Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh cares for Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we will do mehendi rasam. Chanchal says Vansh and Riddhima’s love is true. Aryan says I think you didn’t hear story of Heer and Ranjha, true love is beautiful but the end is horrible. She says its reality, they came closer, our plans will fail. He says you taught me not to leave trying, how long can Riddhima get saved, he will get 5 mins late sometimes, fate will support us, no relation is perfect, we will strike to break Riddhima’s strength and Vansh’s faith. Someone is seen wearing a shawl, adding some chemical drops in mehendi. Dadi asks Riddhima to apply the mehendi. Riddhima says colour should come nice. Dadi asks her to have lunch. Riddhima says I will have it once mehendi dries. Vansh looks on. Riddhima applies the mehendi. Vansh gets food for Riddhima. Dadi asks can’t you feed her, why are you shy, when you were sick, she took care of you. Vansh sits and feeds Riddhima.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. Dadi says Riddhima’s mehendi colour will be dark, it will show Vansh loves her. Riddhima says I will come to show the mehendi to you first. Chanchal says she has no other work than impressing Maa. Riddhima says I have some itching. Vansh says if mehendi isn’t suiting you, then go and wash it. She says no, colour won’t be dark. He says you think it will be dark by keeping it long or husband’s love. She says both. He says go and wash it. She goes.

Angre and Ishani argue. She says I won’t have a servant’s name mehendi on my hands, this drama isn’t needed now. He says I won’t let you do this. She rubs the mehendi hands on his clothes. She says I wanted a dirty cloth to wipe this mehendi, what can be more dirty than your clothes. She goes. Vansh asks why did Riddhima get late. Riddhima comes crying. He asks her to show hands.

He sees the wounds and asks how did this happen, I won’t leave the boutique girl. She says maybe I have some skin allergy, everyone applied the same mehendi, I don’t care for this pain, I feel bad for Dadi, Dadi was so happy, she will feel bad. Vansh makes her sit. He gets a stamp and applies the design on her hand. She says I was writing the name of the most special person. He sees Vansh written and smiles.

Dadi likes the design. Chanchal says shagun mehendi colour didn’t get on her hands. Vansh says when husband has applied the design on his wife’s hand himself, there is no need of proof. Dadi says you said right. Anupriya thinks I will bring out Riddhima’s truth. Dadi asks them to go and sleep, wake up early for sargi.

Ishani picks some black cloth and smiles. Anupriya says she came to meet you. Kabir says yes, she got clever, she took time and left from home, but she didn’t reach, she changed after reaching home. She says it means something happened that changed her mind, she wants to hide the chip. He says I will find out, card is imp for us, the footage clearly shows Vansh pointing gun at Ragini. She says she would have kept it safe, I will check it, very soon we will get the footage. She gets some black coat and keeps it back in cupboard. She says I will see how she completes her fast, bye.

Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand during sleep. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. She says you look like an innocent kid while sleeping, calm, lovely, when you get awake, you make everyone silent. She tells his lines. Vansh opens eyes. He says so I look like this in anger. She gets back. He says you were imitating me. She says no, I…. He says you know your mistake….. I liked it. He smiles. She smiles seeing him. She says I didn’t see you smiling like this ever, get habitual, you look good. He loosens her hair. Riddhima thinks this moment came after many days, thanks Bappa, Vansh told me the truth, I want to tell everything before the new start. She recalls Kabir’s words. She says I want to say something, like you had a story 3 years back, same way… Vansh says I told you, it was your past, we have to live the present, sleep now, we have to wake up early for sargi.

She thinks I will keep the fast for the first time, I will be doing your wife’s Dharm completely from tomorrow. She holds his hand.

The ladies come for sargi. Dadi asks Ishani why didn’t you get ready for sargi. Ishani says relax, I don’t have any saas, I m going to sleep. Riddhima says stop, your sargi is here, your Bhabhi will do the rasam. Ishani takes it. Dadi says Riddhima has done her duty, you do her duty now, touch her feet and take blessings. Riddhima says no need. Dadi asks when will she learn the customs. Ishani goes to touch feet. She thinks I will take revenge. Anupriya picks sargi plate for Riddhima. She drops it and falls. Ishani smiles. Anupriya thinks you broke my son’s heart and keeping fast here, I won’t give sargi to you, impossible. Dadi recalls pandit’s words.

Precap: Vansh gifts a watch to Riddhima saying whether that watch stays or not, she will always be in his heart. They have a romantic dance. Later, Riddhima picks up a channi/sieve and looks Vansh through it. He takes out a gun and shoots her. She’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vernali Mohanty

    Aaaahhh I can’t wait for 7 pm!!!

  2. Oh wow…Riansh is taking it one step closer …I wonder who was under the black blanket?
    Today’s episode was great …Anyone saw the karva chauth pictures?

    1. So adorable the pictures are!!!!!I just hope the pool romance isn’t a dream of Riddhima. People are talking too much about it that it’s a dream of Riddhima.

    2. Vernali Mohanty

      I think it was Ishani.
      The karwa chauth scene should not be dream. Seriously 😭😭😭

  3. Wow wow 😍😍 amazing episode. Loved all of Riansh scenes 😍 they are so cute together. Don’t know who was that under the cloth maybe it was Anupriya because she wanted revenge for what Riddhima did to Kabir. Anyway, so excited for upcoming episodes. I’m sure Riddhima will trust Vansh either way. Just hoping they both stay together 😍

  4. yes☺☺ i have seen. i think the blanket person is anupriya
    can you please after seeing the precap tell me in the comments

    1. Each and evry person has enemity with riddhima except dadi and siya… so it can be Anupriya or Ishani or Aryan or chanchal or rudr

    2. It was ishani under the blanket

  5. Dadi must not go against Riddhima also seeing these bad omens. She’s the one who is still out of all suspects and true admire of RIANSH in the show.
    I just don’t get the TRP fact. This show is really doing good compared to many other shows. Still it’s TRP is 1.5. It deserves more.

