getting hurt before she got into the car! I adored that romantic music played in the back (it had been a while since we heard it)! And Riddhu presented Vansh with a white rose, taking us back to their first meeting….I loved how Vansh looked at her so lovingly and with a smile….they have come so far! Then their sweet glances and the sweet,soft IMM2 music for the last time….Riddhu’s words, “For filling my life with flowers/roses, thank you,” followed by the sweetest flashbacks ever….sometimes I felt the makers overplayed these flashbacks, but over here, they were merited and hit the right note! Then Vansh with his deep baritone voice also chimed in, “I didn’t fill it (your life) with any less thorns,” but RIddhu in her classic optimistic tone said, “but life is made up of both flowers/roses and thorns.” If I wasn’t emotional enough, Vansh had to reply, “Riddhima, life is a mirror, in which we see what we want to see. I wanted to see happiness, and that’s what I got.” To which RIddhu said softly and intently, “and I wanted to see love, and that’s what I got.”…Cue the IMM2 theme song! Honestly, these words were poignant because they reflect what RIansh wanted from the start of the show….RIddhu was obsessed with the idea of love, and wanted to love and be loved, while Vansh was such a deeply unhappy person, desperately wanting to be happy… seems like they finally got want they were looking for! Uff, those glances at each other. After this, I think the dialogues were a bit unnecessary or lengthy, but I was happy to spend a few more moments with this glorious couple….Vansh said, “Riddhima, I’ve seen the 7 shades of life with you, I’ve seen peace in your arms, and I’ve seen that love which sparkles/shines like a light in your eyes.” To these words, RIddhu said, you know Vansh, when you’re with me, I felt like everyday is filled with flowers/roses, and every night sparkles/is illuminated with stars. “ Okay Vansh started talking too much, so I’ll skip his dialogues a bit lol (sorry non-Hindi speaking viewers), but I loved how Vansh said, “Yes, RIddhima our future/coming days will also be like this, better than our present/today…We will have a small world, we’ll have children (so they’ll have more than one DOttu eventually haha, yay), and somewhere near an ocean, the moon will bend/descend and say this is love, this is life, this is Ishq (Love)!” They said their “I Love You” to one another, Vansh placed a sweet kiss on RIddhu’s forehead, and they drove off across the tea fields…..Wow, just like that it was over! I never knew what to expect from the ending, but I’m happy RIansh got their happy ending, and I always felt that they would leave the family, though not under such circumstances. I’m happy that Vansh is a real Rai Singhania….personally, that name and prestige really suited his character! ALso, it’s good that he willingly left his family, instead of feeling obligated to do so because he wasn’t the heir to the fortune….it just shows he chose Riddhima/his happiness over everything else and Riansh are only each other’s and no one else’s (except Dottu’s parents, of course). Not to mention that the fact Vansh is a Rai SInghania means that he could always come back to the family and VR mansion in IMM3, because if he wasn’t part of the family, he would have no reason for returning! That being said, I felt Vansh just leaving his family like this seemed so un-Vansh like. He isn’t someone to run away from his problems or duty….though given that Dadi thought of killing her son for the business, and Vansh probably felt so guilty he couldn’t save either of his parents, or Dadi from Vyom, does make good enough reason for him to stop caring about his business or family. Plus, Angre proved worthy enough to finally take over the business. Lastly, I think Siliguri and those tea fields were a nice location to end this story, and made for a very picturesque location….However, I dearly miss our VR mansion, and would have liked to see RIansh leaving all the baggage related to that wretched, yet beloved house behind. Apparently, there is a video on Twitter that someone shot inside the studio, and the mansion is completely scrapped from inside… sad!
    Final words: Sorry for writing so much today, but there is never a better occasion to do so. I certainly will never write so much about another series or even join another fan community….I need my life back lol after how much time I spent watching this series, but I enjoyed every second of it, and chatting with all of you. Plus, I’m a bit sad that there were still some loopholes or unresolved aspects to the story. However, I do think that the loose ends were not so significant that us viewers would be so upset by them, but at the same time, there were still plentiful that if there is an IMM3 with the same cast, there will be other storylines to explore….I actually think the writers did this purposely and managed to give us a decent balance of closure and intrigue at the same time. That being said, I’m not going to wait for an IMM3 because it would be hard to gather the entire cast together again and they may not even want to do it, after having had some time away from their characters. But if it ever happens, I will be thrilled and watch it like everyone else! Sorry, if aspects of my review were too lengthy or may have seemed a bit harsh, but I was just expressing my own complicated and conflicting views on the show and my somewhat unhealthy obsession with it haha! But one thing is certain, it was a lovely ride and beautiful experience getting to “know” the cast, characters, and all of you! Till next time my dear fan family!

    a.k.a Agatha
    a.k.a. IMM2 Viewer!

