Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Ragini’s grave

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking how shall I trust you. Sunny says none should know that we are talking, I know why you have come in this house, I know you are finding Ragini’s truth. She says yes, but… He takes pics with Ishani. Siya goes to Vansh and asks him to come for pics. Chanchal says Riddhima and Sunny are bonding well. Anupriya says she should be away from my family. Riddhima asks how do you know about Ragini. Sunny says you should know what happened with her, she was murdered in this house. He goes. Dadi asks Riddhima to come for family pics. Riddhima says I m fine here. Dadi takes her. She asks Riddhima to come this side. Riddhima and Vansh stand together on Dadi’s saying. Ishq mein marjawa…plays…

Dadi asks Ishani to fix her makeup. Vansh says I have to see some arrangements. Dadi asks him to stand there. She gets their pic clicked. Riddhima thinks I have to know where is Ragini’s body buried. Chanchal says look at her, she wants to go there. Riddhima goes to Sunny. Sunny goes. She gets his coded message. She reads I know where is Ragini buried, rose garden. Sunny signs her. Dadi asks everyone to come for engagement. Vansh warns Sunny to stay in limits. Sunny and Ishani exchange rings. Riddhima sees the time. She waits for Sunny in the garden. She says Sunny didn’t come yet. Sunny makes Ishani drink. He spills the drink on her dress. She goes to change. He leaves.

Someone goes to stab Riddhima. She turns and sees Sunny. He says sorry, I got late. She says its fine, now tell me where is Ragini’s body buried. He says right here, where it can’t be expected, this red rose is sign of love and Vansh’s hatred is also buried here. Someone records them. She says someone is here, did you hear a sound. He says there is no one here. She says that sound. She stumbles. They see something. Riddhima sees Ragini’s grave. Sunny nods. Riddhima says we found Ragini. She cries and says we have no relation, I don’t know what happened with you, but I will get justice for you, I will get Vansh punished for his crime.

She says Sunny, we want something to dig this place. Sunny says careful, do you want to die like Ragini, Vansh is not an ordinary criminal, we have to plan and inform police. Someone steps back. Riddhima says someone is here. She goes to see. She says there is a broken wood stick, there was someone. He says we should leave. He goes. She says who can it be, is it the same person who tried to kill me by putting explosives in coconut. She sees the footmarks going towards the house. She follows. She thinks who can it be, there are no footmarks here, no. She sees Anupriya and thinks was she there in garden. Anupriya scolds her. Its morning, Riddhima sees the red roses. She gets a note, red colour is beautiful and also dangerous, stay away from it, these roses and danger… it means Vansh knew it, Vansh was there at night. She checks the gift box. She says what if it blasts on opening.

Riddhima digs the grave and finds bones. Vansh scolds her and pushes her into the grave. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Somehow I feel riddhima should not trust sunnny. Something is fishy about him.

  2. Its really a treat to watch immj 2 , I am much addicted to it than immj1. Immj1 lost its touch after entry of nia…. Hope that doesn’t happen with immj2

    1. Nia completely ruined immj1. She is not a bad actress but she isn’t worth it. Nia couldn’t even possess the charm that Alisha had & she was overacting.

    2. Agree with you guys Immj1 had lost it’s charm after Nia’s entry.she was not suitable for Aarohi. But people wanna do the same thing with Immj2.they wanna remove Helly.The way ArDeep were ruined by that move,RiAnsh will also be ruined and the show as well… Just hope the show go on like this with the same cast(more characters can be included).

  3. Thanks amena for such fast update. God bless you😇😇😇😇

  4. Can’t wait for next episode🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  5. Ridhimma g, please ek Baar vansh Kae baatho par vishvas karkae dhaekonaa……
    And Sudhir g aap bahuth cute, sweet, good looking when U were smiling…. So please keep smiling like that … Love u sudhir g 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  6. Its getting really thrilling. Can’t wait for the secret to unfold. Sunny is not to be trusted.

    Can someone over here clear it if Anupriya is stepmom to Vansh only or even his sisters? Bcoz in one of the previous episodes, Riddhima was seen apologising to Sia for burning her mom’s painting. And even Ishani had referred to the woman in the painting as “Mom”.

    1. Nia I think Anupriya is stepmom of Vansh and his sisters as Ishani and Sia addressed Uma as ma…

  7. I feel sunny is betraying riddima she should not trust him at all, ishq mein marjawan is getting better everyday

  8. Somehow,I feel the masked guy in none other than Sia.Maybe she’s just acting to be handicapped.It showed that the muddy footprints were there till door but inside the door there was nothing. So there is a high chance that it could be Sia.She used wheelchair inside the house that’s why no footprints were there. Sunny is not sent by Kabir.He don’t know the location of Ragini’s grave. So if Sunny is his man, how come Sunny knows Ragini’s grave location but he himself doesn’t!!Only dadi is out of suspected list. The serial is getting so much twisted day by day.

  9. Immj2 is getting more interesting day by day…everyone is in the suspected list…Sunny is definatly not sent by Kabir….and Vansh he just makes me fall for him even more…his smile,his attitude,his anger,his voice….god save me…. Riddhima should stop finding evidence against Vansh to gain people’s trust….and she should not trust Sunny….

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