    1. Yeah this show is better than other soap operas. Meanwhile this is the only Indian soap opera I’m watching presently. Only because of its romantic thriller genre.

      Majority of the ITV viewers are mid aged aunts (I’m not teasing anyone
      Here) While this show is meant for youths. Aunts can’t digest its genre. all Youths are not attached to ITV as well. I GUESS THIS MIGHT BE THE REASON BEHIND TRP DECREASING.

      The show popular among social media as well as online platforms. So many FF s are there and daily more than 1k posts on instagram.

    2. Yall should watch it on tv to get the trps up because this is a great show and the trps us 1.5 and shows like kundali bhagya are grabbing the number one position like how and their storyline is crap one thing over and over

    3. @Den and this is the only serial I’ve watched (watching) in my life.

    4. @tonni
      I am quite opposite to you

    5. Thats because people dont watch it when it is being aired at 7 pm on Colorstv which is really sad the trps must atleast go up to reach the number 1 position like season 1

    6. Yall please watch it at the 7 pm time slot when it is being showed on tv because the trps are low and avoid posting episode clips on Instagram and youtube since that also contributes to a low trp.Please watch it on 7pm everyday….

  6. today’s episode was great I liked the way ridhima imitated vansh, sometimes I feel like vansh is cheating on ridhima by the way vansh didn’t tell anyone about ragini I wonder what will he do with her I’m so suspicious about vansh the way he smiles there is definitely something that he is hiding from everyone about ragini, tell me what do u guys think? and who is neha

    1. Neha …The cop lady…She was at vanshs party in goa ..The spy for kabir

  7. Wow!!! Husbands goals will be like vansh! But i won’t say that vansh is loyal because he is also hiding somethimg. Now after saying that he has no interest in her past, he must not divorce riddhima after knowing about her past because even he is hiding something about his past. And nowadays their romance is blindblowing!!! Exited for karwa chauth romance scenes because saw some romantic pics of riansh for karwa chauth episode

  8. I think the person behind the black blanket is inshani…. bcoz of her hairstyle… and when dadi bring’s mehendi , inshani is seen coming from the back while all others are present in hall…. …. riddhima mimicking vansh was damn cute….. loved it…..

  9. My intuition is saying Ridhima will be exposed soon.

    BTW is really Kabir’s heart broke? ??
    He already knews Ridhima is having feelings towards Vansh. Then how ??? Please anyone tell me.

    1. Kabir thought he’d get Riddhima’s love back by all those gifts,sargi and sindoor . He was still having little bit of hope. But when Riddhima finally broke up with him he realized that it was over for Riddhima. Kabir loves Riddhima unknowingly. When Riddhima went away he was thinking of their moments first, after that he thought of his mission. So it is a proof that Kabir actually loved Riddhima but he is unware about it. The agony, the aggression is not only bcz of his failure in mission but also bcz he lost Riddhima. It’ll be revealed soon.

    2. I actually want that to happen as then only it willbecome a complete love triangle

  10. please anyone can tell about the precap

  11. Precap?? Vansh shooting riddhima? 😱

    1. I don’t think he will shoot her..chill. It was in promo also, I think he is doing something after someone framed him. But hopefully Riddima will still trust him..I’m curious about what he is hiding 🤔

    2. Vansh shoot some other person not riddhima….

  12. Omg so much romance in one episode.
    Now Riddhima has tried to tell Vansh about her truth twice in a row, now he cannot blame her after finding out her truth.
    @Tonni Yeah even I think Kabir actually loved Riddhima unknowingly. The only thing is that he loved his mission more.
    I don’t understand how Aryan is related to this Ragini’s matter. Its almost the 100th episode, and yet we don’t have any answers.
    Is the precap a dream again?

  13. Today’s episode is adorable….
    Mainly I love that imitating scene, she is sooooooooo cuuuuute while she was doing like vansh. She looks alike my doll rosy.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  14. Abt precap -> Kabir traps vansh in his evil game.
    Kabir ploys dirty conspiracies where vansh will gunshot kill some1 and will be proved real murderer in riddhima’s eyes. And she realizes vansh is the real murderer……

  15. Karwa chauth ends with tragedy….by kabir’s dirty game plan…

  16. Poor thing.Kabir must have cried out of love.She wasn’t just a pawn to him as he thought.She meant more to him though theirs was single-sided love because i feel that Riddhima really did so much for their relationship that he took her love forgranted.They say;You know something’s real value after its lost.”And Kabir is indeed serving that.I hope that Vansh doesnt intend to hurt Riddhima for her DECEIT because i at times feel that she has served for her betrayal enough.

    1. Yes kabir deserves this…

  17. Im also surprise at how soaps like kundali baghya and kumkumbagya getting high trps.. is portraying as if people like watching rubbish, perhaps maybe that’s the reason why they keep showing crap. But this ishq meinmarjawa is really really a good soap, please we should support it and make the trps high. Inbtween, I think the priest isn’t saying the truth.. could it be that someone forced him to say that?? And about dadi… she’s too set towards ridhimma, I hope u she won’t turn out to be a villain too. Then vansh…I don’t want him to hurt ridhimma nor do I want ridhimma to hurt him… just hope even ridhimma doesn’t have a dark secret or hidden motive. What do you think guys?

  18. Guys if you had seen ishq main marjawan 1 then we must remember that everyone member of the family are villian,. So I think that dadi and Siya could be hidden villian

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