Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Kabir’s truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying what did I do that Anupriya got so angry, who was that boy. Vansh comes and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I saw mom leaving, she looks strict sometimes, she is protective, don’t take her words on your heart. She says I know every mom is worried for her child, but her behavior was different today. Riddhima asks Chanchal is she making a pineapple cake. Chanchal says Anupriya has made it. Riddhima asks shall I help you. She thinks maybe that boy was Vansh. Vansh comes and asks did mom has baked the cake. Riddhima says yes, its your fav pineapple cake. Vansh says no, I hate pineapple cake, I m sure she made it for someone else. Riddhima asks for whom did she make it.

Anupriya says I made it for Sia, she fell down the chair today while picking phone, her phone broke, I made her fav cake to cheer her mood. She says Vansh, give me time to bake chocolate cake for you. He says no problem, just make Sia’s mood better, if she is happy, I will be happy. They go. Chanchal says a mum should be like Anupriya, she takes care of her children. Riddhima thinks was Aryan that boy in the video. She receives a parcel. Chanchal says its mine, if there are baby pics in the room, then baby is cute, I got all the kids pics framed to fix it in Ishani’s room. Riddhima says I want to see it. Chanchal shows the pics. She says that’s Vansh, Sia, Ishani and Aryan. Riddhima thinks who was that boy calling Anupriya as mum. Chanchal asks didn’t you like it. Riddhima says its lovely. Chanchal says it would look good if its of gold.

Riddhima thinks that boy wasn’t Vansh or Aryan, there are just two boys in this house, who is the third boy. She walks and is about to step on an axe. Anupriya comes and stops her. Riddhima sees the axe. Anupriya says you will be hurt if you hit your leg to the axe, be careful, stay away from the axe, who knows, this axe may be somewhere else. She warns Riddhima. She goes. Riddhima says now I m sure of some secret between you and that boy, but what is it.

Anupriya talks to Kabir on call. She says don’t know how it got captured, our secret was coming out. Riddhima looks on and thinks what secret. Kabir says it was worst time when I had to hide and come to meet you, I explained Riddhima to focus on Ragini’s murder, she doesn’t understand it, she is spoiling our game, if our past is exposed, our mission will also get exposed. Anupriya says don’t worry. She goes and keeps a CD in the drawer. Riddhima looks on. Anupriya sees a gold chain and says its a memory of Kabir, your locket, fav toy car. She sees their pic and cries. She hugs the pic. Riddhima thinks whose pic can it be. Anupriya hides the key in her bangle. Ishani comes and says you are spying in mom’s room. Anupriya scolds Riddhima. She asks didn’t you parents teach you anything, you are from an orphanage, right, who will teach you there. Ishani laughs and taunts Riddhima. Anupriya thinks Riddhima has seen the key in bangle, now I can play a good game. She says there is another rasam, where a Bhabhi gifts her Nanand, I will teach you, you gift this bangle to Ishani.

Riddhima makes Ishani wear it. She says Ishani, many people has their eyes on this bangle. Riddhima thinks to get the key some how to get the boy’s pic. Riddhima goes. Anupriya thinks Riddhima can’t get the key from Ishani now. She smiles. Riddhima gets the box from Anupriya’s room. She says its good Anupriya wasn’t in the room, I got this box. She throws it down and the box breaks. She sees Anupriya and her son’s pic. She says this boy was in that video, maybe I have seen this face somewhere. She gets more pics and checks. She gets shocked seeing Kabir with Anupriya. She says how is it possible, Kabir…. it means he was the boy in the video. She checks the card and reads your son Kabir. She says it means Anupriya is Kabir’s real mum, Kabir cheated me, he has hidden this big truth from me. Riddhima goes to meet Kabir. She splashes water on his face. He gets shocked seeing her. She says you cheat… She throws the pics at him. He gets shocked. She says these pics are enough proof.

Think some segment missed in the start? Check comments below for missing part.

Precap: Ridhima tells Kabir that she knows Anupriya is his real mother. He has only one goal in his life – Vansh’s destruction – which she won’t let happen. Kabir takes out a knife and tries to stab her, but she hits him with a lamp.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. How did she get out of the mansion!!
    I think kabir has dream about her, but so excited what will she do after learning the truth 🤔🤔

  2. Preeti Priyanka

    I just loved today’s episode but what I’m thinking is that whether what happened at was true or a dream of kabir,because it is impossible for someone to get out of VR mansion without vansh’s permission and especially riddhima.

