Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh and Riddhima complete Karwachauth fast

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya saying sorry Riddhima, I don’t know how my foot got twisted. Ishani says its a bad omen, poor Riddhima, now she has to keep fast without sargi, she can’t even have water till moon comes out. Vansh comes and says it won’t be needed. He gets sargi for Riddhima. Everyone looks on. Vansh says I had got sargi for Ishani, but when she got it, then Anupriya can give this sargi to Riddhima. He gives it to Anupriya. Anupriya passes it to Riddhima. Riddhima smiles and takes the sargi. She touches Anupriya’s feet and gets blessings. Vansh and Dadi smile. Anupriya thinks I wanted you to stay hungry, you got luck, but luck won’t support you always. Riddhima says thanks, my hands aren’t empty today. Dadi says all is well that ends well, have the sargi first. Riddhima says its my first fast, I thought to keep paath for everyone today. Dadi says good.

Riddhima does arrangements. Vansh gets almonds for her and asks her to eat few almonds, its tough to tolerate hunger. She asks what, fast is kept by true dedication, you eat it, I won’t let anything happen to my fast. He asks her to eat almonds. He says I will adjust if my life gets short by few hours. She says I won’t let it get less by few mins also. He looks at her. Someone adds a chemical in the diya. Vansh says I was just passing by. He goes. Dadi and others get seated. Dadi tells about karwachauth fast. She asks Riddhima to light diya and tell the story. Ishani and Anupriya look on. Riddhima lights the diya. She coughs by the smoke. Dadi asks are you fine, what happened. Anupriya says this Akhand paath shouldn’t stop in middle, right. Dadi says yes, its right. Riddhima starts the story. She feels uneasy. Ishani taunts her. Vansh comes and tells the story of karwachauth. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He says husband and wife should support each other, like Riddhima is keeping the fast, its my duty to support her, how did her voice go suddenly. Ishani says she was practicing the story since morning, maybe she has a bad throat. Dadi thinks fate has written bad for them, but their love will always bring them together, Vansh has subsided that bad omen, everything will be fine. Riddhima smiles seeing Vansh.

Ishani removes the black shawl and smiles. She recalls adding the chemical in the mehendi and diya. She says my plans failed, but I will make sure that this plan works, I got what I was waiting for, how will Riddhima get saved now. Vansh asks what, Angre, she is getting attacks, take a doctor and get her treated, its a secret between us, none should know it. Riddhima comes from the bathroom. Vansh looks at her. She removes the earplugs and asks what happened, why are you seeing me like this. Vansh says I wanted to ask about your throat, your voice looks fine now. She says yes, Dadi asked me to gargle, the trick worked. Angre goes. Riddhima asks Vansh to close eyes. She gifts him a watch. He opens eyes and sees the watch. She says its a gift for you on our first Karwachauth, its connected to my heart beat. He makes her wear a watch. He says watches be there or not, but you will always be there in my heart. She looks at him. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… Vansh gets sindoor. He gets a cough. She asks him to have water. He says I can’t have water. She recalls Dadi’s words. She asks you also kept a fast for me? He smiles. She happily cries. He fills sindoor in her maang. He asks what will I do by getting a long life, I want you to be with me till my last breath. She thinks he loves me a lot, I will tell him the entire truth after breaking the fast. He thinks its not right to hide the matter from her, I will tell her Ragini’s truth after breaking the fast. Siya calls them for sighting moon. Vansh and Riddhima dance near the pool. Bol halke halke…plays….

Riddhima’s dream ends. Dadi asks them to break the fast. Riddhima and others see their husband’s face through the channi. Riddhima and Vansh break each other’s fast. Siya says wow, they are the best couple. Dadi and Siya ask Vansh to not eat the sweets completely and share it. Siya says its the life’s best moment for you, I should capture it. She takes their pic. Vansh and Riddhima smile. Anupriya gets angry. Dadi thinks Vansh and Riddhima’s love story will surely complete. She smiles. Anupriya and Ishani stare at Riddhima. Ishani thinks I have the remote to bring a big dhamaka in their love story. Riddhima thinks my first Karwachauth completed, I will tell the truth to Vansh. She cries. Dadi comes to her. She says where there is so much love, that husband keeps fast for wife, there is no space for these tears, I know your love story will surely complete. Riddhima thanks Dadi. She thinks this night is special, our love will get like pure gold, I have to make arrangements. Ishani says Riddhima is just a spy. Vansh says I didn’t come to hear this nonsense. She shows him a video. He sees Riddhima leaving from his car dickey. She says this video can’t be false, you trust me now right. She smiles and goes. Vansh gets angry and says so this karwachauth fast was a lie, I was trusting you and wanted to tell the truth, but not now, the game will be of equal now.

