Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima doubts Vansh again

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying Riddhima lied that she went to the temple, she has come to spy, I love you and care for you, but Riddhima is playing with your love, her love is a drama. She thinks Vansh will ruin Riddhima’s life now, like she ruined my life. She goes. Vansh gets angry. Riddhima decorates the room. She says I hope you like this, you will try to know that I care for your love and feelings. Vansh recalls the video and says so this Karwachauth and fast was a cheat, a lie, Riddhima came with me in the dickey, I went to meet Ragini, did she follow me, she knows that Ragini is alive. She says I want to tell you Vansh that there is a difference between past and present, I m not that Riddhima who came to ruin you, I m that Riddhima who accepts that she is your wife. Vansh says I was trusting you, but not anymore, the game will be of equals now.

Anupriya says Chanchal and entire family are in puja, are you sure that card is with Chanchal. Kabir says yes, you said they were look together, they were worried when Vansh saved Riddhima, then they got relaxed, they got the card. She says I think you are right, I will see. He asks her to check there. He says check under the pillow. She goes to check. She sees some book under the pillow. She says there is nothing here. He says I m telling you, the card is there in that room, check well. Chanchal comes. Anupriya says yes. Chanchal asks what are you doing in my room. Anupriya says I was looking for the tablet, I have headache. Chanchal helps her. Anupriya thinks she has the card. Riddhima sees Vansh with the gun and hides.

Vansh says I m waiting for the day, I had shot one bullet that day and five bullets are still there, but it will be at the right place today. Angre goes. Vansh says Riddhima shouldn’t know about Ragini’s plan, she can’t reach Ragini’s truth. Riddhima thinks it means I was wrong about Vansh. She recalls the footage. She says it means Vansh is a big criminal, I was wrong to think that he can’t kill anyone, he didn’t save Ragini, he has caged her, he is a criminal, he will kill Ragini, its because of my feelings for Vansh. She sees Vansh shooting down Ragini.

Riddhima gets shocked. The blood falls over Vansh’s face. Ragini falls dead. Riddhima gets back. Vansh turns towards Riddhima. He points the gun at her. He cleans the blood off his face. He shoots her also. She shouts no. Her dream ends. She doesn’t see Vansh. She sits crying. She thinks what Karwachauth was this, our relation was going to have a new start, new truth is coming out. Dadi says wow, the decorations are nice, did you do this. Vansh says no, Riddhima did this. Dadi says good you came, you have decorated it well. She applies black dots to them to ward off bad sight. She says you both always take a stand for each other. Vansh says this is my family, I m standing as a shield for my family, if anyone comes in between, I will do my duty, I will not step back even if I have to kill someone.

Dadi says you just say all these things, have food together now. She goes. Riddhima asks if anyone special comes in between, will your hands not shake. Vansh says cheat is a cheat, cheat of dear ones hurt, how can I forgive. Riddhima says fine, tell me, before our new start, is there anything I don’t know about your story, which you want to tell me. She thinks I give you this chance. He says yes, I have to say, you look very beautiful today, now you tell me, do you have to tell me something which you should tell me. She says no.

He asks are you sure. She says I have nothing to tell. He thinks I have given you many chances, you didn’t keep loyalty, see what I do now. He goes. She says I have nothing to see, I don’t know this Vansh, what shall I care. She recalls Kabir’s words. She says Kabir was saying right. She cries.

Angre asks what to do next, shall we shift Ragini somewhere. Vansh says no, I will handle it myself. Angre nods. Riddhima looks on. She says no one knows that’s going on inside Vansh, what he wants, just one person can give answers, Ragini. Dadi says Mata chunni is beautiful. Riddhima says yes, I thought to keep chunni, I will go today. Dadi says sure, go. Ishani comes and says no, you want to go alone, I also want Mata blessing, I will also come with you. She thinks I know you want to go somewhere else by this temple excuse. Dadi says no, Riddhima will go alone, your gynac is coming, go and come Riddhima. Riddhima thinks Dadi saved me, else I would have not been able to meet Ragini. She hires an auto. She thinks I have recall that day’s memories and know the route. She blindfolds herself. She recalls and guides the auto driver. She prays. She opens the blindfold and sees the house. She thinks thank God, I reached the right place. She goes inside and sees the door lock. She says it means Vansh can’t be here, I have to just open this lock. She tries to break the lock. She breaks the lock. She gets inside. She says Ragini….. She sees someone covered up in the blanket. She moves off the blanket. She gets shocked.

Precap: Riddhima asks Ragini who is responsible for her state. Ragini signs towards Vansh’s pic. Vansh comes and sees Riddhima there.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vernali Mohanty

    What the hell is happening?!!!!

  2. Yesterday I was blaming Vansh for his actions but today I’m a damn supporter of Vansh only. What kind of love is this is Riddhima doesn’t even trust Vansh? Vansh asked her, gave her chances but what she did!
    A fool she is!!!She should’ve told everything. Vansh would hear and tell his side of story too!!!
    Now she missed the chance. Go to hell you idiot Riddhima. You really don’t deserve Vansh. Divorce is perfect for you.

