Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan blackmails Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vihaan asking do you want to cheat Dadi, are you doing this for property, its a slap on humanity, how can you cheat Dadi, I m sorry, I won’t do this. She says you have to do what I say, because of the contract. He says your thinking is so cheap, Dadi loves you the most in this house, how can you cheat her. She thinks property means danger, danger is over Dadi, I have to take it on myself, Kabir wants the property, I can’t let anything happen to family. She says I m giving you a price, you have to do my work, that’s final. He says tell me, what will I get to cheat big, my soul should not get any guilt, you are able to do this because of my face. She says I won’t give any extra rupee, you can tell my truth but you will lose 4.5 crores, think about the story of the hen which laid golden eggs. He stares at her and flirts. She turns other side and sees the couch. She recalls Vansh and says there is so much difference between Vihaan and Vansh. He thinks that story is old, I will change its climax.

Aryan says behavior is just like Vansh, how can you say he is not Vansh. Kabir says once I get proof, Riddhima will be out of this house, she cheated the family, she got a duplicate after Vansh’s death, she should go jail, I will do it. He thinks Riddhima did wrong, she didn’t let me take Vansh’s place and give the place to a duplicate.

Mr. Ranjit meets Vansh and says your family transfer took a transfer and gave me the work. Vihaan says your visit is regarding my will, right. Ranjit says yes. Riddhima thinks once I get property to Vansh’s name, then I will get it to my name. Ranjit says your property can’t get transferred for some time, your death in accident and return news, we want time for confirmation, because police had declared you dead, I will try to do your work soon, nice to meet you, I shall make a leave, I have some work. He sees Kabir. FB shows Kabir meeting Ranjit. He asks did the property get transferred to Vansh’s name. Ranjit says yes, its done. Kabir points gun and says listen carefully, tell everyone that property work can’t happen for some months, else I have everything about your fake witnesses, what will happen if it reaches bar council. Ranjit says my license will be cancelled, keep the gun away. FB ends. Dadi says don’t worry, everything is yours. Vihaan says you, your love and blessings are my real wealth, I was doing technicalities so that you don’t get troubled. Ishani says Dadi knows Vansh the best, he is Vansh. They all go. Riddhima thinks Vihaan has to stay for long here, his truth can come out. Kabir thinks Riddhima you are trapped in your own plan, I will expose it. He goes.

Vihaan says my work got double and triple, my coming days will be difficult, my salary should increase by 10 %. Riddhima says you are already getting a lot, you won’t get anything. He says just think. She says do again, you won’t get it. Ishani says I have baked your fav chocolate cake, taste it and say how is it. He says stop, excess love becomes interference, I will order the cake if I want, I m not in a mood to have it. He goes. Riddhima says sorry Ishani, he came after many days, he didn’t mean it, he is in stress. Ishani angrily goes. Riddhima says why is Vihaan reacting like this. She goes. Kabir laughs. He says lawyer told so and they got angry.

Aryan asks why did Vansh get so angry. Kabir says because he isn’t Vansh, its time to prove it, then the rest of the work will be done. Vihaan plays piano. Riddhima stops him and says its my Vansh’s piano, what’s the use to become Vansh here, his family is at stake, Vansh loved them a lot, what was the need to talk to Ishani like this, what was the need to get rude, Kabir knows your name and now Ishani, she loves Vansh, she will get questions in her mind. Ishani cries and says you were right, Vansh always gave me love instead scolding, he behaved rudely today, he can’t be Vansh. Angre gives her a kerchief. He says don’t worry, we won’t let anyone take his place. She says if he is someone else, then I will punish him for life, I will not spare him.

Vihaan says I have attachment with just Dadi in this entire house, you are asking me to cheat her, not acceptable Riddhima, my conditions aren’t accepted, we will decide what to do, what will a person do if he doesn’t play piano, I will vent out frustration somehow. She says you don’t know how I had arranged 48 lakhs. He argues. He says its either my way or the high way, either you will agree, or I will sign off, I m not wrong, am I right or am I right, I will keep playing this until you agree. She says okay fine. He stops playing. He says I feel terrible since this deal happened, I have to ask for everything, it will take months, don’t mind, I want triple. Ishani asks triple? Angre and Ishani come. Riddhima says nothing, Vansh… Vihaan says I have hurt your heart, I was telling her that I will bake a triple layer chocolate cake and write I m sorry Ishani, don’t know what happens sometimes. Ishani says its okay, it happens in stress, I got an idea to relieve your stress. He asks really. Angre shows the basketball and says you are a master in this game, you always play this game when you have stress.