    1. Yes It’s Impossible to get out from VR MONSION without permission of VR and VR is amazing person

    2. Is ishq mai marjawaan 2 going to end?😭😭🙉


      but why anyone cannot go out vr mansion without vansh permission i am new to here and not watched previous episode so plz tell me

  3. This is probably a dream of kabirs.what abt the continuation of ystrdays episode?

    1. Ardra priyadarsini

      Yes, I think so too. Yesterday’s episode ended Ishani saw the phone being snatched away. But where is its sequel in today’s episode.

  4. I mean ystrdays episode ends with ridhima in a state of shock,when ishani grabs vansh s mobile from her when she was abt to delete the video…But this episode doesnt show any continuation to it,why.
    btw thanq amena for the super fast update!!

    1. @ Preya. Even I am thinking the same. I don’t think it’s real. Maybe either the channel forgot to air the next immediate episode or it’s just a dream to grab more attention. However, I don’t think that Kabir’s truth will come out in front of Riddhima so easily. Whatever it is, we will come to know in maximum next two episodes.

    2. Some extra parts have telecasted on colors tv last night so its the continuation from last nights episode

    3. Preeti Priyanka

      @preya I think you have not watched the telecast in TV. Because in television it was shown that riddhima saw that video while she was deleting kabir and her video from vansh’s phone by making fall from her wheelchair. And while she saw the Birthday video anupriya came and scolded her and warned her to be away of her matters.

    4. Please can someone, who watches IMMJ 2 on TV, explain in detail exactly what happened after Ishani snatched phone from Riddhima? That part is not even available on mxplayer or voot.

    5. What happened was Ishani takes the phone to dadi and Vansh and she tells Vansh that Riddhima was going through his phone. Vansh said you saw Riddhima with the phone and made up a story.Maybe Riddhima was about to come give the phone. Ishani gets mad and leaves. Riddhima over hears that. Riddhima says Siya is the only one who can help delete the video so she Siyas phone on the ground and calls Siya. When Siya saw that she phone was on the ground she bent over but fell on the ground. Everyone comes running to see if Siya is ok. Riddhima quickly goes to the room to delete the video off the phone and she does but she steps on the remote and the tv turns on and Riddhima sees Anupriya feeding the cake the Kabir. Anupriya comes in the room and yells and Riddhima and try’s to turn off the tv. Then the precap comes on.

  5. What just happened?Where’s the segment from where the episode should start?
    Is it a dream of Kabir?Kabir is dreaming about Riddhima discovering the truth, cake baking, Ishani, Vansh, Siya and all????
    I mean what the hell just happened??
    It isn’t making sense to me yet..

    1. Some xtra part was telecasted just on the TV and it’s not available anywhere else I guess…
      It was that:
      Ishani brings the phone to Vansh,pauses the video on TV and says that Riddhima was checking your phone. I am sure this phone has something which could be of her use,etc. Vansh & Dadi say that maybe Riddhima was coming to give the phone and u cooked this story in ur mind. Then Ishani says that u will remember & regret this when her truth will come out. She goes after throwing the remote. Then Vansh & Dadi hv a small talk about her arrogance. Riddhima was watching this. She then sees Siya(who is wearing headphones & her phn kept at some dist from her)and thinks that only she can help me to delete the video from Vansh’s phn..
      Then the part I hated & I had not thought of-
      Riddhima calls on Sia’s phone from the landline..Sia tries to take phone(she doesn’t move the wheelchair but instead struggles to take it by bending) and in the process falls down and shouts..Hearing her Dadi & Vansh rushes to her, make her sit and ask how that happened. Sia narrates it. In the meanwhile Riddhima goes to the room,deletes the video with a sigh of relief. So basically this was here wahiyat plan, using someone’s disability and hurting the person for own benefit. However by her foot(that pushes the button of the remote earlier thrown by Ishani) the video resumes. She gets tensed and tries to stop the video hurriedly. But the video keeps on playing which shows Anupriya secretly giving a piece of pineapple cake(saying that it was his fav)to a boy behind the curtains & the boy calls Anupriya ‘mom’. She gets thinking but meanwhile Anupriya reached there and tried to stop the video. She takes the casette, warns Riddhima and goes leaving Riddhima thinking why she behaved that way and who that boy was.
      I hv never written bf4 so can’t say if that’s okk..But hope it helpss

    2. @ Riya. Thank you Riya. Even though you never wrote anything of that sort before, you narrated it very well. Thanks for helping us out.

