Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sara scares Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima to take medicines. He says your friend Gayatri is a sweet girl. She coughs. He pats her back. He asks are you okay, why are you crying. She says nothing. They have a moment. He says doing this increases love. He kisses her. He says take care, even if I m there or not. She says don’t say this ever, I will make Gayatri meet everyone, they will be glad. He says absolutely. He goes to attend call. She says I will see who identifies her, one who does it will be black mamba, I won’t let anything happen to my Vansh.

Dadi says if Vansh knows that I have hidden the black box, what will he do. Riddhima gets Sara there. Dadi drops the knife. Sara asks her to use knife carefully. Riddhima introduces them. Sara says I m glad to meet Dadi, I had touched her wife. Dadi says she is Sanskari. Riddhima introduces her friend to the family. Ishani says we heard it, what name did you say, Savitri. Sara goes to her with the knife and asks what name did you call me. Ishani says I was confused, Gayatri right. Sara heats the knife by a lighter. She says what happens when we cut a cold apple with a hot knife. She asks Dadi to have it. Dadi says you have it. Sara says your loss, Riddhima will you refuse, you didn’t introduce me to the family. Riddhima introduces Ishani and Aryan. Sara says any ways, I m glad to meet you. Riddhima observes them. Sara says I love this colour, red, colour of love and warmth. Aryan says well, I love red too, Gayatri, see I got your name right, what do you want. Sara says I make people sleep in peace. Ishani asks what. Sara says I m a masseuse, my hands have magic. Aryan says show your magic to me some time. Sara says I m glad to meet you all. She goes with Riddhima. Ishani says she looks mad.

Riddhima stops Sara and asks what were you doing. Sara says you introduced me to family to see their reactions, you are too innocent, leave all this, focus on time. Dadi says I have to keep it away from Vansh. Vansh comes and says Dadi, you told Angre that staff came to your room, no one had come here, we will find it here. She says fine, but what’s the need for the black box. Vansh and Angre look for the box. Angre signs no to Vansh. Vansh asks why are you sweating. He asks Angre to have water. Dadi stops them and says I m not willing to have any food, leave it. Vansh asks her to just relax, everything will get fine. He opens the microwave and sees the black box. He says Dadi… Dadi gets worried. He asks did you hide this in the microwave.

She asks Angre to go out, I have to talk to Vansh. Angre goes. She says I have lied to Angre, I don’t trust anyone. Vansh asks why, I trust him. She asks do you trust him more than me, keep the black box anywhere, give it to anyone, I won’t ask anything. Vansh says I m sorry, my life was in danger, I was worried that the black box can go in wrong hands. He asks her to take care. She says Vansh will know my truth if he opens the black box, no. Sara stabs the ice and thinks I like ice cubes, its also a weapon. She asks Vansh to try the virgin mojito, its must try.

Riddhima comes. Sara scares Riddhima indirectly. He gets a call. Sara adds something in the drink. Vansh takes the drink. Riddhima asks what did you add in it. She runs to stop Vansh. Vansh drinks it. She asks are you fine, come with me to the doctor. Sara asks why are you overreacting. Vansh says relax, the drink was refreshing. Sara says its tough to make me lose, one more… He says no, thanks. He asks Riddhima to relax, he is fine. He holds his head. Riddhima asks what’s happening, you aren’t fine. He asks Gayatri did you add something in it. Sara says you got to know it. He says you added vodka. She says yes, I didn’t expect that you will know. He says I told you that I don’t drink, it was insensitive. She says I m sorry. He says its about my promise to Riddhima, I don’t lose control. He goes. Sara asks Riddhima to focus, time is passing by.

Sara goes to kill Vansh. She says Vansh will die today. Riddhima looks for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. Congratulations @Hi

  1. 1234Aayu

    3rd..first time

  2. I have a question, what does sanskari and savitri mean?

    1. Sanskari means that full of moral values and Savitri means relating to sun and Wife of Lord Brahma

    2. 1234Aayu

      Sanskari means a person full of manners…and Savitri means a perfect wife..

    3. Ok thanks 🤗

  3. By watching Today’s episode, Riddhima’s expressions were natural and heart winning when she was introducing Sara to Family and Family to Sara. When Dadi was caught by Vansh, Before it I thought that she will get away for Black Box but happy to know Vansh has it for now but I do feel Dadi will steal it and then Vyom will have hands on it at last maybe if Dadi wants to become super genius. The worry by Riddhima for Vansh seems awesome to watch. I already predicted that nothing will happen to Vansh and so is revealed in episode but Precap looks too much scary and no prediction I can make but hope that Vansh gets out of this danger. I don’t mind Sara in the show but really missing Kabir too much. At least Sara is much better than that Lollipop, Kiara giving tough Competition but till when, lets see!

