Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima breaks up with Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir saying Riddhima, I knew you will come to meet me, come, sit. He holds her hand. He says its our place, I have something to show you, ready. She nods. He lifts the red cloth and shows their pic. He says its Sargi for us, we will have it and keep the fast, make some excuse and come, then we will break the fast, we will feed food to each other. She stops him. She says I can’t do it. He says I forgot, I know you can’t come, I will come there. She says no Kabir, you won’t come there and I won’t come here, I will keep fast for Vansh, not you.

She says I know your heart will be hurt, but I m helpless, I had married Vansh on your saying, my marriage was just a compromise, but I know him closely, I couldn’t understand when he made a place in my heart, I m not that Riddhima who loved you, I m Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, its a relation, faith and emotion, I can’t cheat Vansh. He looks at her.

She says I know I told you that I can give my life for love, but I didn’t think the string will break with you and join with someone else, it happened, none can control over love, I just came to explain this, you can’t live with misunderstanding, I want to open the knots in front of you, I m really sorry, forgive me if possible. He stops her and says don’t do this, you can’t end our relation, I love you. She says please, I m sorry. He says answer my question, you said you love Vansh, but does Vansh love you. She says yes. He asks did he confess love, you accepted Vansh, did you think what will happen when he knows your truth, you were cheating him, your relation was a part of a mission, about us, you were mine.

She says I just thought to tell him the entire truth when time comes, I promise myself, I will be true in the relation. He says sit, you think he will have a new start with you, your state will be like Ragini, he had killed her. She argues. She says you don’t know what happened with Ragini. He asks do you know.

She thinks my truth is incomplete, I hope to give your answers. She says I don’t know, I didn’t get proof against him, you didn’t get any proof, its enough now, I have decided it, it won’t change, I want to make a new start with Vansh, I will tell him everything after the Karwachauth fast, I have to break old relation first, I hope you understand, I m leaving my past here. She gives him the ring chain. She goes. Kabir sits thinking of her. He throws the ring. He ruins the things around. He says Riddhima… Riddhima… no…. you want to cheat me, you want to keep fast for him and have a new start, I can ruin you, you can’t think what can happen with you.

Riddhima sees Vansh and her pic. She thinks Vansh I m ready to take the next step in our relation, I can’t wait more. Vansh comes and says fast didn’t start and you are crying of hunger. She says no, something went in my eye. Ishq mein marjawan…plays… He asks how will you see the moon if your eyes don’t get clear. She says I m fine. He holds her hands and blows in her eyes. She cries. He gets her tear. He asks why did you choose to keep the fast, if you doubt me. She says one can know the person better after doubt, I wish that person understands what he means to me, he doesn’t trust me. He smiles and says that’s not fair, what’s the use of being hungry for him. She says I hope he understands my feeling, who knows that he is my soulmate. They smile. He goes.

Dadi says we will start rasam with Angre and Ishani. Ishani says you are forgetting first rule, I heard if husband gets wrong bangles, then he gets punished to sleep outside the room, we should keep this rasam. Dadi says yes, we will know which husband knows his wife well. Ishani thinks I will get license to throw Angre out of the room, he can’t understand my bangle size. Angre shows red bangles. Ishani says you got glass bangles for me. Riddhima says gift got with love is pure than gold, I heard glass bangles are auspicious. Dadi smiles. Angre makes Ishani wear the bangles. Dadi says great, Angre you have shown that you know your wife well. Ishani thinks how did he know my size.

Chanchal and Rudra sit. She likes the gold bangles. Rudra tries. She says you don’t know my bangle size. Everyone smiles. Rudra says maybe you got fat. She beats him. He says healthy. Dadi says Rudra, you have to count the stars tonight, you have to stay outside the room. Riddhima and Vansh sit. Riddhima asks do you think size is right. Vansh says you think I know you or not. Siya says diamond bangles, do you like it. Riddhima says yes, a lot. Anupriya thinks you made my son cry and celebrating happiness here, I will burn your happiness soon. Riddhima thinks Vansh won’t know my bangle size. Vansh makes her wear bangles. He recalls taking her bangle. She smiles. Vansh thinks our relation is not so weak that I lost this small rasam. Riddhima thinks I will keep fast for Vansh, I wish the fast completes without any problem.