    3. Riya thank you so much.

    4. @Riya Thanks dear,,I didn’t saw that part as I saw the episode on youtube yesterday and it supposed to air here in BD today but I missed it..

    5. @Riya Thank u so much. Riddhima actually stooped low by this act. But I guess we can forgive her for this as people around her have done much worse. But she should also stop giving her high on morals gyaan.

    6. @Nia exactly talked my heart dear..Riddhima isn’t a loyal wife,she herself isn’t honest,as for now she isn’t loyal girlfriend..Then how come she lectures others so much?She should stop being a gyaan devi..😒😒
      It irks me..

  6. So I guess up to Ishani having the bangles is reality and the rest of the part is a dream of Kabir bcz the promo showed that Riddhima opened the box wearing white dress,,When Riddhima will get her hands on that box she’ll find out something else not Kabir and Anupriya’s stuff,,Anupriya will change them,,
    Damn you makers..I thought you guys would come up with something interesting..
    But you guys just wasted the hype..

  7. When they had shown riddhima used Sonya’s disability for her own benefits I have a gut feeling that may be they will show riddhima as a psycho lover who will hurt/kill (like maya or tara from immj1)anyone who will come between her and vansh.

    1. damn. same feeling appears to me when i watch scene where vansh cares for riddhima .
      the feeling is different from yours.
      mine feeling is that both of them have ability to kill anyone who hurts both of them .

    2. Why u people think ridima used siya disability…. Its siya mistake…as vash said she should have called someone to pick up phone..

  8. @Riya can you please tell anyone to post scene which telecast on tv but not online on instagram hence some people can not watch on tv but online. thanks for the post scene

    1. Yr I doubt anyone can do that..Evn I tried to look for that but I hv not been able to find it neither on Instagram nor Youtube or any other site…

    2. Now it’s available if u wish to see…On colors tv’s youtube channel..Recap 71& 72

  9. Tq for the update

  10. I dont think Kabir’s truth would come out so quickly. It has to be Kabir’s dream for sure. But I can’t believe it, the makers hyped the dream so much that they even made a full fledged “sunday special” promo for it? Wow.

  11. I really didn’t like it when riddhima used sia for her own benefits
    Sia is someone who is disabled also she’s a pure heart
    I liked ridhima and vansh together,but what if kabir was actually good,would she cheat him?
    Since kabir is a villain her actions are justified some how
    She has always been very clumsy in the show and it made me more upset when she made sia fall from her wheel chair.
    If she was capable of thinking of a plan to make sia fall and delete the video then she is capable of making some other plan to delete the video
    It slowly feels like she might get obsessed with vansh
    She’s always so confused,sometimes she supports vansh and sometimes kabir
    Also vansh and kabir’s acting is really good

    1. I dont think any one really good would emotionally blackmail his girl to marry someone else by threatening suicide. From that point itself, I think it became clear to most of us viewing the serial that his character is at least partly negative. From there itself, though probably reluctant to admit to herself in the beginning, perhaps Riddhima also might have suspected subconsciously that he is using her. That said, I somehow feel probably Ridhima and Vansh might be playing together- when Ridhima send that book to Kabir’s address itself, Vansh would have found out all about Kabir as he is shown to shrewd with PIs / spies. I think his still caring for her is because she might already have confessed to him or otherwise he must be taking revenge by making her fall in love with him.

  12. By reading comments here i get to know that most of the immj2 fan are not watching the show on tv but on voot . Pls guys wath immj2 on tv .

    1. I would agree on that..Evry1 who can shuld watch it on TV also…
      It deserves to be on the top..

    2. Doesnt wayching on voot help the show in any way. Then why are they giving 24h early on voot? I watch usually on TV as it is better viewing experience but sometimes again on voot

  13. Siya should have called someone….to pick up phone…

    1. I get what u want to say..But still Riddhima did intended to do so..Which is also wrong


    hi friends i am new to here i will also join with you

  15. @shobha how can you say it was siya’s problem when you saw ridhimma call her and it was her favorite phone and even I would try to pick it up .it wasn’t fair I just hope it’s a Dream coz I sore ridhimma wearing I think a white sari and then red…..

  16. Hiii am also new here nice 2 meet u

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