Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima challenges Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir checking Riddhima’s call and voice message. He hears it again. He drops the phone. He thinks Ragini is alive, it means plan will fail, Vansh won’t be proved a criminal. He says how can this happen. He calls her. He asks did you see Ragini by your eyes. Anupriya asks what, Ragini is alive. He asks how did you get Riddhima’s phone. FB shows Ishani scolding the maid. She goes. The phone rings. Maid says whose phone is this. Anupriya says give it to me, go. She answers. FB ends. She says its impossible. He says send phone to Riddhima, I want to know it from her. She says fine. Riddhima falls down the bed. She thinks I have to contact Kabir. Maid comes and sees her fallen down. Riddhima says my phone. Maid makes her sit on the couch and goes. Someone wearing a mask faints Riddhima using chloroform.

Kabir says mom, did you send the phone. Anupriya says yes. He says she switched off the phone, she didn’t give the card, she is fooling. He says I think she has seen Ragini herself. She says Ragini will tell the truth to Vansh, what happened three years ago, Vansh will not leave us. He says this won’t happen, I need to know when and where Riddhima saw her, I have plan B, listen to me.

Vansh says there is a special reason to keep you here. He holds her hand. He says this heart is beating for a special reason, very soon, it will be fulfilled, you have gone through a lot, very soon, you will be free of the pain, that day didn’t come, I hope you will get to senses soon, then we will be in front of each other. He gets a call and says good job, I knew Riddhima won’t sit quiet, you didn’t disappoint me. Riddhima wakes up.

She says my legs are working, I will call Kabir. She sees her phone in water. She says Vansh would have done this. A note is thrown it. Someone knocks. She reads, meet me at pool side in an hour. FB shows Kabir asking Anupriya to send a note to Riddhima. Riddhima says thanks Kabir. She goes to meet him. Vansh holds her. She is about to say Kabir. He asks whose name comes with K in this house. Kabir comes and hides. She says I know, I was saying kaun hai and stopped seeing you, I was feeling suffocated in room, so came here. She thinks how to send message to Kabir. She says I came out of the room, but you have caged another girl. Kabir thinks Riddhima is giving me a message. She says I want to promise you, I will find Ragini and make her reach some safe place. She thinks Kabir will do this work. Vansh says you think you will snatch Ragini and I will just see. Kabir thinks Riddhima means Ragini will be with me, it will be my gain, I will wait for Riddhima to get Ragini to me. Vansh and Riddhima argue. He goes. Riddhima says we will know if I can do it or not.

Anupriya says Riddhima is brave, she has challenged Vansh. Kabir says I know she has much fire in her, she would have started planning. She says if Vansh stops her, then she can’t reach Ragini, how will we get Vansh behind bars. He says if Vansh creates troubles for Riddhima, then you have to help her. She asks how can I help her. He says you are forgetting that she is helping us, we can get Ragini only by her help. She says okay, think we got Ragini, what is your plan. He says come on mom, you know the answer. He leaves.

Its night, Vansh digs up a grave. Angre calls him and says Ragini will get conscious in 24 hours. Vansh says its good news, keep me updated. He says very soon, one for whom I m digging this grave will be here soon. Riddhima looks on and thinks Vansh is going to kill Ragini, its time to show courage and save Ragini.

Riddhima wakes up and says what’s this sound. She sees Ragini crying. Ragini says save me Riddhima. Riddhima says I won’t let anything happen to you. Ragini disappears. Riddhima says I won’t let you kill Ragini, I can’t waste a min now. She keeps pillows in her place and goes. Vansh turns towards her side. He sleeps. Riddhima reaches the gate. She sees the big lock. She says Vansh did this to stop me, I will try once. She tries to break the lock. Someone looks on. She turns and says I felt someone was here, I will save Ragini and get justice also.