    1. I also thought that Van would let Dadi go. But at least Van has the black box.
      I think that Sara is a better character than Kiara. Her acting isn’t over the top and she’s good at emotions.
      Precap is scary and is a bit suspenseful. Maybe there was poison inside the vodka or the poison tasted like vodka. But never can be sure.

    2. But seeing the precap I guess nothing was there in the drink instead she may have done something with Tap water or geyser in the Bathroom

    3. Priyanka Thakur

      Yeah Abc your right Sara is far better from lollipop ki bachii

  4. I just saw on insta that voot has done a deal with Amazon prime so it will be available to international fans soon. At least immj2 international fandom and viewers will increase now

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Sister! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

    2. That’s great news except I don’t have Amazon Prime and neither do my parents

    3. Seriously girl! That’s great….I have Amazon Prime, so now I can just watch it on that…yay! Do you know when it will be made available?

    4. Not yet @Imm2viewer girl, will keep you all updated 🤗❤️

    5. Gabriela

      That would be great! My country is not Amazon Prime but I can connect to another country with VPN and most importantly I can subscribe. Yay!

  5. Joke of the day:
    Mom: Can you get some black salt for me?
    Me: Yes, let me go find it
    In the kitchen:
    Me: Searches for black salt but doesn’t find it.
    Back in living room:
    Me: Mom, I can’t find black salt. Can you come and show me where it is kept?
    In the kitchen (once again):
    Mom: Finds black salt and shows it to me
    Me: But mom this salt is pink colored. This can’t be black salt as it is pink.
    Mom: Bhagwan, is ladki ka kya karu?
    (Translation: God, what should I do with this girl?)

    This joke may not be funny to you but it is to me. In real life I know what black salt is and why it is called that. I made this joke up when my young cousin was asking me how black salt is pink! So that’s how I created this joke

    1. 😂 I am not laughing at the joke but what you said to mom and rescued. My mom would have killed me for saying that.

    2. Gabriela

      That’s what Vihaan told Ridhima in one episode
      Can you see the salt, Ridhima? The color is pink … but people address it as black salt. It means dual identity. Just like you.

    3. @Gabriela I know I remember that episode. It’s one of my favorites. It also inspired me write this joke.

  6. Who plays the role of Sara/Gayatri?
    Someone mentioned earlier that her name was Kristina or something

    1. Yes Kristina Patel

    2. Yeah Kristina is right

    3. Amyra

      It’s kristina patel

    4. @Abc and @Akorfa Linda okay thanks

    5. Don’t mention

  7. is rrahul sudhir shoting yes or no

    1. Priyanka Thakur

      Even I have same doubt

    2. But why sister?

    3. I think he is. I haven’t heard that he isn’t

    1. Hi Priya di!!
      How is your family? I think they were corona positive. Are they fine now?

    2. Priyanka Thakur

      Hii dear yeah my family members tested positive but now they are recovering and doing well

    3. We thank God 🙏

    4. Hello Didi

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    6. @Priyu, that’s so good to hear!

    1. She is or was here. Maybe she is reading comments

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      I’m sorry she already mentioned me reason

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  8. but why are they saying that beating sudhir is not in the set due to the death of his uncle

    1. I didn’t understand

    2. Gabriela

      Ana, there is no confirmation that his uncle died, it’s just the assumptions of some fans who spread them on social networks. Rrahul is filming, but he is no longer on social media out of respect for his family who is going through this great ordeal. I agree with his attitude.