    1. Yeah Riddhima is such a confused character. I thought that as time progresses, she would become sensible, but no , she never thinks logically and lets her emotions boggle her thought process. When she falls in love with someone, she acts like a mad puppy, thinking about them day and night and even overlooking their shortcomings. And her love is so shortlived. She fell in love with Vansh suddenly and now out of love also suddenly.

    2. So unfortunate !

    3. I really can’t understand this drama.

  3. Greeshma_geetha

    Why do the characters always daydream? Don’t they sleep in night that they always dream things in day? Again the same blame game will continue. But anyway love their acting. Ridhima and Ragini ‘s face off seems interesting

  4. oh god! i want the two of them together. why don’t they tell each other everything

  5. One more thing,,Mamta ma’am should write real stories now atleast. Fed up with dreams. Otherwise, plz supply us some gadgets from doraemon and then make the serial. we will watch it in dream also with the gadgets.
    DREAM DREAM DREAM!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

    1. Tonni pls calm down
      This much of anger is not good for you. Am saying it as a good friend so pls don’t mind

  6. Oh god now the story is starting from beginning…
    Sad that v can’t get proper riansh scenes from now on😥
    But on the other side exited as i think v r gonna see some suspense and thrill👍especially about ragini

  7. Very bad show what this people are doing… No sense means literally nonsense.

  8. Back to again… ragini ka raz Kya hai….. 100episodes hogaye Abhi tho batahadooo….
    About precap ragini khnena kuch aur chahthi hogi …. riddhima kuch aur samjegi….aur vansh vahi sonchega no inshani ne use batya…..

  9. Mannu

    According to me this is not a romance thriller, it’s like a revenge betraying story.

  10. Thanks for the update. Ridhimma will never stop being curious. Hope she knows Kabir’s truth soon

  11. Yeh DREAM ki DRAMA rukh na hi padega!!!! its getting dull day by day.
    And this Ridhima when she would be gifted with BRAIN???
    Depending on which excuse she is again doubting Vansh??? she needs anti-doubting Vaccine…Doubting on others for no purposes

    I BET………..This change of Ridhima is only for making Vansh believe that ridhima is a SPY!!!

  12. It’s 100 episodes and for the 100th episode they decided to show that Riddhima loses her trust on vansh again. I mean seriously, just because of her dream she thinks he is criminal. I like Vansh when he is angry. I think more interesting turns are coming but why didn’t they just tell each other their story. Nobody in the show is supporting Riddhima, only Dadi and Siya, even her husband is doubting her because of jaasusi, I have a feeling Ragini is also telling a lie. Let’s see, interesting turns coming tho but pls end their misunderstandings 🙁

  13. Has voot stopped pre 24 hrs telecast ? Planning to switch to voot select. Kindly reply.

    1. In Voot select, episode is available at 6:30 pm while the episode airs on T.V. at 7:00 pm. So I don’t think it’s profitable. Rest, as you wish.

  14. Fed up of this dream sequence and especially of ridhima’s dream.I think dreaming is her passion.I think ridhima should have told vansh about her.before this episode I always felt pity for ridhima becoz kabir cheated her.But now I feel pity for vansh.hope story gets better.And if riansh will be together I ‘ll be very happy.

  15. Bored Episode. Nothing exciting about this. The only entertainment is reading comments on this platform.

  16. Ye serial pura out of the track ho chuka h…..
    Aur ye riddhima kitne sapne dekhti h yrrr..
    Pls makers stop these drwams…

  17. I don’t understand anything is ragini telling the truth or is that lie but how can a sick person lie? but pls stop blaming ridhima even vansh didn’t tell his past to ridhima now both are facing off🤔🤔 and I wish those dream sequences end

  18. Fed up of this drama and dreams. Don’t know what’s behind Ragini don’t know why Riddhima poking into Vansh matter first of all she can’t do a proper thing. Makers show the real face of Kabir and Anupriya.Riddima pls make up ur mind.u want Vansh or Kabir.

  19. I think if vansh would have told his truth first then ridhima would have done the same bt he instead told her that she’s beautiful which made ridhima not to reveal her past real motive coz she expected vansh to tell her ragini’s thruth

  20. Hope ridhama will learn kabir’s truth before telling him that ragini is alive

  21. Stupidity..I honestly didn’t even wished that they confess all about their past n all..bcz I knew it was rarely possible..that would make things sooo simple..As for trust ppl always say that one should not hv blind trust but still they want hero-herione to do so..Personallyy I would want that too🤐…
    All I wanted was juss that clear this misunderstanding of getting into dickey & all that spying wla…Bcz she didn’t intented to do it..& instead she juss got trapped in all this…But theek h..She deserves this..Y the hell she didn’t told Vansh about that chip b4 throwing it🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️(y the hell did she evn threw it, keep a copy & then give that chip to Vansh simple, if she evn had a slightest of doubt), & to utmost stupidity y didn’t she told about Aryan & Chanchal🥴..It was juss too over the nerves😠..Wouldn’t she want Vansh to be away or atleast be aware of them..As they r definitely with him for selfish purposes…😑
    Just give Riddhu a break from all this..She is always in some stupid lonngg ever lasting targets & curious evnn of the slightest of things..Get her check up done man..she daydreams..without eyes closed..She literally hallucinates..& that irritates us so much (evn if some part is left by the evrrr lasting stupid track)..I know Ragini might be their strong suspense but it’s way too much now…