Riddhima says I want to tell you that I m not that Riddhima who came to ruin you, I m that Riddhima who wants to become your wife. Vansh shoots Ragini. Riddhima looks on shocked. Vansh points gun at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So the dance sequence was a dream of Riddhima. I think Vansh will deliberately put on the act of shooting .

  2. What the actual hell!

  3. Nice episode …. I was right it was ishani in the blanket…. but didn’t ishani said that she didnt capture anything in her phone…. then from where this vedio came …. hope this sad track ends soon….

    1. I think it’s from the CCTV camera..don’t know when it works the wrong time while all the incidents for Riddhima life in danger they didn’t capture 😶

  4. Omggg…now we will see the evil side of vansh again.😨

  5. Greeshma_geetha

    The precap should be again a dream….
    Thought something and happened something….
    According to sources Ragini is still alive and it is a plan of Vansh to expose Ridhima…
    Hope for the best….dance was good but becoming a dream is not good in my opinion…

    1. Ragini is mentally unstable. Posted on Immj2 Wikipedia
      check it here:

  6. Damn it!!!!It shoudn’t be happening like this..
    I now seriously feel pity on Riddhima. Vansh will start hating her now. Riddhima was about to tell everything and even Vansh. Finally, we were about to hear Ragini’s truth but Ishani spoiled it. Iwas really eager to hear Ragini’s truth.
    The pool scene was a dream as I suspected. Not good for TRP I guess. People will complain. Even I’m complaining.
    How come Tthe CCTVs start working now? Where were the cameras in past incidents?

    1. I guess a Leap is coming in the future episodes. Rrahul sir posted a instagram story of him driving car,after watching that my mind over flowing with Leap sequence.

      Even iam very much Anxious to know about the Ragini. They ruined it and & again dragging. That shooting is Vansh’s trap. Damn sure.

    2. @Den is a trap for sure. But about the leap, I don’t think it’ll come really this soon. Ragini’s truth, Anupriya’s truth and Kabir’s truth will be revealed then I guess leap will come. The stoy may be different but it’s Indian drama after all. So there will be some revelations first. Again RIANSH romance then someone will try tear them apart as vengeance, then we might get to see a leap.

  7. Vernali Mohanty

    This was the best episode ever!!!!! Except the last part.I just wish Riddhima tells him how she was in the dickey and Vansh actually listens to her this time.

  8. Enoughshanti

    Wow, nice ep. At first I was thinking what’s wrong with Vansh, now a days he doesn’t seem to remember that he has business to handle, he has to do smugling, maybe murders too. All he is doing is roaming around Ridhima, solving every problem of her. But by the end of the episode, Nah, Vansh is fine, the old Vansh Rai Sighania.

    1. Yeah but I would have preferred if Vansh himself had found out this. Without Ishani’s help.

  9. The whole episode was good but I cannot stand this Ishani, she become psycho now keep poking around in other people business. 😒 the dance although fit was a dream it was very romantic. Vansh really loves Riddhima but because of this Ishani I am hoping the precap is a dream..pls because I cannot deal with their separation. And where did this Ragini come from aachanak se 🤔

  10. Now from where did Ishaani get the video when earlier she had no proof? And when she had this video then why didn’t she show it to Vansh earlier?

  11. So predictable !!!! Again Vise-Versa.

    To be my surprise this plot seems to have an akin to plot of 2002 Boby Deol starrer film HUMRAAZ. The movie is indistinguishably similar our IMMJ2. Even characters and their names are also almost same.
    It might be a coincidences too. IDK

  12. Literally disappointed with dream sequence. But was nice. Also very scared about what’s gonna happen next.
    So vansh found out that riddhima came here as a spy but with a misunderstanding . So it took 100 episodes to reveal the truth about riddhu. When will he find out about true enemies?Maybe in 150th or 200th episode? And r they gonna end ragini’s chapter soon? Or it was a dream?
    Guys did u notice one thing that every 50 episodes they are switching the shade of both male leads. In the 50th episode they showed vansh as protagonist and kabir as antagonist. Now after 50 episodes vansh as antagonist.