    1. Neha1

      Wow, I love to hear your name Shubhangi…
      I find this name so pretty and lovely… Don’t know why..
      But loved your name… Thanks for revealing..😊😘

    2. Themysticalmetanoia

      U can still be connected with rrahel through insta n I haven’t saw the live of rrahel did they confess that they aren’t in a relationship ?
      But yes I still have hope that in future they may be will

    3. Omg 😢😢😢 I cried while reading your comment 😢 I just can’t believe it is over now and I am feeling like I will lose many of you guys. I loved how you highlighted everything. Thank you for your reviews and your comments and to make us feel like family ❤️ We will talk whenever we get a chance on Instagram or even WhatsApp. If you are free, do read the fan fictions too ❤️ Take care of yourself girl and we will always be close in the heart 🤗 lots of love 😘😘

    4. I think that Riddhima has been the strongest.Makers made her endure almost every rough side of life and ultimately she emerged really strong.There was a statement that Vansh once made before when Riddhima had decided to leave Vansh and the Raisinghania family.That she is too strong and he ain’t the same.Therefore everytime he falls weak emotionally it does remind me of what he already admitted.Though him telling Riddhima that she is lucky didn’t hold water.Considering that she didn’t even get to see or even remember her parents appearances or so…i mean both are unlucky but i always felt that she was even more unluckier…because sincerely speaking out my thoughts,one who barely has nothing is no better than one who has had all and LOST

    5. Amazing review ❤️

    6. Parita

      @IMM2 Viewer….or can i call you Shubhangi di😉❤ since it’s the last day
      What a lengthy and beautiful summary you’ve given of the episode along with your feelings and it’s extremely well described. It’s a very sad departure from the team and the couple and i wish them to come again together for another project or S3.
      I wouldn’t comment much abt the episode as of yet now as i was mentally and emotionally preparing myself to withstand the emotional ending though a happy one.
      Thank you for presenting your views here fantastically everyday….i loved reading them! It’s going to be missed a lot and i hope we can stay in touch on TU as well as Whatsapp!
      I wish you a good health and take care❤

    7. Gabriela

      Agatha I have told you many times, you write so beautifully, your words are simply magical, your words simply through life and induce such strong feelings, you induce scenes that we see again through your words, you simply accompany us in your world, because it is IMM2 seen through your eyes. And it’s always wonderful.
      Thank you once again for translating the last scene of the series for me, I felt the Riansh dialogues as it should be, full of love and happiness and confidence in the future, thanks to you. The scene was extraordinary, I don’t write anything anymore, you described it perfectly, I’m still under the euphoria of this end of the series. And the scene with Angre was extremely emotional, that’s where I started crying
      I think now that the series is over but your reviews are over too I will miss these times, days, hours, Riansh, Rrahel, IMM2
      Thank you Agatha, we made a trip together and it was magnificent, I do not regret any moment and all this time it brought me many moments of happiness that I shared with you and with the others on TU. You in particular were unique, you made us all see so much in this series, details, assumptions, theories, opinions. The daily reviews were just like the series, something I couldn’t lose in any way, always impeccably written. I’m a little sentimental, I think you understand.
      Agatha you are wonderful and I wish that what follows in your life will bring you many joys, satisfactions,love, hope, kindness and many achievements. I think that those who will have you in the future, in their personal life but also in their career will be the luckiest people. ❤❤❤

    8. IMM2 Viewer

      1. @Neha1, thanks for the compliment and for your nice reviews as well!
      2. Themysticalmetanoia, no they never addressed the relationship rumors, but it was pretty clear that they seem a bit distant or just like colleagues….It’s just my interpretation of it all, but I really don’t think there is anything between them. Here is the link to their live chat:
      3. @Khushi, thanks so much….your comments and conversing with you meant a lot to me. Of course, we can still stay in touch through What’s App and Instagram!
      4. Sawwm Abdul, yes, it’s so true,,,,Riddhima is really much stronger than Vansh and it took me a while to realize that. Vansh is strong too, but the fact that RIddhima could actually maintain a positive attitude throughout her pain is really commendable! She’s full of love and that is why we all love her.
      5. Thanks @Parita for your wonderfully kind words! I loved talking to you here too and of course we can stay connected through What’s App! It’s okay, I know you must be feeling very sad about the show’s ending, but hopefully at least some members of the cast will come together in future projects, or we may actually get an IMM3!
      6. @Gabriela, girl, what can I say. You’re going to make me cry! Everything you said about me, I have to say about you. You are such a positive and optimistic person, and the shining star of this forum. It was such a pleasure to interact with you and see your comments and posts every day. I especially always appreciated your words of encouragement about my writing and health… are an incredibly special person, who I’m sure will accomplish amazing things and radiate light into other people’s lives. Thanks so much for everything, and we can of course stay in touch through What’s App and IG, if you have the time!

    9. IMM2 Viewer

      @TSA, thanks so much!