Riddhima thinks I didn’t ask Vihaan if he knows playing basketball, I have to handle the matter. Kabir and Angre come. Kabir says its a great idea, this game is my fav sport also, we will make it interesting and challenging, lets put something at stake, Vansh and me on either sides, actually we will toss for team selection, I know you won’t like to hurt anyone’s heart. Vihaan says absolutely not. Riddhima thinks they also doubt him, they want to know if he is Vansh or not, Vihaan please say no, Vansh was really a master of this game. She signs no. Vihaan sees her. Kabir thinks maybe he is scared of the truth coming out. Vihaan says I love challenges, I accept it. Kabir says it will be much fun. Riddhima recalls Kabir’s words. She thinks this game will decide if my battle will go on or will everything end here.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I have a feeling since we all are thinking Vihaan is Vansh and the makers are dropping hints, at the end of the day they might stick to Vihaan being Vihaan itself and kill Vansh. They are very good at these antics

    1. After reading your comments I am literally crying….😭😭😭😭😭😭 I can’t express what’s in my heart💔💔💔

    2. Sab Kuch ulajhta jaa Raha hai…. There is no clarity….. Kuch v thik Nahi hai…. After watching this I am more stressed….. Not able to say anything about this show 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

      Special thanks to them who said about today’s episode……

  2. Always above our expectations (pun intended)

  3. Today I’m not gonna comment about the show………… I’m really pissed off with this sluggish track….. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    I’ll be replying to you

  4. The makers are dragging the show…..😕

  5. Actually the strong part is the love for each other between the leads but here it’s like they both are shouting and there is no trust and love .atleast after remarriage there will be some good things happening between them but again some raaz which is not opened between the leads.some time I feel this serial is stressing beautiful scenes as before. The chemistry between the leads are aawesome in which the makers can concentrate on again dadi will be in coma and it will be on riddhus head , already Siyas coma is on riddhu and nothing is solved.

    1. What ? Dadi will be in coma … How ? Omg then vansh won’t believe in riddhima at anyhow .. no pls dadi can’t go in coma … Don’t want to see it in this serial 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. Precap ????????

    1. Basketball wala precap dear..No new one.

    2. I think it’s gonna be updated after the show is telecasted

    3. Ohhk…thnn the precap won’t change….haahh:(

  7. Yaar not in the mood today….riddhima is getting on my nerves now…….I think in the end,vihaan will turn to be vihaan only….it would be double role… is loosing its charm…..but still hoping for the best…

    1. That’s what i and @tonni were saying yesterday that Ridhima is just being nonsense…mtlb hr cheez ka boj usko apne sar pr hi Lena h kyuu kya h yeh sb yr thriller ki jgh saas bahu serial bna rhe h isko bhi

  8. Instead of thinking herself in mind riddhima should have said to vihaan/vansh abt why she want to transfer property in her name.
    Ek no. Ki buddhu riddhima😠😠🥵

    1. Exactly atleast yeh usko itna to bta hi skti thi..bcoz even vihan knows Kabir is dangerous

  9. Today first time I am going to comment on this show. ☺️ I am big fan of immj 2 and I have been reading your comments for a long time, but I never comment. So I AM a new member. 🙂🙂🙂 After all I am really anxious 😰. If you can please tell that did vansh really love riddima ?

    1. Welcome home @Rishiiiii🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 it’s also your home….

    2. As far as I felt RiAnsh love is a QUESTION MARK ? Dear………
      Both are saying they love each other for the core……. But their actions aren’t enough for us to digest…….

    3. Welcome new member♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰

    4. Riansh Lover

      Welcome in

    5. Riansh Lover

      Thank God there was an episode today….

    6. Welcome. Even after watching from episode 1, I still couldn’t figure out if Vansh really loved Riddhima.

    7. Welcome….🌸….Only writers know if he love her or not….🤷🏼‍♀️

    8. Hey Rishiiiii,welcome to immj family…..about your questions,…from their actions,it doesn’t seem….but yaa it’s all upto makers..

    9. Muntaj

      Welcome rishiiiii!
      Of course he love riddhima.

  10. I can clearly say…….no one is in the mood to comment something related the episode…🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Even I’m one of them 🙁
    Riddhima…..Riddhima……Riddhima…….ham tumhara kya kare?????? Pichle 5 mahino se tumhara dimag chhuti pe gaya hai…….kab vapis aayega…..😕
    Sath mein makers ka bhi laker gayi ho apne saath..🤦‍♀️

    1. VR mansion Travel and Cruise……
      Especially for planning and sending Brains on holidays……🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    2. I think we should have some QnA section today….😂😂….