  9. Gabriela

    If you haven’t fallen in love with Rrahul yet, now you will do it for sure! ❤❤❤

    1. Priyanka Thakur

      I have already fallen for him Gabbs

    2. Gabriela


    3. Oh that dangerous wink haha!

    4. Parita

      ❤❤❤ Already had fallen

    5. I have fallen long time ago and now am obsessive with him🥺

  10. Gabriela

    “Nahi,Mujhe phir Meethi bhaat nahi khaani” – “No, I don’t eat sweet rice again ”

    1. Haha, his expressions are like a little baby…so cute!

    2. Gabriela

      Sorry is the wrong GIF

    3. 🍒🍒🍒🍒❤️

    1. Parita

      ❤😍 That stare 🔥worth millions

    2. 🔥❤️

  11. Priyanka Thakur

    Vyom:Mera Naam Vyom hai matlab Shunyaa matlab Circle ek bar Meray Circle mein ajaai toh bahar nahee nikaltey
    Sara:Mera Naam Sara hai I love red colour because it’s colour of blood Vansh ab Marjayeegaa
    Me: Vyom and Sara except dialogue’s they are fit for nothing my Vansh who is handling and surviving with his snakes family members you both are added to that list that’s it

    1. Gabriela

      You’re right Priyu! 🐍🐍🐍

    2. Priyanka Thakur


    3. Parita

      😂😂😂😂 I agree totally

    4. @Priyu, that’s so true! Honestly, both of them are introduced as such dangerous characters but after a while, you see how they really are no match for Vansh.

    5. Akorfa Linda


  12. Parita
    😂😂 After listening to Sara is a free bird, Sara is this, Sara is that….

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    2. Priyanka Thakur


    3. Haha, so true!

    4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸

  13. Parita

    Hello guys, i won’t be able to write a review today, but will write one tmr.
    I will be coming with short reviews on simply how the episode was for sometime as i’ve been caught up with lots of projects. But when i get time, like the weekend maybe, i will post longer and detailed reviews.❤

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    2. Priyanka Thakur

      No problem Pari

    3. No problem girl…good luck with your projects!

    4. Akorfa Linda

      Okay Didi🥰

    5. No problem 😘😘

    6. Parita


    1. Akorfa Linda


    1. Akorfa Linda

      I love it when he shout🔥

  14. I’m happy that Immj2 is always on the top serials when you first open TU 😍😍 let’s keep it up 🥳

    1. That’s good! Yes, I’m happy our show is getting the love and support that it deserves. Hopefully, when the show is also made available on Amazon Prime, the production house will get a larger budget and all and the show will have more viewers…at least that way, there could be even more possibilities for better storytelling (though I’m already quite pleased with the way things are going).