Dadi asks Riddhima to apply mehendi. Someone adds some chemical in mehendi. Riddhima shows her hands. Dadi asks Anupriya to give sargi to Riddhima. Anupriya acts and drops the plate. Ishani says its a bad omen.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Is it just me or this is somewhat short. Finally Riddhima ended things with Kabir. She did give her life for Kabir. The day he shot her and the heartbeat on the life machine stopped. Her new life begun when she was revived by Vansh that very day. Ever since then, heart belonged to Vansh. But it is true what Kabir is saying. How can she guarantee Vansh loves her. For all we know, Vansh can be acting just like how Kabir acted all along with Riddhima. I don’t think Vansh and Riddhima will end good. I feel one will die. Let’s hope not. But as of now, Im assuming Vansh has laid a trap for Riddhima when he recognized she was a fool and sucker for love. He’s using the pretence of love to use her and lure out Kabir’s intentions. Who to tell if he will probably use Riddhima to do illegal things too by telling her to prove her love. This should be interesting

  2. The ring and the locket were brunt by Vansh. How come these are still here? Again a silly blunder.
    The tuning of immj 2 is awesome I must say and Kabir loves Riddhima.. He doesn’t realize it but he does love her. The pain was there in his eyes.
    But today’s script between RIANSH was amazing. Their eyelocks, conversations, Vansh’s mysterious smile were really worth watching..Loved it today.

    1. @Tonni yes I have also same doubt locket chain kaha se aya hai cvs bhi na kuch bhi dikhate hai

    2. Ring isn’t a paper that will be destroyed completely when burnt but a metal. And Riddhima reached shortly after Vansh burnt it. Episode no. 43.

    3. I also feel that Kabir loves Riddhima though he doesn’t acknowledge it. Maybe now when he is going to loose Riddhima, he will realize it.

    4. Yeah I was also going to say this only but I seen your comment.😁

    5. Don’t raise any Questionnaire in movies and series. If you thought , then also sorry it will lies as answer less questions . Bcz this is the basic of such shows.
      May be had pics on his phone’s..

    6. Kabir never loved riddhma ,the pain you see in his is because is mission is at stake because as far as i know you will never try to take the life of someone you love.

    7. Sorry I thought you were asking about the pics that Kabir burnt on the first few episodes.
      Its chemistry dear, the chain and ring are metals it won’t burn in low temperature, results will be some black stains on it. And Ridhima had taken it back from there
      I guess its on b/n 36-48 episodes.

  3. Vernali Mohanty

    It looks like Riddhima also betrayed Kabir since she doesn’t know his truth but I feel that a guy who sends the girl he loves to marry his enemy who he believes is a criminal, doesn’t love her. There was simply no explanation for this. Riddhima was blind in Kabir’s love so she could not see it.

  4. Amal

    Great episode!!! At least Riddhima broke up with the guy who got her married to Vansh 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Now Vansh and Riddhima’s love story will start 💕

  5. Thank you Amena……..I told you guys that riddhima Wendy there 1 last time .She broke her old relationship with Kabir.Well done riddhima …But what is kabir going to do now?….

  6. Ohh now it’s confirmed that angre really like ishani!!! 😉💗
    It will be so amazing to see ishani being jealous of angre in future 😂

    1. Yooo… I am an Ishangre fan too ❤️❤️❤️But I love all the characters, no partiality 😛🔥 And I am happy that they are showing point of views of several other characters like Angre, Aryan, Ishani… I was a fan of IMMJ1, and I didn’t like how they ended up the possible amazing characters of Shoaib Ibrahim, Vineet Raina or Sonarika… This time CVs are also focusing the supporting roles… I am more than happy 😊

  7. Why there are no subtitles on voot nowadays😞tdy’s epi was sooo romantic☺️

  8. wow the episode was amazing and I think kabir is falling for ridhima, what do you guys think? chanchal and rudra’s scene was funny I really like it by the way I am now in this group hope u guys welcome me

    1. Hi welcome to the immj2 family….I do agree …Kabir always loved riddhima …the day she proposed to him,He was very happy

    2. Pls update ep fast Amena we waiting

    3. Pls update fast Amena

  9. Intresting….. very interesting….
    But can someone plz explain me this points
    1)kabir had already burnt all the pictures with ridhimma …. when angre went to enquire about riddhima after the cruies party…..May be in ep 5 r 6
    2) vansh had also burnt the riddhima stuff which also included that ring…. after vansh suspected that riddhima has burnt his mom’s painting…. I don’t remember the episode …
    Plz tell me from where the hell they got this … I mean riddhima returns the ring and kabir gifting her a photo….

