Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh wants to marry Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying Vansh’s world isn’t a free sky that you fly freely, its a cage, the doors open when I sign. Riddhima says I have resigned, I can’t stay here now. Vansh says you can’t compete with these papers, the pen isn’t mightier than the sword in my world. He tears the resignation. He says you aren’t doing a job here, it doesn’t mean that I have freed you, you can’t go away unless one of us die. Vansh says you hate my name right, this name will give you an identity, you will be Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania after three days. Riddhima gets shocked. He shows the shagun. He says you will pray for me from now, you wanted to go away from me, these sindoor and mangalsutra will not let you go away from me now. He asks her to be ready, all the limits of hatred, cheat, jealousy, love and everything will be crossed now. Riddhima cries and asks him to stop. She says your money and power can’t decide for my life, I don’t want to marry you, who are you to decide for my life, you want to prove something, you have some doubts to know, you want revenge that I have hurt your ego, why are you doing this, tell me, why are you marrying me. Vansh says interesting…

He says you made complicated theories in a short time, you may think of anything, truth is once if anyone comes there, I decide who will come and who will go. He asks her to think of anything, deal, pity, bribe or a conspiracy. He says I have no problem what you think, I didn’t ask for your hand that you refuse, I have informed you that you are going to become my wife, you understood the meaning of a cage, flying isn’t an option, you are an orphan, but you will have friends, you want to run to them, like Sejal or anyone else, if anything happens to them… Riddhima thinks of Kabir. She thinks I can’t risk Kabir’s life. Vansh asks her to get ready to become Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania. He goes.

Riddhima goes to her room and cries. She says he is mad and thinks he is God, he wants to make me a puppet and play with my life, no, I can’t marry him. Vansh says yes, I want these arrangements in 3 days. Dadi and Siya come. Dadi asks what’s all this, cut the phone call and talk to me first. She says you announced that you want to marry that girl, marriage is by willingness of both the person, I won’t be quiet now, did you ask Riddhima’s wish, marriage can’t be forced.

She says I didn’t expect this from you. Vansh says sorry Dadi, try and understand, I did this because… Siya says because you are in love with her, right. Dadi asks is it? No one told this to me, you also didn’t tell me, its unfair, if you told me, then I would have accepted your choice. Siya smiles. Vansh looks on. Dadi asks Siya to donate the money to poor. She says I already liked Riddhima, Vansh made me happy. Siya says Rakshabandhan is coming, I want special gift from you. He says anything for you. Dadi says marriage isn’t just a relation, but a responsibility, keeping Riddhima happy is your big responsibility, if she is happy, then we will be happy. Dadi and Siya leave. Riddhima says I m just of Kabir. She thinks its impossible to leave from Vansh’s life. Her alter self says Vansh can’t lose to you, you will be caged after marriage. Riddhima shouts he is a devil, I m just of Kabir. She angrily breaks the mirror.

Maa asks how will we manage the marriage during lockdown. Ishani says Vansh didn’t get anyone except that girl, what does Riddhima has to flaunt, I wonder what did Vansh see in her, our staff is classy than her. Dadi asks her to mind her language, Riddhima is going to become her Bhabhi. Maa says Vansh said shagun should happen today, focus on preparations, Siya knows Riddhima well and will help her in shopping. Chanchal taunts about Riddhima. Dadi says Riddhima is a nice girl, we should be happy for Vansh. Riddhima cries and thinks of Vansh. Kabir gets hurt and says if you were here, then you would have not tolerated my wound. He says I feel you are in some danger. Riddhima says what does Vansh want, I won’t let him reach Kabir. Vansh thinks I play the move to win. He recalls Riddhima. He thinks what is she hiding, cheat or something else, I will cross the limit to know this.

Precap will be added once episode airs on TV

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Amena Amena Amena you are too good. Plz tell na how do you manage to post written update so fast 😍😍.

  2. Vansh is so cunning if he wanted to spy on her then he would let her go and said someone else to follow her why he is imprisoning her for lifetime.
    Till now I haven’t seen any pinch of humbleness in Vansh he is so bad but can’t trust makers they can do anything make Vansh a good character and Kabir a bad character.
    I don’t want Vansh and Ridheema’s jodi uski family gayi bhad mein. Ese kese kissi ke marzi ke bigar usse bahu bana sakte hai yeh log.
    Just wishing for good twist and turns.

    1. I agree. These kind of plots portray women as a weakling. It really is pathetic. The approach towards the marriage thing could have been better.


    Thank you Amena…what Vansh is doing is wrong but I like their jodi…#riansh

  4. Really very NYC show

  5. Thanks for the update really like the show

  6. People are looking at the show surface level, Vansh is forcing her to marry him so he can force Kabir to come out… it’s a clever trick; he knows Ridhimma has a partner what better way to smoke him out. Kabir may be late and end up watching them finalize the marriage, as Kabir said he will cross any limit to find out what she is hiding. Can’t wait to see how this one unfolds … though I have a belief that Kabir isn’t as good as he is portrayed to be

  7. Interesting show is very interesting

  8. Actually vansh is doing all this so that the person who sent ridhimma comes to stop her marriage.He believes riddhima will tell everything to atop marriage.

  9. Intersting………Very Interesting………….
    Finally Twist in Tale………….
    Vansh made a plan to Riddihima speak out………
    But Ridhimma was also very tough and she agreed to married him for his destroy………
    Vansh think at any cost Ridhimma will stop marriage……………But now we will see
    I think whatever it is they both will get married……………..

    I think Kabir was having another face and Vansh has painful past what he became……….
    Unveil to many secrets………………..
    As we like to see Riva Jodi more than kabir………….

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