Its morning, Vansh asks Riddhima to help him. He asks how do I look. She says same as you always look. He asks how can this happen, I should look different today, its special day, its day of revenge, I will end Ragini’s chapter forever, you should pray for me, you should feed me curd and sugar, we can have a new start, I m going to take a big step at 4, I can take anyone’s life for my family. She says this is the difference between us, I can risk my life for an innocent life. He says our thoughts are opposite, science says opposites attract. He eats the curd by her hands and says good luck. He goes. She sees Vansh leaving. Ishani locks the door. She smiles and says Riddhima you can try but you can’t go out of this house. She goes to take a call. Riddhima looks on. Riddhima thinks my plan B is always ready.

Precap: Riddhima hits someone (a doctor) and wears his clothes to get out of the house. Vansh is in car with someone. He says only 2 hours are left. Riddhima is with Kabir and they are also going to Ragini. Vansh’s car breaks down. He says 30 minutes left and runs. Kabir thinks 30 minutes and Ragini will be in his possession.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Waiting to know who wins the challenge

    1. I think that…vansh is forced to do negative role right now. As I believe he is protecting ragini as maybe he thinks one of his family wanted to kill ragini before and he is trying to catch the culprit

  2. Yeah yeah..your plan B, plan C, plan D is always ready when you need to spoil something stupid Riddhima.
    Just don’t imterrupt and let us know what is this whole Ragini thing. Tired of this Ragini thing. More than three months they are dragging the same shit.
    Some people are saying Vansh is having a double role here. I’d like it to be a rumor only. If Vansh is having a double role this show is getting a double zero from me.
    Vansh himself completes the character. He doesn’t need any double role to portray the grey shed.
    Anyone wants to see Vansh’s double role here?

    1. Omg no! I dont wanna see any double role in here, neither for Vansh and nor for anyone else. I think the 1st season was full of double roles where every other person had a doppelganger, and everyone was literally fed up of all the mess and confusion that was created.

    2. @ tonni
      Really 🤣🤣🤣 plan B, plan C…. aare yaar kyu hamesha ridhu Kae opper chilla rahaehai…
      I don’t want to see angry bird in double role

    3. Double roles came to be cliché and irritating in Tv series. But somehow my mind also stuck on Vansh being double sometimes he acts far apart from character being weird. But that will be heck dull!!!

    4. @Nia I don’t know about the 1st season but this season surely has so many loopholes. Those gaps must be filled with some logical reason. Someone should approach to the writer for these explanations.

      @M abh kya kare yaar!!Riddhima hamesha kuch na kuch stupidity kar hi deti hai. Abh precap hi dekhlo. Kabir ko saath leke Ragini ko lene jaa rahe hai. Matlab khud ki aur Ragini ki doono ki jaan to khate mein dal hi rahe hai. Vansh ko bhi takleef de rahe hai saath mein Vansh ka plan ka bhi sattyanash kar rahe hai.

    5. @ tonni
      🤣🤣🤣 Haa baba ridhu nae spoil kar rahehai… lekin voo anjanaemae kar rahaehai naa yeh Saab…. Vusae Kya patha boliyae voo Kabir ek devil thaa…. Ridhu nae vohi kar rahaehai Joo insaan dhekthae Hai aur soonthaehai. Vansh thoo achae Kae liyae kar rahahai lekin ridhu tho vi bath Nahi janthinaa…
      Koyi Apko yeh Baath bolae Kya? Aapkae baathae ek ek Baar chotae bachae Kae jaisae bahuth innocent aur cute lagthaehai….
      Saach Mae apka comments padnaekee time pae muje aisahee lagtha Hai yaar… Automatic sae face Mae smile 🙂 ajathaa.tqsm yaar

    6. @M hayeeee main marjawan..🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
      Thank you so much yaar. Kisi ka smile ki wajah hona kam baat thodi na hain!!1Accha laga shun ke aapi 😊baat.😊😊😊😊😊

