Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima amid burning coal

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying you cheated me, I trusted you blindly, real justice will happen now, maybe Lord also want this, so I reached your truth, I feel Ragini’s trust is also linked to you, I will tell the truth to Vansh and the world, you just want to ruin Vansh, I know it, remember one thing, I won’t let this happen, because he is mu husband. Kabir gets shocked.

She says you can’t do anything, I will stand as a shield in front of him, my passion will get high, we will be winning, you will lose, its my promise. He holds her hand and says you won’t do this. She says I m not a liar like you, I do what I say. She leaves. Kabir gets angry and picks a cutter. She goes to open the stuck door. Kabir smiles and says life’s race has just one principle, when the horse gets handicapped, its of no use, you are dead now. She hits a vase on his head. Kabir wakes up from his dream.

Vansh says our company shares will get double once this deal is signed. Rudra says you know every deal is incomplete without her signs. Vansh says of course. Riddhima thinks about whom is he talking. Vansh says here, she is. Anupriya comes. Vansh says my mom, who matters a lot in my personal and professional life too, we can’t do anything without her wish and blessings. Anupriya says so sweet, you trust me a lot, I hope I never disappoint you. She signs the papers. He says I know you won’t, come, we need to talk about another business proposal. Ishani makes burning coal ready. Riddhima says Vansh won’t trust me without the proof, why did Anupriya behave like that, what’s in her locker, I should get keys from that bangle. She goes to Ishani. Anupriya asks Kabir not to worry, she thought of a good plan for Riddhima. Riddhima gets stuck because of the glue on the floor. She stumbles inside some room. She sees a huge layer of burning coal inside. Ishani looks the door. Riddhima shouts Dadi, Vansh, someone save me. Anupriya comes and locks the door. Ishani says very soon, this smoke will change into poisonous gas and then good bye Riddhima… Anupriya smiles. Riddhima gets burnt by stepping on the burning coal. She coughs a lot and knocks the door.

She sees Vansh there. Vansh says you can do it with all your strength, come. He holds her hand. She imagines him and walks on the burning coal. Iss ishq mein marjawan…..plays… He gets her to the other side window and opens it. She goes out of the window. She jumps down and coughs. She says Vansh we got saved…. She doesn’t see him and calls him out. She says he wasn’t with me, but still he was with me, he saved my life. She recalls Kabir’s words, don’t let fear overcome your mind. She says what happened with me, I used to see Kabir when I was in pain, how did Vansh take Kabir’s place, why. She goes to her room and calls out Vansh. Vansh sees her hurt and shouts Riddhima. He runs to her. She cries and opens arms. He hugs her. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…

Anupriya poisons the watermelon. She says you will forget to breath after eating this. Riddhima spots the poison. Vansh eats the melon. She stops Vansh and asks are you feeling fine, tell me, this has poison in it. Vansh faints down, expelling white foam from his mouth. Riddhima gets shocked and shouts to call Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It’s good that she didn’t tell him, anupriya made a lot of afford to make her place in that mansion and to make everyone believe in her especially vansh, he blindly trust her 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Now it’s confirmed that she’s going at any limit to save him and her marriage cause she’s in love🥰 with him
    Just wanna slap anupriya and ishani where the hell cameras are?? 😠
    Just waiting to watch their cute hug 🤗

    1. I didn’t find the hug ‘cute’ at all😅
      It seemed awkward😑

    2. @riya due to their height difference or somewhat over exaggerated.

  2. IMMJ-Imagination main marjawan

    Kabir and Riddhima’s dream ran 30% of the show,,It’s a relief that Vansh hasn’t started daydreaming yet.
    I don’t get it..If Riddhima is dead thn who will get the proofs of Ragini mystery!Kabir and Anupriya both wants Riddhima to get proofs but they are also trying to kill her..Their concept should be clarified ,,

    New promo showed that Vansh get to know Riddhima is a traitor and started hating her,,
    Umm,,,Vansh already know that Riddhima is a traitor from Sunny..
    So what’s the big deal about it!