    1. Yaar, its the main theme of IMMJ series. Switching between Lead characters🤣

    2. SM you are right they are taking so much time to reveal someone by the way (ep1to ep 100) ridhima’s truth (ep 101 to ep 200) kabir’s truth (ep 201 to 300) anupriya’s truth, after that they will reveal what happened to arohi in last season after that they will say happy ending 😄😄😋 right? and the drama will be full of boring

  13. talking about promoting unhealthy relationships through daily soap, but there is one lesson to be learned I guess which is, lesson 101: IF you have a problem, you ought to clearly communicate it with the person
    in regard. Anyways, keep the drama going makers, for me this illogical drama lost its charm, sorry.
    And do the actors get enough sleep, their faces seem tired, even make up fails to hide it. Hopefully all are well.

    1. S it is clearly seen in vansh(Rrahul sudhir) face….he always looks tired as if he didn’t sleep fr so many days

    2. S it is clearly seen in vansh(Rrahul sudhir) face…he looks Tired as if he didn’t sleep for many days

    3. Yes Rrahul literally recovered from covid. I dont think he got any break except for the isolation period after that. Covid patients often have weakness post illness so maybe it is that. Plus the show is literally airing all 7 days of the week, it is becoming hectic for everyone, especially Helly and Rrahul. These people should air the show for only 5 days. At the most 6.

  14. Cctv where the hell does they disappeared when the time was ripened???

  15. Trmw I’ll nt see ep I’m afraid to see old vansh
    Frst romantic track
    Second hated track
    Today ep is so nice

  16. I just hate the last parttttt….😥😥😥
    I was very eager for Riansh Love track….But again it’s a loop😭
    If ishani can have the video of ridhu coming out of the dickey(if through CCTV)…Then the cctv will also have recorded that chanchal and aryan are the one who put ridhu in the dickey…Right!!!!!
    This is not fair yaarrrr….
    Pls end this hate story of Rianshhhh…
    We Want Riansh to be Together🔥🔥🔥
    And it will be interesting…. if Riansh solve all the mysteries together like finding those who are cheating them…😈😈😈

  17. Disappointed with the imaginative dance bt it was very romantic 🥰 and it did happen in real life😊I sure wanted ragini out of riansh love life but not in this way for vansh again to distrust ridhu n viseversa I just hope it was someone’s dream

  18. I’m so disappointed. I wanted Vansh to know about Riddhima’s truth by using his own damn brain cells, not Ishani’s!! And this is so dumb that the cctv recorded all this. And what about Aryan and Chachi kidnapping Riddhima and putting her in dickey? And after Riddhima came out, they even went back and checked in to see if she was there or not. How come all that did not get recorded? I think the CVs are having a writer’s block, and thats why are unable to bring in a logical yet thrilling plot.

    I think even if Vansh divorces her, Riddhima will still want to stay in VR mansion because she knows that there are quite a few of his own people who want to harm him.

    1. I am agree with you about CVs but i don’t khnow why vansh is doing like that. he known that riddhima is a spy from first then what is new that he concluded that from coming out from dickey she became spy and is doing bad game and said all karwa chauth is a lie.

    2. @Nia Vansh knew Riddhima was a spy from the beginning. Then why is he behaving like that got to knew it from the video of Ishani? Riddhima tried twice to tell him the truth. Neither he listened nor he was talking abot his past. When Riddhima was trying to say about Ragini is alive and she knows it, Vansh even shut her up. But now, all the blame will be put over on Riddhima. She’s a lier, cheater bla bla bla.. Vansh will hate her and divorce her. Riddhima will stick with him to prove she’s worthy. Ishani , Anupriya and Chanchal will do some saas-babu-nanad drama..
      Why the story is so predictable????😠😠😠😠😠

  19. Precap might be dream…Riddhima phir se dream dekhna shuru gayi

  20. I like the evil side /rough side of vansh than soft side.
    Rough+ Romance = Vansh Rocks and dashing…
    Still i watch episode 48 where vansh frightened riddhima abt death….i liked both vansh and riddhima acting in that episode…both rocked…

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