    2. Akorfa Linda

      Yes dear 🥰🥰🥰

    3. Gabriela


  15. Hi I hope all is well! It’s a new day and I’m back with a new review. Overall, I found today’s episode to be much more enjoyable than yesterday’s… least we got three whole scenes of Vansh unlike three minutes of him yesterday haha! Before I begin, I must say that I’m really enjoying the current track of the show and at the same am not terrified about what’s to come next…we know our RIansh will survive any situation (provided that the series is not ending anytime soon) and that Vansh will not fall for Sarah. However, what concerns me more is all the so called “confirmed” reports/news on Youtube or Twitter that say that Dottu will die (because you can’t find a baby actor during the pandemic lol), RIansh will separate, Rrahel have Covid, that the shooting will stop, Riddhima will have memory loss, etc….Okay not that I was really seeing all of those posts on social media or videos on Youtube before that much (however anytime I do they scare me haha), but I need a cleanse from all of this lol…From now on, I’m just watching the episodes and looking at this forum! That being said, today’s episode was pretty nice….it opened with a sweet Riansh scene with Vansh comforting (and romancing) RIddu as she was coughing and preoccupied with thoughts of the looming danger over Vansh, especially as Sarah’s 12 hour challenge had just begun! Then the episode progressed to a rather funny scene in which Riddhima actually introduced Gayu to the Rai Singhanias….I cracked up when Gayu hovered over Ishani with a knife as the latter called her by the wrong name in a rather disrespectful tone…girl, if you continue to scare Ishani, you’ll be my new favorite character lol! Afterwards, Vangre went back into Dadi’s room to look for the black box, while Dadi tried to divert their attention….luckily, they ultimately found the mysterious box in the microwave…lord knows what Dadi will do next to keep Vansh from discovering its contents. Lastly, the episode ended with Sarah offering a drink laced with well vodka (lol), but she had RIddhima believe that it was poison….again, if you want to kill Vansh, just do it already! Also, as the lockdown continues in Goa, I suppose the IMM2 team can’t really shoot outdoors, so perhaps we won’t see Vansh’s deal or Dadi’s past/secret this week, and perhaps the track will focus more on the 6 hours mystery and the 101 ways Sarah is planning to murder Vansh lol (though I shouldn’t speculate lol). In any case, I enjoyed the episode….although I was right, this week we will be on a diet from Riansh romantic scenes….the makers gave us one scene at the beginning and three minutes of Vansh yesterday, so we have to learn how to make do with/ration such moments haha! Now onto the episode:
    1. The Riansh balcony scene: Poor RIddhima, she can’t even enjoy romantic time with Vansh because of that wretched Gayatri/Sarah! The episode begins with Vansh giving medicine to a pensive and visibly distraught RIddhima. When he mentioned that Gayatri is a “nice/sweet girl,” RIddhima started to cough profusely (yeah Vansh, that’s like the joke of the century lol)! The second Vansh started massaging RIddhima’s back, I knew he would take this opportunity to be romantic and the man did just as expected….As he was massaging her back, he said, “by doing this, you get relief” and then leaned further in to gently stroke her cheek with his lips (it wasn’t even a proper cheek kiss, but was still pretty intimate, especially with the RIansh/IMM2 romantic BGM playing)…hence, the magic of RIansh! As Vansh was doing this, RIddhima questioned, “ and what happens by doing this,” to which Vansh quipped (while pulling her in closer), “by doing this, love increases.” He then nuzzled his nose against her forehead and planted a kiss on it….as always, it was just a very sweet, innocent, and heartwarming moment! Vansh’s charm and care helped RIddhima forget about her tensions for a moment and she showed a faint smile, but then Vansh had to ruin the moment himself by saying that RIddhima should take care of himself, because who knows if he would be around/alive in the future….okay, that’s a weird thing to say lol! RIddhima obviously became mildly alarmed and took Vansh closer in and said in a gentle (but not frantic) tone, “why are you saying’ll always be with me. Whenever I need you, you’re with me, right (to which Vansh flashed a reassuring smile)…I won’t let anything happen to you.”…These last words alarmed Vansh, but RIddhima just brushed him off by saying in a more positive manner that he should not say things like that and that he would be with her forever….let’s hope girl! In any case, she changed the subject and said that she wanted to introduce Gayu to the family….while secretly hoping that the real Black Mamba would become tense upon seeing Sarah there….nice plan!
    2. The family scene: Again, I don’t understand why Dadi has to be that rude to RIddhima…In the beginning of the scene, Dadi was deep in thought/tension about the prospect of Vansh discovering that she hid the black box…when RIddhima interrupted her by saying in a very cheerful manner, “Good Morning Dadi,” she dropped the apple and knife in her hand and said in an absolutely disrespectful tone, “this wrong time alarm rings at any time,“ while flashing a look of disgust or extreme annoyance towards RIddhima….how rude! My only solace is that I know Dadi 2.0 can speak very disrespectfully to Chachi and Anupriya too, so I suppose she feels like she can say anything to “outsiders” (i.e. women who married into the family), instead of being harsh with her own grandchildren….again, this reflects the Rai SInghania mentality that blood is thicker than water! Although again, Dadi had to quip with a small menacing smirk on her face, upon meeting Gayu, that “she’s your (RIddhima’s) friend, but she’s cultured/well-mannered”…..okay, I know RIddhima can be nosy and sneaky at times, but are you serious?