    1. @Tonni yes. I think there is a lot of loopholes in the script. Too many things are missing out. So far this is the second time I’m seeing a female lead from another Colors Tv show had to walk on burning coal. The ideas are so repetitive and very miss matched. Alot of questions are unanswered. Where did the fallen hair clip go? Why did Vansh marry Riddhima? If Angre is the owner of an investigation company then Vansh and Angre should have done some digging on Riddhima and her back story if Vansh didn’t trust her from day one. I mean that’s what normal people would do right. I think every main character in the show has some darkness in them and neither can be trusted. Vansh himself told Rid before they got married that she should brave herself for all limits crossed in love, heartbreak, conspiracies and deceits. So I think he is playing a game here obviously. He can’t be so dumb as to not pick up on Kabir and Riddhima’s plan. So far in IMMJ 2 I’m only seeing typical hindi serial scenes. Nothing out of the box. But I must say though, Riansh chemistry is great. As Rrahul said, he naturally looks good with Helly. So that adds to the cuteness. However, I strongly feel that this time around in IMMJ one or two of the main leads will die.

    2. True the dreams are taking toooo much space…. Maybe the new promo was also Riddhimas dream

    3. Ya..even I have the same doubt…there r lot of loopholes in the show….after ridhu saved vanish,he forgot that she was working for someone and trusted her and even started loving bt in the promo he is reacting as if he don’t know about tht
      Even before revealing that anupuriya is the masked woman….she wanted to throw ridhu out of the house and now she want to kill her,the. what about the proof
      And once Kabir was saying that he want to know the whole story of ragini,bt he can know it from anupuriya,she staying in the house from vansh’s childhood, and even the proof, if anupuriya who can easily access everything in the house cannot get it,how ridhu can get it

      But anyways,I love riansh chemistry and their scene, watching the show just for them

    4. Now vansh will know who is riddhima’s partner.

    5. Hey can you share the link of the new promo here.

    6. @ Tonni. Yes, both Anupriya and Kabir wants to get proofs against Vansh from Riddhima but not at the cost of the exposure of their plan and relation. Both of them wants to keep themselves hidden till the time they destroy Vansh otherwise if that lion (i.e. Vansh) comes to know about them, they will be dead. Now, scenario is that Riddhima is on the verge of knowing their truth, so Anupriya is either trying to kill her or warn her. In order to get keep themselves safe, they can go to the extent of killing Riddhima or exposing her only in front of Vansh, though they want proofs.
      And yes, Vansh knew that Riddhima is working for his enemy but at that time he wasn’t in love with her. So it didn’t hurt him much that time. In recent episodes only, Vansh told Riddhima that he doesn’t care for her past and she should move on. He is her husband and her present too. This clearly indicated that he wanted Riddhima to become loyal to him only, do duties being his wife and not of any detective. Inspite of knowing she is his enemy’s pawn, chose her, forgave her for her deeds (including burning his dear mother’s picture), fell in love for her.
      It’s like when he (Vansh) already knew that another one (Riddhima) came just for her own selfish motives still fall in love with her, forgetting her deceives and motives because love is blind. And just at that moment when he is head over heels in love, his eyes are forced to open up and see the truth, it hurts a lot, not because he came to knowledge of her motives, he already knew about it, but it hurts when he is made to remember the truth which he forgot while being in love, it hurts on the fact his love was a dream that broke and his beloved didn’t have same feelings for him. It’s a psychology thing, can happen with anyone, not just Vansh.
      BTW when Riddhima earlier wanted to confess her past to Vansh at that time he only didn’t gave her chance. So now he has lost his right to get angry on her for her deceive.

    7. Thank you, well Said 🙌

    8. Very well said!

    9. @Raghs Then I can ask y Kabir said that lovey-dovey dialogues evn when he was alone..When Riddhima was breaking coconut why 4 of them had expressions as if they expected it to burst..So is that a loophole?
      That’s how the writers confuse the viewers..By that logic Anupriya’s part could be again the same thing..
      As for Ragini’s truth Anupriya doesn’t know abut it..that was shown in one of the episodes..
      It could be that only Vansh knows what happened with her,etc..But that’s not the point..
      I evn doubt that if anyone even remembers that Vansh does illegal business..He is a mafia..(Now evn I hv started to doubt it🤣But still they clearly showed this)
      Lyk there can be so many proofs in this context that Anupriya can probably gather so easily…
      & Evn Kabir could try arresting him for Neha’s murder…It was eventually Vansh’s party where murder happened…Or even Neha dying could be his dream..Maybe she is alive & plotting to avenge Vansh..Lol🤣🤣🤣

    10. But I still feel Vansh knew it all…I mean there can’t be such a sudden change in his personality….From sensing evn the slightest to forgetting that his wife is a spy…Lyk seriously..I can’t take it..