    7. I really mean it

    8. Hahaha not at oll

  3. thats the way!!instead of showing her as some bechari they are showing her strong enough to challenge him in his terrritory where she is just surrounded by enemies at each step..I feel like the makers are slowly showing her stronger and courageous side ( as it is said courage does not mean absence of fear)……L really want in future that ridhu has her own agenda because
    earlier we knew that kabir was also an orphan..later came in as son of anupriya
    we knew vaansh had some past not exactly what…her mother (like what happended during ganpati??) who is raginiis she dead or alive
    similarly we no nothing abt ridhu she has told herself to be orphan moreover evn kabir knows her from the past 3 yrs only…

  4. guys one more doubt to me
    why is kabir so hell bent to know abt ragini because if he just wanted vansh behind bars there are many others ways also….
    I saw a bts where I think I saw ragini in a red suit with mangalsutra(not so sure)
    so do u think she could be kabir’s wife??
    opinions pls

    1. Preeti Priyanka

      Where you have seen the bts. Can you please say?

    2. Yes….where do you guys see the promos and bts??

    3. I think Ragini knows something very crucial that she can spill out to Vansh. I think she knows Anupriya is with Kabir and also much more. Plus I also feel just like how Riddhima was sent by Kabir to spy upon Vansh, Ragini’s situation was also similar wherein she was used by Kabir. But the problem is that Vansh led everyone to believe that Ragini is dead, and Kabir felt that Vansh might have murdered her for her betrayal.
      Even I dont know why Kabir wants to use only Ragini’s “apparent” murder to send Vansh to jail. He can try something else.

    4. In yesterday’s episode only Anupriya admitted that Ragini knows something about here. So that’s why Kabir is curious regarding Ragini.
      Yes, there are many ways for Kabir to sent Vansh to jail. But both Riddhima and Kabir seems to have forgotten that Vansh is a white collar criminal. If they had better focused on finding proofs regarding his illegal activities, by now he would be probably in jail but anyways, the makers want to stretch the story.

    5. @B As far I’ve heard in the first few episode Vansh doesn’t keep any prioof of his crime. If there were some sort of proof Kabir would’ve got it by now bcz Anupriya is staying since childhood there.

      Kabir actually wanted to focus on Ragini only I think. He wanted Riddhima to find out Ragini from the beginning bcz he was saying 3 saal se main Ragini ki raaz janna chahta hoon.
      So actually Ragini was the alma matter for Kabir.

      like I said I am not sure whether the girl with kabir is ragini or not…but if u see the video pls do let me know what u think

    7. @tonni thank u …I actually forgot abt the scene..u made a valid point

    8. @ravi youtube

    9. @mahi
      Yes, I think Ragini has a connection with Kabir, but I don’t think she is his wife, and it is clear that she knows many facts

    10. @Nia 🙌🙌🙌…same like riddhima…ragini also send as spy by kabir and Anupriya to kill vansh dad becoz of property ….
      She may also ended up loving him or used him in the form of love. And vansh came to know Abt her betrayal. Before vansh pull out her secrets of her mission
      from her mouth . Kabir might hav done something and she went into coma.

    11. Mahi, the girl you were claiming to be Ragini, is not Ragini, as well as the part of the video that video is not from the IMMJ2 BTS. It is from Veera, I guess. Vishal Vashisthas first tv-series and lady is DIgangana Suryavanshi

  5. Riansh Lover

    Oh god …A challenge😧….Sounds like hell.😑All this fighting for Ragani?…Im pretty sure hes not going to kill ragani but kabir will..riddhima is going to regret telling kabir .I wonder what happened 3 years ago.I just wish ragani ragani ragani could stop

    I still hate Ishani alot 💔💔💔

  6. Greeshma_geetha

    Interesting Very interesting….
    Now it is clear that Vansh still loves Ragini by his words…
    Waiting for the next episode….
    I think when Ridhima confronts Vansh before Ragini then she will stay by Vansh shocking Ridhima. Ridhima later regrets her mistakes but Vansh doesn’t forgive her… Hope for the best

    1. @greeshma_geetha how do you know Vansh still loves Ragini?The two male leads are literally behind Ragini,whereas the female lead is stuck between them.Poor Riddhima

    2. @ geethu no….
      Vansh nae Joo bola vusa asali ardha vo Nahi tha…he just wants to know some information from her that’s it. If he really love her I think just only as a frnd or a well wishers.