…Compared to all of Dadi’s grandchildren, RIddhima is the most well-mannered and cultured one out there…that was so unnecessary! In any case, Dadi didn’t seem phased by Gayu’s presence, so again, I don’t think she’s Black Mamba, though I don’t doubt that she’ll start plotting against Riansh now, to stop her secrets from being revealed! In any case, when Ishani walked in (wearing a very nice romper….I don’t like her but I did like her outfit today and also RIddhima’s lol) and said in her haughty manner, “yes, yes RIddhima, we heard you. She’s your friend…what name did you say…Savitri,” I knew something was about to go down! I loved how Gayu or rather Sarah hovered over Ishani with that serrated knife and flash her crazy, devilish eyes, and said, “what name did you call me by?” She definitely put the fear of God into Ishani as the latter was even looking in RIddhima’s direction as if to signal that she was scared or needed help….girl why is she going to help you lol….then Ishani meekly said, “oh, I became a little confused….. Gayatri, right?” But Ishani’s “kind” (that’s the nicest she can be) words weren’t enough to get Gayu to back down…she started burning the edge of the knife with a lighter to make it sharper and then started cutting the apple in front of Ishani as if to signal her fate, if she ever crossed her again….honestly, this one minute or so of interaction between the two villans was so immensely satisfying (I loved seeing Ishani like this) and I’m sure deep down inside RIddhima must have enjoyed it too! Though still I doubt that Ishani is Black Mamba…if she got so easily scared of Sarah, she can’t have the guts to kill RIansh like that. As for Aryan, he was suspicious as usual and you could even tell that RIddhima had her eagle eyes fixed on his expressions! He seemed surprisingly relaxed and comfortable around Gayu (thereby signaling that they may have had a past connection) or he could just be like his Vansh Bhai and be a classic flirt….after all, he too said his favorite color is red and asked Gayu to show him “the magic of her hands sometime” after she mentioned that she was a masseuse….also, Aryan must be so happy to see an age appropriate woman/girlfriend material at the hotel, since he’s been spending all of his time with Dadi and Ishani. Also, if they do show any romantic angle between Gayu and Aryan, I would love to see Chachi’s reaction….and she thought Kiara was bad and was scared of her ghost haha! Interestingly enough, Angre was not in the family scene and neither was Anupriya….so I still think Black Mamba is one of them, even if Gayu said to RIddhima a little later on that she had never even met Black Mamba. And Gayu is no dummy, she knew exactly what were RIddhima’s intentions for introducing her to her family and just reaffirmed her intention to kill Vansh within a few hours!
    3. The Dadi-Vangre scene: Is the microwave really the best hiding spot for the precious black box, haha? I cracked up when I saw that and thought that Dadi should just destroy it then and there… fact, if Dadi is so desperate to protect her secret and already told Vansh that the box was missing, why didn’t she just destroy it…problem solved, right? When Vansh entered the room worriedly and said that he checked and no hotel staff had entered Dadi’s room, as she had earlier claimed, she started looking stressed and getting mildly irritated at him, saying she didn’t know anything…honestly this is the advantage of old age…even if you are seeming suspicious, you can just feign tiredness, memory loss, or being disoriented and brush people off lol…although I can’t blame Dadi, I would be doing the same thing if I were in her position! And how sweet is Vansh, even though he was worried about the black box, he was more concerned about Dadi not eating her food and taking her medicines…plus, Dadi’s attempts to stop Angre from going near the microwave were funny….though were futile in the end…As she laid back to close eyes, Vansh opened the microwave to heat up some water, only to discover the black box inside…..Vansh was obviously visibly upset, but Dadi (who was briefly shocked) returned to her mafia mode and claimed that she had lied to Angre because she didn’t trust him or anyone else with the black box….lady, I can’t blame you…Angre can be shady at times…but she clearly was saying this to just protect herself. And Dadi was probably hoping that by yelling at Vansh that he now trusts Angre more than her, he would let her keep the black box….but we know Vansh is stubborn too and he calmly explained to her that he was concerned about Dadi’s health and that she no longer had to keep the black box because his life wasn’t in danger anymore….plan failed lol. In any case, the scene ended with Dadi being adamant about Vansh never discovering her truth that was hidden in the black box…Before I didn’t think Dadi would ever harm Vansh, but now I’m starting to feel that just out of self-preservation, she’ll do something drastic….only time will tell if she’ll pick her grandson or choose to protect herself!
    4. The RIansh + Gayu scene: Okay, who attacks ice like that and says that they like sharp ice cubes…girl chill! Also, how sweet is it that Vansh isn’t drinking alcohol while RIddhima is pregnant…though I’m pretty sure that he drank some alcohol in the early weeks of the OTT series, but oh well lol! Also, how did Vansh not find it weird when Gayu said that the drink was special because she used a special ice pick for it…again, who says things like that haha! In any case, Vansh sweetly agreed to have the drink, but Gayu slipped a mysterious substance into it while he went to answer his phone! Riddhima saw all of this unfold before her eyes and went charging towards her beloved Vansh in a frenzy asking him to go to the doctor. Vansh was absolutely fine and about to leave the two old “pals” alone when he started to realize that something was in fact added to the drink….and it was in fact….vodka lol! It was yet another cheap prank by Sarah to fool and stress both RIddhima and the viewers out. Vansh was also annoyed since he didn’t want to break his promise to RIddhima about not drinking during her pregnancy. Gayu was also a little irritated about Vansh’s promise and concern for RIddhima….girl don’t be jealous now lol! In any case, she knows that she couldn’t really intimidate or say something to Vansh, so she just tried to scare RIddhima even further (after Vansh exited) by telling her that she would kill him in a few hours….girl again, you’re all talk and no action!
    5. Precap: Apparently in tomorrow’s episode Vansh is going to go to the sauna, while Sarah locks him in and raises the temperature in order to kill him….but honestly, I was just focused on how incredible Vansh/Rrahul looked! Plus, RIddiima’s outfit looks nice too. In any case, Sarah is a psycho and even though her character/backstory may be interesting, I just think the makers should explore that (though it’s probably difficult to do so in the pandemic) rather than show all the numerous and strange ways that she wants to kill Vansh…again, we know nothing will happen to Vansh (though I fear for our Dottu)….who knows, Sarah may get upset by not being able to kill Vansh and take it out on RIddhima and the baby….but I’m just going to think happy thoughts and hope that won’t happen!
    6. Final thoughts: Overall, this was a fairly pleasant episode and luckily we got more of Vansh today, so that’s always a good thing, Honestly, it’s difficult to tell which direction the story will take since the Covid situation in India is worsening and the lockdown in Goa has been extended until May 10th….in any case, it’s best to be patient and enjoy whatever twists the makers include (except for the miscarriage track…sorry y’all know how I feel about that haha). Also, it wouldn’t even hurt to show some lighter moments, even with Gayu there, or some nice family scenes, even though the Rai SInghanias are not the most fun bunch of people haha! In any case, please take care and stay well. Till next time!