    11. The things and hints portrayed are somewhat letting viewers to be in doubt and they are yet to be resolved.

    12. But the reason for Kabir to send only Riddhima to Vansh house and Vansh marrying Riddhima is lacking a valid point.

    13. I think probably Vansh already knew and was pretending to care for Ridfhima to take revenge by breaking her heart as well as ruining her relationship with Kabir or otherwise Riddhima has already confessed and this separation is a plan of Riddhima and Vansh against their enemies, may be to gather proofs against them, for example I feel probably proof about who killed Vansh’s father or to kill them for revenge or to find out what happened to his mother. Or may be Riddhima and Vansh are together from beginning and are manipulating Kabir who thinks he is manipulating them- as Ridhima is said to be orphan, possibility of some back story connecting her parents to Vansh parents possible- something like that old Khiladi movie of Akshay Kumar and Mamta Kulkarni, i forgot exact nameof the movie

    14. @Nia this is the link.
      But I guess it too is another dream of Riddhima.

    15. @Riya NAILED IT!!!!

    16. @ Asen. The answers to your questions are –
      1. It’s possible that someone threw that hair clip into dustbin after finding it out fallen on the floor.
      2. Vansh married Riddhima because he wanted to cage her. She had given him resignation letter and
      wanted to leave the house so Vansh came with an idea to marry her so that she doesn’t leave VR
      Mansion as per her wishes until he finds out her truth.
      3. Angre told Vansh that he will find out Riddhima’s truth but Vansh only stopped him by saying that he
      himself wants to find out her truth. You can watch episode 26 of 12 Aug. 2020.

      And finally your statement, Vansh should have dig out Riddhima’s past. The answer to your this question lied in your question only that normal people would do that. But Vansh isn’t at all normal. In order to find out Riddhima’s truth, he married her. And from where Vansh could have out her past?
      Option 1. Pics. Kabir already changed his pics with her. She doesn’t have her pics with Kabir. Vansh doesn’t know that her only pic with Kabir wass in that ring, which he burnt during taking revenge for burning her mother’s portrait. I don’t know whether that only pic got burnt in fire or saved because it was inside ring hence shielded.
      Option 2. Mobile. First thing that happens when you enter VR Mansion is you can’t use your phone. I don’t what happened to Riddhima’s original mobile that Vansh had to give her a new mobile, using which she tried to contact Kabir and the rest is history. Every time she tries to contact Kabir, she very narrowly escapes.
      Option 3. Sejal. The only option left. Vansh could have tried this option but then before he could try this option Kabir would have closed this option also.

  3. Thank you for the fastest update amena

  4. Ye Kabir ko hamesha itni badi 🔪 knife kahan se mil jati hai…
    And what are the cameras doing.
    I never imagined that Ishani can do this and that with Anupriya by her side

  5. I don’t understand why anupriya would like to kill vansh? I think it would be a dream of riddhima. If it is real….. Definitely they will be going to find the culprit behind this. Kabir want to find out the secrets from vansh through riddhima, so they can’t frame her.if they did vansh will throw her out of the house.
    Am really confused and i don’t know what’s happening in the serial. All the things get messed but vansh don’t have any idea about it. It’s really ridiculous.

  6. M I the only one who thinks these days immj episodes are less of story more of fb.

  7. Loved to see there hug❤❤ falling love for riansh❤

  8. It actually doesn’t make sense that Anupriya wants to harm Riddhima. Earlier also she had put some explosive in the coconut, God knows for what. If she is important for the mission why did she do this? She even wanted to kick her out of the house after the whole painting fiasco. Some things are just beyond understanding in this show.
    Vansh says he trusts no one, not even his shadow, then why does he trust Anupriya so blindly? And if all Anupriya wanted to do was to kill Vansh, she could have done it long back.

    I want to see how the makers would proceed after Vansh-Riddhima’s confrontation. The future of this show depends on how they carry it forward after that.

    1. Yes Nia,,The makers should’ve solid scripts to close those loopholes,,Else it’s just a make no sense show.
      Anupriya and Kabir trying to kill Riddhima bcz she’s no longer useful to them now..
      But why did Anupriya tried to blast her with a bomb? The whole family was there,,Even she could’ve been dead,
      What about the picture burning drama!Anupriya almost got Riddhima kicked out,,I mean what was the need of it if Riddhima was their game? Did the want to spoil their own game?
      How come Anupriya is so important to Vansh?She’s signing the deals,,Huuhh,,,I think it should be Dadi only whom Vansh trust,,

    2. Who knows? Even Anupriya and Kabir could be against each other. But for their own benefit they are pretending to be good to each other. That could be it.