    3. @AA
      Your fav FF had restarted….. had you read the new update today????

    4. @Den yes…. comment bi kia hai…..and ab next k wait hai…bcz Dil Mange More…..😅

    5. Den you wer actually talking about Ishq ki had ab hogi par and I just thought it that you r talking about arrange maarige with love…they both are my favourite….
      After checking the fan fictions I just got a shock that she posted it and i feel how stupid I m i didn’t read it….🤦🏻‍♀️…
      Now I came here after reading that….

  11. Riddhima…🙂🙂🙂🙂
    I’m awefully annoyed.
    What a waste of Vihaan!
    Riddhima want Vihaan to handover the property to her only!!How stupid!

    1. She did it to save dadi’s life..Hell man!!Dadi is the safest person in VR mansion bcz Kabir won’t kill her bcz he’d need her sign on the papers.

    2. If Riddhima gets the property it’ll be a threat for dadi and all bcz Kabir can still blackmail her.

    3. How fool Riddhima is to believe Vihaan/Vansh will handover the property once he gets it!

    4.She just poured out “ghee” on fire bcz if he’s Vansh , he’ll hate her and if he’s Vihaan , he’ll think this girl is a cheat herself, why not I cheat her too!

    5. Riddhima could easily tell the actual truth to Vihaan about Kabir and Anupriya and tell him to help her expose them with live recording. (Don’t tell me that if family gets to know about Riddhima they’ll throw her out too! Riddhima herself said that she’s ready to take any punishment once she gets them safe.)

    6. If she actually loved Vansh she’d ask Vihaan to help her ti prove Anupriya gulity for Uma’s murder and Kabir for Ragini’ds murder and send them behind the bars. That could’ve been the best way to pacify both Vansh and his mom’s soul.

    7. This whole property drama has done one thing! It exposed Riddhima’s so called plan to Kabir.

    What to watch man! How pathetic!

    1. Does makers had forgotten that Vihaan is a Hacker???🤨🤨
      Lagta hain VR mansion koyi MANSION nahi…… Dimaag ko chutti pe bechna Waala TRAVEL AGENCY hain 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. I’m not in a mood for comedy tonight as well.
      I’m feeling like I was a stupid who started watching this show.
      Literally disappointed on myself.

    3. In a video I commented about Riddhima’s stupidity and again some savage and crap girls are trying to take my class.
      They are like “tum jaisi logo ki liye show bandh hoti hai..Hum asli fans hai..Hum show ko bandh nehi hone denge”
      I just wanted to slap them for their audacity of judging my point of view.

    4. Absolutely Tonni everyone have their own point of view… They can’t judge anyone…. Don’t feel bad Yaar…. Agar tum Kuch action karte ho toh ISKA opposite reaction v aata hai….. Maybe in positive way or in negative way…. Don’t maind anyone’s word…

    5. Meraa paas do options hain
      Ya toh khud baikte ronaa 😭😭
      Ya phir Jake makers ko kuch Bolana😠😠
      How they are spoiling the track and characters…….. they are not at all using the casting and their calibre……. except KaVa….. even they had spoiled Vansh’s character as well🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    6. Baki San tolerate Kar sakte hein but not Riddhima’s stupidity…. It’s enough now… Kya Woh Kuch samajh Nahi Sakti ya samajhna cahti he Nahi ….. Don’t know what is she upto??? @Den don’t cry Yaar you r very strong 👍👍👍

    7. For ridhima….mai sirf aik baat khun gi she is just talk…talk..and talk….mtlb sirf bolti hai…krti kuch nhi hai…jaise she said Vansh ko aj sach btaun gi aj btaun gi…wo din to vansh k marne tak nhi aya…🤦🏻‍♀️…or ye mjhe sb se buri baat lgi…then she said sb ko such btaun gi phr mjhe ghr se bahir nikalen jo kren…she said na she doesn’t fear about consequences….then again…. nothing happened…
      Aik aur baat ye sb leads kam ki batein dil mai hi kuen sochte hain….???( Bs hum viewers hi sun skte hain wo batein and hmara dimagh khrab hota hai )

    8. @AA Woh bolti v Nahi hai bas sochti hai …..sable paas kya mind reading power hai …… Are agar bataogi tabhi toh sab sumjhenge….. Oh !!! Riddhima….🤦🤦🤦🤦

    9. @AA
      Ridhima’s pathetic dialogue…..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
      ” Jaise sab teek ho jaayega….. mein sab sach bataogi…. aur jo saza dedungi woh mujhe manzoor hain”

    10. Woh sochti hai ki jab sab thik Hoga tab bataungi…. But agar Woh bataegi Nahi toh sab thik kaise Hoga…..

    11. @AA
      But she neither makes anything right nor tells the truth…….. then she doesn’t needs to bear the punishment by others….🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    12. @tonni Instead of Riddhima making Kabir burn those papers against Vansh she could have done justice to Vansh’s past.In this show everyone have a motive.