  7. I think this ragini news something about vansh’s dad maybe he is taking revenge for his dad’s murder and only ragini knows the murder

  8. Making riddhu foolish,already Sejal is with Kabir ,now she is going to handover ragini to kabir.when will these teleserials give brains to women.great question mark.will she not think that some one is helping Kabir from vr mansion and giving dhoka to vansh.why he himself shoots and rescue ragini.kuch tho brain dho Riddhima ko.please writers should think little logically to make the serial sucess.

    1. Can someone really be doubtful about ones own loved ones.. can you be doubtful about your parents or siblings deceiving you.. in the same manner how the fact of kabir deceiving her will occur in riddhima’s mind… According to her,, she is really smart.. she thought kabir who has not been exposed till yet and still appears as a police cbi agent will help her to free Ragini from vansh.. how can you call her a foolish girl.. pls do not judge the character

  9. What the hell Riddhima has also started PLANNING like Ishani, Aryan, Chanchal,Kabir,Anupriya and Vansh. That’s SHIT 😤😠🥺😫

    1. yeah your right Avni

  10. Interesting episode 🤔 I wander if Kabir sent Ragini before riddhima and now both are in danger. So it’s up to Vansh to help them but I want Kabir’s truth to be out..then Riddhima will stop helping him. But overall excited for upcoming

  11. Whether vansh loves ragini then he is cheating ridhima someone reply to me pls what he actually said to ragini

    1. @zoya on which dialogue of Vansh you came to know that he loves Ragini?

    2. Vansh isn’t cheating Riddhima. He doesn’t love Ragini. He just wants to get some info from her.

    3. @zoya
      Vansh means that Ragini is alive so far just because he wants to know what happened 3 years ago so he wants
      her return to her awareness and she tell him the truth.

  12. Now that’s the spirit of a thriller story, I like it. Interesting…..Very interesting…

  13. Amina, I thought of the same as well, I guess Anupriya,kabir, chanchal and Aryan including Aryan father will have a hand in vansh father’ s death and vansh has some information but need a proof then I feel Rhiddima would still leave VR mansion then still comeback.

  14. What the hell is going here i just don’t understand ragini is just becoming a nagini btw vansh and ridhimma and if vansh knows all about ridhimma i don’t know why he was showing concern towards her and the big question who is ridhimma’s co-actor? ? Both vansh and kabir is devil 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. Ridhima might also turn out to be a devil

    2. @ gouri I don’t think vansh is devil

  15. This mystery is confusing….Hope makers don’t make a mess out of it…but one thing that’s more confusing is that out of anu-kabir and aryan-chanchal who is more related to ragini????

    1. that is really a mystery man…they are creating more mystery before solving the 1st one..
      I really hope tmr some” gud “new twist come..and show some light on solving the past

  16. Kuch baada damakaedhar pataka hee jalnae vala Hai…
    Vansh nae Ragini Kae sath Joo kuch bee bola… Vusa ardha voo Nahi Hai… Kuch tho gadbaad Hai. I am so curious to know what’s going to happen in next episode.
    Very interesting…

  17. I’m so scared that Kabir might kill Ragini, I just dont want that to happen. Riddhima has shown lot of passion for providing justice to Ragini from the very beginning. But unfortunately she didn’t show the same passion for providing justice to Sunny, who was “apparently” trying to help her uncover the truth. Riddhima’s passion for Ragini makes me wonder if she is in any way related to her? .
    Its strange how everyone conveniently forgot Sunny. We viewers know what happened to him, but the rest of them dont know right. Thats what I didn’t like about the show. The makers disclose the truth only to the viewers and not to the concerned characters, but eventually it seems that now everyone knows the truth. For example, as soon as we viewers came to know Kabir’s truth, even Riddhima started to fall out of love with him.