    1. 1. Kabir didn’t burn their pics. He just replaced those pics with Riddhima’s and Sejal’s.
      2. Ring isn’t a paper that will be destroyed completely when burnt but a metal. And Riddhima reached shortly after Vansh burnt it. Episode no. 43.

    2. Well replied.

    3. 1) Don’t raise any Questionnaire in movies and series. If you thought , then also sorry it will lies as answer less questions . Bcz this is the basic of such shows.
      May be had pics on his phone’s..

      2) Its chemistry dear, the chain and ring are metals it won’t burn in low temperature, results will be some black stains on it. And Ridhima had taken it back from there
      I guess its on b/n 36-48 episodes.

  10. Why subtitles are not available on voot nowadays 😒

  11. Why subtitles are not available on voot nowadays?,😒


  13. Thank you Amena….See I told you guys that riddhima went to break ridhbir apart and make it Riansh …I’m very happy she had the courage to do that😀…But what is kabir going to do now?

  14. Release the conffetti! pour the champagne!make some noise!the end of ridhbir is here!

    1. Yayyyyy…hope we get a jealous Kabir and a romantic but stubborn Vansh 😀

  15. Wow! Kabir is turning out to be an obsessive lover similar to what portrayed by Sharukh Khan on the movie ‘Darr’??? it will be Interesting for a while.

    Kabir was really teary when Ridhima thaught about brokeup. He is feeling pain of losing her which would turns to an obsession.

  16. Again in yesterday episode did someone noticed Vansh did shradh of Ragini ..but as far as it is done by family members, whereas Ragini was just his ex-fiance.This serial lacks logic.

  17. Todays episode is amazing guys.
    1.Ridhu broke up with Kabir
    2.Vansh and ridhu eyelock and
    their conversation.
    3.comedy scene
    4.ishani,angre and riansh
    bangle scene
    5.flash back
    But I feel something strange and weird…..

  18. Finally riddhima took a decision of her life. But i also feel that kabir loves riddhima subconsciously because if he is just using riddhima then y he is not killing riddhima yet, even though his mom told him to kill her? Y he is feeling jealous of riansh? Y he is thinking of their past happy moments? I want kabir to love riddhima then only it becomes a complete love triangle. Now even after choosing vansh riddhima will again doubt vansh because in promo they are showing vansh shooting someone and riddhu heartbroken. They somehow started their new life but I don’t think it will progress happily… And many are saying that vansh is acting as if he loves riddhu. But how is it possible when they show a lot of insight feelings of vansh about his feeling for riddhima? Even i don’t know what is he gonna do with ragini. Anyways loved today’s riansh moments

  19. This reminds me of the movie Humraaz where the female lead is sent to loot the millionaire by her partner. But in the end she ends up falling in love with the millionaire. But the truth comes out in the end. Hopefully this is the case with the show. Love the chemistry between Riansh though.

  20. This reminds me of the 2002 movie Humraaz where a girl is sent to loot the millionaire by her partner. And coincidently it begins on a cruise ship. Later on she falls in love with the millionaire but her partner doesn’t accept that and tries to kill her. It’ll be interesting to see how this story unfolds. Loving Riansh’s and Ishani-Angre’s chemistry.

  21. what do you think guys who is the person covered in black cloth

  22. Great episode. I have a feeling Kabir loves Riddhu too just that he doesn’t realise it. I had a thought, ever wandered if Kabir and Ragini entered VR mansion and are together they will be a great couple no? 😂 but anyway Riansh scene was awesome 😍 cute and flirty haha and the smiles on Vansh and Riddhima faces in bangle scene was treat to watch. Let’s see what happens next 🤔

  23. Today Riddhima smile was too good,if makers give some funny and smiling moment between pairs it would be happy to watch for the viewers.shouting scenes are really irritated.

  24. Hey ..I just noticed riddhima and Anupriya are wearing the same clothes again…. even Vansh was wearing the same clothes the other day ….yeh Kya he?

  25. I don’t know if anyone of you noticed in the precap if you have seen that Riddhima wore the same saree (if we ignore the jewelry)😄😆😅that was once shown in the new promo mentioned as “this October” in which riddhu wanted to confess all her truth to vansh and she had sindoor in her hands vansh came and told that he already knew her secret he does not like cheaters and throws the sindoor and riddhu shouts vansh…..
    🤔🤔I think that’s gona happen 😥

  26. Why the TRP of this show is so low?
    It is one of the most talked about show in social media. It is having one of the best jodi. Still it’s on 10th position with 1.5 TRP rating. How is this possible?

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