    1. Wow girl you did your review early today haha. I still haven’t watched the epi but you have covered everything in detail so thank you 🥰 and I don’t think I can handle anymore twists when this one is not even revealed yet. Hopefully it will be soon that we will get some answers although we have been saying that since the past 2 weeks. 😂 but great review🤗

    2. Akorfa Linda

      🙌🙌🙌🙌 thanks dear for this beautiful and lovely review 🥰.you are right today’s episode was enjoyable than yesterday, and what I love the most was Gayu and Ishani’s sence wish we get more of that ( I think Ridhima and I was happy to see that 😊).. thanks again for this review.

    3. Gabriela

      Aghata, I finally managed to comment on your review, yesterday I didn’t succeed, I have some health problems that don’t leave me alone sometimes, but I’m fine now. And your review distracted me a lot from my reality. I adored your review from this evening 😍😍😍
      So here we go again – 101 Ways to Kill Vansh I know I should be sad, I can laugh a lot from now on. 😂😂😂
      The first Riansh scene, God, the description was absolutely perfect and dreamy, you captured the whole romantic atmosphere and offered it to us. ❤❤❤
      You are right about Dadi, she is extremely disrespectful and insolent and absolutely unfair to family members, Anupryia does not deserve her respect but she has it, and Ridhima who loves and respects her no longer has it.
      I was very happy at the Sara-Ishani scene, I felt revenge for Ridhima, and Chachi’s reaction if she knew Sara as Aryan’s girlfriend 😂😂😂, you have a lot of imagination.
      🤣🤣Who attacks ice like? 🤣🤣
      I’m still a little upset, Vansh. In this episode, Ridhima offered him some remarks and clearly suggested by her expression, her concern that something was wrong, but he did not take it seriously.
      I was just focused on how incredible Vansh/Rrahul looked! 😍😍😍 me too. I mean why worry when we know he will be saved and not focus on extremely pleasant things, such as his physique. I’m just saying! 😂😂😍😍
      You described all the scenes in perfect agreement with what I saw in the episode, everything was detailed and analyzed and presented very meticulously and sprinkled with funny opinions , in your own style.❤❤❤ Thank you!

    4. 1. @Khushi, thanks girl so much and I’m looking forward to your review too! Yes, we’ve been waiting for revelations for some time now, but I don’t know when it will be even possible to show that, since they are stuck in the hotel due to the lockdown….but let’s see, maybe they’ll surprise us and we’ll get a revelation at the end of this week.
      2. Thanks girl! And yes, the Ishani-Gayu confrontation was great indeed!
      3. @Gabriela, I hope you’re doing better now and I’m glad my review could distract you a bit! The Sarah-Ishani scene was wonderful….I loved seeing true fear/shock in Ishani’s eyes haha! And I understand what you mean about Vansh not picking up on Riddhima’s sense of unease….typically, he’s good at knowing when something is bothering her, but here, he’s just kind of ignoring it or not taking it seriously! Yes, Vansh’s/Rrahul’s body was everything in the promo haha! Thanks so much for your feedback!