    3. @ Nia. Regarding coconut, Anupriya just wanted to teach Riddhima a lesson, she said in episode 43. From that small amount of powder, no one dies but only gets injured.
      Vansh trusts Anupriya blindly because
      1. Vansh knows her from childhood. She displays herself as a very caring and protective mother. So he trusts her like he used to trust Mrs. D’souza.
      2. Because Anupriya didn’t do any suspicious growing acts like Riddhima till now.
      Anupriya and Kabir don’t want to kill Vansh. They just want to frame Vansh as criminal, then take away all his wealth and live a luxurious life.

      @ Raghs, @ Nia and @ Tonni. Anupriya was just doing acting of throwing Riddhima out so that she can display herself as a caring mother that cares for Vansh so much. Maybe she knew that Dadi would save Riddhima like she saved Mrs. D’souza, Now, that she wants to kill her. I don’t think she want’s to kill her. I think she just want’s to warn Riddhima. Because Ridddhima is investigating Anupriya and is on the verge of exposing her and Kabir relation.

      @ Tonni. Even I don’t know why Anupriya burnt Vansh’s mother portrait. Maybe she wanted to do that earlier but couldn’t because earlier there was no Riddhima to put the blame on. I think the reason will unfold as the story proceeds. We can’t get all of our answers right now only. We will have to wait.

  9. @ Raghs and @ Nia. Regarding that coconut incident. Anupriya didn’t want to kill Riddhima at that time. She just wanted to teach her a lesson. In episode 43 ,she herself confessed it. Regarding expression of all 4 of them. It was just to develop some curiosity amongst viewers to guess who it can be?
    I completely agree with @ Riya about Ragini’s chapter that only Vansh knows about it and no one else.

    @ Raghs. No doubt that Anupriya can gather proofs but then wouldn’t Vansh become suspicious of that. Even Riddhima came under suspicion when she was trying to gather evidences. Both Anupriya and Kabir wants to play safe. That’s the only reason Kabir didn’t himself went to gather evidences instead used inspector Neha and then Riddhima.

  10. I think script liknae Kae time pae, vus writter phar kuch bhari kaa cheej girgaya.iss liyae episode, episode bina connection sae lik rahaehai.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Lekin yaa sab dhekthoo bahuth Haas aa rahihi. yeh serial koo immj 2 Nahi aab kuch aur Naam Dena padtha 🤔🤔🤔
    Nahi thoo as per audions wish to make intimacy scenes they are creating this situations

  11. Khushboo patel

    Thanks to update but kya yar itna bda koi drem hota he kya pura 1 episode nikal diya ki ridhima ko Kabir ka sach pata chal gya what fake yar.. Or isani vansh ka mob leke gai thi ridhima ke hath se vansh ko dikhane to uska to koi seen nai he aese kese bhul gye isani itni asani to 6odne waloe se nai to

  12. @Tonni Thank you for the link. I don’t think its a dream. But you never know with these makers. Actually I dont want it to be a dream. Its high time that Vansh confronts Riddhima.

    @B You said that Anupriya wanted to teach a lesson to Riddhima by that whole painting and explosive coconut drama…. but why did she want to teach her a lesson in the first place? Riddhima had done no harm to her, yet she burned the painting and conveniently shifted the entire blame on Riddhima? I didnt understand this part at all.

    1. @ Nia. I didn’t say that by that whole painting drama, Anupriya wanted to teach a lesson but by that coconut drama. Even I don’t know the reason behind Anupriya burning the painting. Maybe from long back, she wanted to burn it, but with the fear of getting caught, she couldn’t do that earlier. She needed a bait to put the blame on. But I think the reason behind burning the painting will unfold as the story progresses.
      She wanted to teach Riddhima a lesson using that coconut drama because Riddhima, using her brains caught her red handed. So she got angry and wanted revenge.
      Although, there are few loopholes in the story, but I don’t find too many loopholes.

  13. Even i think this story is bit confusing.lot of loop holes .the best part is riansh chemistry.past week they have beautifully making both of them falling for each again confusing promo like vansh started f hating would be good if vansh knew earlier about riddhimas past and he would have seen the video as well.he acts to hate riddhu so that she can live her life without any danger.

  14. Vansh and ridhima tick…

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