    10. Abhay

      Nice review subhangi Di.. Alien knows I have a soft connection for name ” Subhangi ” 🤣🤣 . I will miss your long reviews . And this was your biggest ever review , isn’t ? You are right VYom deserved a better atleast the main mystery is solved of black box. But I Don’t understand what was the need of overhyped black mamba..because black mamba didn’t done anything special..except killing gayatri. And yes our dotty is alive . I’d there will be imm3 then it will be dotty story and we will be in mystery..what happened to vansh and riddhima in so3 . Nice review

    11. IMM2 Viewer

      Thanks Abhay! Yes, the Black Mamba angle was overhyped, but I think Anupriya was meant to be it, but they had to scrap the idea last minute…who knows! I would love for there to be a season 3, but it’s not in our hands,,,,hopefully one day! At least our Dottu is alive!

    12. IMM2 Viewer

      @Abhay, yes, this was definitely my longest review. Thanks for reading it lol!

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      OOh bhooth take care sister and thank you for episode update. I too didn’t watch the episode yet

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    So hello guys how are you all . I have not replied in many comments but i will to next . But i will not forget to give a review …
    ” So without crying for episode finale let’s start our review 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ”
    So it is cleared black box or orange box contains proofs of our Daredevil dadi ordering kill Ajay ? But at the starting it was shown that vyom was Vansh’s childhood friends…then what’s this chemical locha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
    Riddhima : Everyone likes birthday..
    Le me : Riddhima i am in Vansh’s team..i also don’t like birthdays ..but no problem…
    Yesterday glass cake…
    All raisinghania non living things are going 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Vyom killed Ajay …then why was he saying dadi is a murderer ….this mr zero is confused himself. Who killed pihu and madhuri dixit… sorry Madhuri Regir 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
    Dadi : This is the mystery of black box
    Me : This was the mystery for whom you were fighting 🤣🤣🤣 We fans already knew the answer via..Fan fiction helpline number 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . So Angre got the property..
    Me : Are you happy now miss hella (.ishani) your servent husband became raisinghania owner …🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Dottu is saved ..we got riaansh scene…but Vyom did he died ?
    What was the idea of introducing black mamba…unnecessarily makers increased our bp ..we all knew that mr useless will always be useless…🤣🤣🤣🤣
    But what happened to Anumom..she was even in the photo of last day shoot ??
    Alien knows..she broke her back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Show has ended but we got funny Mr Roy , funny Vihaan and Funny Devraj singh Rathod and funny Sikandar singh Pal 🤣🤣🤣🤣 …
    Today’s episode
    Rating – 4 ⅖ star 🌟⭐⭐⭐ ..don’t get angry but this episode didn’t have much thing..even it’s revealation was not so strong.. infact you will all agree that we got much episode than this..this was not so strong finale episode for a franchise like imm2 ..anyway
    Tell me your rating – ??
    Sejal and Gayatri spirit is hunting me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Aap ka hi intezaar kar rahe the aur ab aap a gaye hain to hum ja rahe hai good night btw the most funniest review abhay 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣thank u

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      Waited for it and there you are with your hilarious review bro
      thanks for making the sad evening to an entertaining one

    3. Hahaha as usual hilarious bro 😂😂

    4. Gabriela

      Abhay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Agree it wasn’t the perfect episode, maybe not the perfect ending, but the series was canceled overnight, and they did their best!
      I still give him 5⭐ and I will give you 100 ⭐

    5. IMM2 Viewer

      Very nice review! I’ll miss you and your funny reviews a lot. I agree there were many flaws in the episode, but at least RIansh got their happy ending and Dottu survived.

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    So guys I am going to start Commentary for 28 June 2021 episode so who all are ready?

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  20. @ Nia
    After it shifted to OTT, I stopped watching daily & commenting. At that time I didn’t find the show interesting but would keep the track of story and read comments. Then my exams came and I became busy.

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      I too missed you a lot. I guess I was silent reader at that time when you left.

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  22. please commenys our wu and ff also

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    Paani Paani ho gaye… We the fan’s watching RiAnsh love.

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  24. Riansh1212

    Hey everyone! So finally this beautiful journey came to an end!!! Such a splendid journey it was!!! I had mixed feelings right now. Sad as my favourite show has ended and I am not going to see it anymore! But happy that Though its just a show but our Riansh found peace and our Rrahel has got huge appreciation that they deserve. Its not an end! Its a new beginning! And in this beautiful journey I would like to thank all those people who made this show worth watching!

    1. today reveal full name dr

    2. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Yupp! It looked great that you commented here. I too believe its a new morning after night and It will come sooner

    3. Riansh1212

      HAHAHHA I am Manha from Pakistan. And as you know I am studying mBBS and spending some time of mine in writing

    4. Parita

      di indeed this journey was worth and beautiful!
      Great to see you here

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