    5. @Akorfa Linda, sorry #2. in my reply above was for you lol…thanks again!

    6. Priyanka Thakur

      Awesome review Agatha your points are upto mark I totally agree with you in precap Vansh is looking so hot and handsome

    7. @Priyu, thanks so much girl and yes, he looks so hot in the promo!

  16. Hi friends
    I’m Mishti ❤️
    I’m new in Telly updates and I love immj2 alot❤️.I have watched it from episode 1 till now.
    For some reason this show is not complete without Kabir,I’m not a fan of him but he’s villan number 1 😂
    I really hope I can join in with you all☺️

    1. Gabriela

      Hello Mishti! Welcome! I hope you have fun here with us! 🥰🥰
      I say the same thing, Kabir has to come back, but he will come back when Vyom finishes his role. And again we will love / hate him in the same time, but we need him.

    2. Akorfa Linda

      Hi Mishti, welcome to the fam. Hope to see you here every day. we miss Kabir too, we are all hoping he will join shooting soon. Once again welcome 🥰

    3. Hi Mishti! Welcome to the fam and what a sweet name! Yes, I miss Kabir too. Hopefully, he’ll come soon or will be there as soon as the family returns to Mumbai!

    4. Priyanka Thakur

      Hello Mishti Welcome to our Pagalpan family

  17. Akorfa Linda

    @Gabriela Sis, thank God you are fine now🥰

    1. Gabriela


  18. Missing kabir😢.vishal pls come back

    1. Gabriela

      me too 😢😢

  19. Who knew forehead kisses could be so beautiful:

    1. Gabriela

      In this picture the kiss on the forehead is really s*xy, it conveys a lot to me ❤

    2. Priyanka Thakur

      Gabbs it’s true

    3. @Gabriela, that’s so true!

  20. Hi all, just seen the episode. It was quite interesting I must say tho I found some of Sara’s bit a little boring because she keeps finding ways to kill Vansh and it’s giving me a weird vibe but it was ok. Here’s my analysis of the episode anyway.
    – RiAnsh scene: a bit short😭 I wanted a longer scene because for 2 episodes we had almost no RiAnsh scenes at all and they gave us one. It was kinda sweet too but whatever Riddhima said about Vansh being with her scares me a little. I really hope Dot survives and Vansh too. Someone pls throw Vansh’s phone out of the window, it always rings at the wrong time. The scene was so lovely and then the phone rang like really? Does it have a mind of its own or something 🤦🏽‍♀️ but still loved that scene ❤️ I am just a little scared that Riddhima doesn’t do anything silly that will make her lose Dot or Vansh, too much stress is not good for her.
    – Sara/Riddhima/Family scene: haha Dadi was weird as usual. She literally again compared Riddhima with her friend saying that she’s your friend but she has values I am like seriously did she forget about the sacrifices Riddhima made for the family..that woman drives my blood pressure up. This scene was a little unnecessary tho but I loved the way Ishani was scared of her 😂😂 that reaction was priceless like she was scared of the knife despite living in a mafia family and hanging around guns all day 🤷🏽‍♀️ She’s weird. Hahahaha Aryan flirts with every girl that goes near him. But Sara is better than Kiara I feel because she knows how to say no while Kiara was just like a puppet hanging around Aryan 🤦🏽‍♀️ It was an okay scene but kinda skipped most of it.
    – Vansh/Angre and Dadi scene: well I skipped most of this part too because I couldn’t stand Dadi and her acting..she literally hid the box in the microwave. It’s more of an orange box instead of black. I am guessing it either has something to with Vansh’s father or black mamba truth 🤷🏽‍♀️ This has me guessing a lot. I am glad Vansh took that box away tho but I have a feeling that Dadi will try and get it back and then maybe Riddhima will be blamed? Well their misunderstandings stage is gone now so I think she will be ok and I think she is more worried about saving Vansh from Sara than the black/orange box itself.
    – Last scene: I loved how Vansh remembered his promise to Riddhima that he left alcohol when he found out she was pregnant. It was kinda sweet. Again with Sara and her ways of killing Vansh. I don’t have anything against her acting but seriously I did not like the way the episode was focussed more again on her. It was a little boring.
    – Precap was okay I guess, all I see now is Sarah trying her ways to kill Vansh while Riddhima runs away trying to find him and save him while threatening Sara too. I am still waiting for the 6 hours secret and the black box mystery really hope makers will focus on this and make sure Dot survives too. One more point if riddhima is pregnant why is she wearing a belt with her dress? Doesn’t that put a strain on her stomach 🤔 although I am loving her outfits Helly slays the look they give her. Let’s see what happens for the rest of this week. I am super tired now so good night to all and Gabs welcome back I am glad you are feeling better now 🤗 hope all is alright and pls everyone stay safe and happy ❤️