  22. why should a woman always be down portrayed in serials, I see the point of view of ridima, but emotionally torturing her to the extreme by the men who take her for granted. Vansh and kabeer are both the most annoying characters in this serial, both play and play and blame the girl. This is not how a thorough gentleman is supposed to be right? Vansh and kabeer want to equally punish ridima, for what? her trusting both? now vansh has some serious issues when it comes to communicating with his wife, why on earth he thinks to be the righteous punisher all the freaking time, lol
    yeh drama nahi, mental torture hai insaaniat ki 🙂

    1. 💯💯💯

  23. The person covered with the blanket is the same person who has blackmailed ragini to say it’s vansh who has done who has kidnapped her.. Maybe

    1. Ishani was under the black blanket. She wanted to torture Ridhima.

  24. Where is Sejal by the way,how come only riidhus coming out of Dickey is shown. what abt she was beaten with stick and Aryan and chan chal.I started reading the written update instead of seeing.waste of time.very soon if it goes like this even written update will start to bore.

  25. This latest episode on Vansh and Riddhima doubting each other is definitely illogical. Vansh, as a business tycoon with vast experience, he should have thought of the matter thoroughly once Ishani shares with him the video clip as Ishani had the opportunity to do so during her confrontation with Vansh on the scene on ring in the car booth. Isn’t the video clip is a better evidence than the ring in the car?
    Given that Vansh is an upfront and confrontational person, what stopped him now from confronting Riddhima especially since he loves her.
    As for Riddhima, a physiotheraphist, I suppose she should be portrayed as someone intellectual. Just by listening to a conversation between Angre and Vansh, it should not cause her to doubt to the extent she thinks her life will be lost and that also by Vansh especially since Riddhima hada fallen in love with Vansh and Ragini is still alive. Even if she feels insecure and had fear for her own life, she may confide in Dadi and Siya, she had not lost complete shield. On a seperate note, Vansh had saved her many times, especially the pool scene.
    Moreover, if she is a god trusting person, during Navratri, the god she believes in had given her many clues and confidence as to her relationship with Vansh which were positive. Therefore, her doubting Vansh now as a result of a trivial conversation makes me to sort of wanting to question on her faith and belief and her true love for Vansh
    I think the target group of this serial is on audiences appreciating it for the thrill and logic and it should not be lost due to lack of thorough research in connecting each episodes more logically by the team.
    I find the dance scene in the pool to be unnecessary, perhaps the scope in developing trust between spouses, especially in arranged marriage, should be focused and it need not be shown in a negative light, just like how it was, has been and is in all other serials. Guys we are in different era and there is a need for change in mindset and originality in ideas.

  26. Reposting as I was unsure whether I submit my earlier comments accordingly. Anyway, yesterday’s episode seems illogical. Vansh, as a business tycoon, I don’t think he should be shown as an insensible person. Surely a video clip shown by Ishani should not be a ground for him to change his perception towards Riddhima. He should in the first place queried Ishani further especially since Ishani did not reveal the video clip when she confronted Vansh an earlier day when Ishani had highlighted on Riddhima’s wedding ring to be in the car booth. Isnt the video clip a better evidence as opposed to the ring in the car?
    Further, Vansh had always been portrayed as a character who is bold and confrontational and why didn’t he queried Riddhima of the same, which he normally does, before deciding on the matter especially after embarking on various efforts in the last few episodes to get close to Riddhima and wanting to start a life with her.
    On the other hand, Riddhima, as a physiotheraphist, she should be seen as a intellectual person. She has also portrayed herself as a god trusting an fearing person. In fact, in the last few episodes, she had sought guidance of her god and her god had guided her throughout by showing the positive side of Vansh. After all such guidance, where was her faith especially since it has not been to long since the end of navratri to kharvachauth?
    Riddhima’s fear for her life is also unjustified as Vansh had saved her during many occasion especially in the pool scene and dusheera. In fact, eaves dropping on the conversation between Angre and Vansh should not be taken as the sole ground for her to think that Vansh it at fault especially when she claimed that she is in love with him and wants to reveal her past life to him, To add it up, she has ample support of Dadi and Siya and Dadi can easily influence Vansh.
    I started watching the show as I loved Helly’s acting and then I discovered Rrahul Sudhir is of equal to her in talent, not forgetting the rest of the actors who performed their roles well. It would be sad if the serial ends because of lack of thought ,flow and logic that is not aligned with all the earlier episodes. I would assume audience, including me, as the viewer of this serial are hoping for a thriller genre coupled with logic and sense.

  27. Bhuvaneshwari

    Track is not at all going good… I just feel that reading many FFs of this show is far better than watching this show’s track.

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