    13. @Preeti my ego and anger are the deadliest. I’m a badass when I’m angry. trust me you’ll never want to mess up with me when I’m triggered.😂😂😂😂😂😂
      That’s why most of the time I remain calm bcz if I just showing my anger somebody might get hurt.
      I get pissed, disppointed, sad but in terms of anger and ego, I’ve to control. Otherwise, I might end up in jail.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. You have to learn how to control anger… It’s not good for you and for your future… I am also a angry person…. But my anger vanishes in two minutes…. But if I have a valid reason for anger then dhamaaka…. I considered you as my friend …. That’s why I am giving you advise….

      And about your ego…. Keep it….we can’t do anything about our ego…when ego hurts some people get angry and some get sad…. Better you keep yourself calm… Don’t get much angry and if you get angry then don’t be physical…. Play with your words…words hurt more then weapons…. I am only giving you advice….. It’s your choice to take it or not….

    15. @Preeti Arrriiiii baap re!!!Itni serious baatein maat karna.😂😂😂😂
      I’ve control on my anger and ego.
      Wahi bataya ki meri gussa aur ego bahut khatarnak hai issi liye control mein rakhti hoon.
      Baaki sab express karti hoon.

    16. Today I am in a serious and sad mood …. Iss leye aisi Baatein nikil…. Otherwise Kuch funny he nikalta..
      And my anger is also bad…if it has valid reason… Once a boy misbehaved with me and I slapped him and bashed him very hardly…. Maine sirf slap Nahi Kiya but bahut maara…. MERI friends be mujhe Roma warns toh mein usse buri Tarah se peetti…. And that boy was my junior in school…

    17. *Roka

  12. Same face
    Plays Piano when stressed
    Ambidextrous as well. (Only 1% of the population can be ambidextrous according to google)
    No deadbody was found
    Aren’t these enough to relate that Vansh could be alive and this Vihaan could be Vansh??????How can all be coincidence to that stupid girl?
    Why Riddhima can’t understand this??
    I feel like I want to bang my head somewhere.

    1. Makers aren’t using their calibre as well as brain…….
      Where did that makers disappeared who bought Tonni???
      For me Still…. most unexpected twist and turn of the story is Tonni’s part. Nobody never thought it would be Vansh’s plan and Sunny is alive…….
      Show is losing its charm……

    2. Agar tune Sunny wala episode ki comment dekhi hai to dekhegi maine bola tha ki Sunny isn’t dead obviously and it’s Vansh’s plan.
      But I actually loved that turn
      After the episode where Kabir shot Riddhima, Vansh’s sharp enigma is totally lost.
      Mujhe to yee bhi doubt thi ki Vansh samajh jayegi ki D’Souza ko kisi ne mara hai..
      Kyun ki suicide kiya hua body ki pith niche honi chahiye..Abh VR mansion mein itni velocity to nehi hogi air ki woh body ko ghuma ke direction change karde..😂😂😂😂
      Lekin ek suicide kiya hua body pith niche rakkhar kaise table pe aayi ye bhi Vansh ko doubt nehi hua tha..
      They did total injustice to Vansh’s character as well.

    3. Makers be Vansh ki dumb Bana Diya…🙄🙄🙄🙄

    4. @Tonni I totally agree… ka kya bana diya hai……..seriously yaar one thing only comes into my mind right now……….Their Brains have gone for a long long loooooonnnng picinc (All thanks to @Den).😂😂😂
      The show had it’s charm after the 50th episode or you can say the least 80th………but after that…….anda (0)
      They had spoilt Vansh’s character, the charm and fire he had within…….,my heart is saying to break coconuts on the makers heads……..
      Aur Riddhima ki toh baat hi nah karo toh accha hai (baseless ideas and what does she think of herself….smart………….nah sweetheart you are the most foolish and stupid girl I have seen……..(I know it’s a TV character but still) 😠😠 Makers Riddhima ko sadbuddhi (wisdom) do…………

    5. Don’t worry….. 🥺🥺🥺🥺 We all r with you….

    6. yeah! Riddhima is either dumb or may be she knows everything ….here everyone has something mysterious going inside their brains…yaha sab khiladi

  13. How are you guys?

    1. Riansh Lover

      Hi 😁😀

    2. Riansh Lover

      How are your exams going guys?