    1. Exactly. So much illogical scenes and loopholes. They have such dynamic actors for the show but the writer has portrayed them terribly with such scenes. Imagine the hit this show could’ve made if the story actually had a sense of flow and rationality. What about Sathe, Neha, D’Souza, real DSR, Sunny and most importantly Vansh’s illegal white collar businesses. Too much focus is being placed on Ragini’s story which the audience now finds irritating. This is why TRP is dropping significantly. This is why people stop watching the TV and only read the written updates and scenes on Instagram. When I first saw the promo for IMMJ2 I had alot hopes for the logics and scenes of the show unlike the first season. It is now past a 100 episodes and all I can say is I am disappointed 😔.

    2. @Nia
      I very much agree with you and wonder why focus only on Ragini when there are a lot of issues to focus on and also Vansh’s illegal actions.

  18. Vernali Mohanty

    The precap was awesome. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!!

    1. I don’t know why I’m feeling that both the parties will find Ragini vanished from there. Riddhima will blame Vansh. Vansh will blame Riddhima. There might be 3rd party also.Don’t know what will happen.

  19. ▶Kabir is portraying Kabir Sharma. ▶He have a father too.
    ▶Anupriya helplessly married Vansh’s dad.
    ▶3yrs ago something happened related to Ragini-AnuBir-Vansh

    Connecting these dots
    ➡ Vansh’s dad was carbon copy of Vansh. Kabir’s father might cheated Vansh’s dad ending up dad killing Kabir’s father. Anupriya inorder to avenge for kabir’s father somehow disappeared Vansg’s Maa and get married to Vansh’s Dad and also kept Kabir hidden from all. Years passed all grown up.
    Ragini entered to Vansh’s life. Vansh’s might not be this Vansh at that time. They got engaged. Ragini was greedy (as Dadi told), still loves Vansh and wants to have a happily married life( assumed from tattoo scene). RaVansh was to get married. Kabir enters the scenario. AnuBir mom-son duo tie up for revenge and plans to kill Vansh’s dad ( if my recollecting ability is good Dadi claimed as Vansh’s dad died an year ago. If not that Assume Vansh’s dad to be dead). Ragini somehow comes to know about AnuBir. But duo found that. Anupriya being a drama queen cooked up a story about Ragini and diverts the blame on Ragini. Vansh who trusts his Mom deeply. Believes her and kick-off Ragini out of his life and starts to avenge for his father.
    Vansh wants to know who is behind her. Knowing this an Enranged Kabir urge to make her quite her and ends up killing her parents in front of her and leaves her for Vansh. Which causes to lose her mental equilibrium. Vansh wants to know who is behind all this. So he kept her safe till. Kabir predicting Vansh murdered Ragini for revenge. Plans to usurp Vansh and put him behind bar for completion of his avenge to his father. Traps Ridhima and story begins.

    1. @den u do have a logical story…and I think ridhu might be someway related to it ..because if she really loved kabir she would definately not fall for vaansh so soon..or she is playing with both the guys and has her own agenda and past for revenge…as no simple girl will take so much risk this way there need to be some hidden motive

    2. @Mahi let’s wait N watch. What happens next. I don’t think so my story will be real😅. I just made it by connecting all dots. But still Mr.Satte (whose murder ridhima witnessed through video call) is missing . Whats his role????

  20. Can someone pls tell me what exactly did vansh say to ragini while holding her hand? I can’t understand what does he mean

    1. @sm
      Vansh means that Ragini is alive so far just because he wants to know what happened 3 years ago so he wants
      her return to her awareness and she tell him the truth.

    2. For that we should watch the episode. Expressions of Vansh matters more than his words.

      I guess you got ur answer for Y Ridhima worn PPE kit from precap

    3. Thank u jasmine and s den, but i could see that the makers are only 4 episodes ahead of the one airing on tv

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