Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Shera

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh seeing Riddhima. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. Angre searches for Shera. Aryan says I can’t believe that Vansh has fallen for this staff girl. Riddhima sees the time and goes out. She says you… Angre signs Vansh and says I didn’t get Shera. Vansh asks who can take it, I think I know. Aryan asks runaway bride. Riddhima says I wanted to have some fresh air. He says Vansh is keeping an eye on you, its impossible to run from here. He goes. She pushes the trash bin and looks for Shera. Vansh comes there. He sees the trash fallen and shouts on Mrs. D’souza. She says maybe a cat has done this. He sees the mehendi marks on the bin. He says someone with mehendi hands tried to find something here. Angre comes. Vansh says if my doubt on Riddhima is right, then bye bye Riddhima. He goes inside and sees Riddhima dancing with the family. He asks everyone to show their mehendi, the picture will come good.

Everyone shows their hands. Vansh sees Riddhima’s mehendi spoiled and thinks my doubt was right, Riddhima was there at the garbage bin. Siya asks him to click the pic. Vansh gets shocked seeing everyone’s mehendi spoiled. He clicks the pic and thinks how did everyone’s mehendi get spoiled. Riddhima recalls hearing Vansh talking to Angre. Riddhima goes inside and asks Dadi to dance like her. She teaches them steps. Their mehendi spoils during the dance. Riddhima thinks Vansh is very smart, this time I m also ready. She recalls seeing Vansh coming. She gets Shera from the trash. She leaves. Dadi says its fine if mehendi got spoiled, there is colour in it, it means this relation will have love and trust always. Riddhima thinks you trust your power, I trust my love, I have Shera, now I m ready to ruin you. Dadi says Vansh will keep you very happy and love you. Riddhima thinks you have snatched Kabir’s right from me. Kabir sees Riddhima’s pic and says Vansh has snatched my right, but can’t snatch you, this marriage can’t happen, I m coming to you. He asks Mishra to get the map of Vansh’s mansion. He says Vansh, you made a big and last mistake of your life by trying to snatch Riddhima from me.

Vansh doubts on Riddhima and his uncle’s family. Angre says I didn’t find anything. Vansh says focus on the right person, someone is lying to us. He throws the knife at the pic. Kabir says I will enter Vansh’s mansion and try to get evidence, so that I can free Riddhima. Mishra says its impossible. Kabir says nothing is imp, I won’t let Riddhima marry that Vansh. Riddhima gets Shera. She says this has proof against Vansh. She cries and says just one day more, there is haldi, sangeet and then marriage, I will fulfill my motive tomorrow, I will celebrate my victory with Kabir, Vansh will get punished.

Its morning, Vansh comes and scolds Riddhima. She gets shocked and says I don’t know what is Shera. He asks her not to act smart. He gets Shera and scolds her. She wakes up from the dream. She sees Shera and hides it in her bandage. Ishani comes and asks what are you doing. She says I should be scared to see you, you did a black magic to trap Vansh, Dadi is calling you. Riddhima comes for the haldi. Dadi asks Riddhima to change her bandage. Riddhima says no, I will manage, after changing my clothes. Vansh says I will change the bandage. Riddhima gets shocked.

Vansh asks Riddhima why does she always like to run, the marriage will happen in some hours. Riddhima thinks to leave and take Shera some how. She gives her hand to Vansh..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. so fast!!! thank yu

    so smartness is increasing ridma weldone

  2. Thanks a lot Amena for updating it so fast :)….Now they r showing Riddhima lyk a very smart person..Nyc..

  3. It’s so dumb, she went in that house hating someone she has no connection to.. someone she is trying to trap, just cause Kabir told Ridhimma to hate she became so passionately hateful for someone she doesn’t know. I don’t know if it’s Helly or just a bad script but if Vansh killed Ridhimma and Kabir I’d give him 2 thumbs up

    1. I think initially she went for Kabir but when she saw vansh and his tactics she might have thought that person like vansh should be behind the bars. It’s my perception

    2. We sometimes judge people on the basis of our loved ones judge them. But Vansh is a criminal he doesn’t believe anyone even his own family, this will make you hate them na. Ki garo ko chodo iss admi ko apne ghar walo pe yakin tak nhi hai 😂😂.

    3. Maybe; but she played a game on Kabir’s say so to gain Vansh’s trust blah blah blah, she’s playing a game with a stranger and Kabir is an idiot, he’s putting his civilian girlfriend in harms way… I still feel there is something not quite right about Kabir it may have something to do with the previous woman in Vansh’s life which they have alluded to but abruptly stopped talking about… I’m not feeling the characters of Ridhimma or Kabir at all; their over sugary connection will give you diabetes and it’s boring. Vansh’s dimensions and exploring his past would be far more interesting than tweedle dum and tweedle dee. I hope he doesn’t marry Ridhimma she’s such a painfully boring and annoying 1 dimensional character and her lofty speeches make me wish she took maun vrat for a few weeks. Hope there is a second female entry soon. Only so much of righteous Ridhimma anyone can handle, need a fiery female for Vansh to keep him on his toes and allure him. He’s marrying Ridhimma to smoke out her partner not for any other reason, also I think Shera might be a trick; what kind of mastermind would put his information in a statue that isn’t even in a safe??? Makes 0 sense and means he’s not a great mastermind if he’s keeping the cause of his destruction lying around 😒

    4. You are right.vansh shoud not get married to that riddhima. There should be another female entry for him

  4. Show is becoming so interesting day by day now Ridhima is having Shera and it will be interesting that will Kabir get Shera or Vansh. Now as the show is proceeding I have noticed one thing that Vansh love and rules his family. Nobody can go against him no matter how much they are jealous of his success.
    I don’t want Vansh and Riddhima to be a couple I am waiting for Kabir and Ridhima’s cute cute moments.

  5. Whatever atlast Vansh and Riddhima will get married
    Otherwise there will be no interesting track……………….
    If she get shera and suceess kabir arrest vansh …………The END

    If she get married and show will go on…………..Both Kabir and Riddhima broke themselves……….
    After so much emotion Riddhima again try ti find evidence because she thinks it was not at all marriage
    on other side Vansh also married unwillingly………………..They Act infront of family……………
    I think Vansh also past which she had girlfriend………….
    Now they will make episodes like Riddhima was angry on Vansh try to destroy his life……..
    So much family Drama……………..
    If writers are clever and want to make Riddhima strong…………….She will play a good game and broke the family and make vansh alone…………….
    In meanwhile Vansh slowly falls in love with her……………
    After all plan success she makes vansh trust and make him alone and arrest vansh and go back to Kabiir………………..

    Now fully revenged Vansh comes back to only make Ridihhma life hell………….He plays with Kabir.
    In between Riddhima and vansh have special bond as they feeling guilty and miss each other(Daily Soap anything can happens 🙂 )

    Waiting to see me premontion correct or not
    In meanwhile Riddhima and Vansh have

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