    3. Hi Jasmin….ur exams are going??

    4. AA, Riansh lover
      Yes, I’m trying To do well , but until now I’m thinking about the series, I feel confused

    5. Jasmine…AP ye soch ke prepare kro ke Abhi mjhe parhna hai..aik baar exam over ho gye then mai jee bhar kar comment krun gi and rhi baat immj 2 ki to ajkal written pe kam chalao…dil ko smbhalo dear…exam over hone ke baad sari dekhna epi 2 se 3 times dekhne…Ok….☺️….I m hoping ke mere ye suggestions ap ke kam ayen
      ..and Besssst of Lucccckkk…👍👍👍👍.. I’ll pray that yous achieve superb marks

    6. AA
      ha, hamesha karata hai and When I study
      I put books and start reading comments and looking for updates, and when it is over I feel tired and fall asleep 🤦‍♀️😂

  14. M and hassena
    How are your health now? Ihope you are better

    1. Jasmeen, is getting better, tnx for ur concern, how are exams going.

    2. Hassena
      Alhamdulillah it’s good that you’re fine
      Yes everything is ok thank you

  15. @Tonni
    You are totally right .

    1. My mumma tells me that I’ve a brain like nutshell.
      If she sees how the makers made up such a stupid character like Riddhima, she’ll take her word back I’m sure.😂😂😂😂
      No no..she’ll again call me a stupid for wasting so much effort on a show like this..🙄🙄🙄

    2. Riansh Lover

      Exactly right😂😂😂😜😜🙏

  16. Shesha485

    The show is all about trust issues (I think I am repeating it) between the leads whether it is season 1 or season 2. It seems the makers are trying to build a strong trust between the leads by bringing such issues but I think they are either overdoing it ir stretching it. If this continues even more, IMM climax will have a happy union of Kabir-Vansh and Riddhima would be in streets…

    1. U mean at the end there will be a union of kabir and vansh and KAVA will rock and ridhima will be shocked….🤔🤔🤔

    2. This isn’t the way to built a strong bonding of trust and love. It could’ve been way better.
      Riddhima was at faults from the beginning, she should’ve disclosed atleast 1% of her side.
      he never did. Vansh gave her chances, there was a time even when he wanted to move on with her but what she did was hypocrisy.
      Her character needs impoverishment. She’s not eye-catching to watch. She’s a disaster to bear.
      Even Aarohi was more tolerable than her.

    3. Makers will do anything. They create an end both brothers #KaVa will reunite and ousts trouble maker of their life Ridhima.
      It’s really getting into my nerves…… the way Makers are spoiling Ridhima’s character😤😤

    4. Thats going to ruin immjw because i will hate kabir to the end 😡💔💔💔

  17. No mood to comment. 🙂

  18. After reading the update… don’t know what to say…. about the episode…
    For the first time I had nothing to say…
    @Tonni, Completely agree with you…
    Why don’t you become a writer of this show….. Real writers are just spoiling the story of the show…
    Riddhima is so fool… that’s why I think initial episodes or before Vansh died…those episodes were good enough to watch than the latest one…
    Anyway, waiting to watch on TV….

    1. Yess @Neha1 even I think the same….
      And now I’m feeling that the FF’s are better than the real one …huh… 🙁

  19. Frnds.. we shouldn’t expect anything between riddhima and vansh..In the upcoming episodes writers are going to make vansh hate riddhima to the core😞😞this story is full of misunderstanding between them

  20. As far I know, a basketball player dribbles with both hand. I don’t think one needst to be ambidextrous to play basketball with both hands.

    1. There’s no such rule that you can’t dribble with both hands. You can do it. You can’t touch the ball will both hands together while you dribble. But people are comfy dribbling with one hand most often
      When it comes to ambidextrous , they are comfy with both hands.

    2. Yaar I meant that it is normal for any basketball player to player to play with both hands. Uske liye ambidextrous hona zaroori nahi hai. Agar ho tai ho advantage hai. Lekin is ka matlab yeh nahi bina ambidextrous huye tum dono hatho se nahi khel sakte. Kabkr and Riddhima forgot this

    3. Maybe Vansh always used his right hand to play. That’s why they doubted on him.
      Again itni badi loophole nehi rakhegi I hope.

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