    1. Gabriela

      Khushi thanks for the care, now I’m better, thanks. And thanks for the review,it was original and vibrant, in your own style.
      Khushi, I’m with you after this episode. Chucky Sara was even too present, Riansh scene was too short and interrupted for I don’t know how many times the phone rang, Dadi became extremely annoying with her attitude, I skipped parts of the scenes because I did not like, and the belt ofRidhima when she is pregnant?
      As you said, the episode was interesting and you made it even more captivating through your comments about the characters or scenes.
      I was also happy when Sara scared Ishani. ❤❤😈😈
      One thing is clear about IMM2, we will never escape asking or worrying, as you said, and now we are worried that Ridhima will do something stupid to defend Vansh and put Dotu in danger.
      It was a real pleasure to read your review today, I hope the next one will be for an incredible episode to write more for us. ❤❤❤

    2. @Khushi, thanks so much for your review…it was very nice! Also, double thanks for caring about Dottu so much lol…normally, I’m like one of the few people, who gives the kid a mention, but I liked your care for it/and numerous shout outs to the baby today…okay, I know I’m crazy, but like I said, there’s some rumors that the makers will kill off the baby (because it’s a thriller and it’s difficult to find a baby during the panademic…..when did any of us say that the baby has to be born tomorrow and can’t they just use a toy baby/not show it’s face, if it’s born lol). In any case, I was concerned about the baby’s survival, so it’s nice to see others also care! As for the first RIansh scene, it was very sweet, but like you said, it was too short and we need to get rid of Vansh’s phone….it’s like the bane of RIansh’s romance! Yeah, Dadi really annoyed me with her behavior towards Riddhima today….I mean she can call RIddhima a lot of things (e.g. a spy, a liar, nosy, etc), but how dare she insinuate that she doesn’t have values….I mean given that RIddhima was raised in an orphange with no guidance from elders (except perhaps the wardens), she has far better values/manners than Dadi’s beloved grandchildren! Yeah, though I liked the Sarah-Ishani confrontation, I didn’t like that the whole episode was focused just on Sarah….but I think her arc is going to be short, so might as well enjoy it, while it lasts….provided that she doesn’t harm Dottu. At this point, I think the makers should at least focus on either the black box mystery or the 6 hours one….perhaps the 6 hours mystery would require Sarah/Vyom/and Kabir and the infamous Black Mamba to be shooting at the same time, so I’d be happy if they just reveal Dadi’s secret too. But let’s see, patience is a virtue lol! Thanks again and good night!

    3. Priyanka Thakur

      Awesome review your review is upto point I totally agree with you let’s see what happens next

    4. @Gabs thank you 🤗🤗 I will try and write a longer one next time just that there was not much happening in the episode except Sarah’s ways of killing Vansh which was driving me mad.
      @Imm2viewer let’s team up to throw the phone away 😂 that phone always rings whenever Riansh are romancing and it doesn’t ring when he is with dadi or angre that’s not fair phone 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ But I really hope the makers focus on one mystery at a time because now I’m finding it a little boring with Sarah always doing her mission of killing Vansh. And we are seeing vansh in pain again 🥺
      @Priyu thank you 🤗🤗

  21. Parita


    1. Priyanka Thakur

      Morning ❤❤❤❤

    2. Parita

      Di i hope your family is doing well??

  22. Priyanka Thakur

    Guys today’s promo is very scary but I trust Riddhima she won’t let anything happen to Vansh she will definitely save Vansh I’m expecting Riddhima will be giving Vansh lip kiss May be I’m expecting more

    1. Parita

      The promo is already out di??

    1. Priyanka Thakur

      I really enjoyed it very much Pari especially Ishani’s make up

    2. Parita

      Thank you @Priyanka Thakur i’m glad you did 😂❤❤

    3. Gabriela

      The chapter seems to be meant to get you out of depression, it was gorgeous! ❤❤❤

    4. Parita

      @Gabriela di thank you!!❤❤ glad you like it.

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