Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Aryan helps Ishani flee

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima coming to help Vansh in fixing the broach. He asks her to go back. He gets a stool for her. She gets on the stool and fixes the broach. He smiles. He says I actually don’t have a habit to take help from others, when needed, I tell Angre. She asks why did you permit me today. He says Angre is the groom today, it won’t look good to tell him, I have no option now. Dil ye tere bina…plays…. He thinks I have always doubted others, even my shadow, but I like to trust you, I have given myself to you, what’s this feeling. Her finger gets pricked by the pin. He cares for her. She thinks I came to get him punished, but I feel hurt thinking of hurting him, what’s this feeling. Kabir gets a huge gift box. He says whatever Vansh has in his heart, Riddhima will do what I want, he will do for what she has come, she is my pawn, I have right on her, she isn’t permitted to love the enemy and fail my mission.

Aryan comes. Kabir shows him the huge teddy. Aryan thanks him. Kabir says lighting work is going here, I would suggest you to go by that corridor. Aryan says sure, no problem. Kabir says I have sent you there since Riddhima notices that teddy, you think I helped you, this teddy plays a big role in my plan. Riddhima gets shocked seeing the teddy. Vansh asks what happened. Vansh says you have bought a toy according to your age. Aryan says no, you didn’t see it well, remember Ishani had a similar teddy in her childhood, she liked it a lot, you remember, I thought this surprise will be good for her. Kabir sees Riddhima worrying and says yes….. those feelings and memories are flowing out now, she would be so worried. Vansh thinks why is she looking so worried. Riddhima says what’s happening to me, did I really see that teddy. She recalls Kabir getting such teddy for her. Riddhima says its the same teddy we have seen in mall 3 months back. Kabir says yes, I read your eyes, you liked it a lot, I decided that this will be your birthday gift, I made some savings. She says I m the luckiest girl in the world. FB ends. She says first that sticker and then balloon and pics and now teddy.

Ishani gets ready. Aryan compliments her. Anupriya says baraat has come. Aryan says Anupriya should welcome the groom. Anupriya says fine, come soon. She goes. Ishani says make me run out of here. Aryan says come. Dadi asks Chanchal is Ishani ready. Vansh thinks of Riddhima. Dadi asks his worry. Vansh says its business matter. Dadi says when you are silent, your eyes talk, tell me. Vansh says Riddhima is worried since morning, she is behaving strange, if I ask her something, she makes an excuse. She says girls remember their marriage time when they attend someone’s marriage, don’t ask her anything, she will calm down in some time, go and get Ishani.

Ishani asks will I take this teddy and run. Aryan says you will sit inside the teddy and run. He removes the fur and says none can know its you inside. She says anyone can notice it, everyone will think I m taking the teddy with me. She says not bad Aryan, its awesome, shall we start. She gets inside the teddy. Aryan says lets go. Riddhima thinks to see that teddy once, maybe its an illusion. Ishani thinks thanks Aryan, I will get free of this stupid marriage. Vansh looks for Ishani. Riddhima sees the teddy and sees the heart on it. She recalls Kabir’s words. She thinks its the same teddy. Aryan asks her to go, its Ishani’s marriage, go and do Kanyadaan with Vansh. Riddhima checks the teddy. Ishani and Aryan worry.

Precap: Ridhima tells Vansh that she wanted to tell him something about her past. Before marriage… He says, neither he has any interest nor any right to know her past. They are together today and that’s what matters to him. He fills her maang with sindhoor. Kabir and Anupriya are watching from distance. He says so much happened and still it has no effect on Ridhima.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vansh is falling for ridhima…. And riddhima has fellings for vansh. Wow…. Am eagerly waiting for the further episodes, I hope riddhima will find the truth about Kabir in next 10 episodes bcz soon is a long time word

  2. Now it’s getting interesting. Vansh loves Riddhima and Riddhima is generating feelings and Kabir is getting Jealous. My god now Kabir will realise that he loves Riddhima in reality.
    Now IMM is becoming interesting. I wish Riddhima to be more clever and Vansh to tell everything about Ragini to Riddhima and proposing her at the same time. I want to see her reaction, she will be shocked definitely but she might excited on other side as well. I am waiting for Stone Vansh Raisinghania turning into Romantic Vansh Raisinghania.

  3. I really can’t understand kabir’s move I mean he’s saying ridhima is his pawn and next only I had right on her,, confusing right??
    Maybe he even didn’t understand his feelings towards her!!🤔🤔
    Well excited to see what twist is awaiting for us!! Just addicted to this show now🥰🥰

  4. Kabir doesn’t love ridhima…… He is separating riansh coz if ridhima fall in love with vansh….. Then she will support vansh…… Not kabir…… And kabir’s Mission gets failed……… Ridhima always supports right person…….

  5. Precap please

  6. I think ridhima will cheat vansh by using his love for Kabir but soon she will realize that Kabir doesn’t love her!!
    It would be interesting to see love and cheat!:-)
    Precap please🙃

  7. precap pleaseee………

  8. TQ for precap

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