Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh confronts Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking who is there. He gets the anklet and gets thinking. He goes to the secret door. He says its locked, how did this anklet come here. He goes to see the lady. Vansh sees her running away. He says you came back. He throws a bottle on the ground. She jumps over the glass pieces and runs. He shouts come in front. He sees her and she disappears. He says how can she come back, how is it possible. He falls down drunk. Riddhima comes to him. She thinks he will admit it today. She recalls getting dressed as that lady. She says I will make Vansh admit the truth, I don’t know who you are, but I have no way to reach the truth, I m going in your avatar, your and Ragini’s truth will come out, Vansh will go to jail, I promise. FB ends. Riddhima says you loved me and even then you killed me. Vansh says you cheated me. She asks how did you kill me, tell me. He says you cheated me. She asks what deceive. He turns to see her. She worries. He says Riddhima…. He feels dizzy. She runs away. He turns to see. He says maybe I was dreaming. She runs to her room. Someone is spying on her. She says I felt like someone was here, was it Vansh. Someone puts the black cloth on her face and pushes her. She asks who is it. She gets shocked seeing Vansh.

He asks what did you think, your husband is a big idiot, when you think you can fool me so easily, respect Vansh, what did you think you can fool me if I m drunk, you will wear these clothes and I won’t recognize you, no, I get more conscious when I m drunk, and more dangerous. He shows the anklet with blood mark. He recalls getting the anklet with blood on it. He says no, it can’t be her. He tells some shlok. He gets much angry on her. He asks how can blood come in a soul, tell me, how did this anklet get the blood, tell me Riddhima. She cries.

She recalls stepping on the glass piece. Vansh asks why did you do this. Riddhima says I wanted to know the truth. He asks how dare you come here and touch this painting. He asks where is the painting. She asks where did it go, it was here, I don’t know. He says don’t you dare, the painting is here since years, where is it. She says I don’t know. He says no one tried to touch the clothes and jewellery, you made a big mistake, you thought I will admit my crime if you do this. He recalls her words. He holds her neck and asks why did you do this. Riddhima says I wanted to know truth about Ragini. He says I already told you about her. She pushes him and coughs. She says you told the incomplete truth, I have lost, you won’t win all the time, you can’t get saved, someone will get you punished for the crimes, Ragini’s murder, her dad and this lady, you did the same. He says I m saying for the last time, I didn’t kill Ragini and Sate, that old man isn’t her dad, and I didn’t kill even this lady. She says you are lying, you killed all of them, why don’t you admit your crimes, I feel you have hidden the painting. He shouts enough. She says I will bring out the truth, who is this lady, tell me, why did you keep her statue. He keeps a knife at her neck. She gets scared.

She says you kill everyone who stand against you, right, its better you admit your crimes, you killed this lady, right. He gets angry and stabs her. She closes eyes. He gets the knife stuck there. He goes back and cries. Riddhima looks at him. He asks how can any son kill her mum. She thinks Vansh’s mum. She recalls Anupriya and thinks Anupriya isn’t Vansh’s mum.

Precap: Vansh looks for the painting. Dadi scolds Riddhima. Vansh shouts seeing the painting burning. He asks Angre to throw out Riddhima.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omg!!Anupriya is not Vansh’s mom then who’s Anupriya?and what happend to Vansh’s mom?where is she?and how’s she related to Ragini?I’m really curious to know about it….and stupid Riddhima have really done too much…she shouldn’t have hurt Vansh this much….I felt so bad for Vansh…Riddhima really irritated me a lot today…..

    1. Anaya I know Riddhima do sometimes wrong but all this acts of her is bringing out positive side of Vansh. I as a viewers feels good changes in both character. And to start any love story it is necessary to bring out an emotional part too. Which vansh was and is trying to hide.

    2. She would have trapped vansh’s dad nd took his mom’s place

  2. Thanks Amena

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!That was really unpredictable…NYC..Like literally..Gud going…
    Btw thanks Amena for the updates..u r the fastest…Thanks a lot..

  4. This episode is scarring me out …. So vansh Stabed her?😰😨😱😥

  5. one thing is true that vansh is innocent in all this someone nearer did these crimes and all these two ladies’ death left him shuttered to the extent he became a stone hearted person but thanks to this dumby.. inform of ridma is digging all the wounds and adding salt to them.

    also this revelation of his mothes i had a doubt about it when i saw that statue and now that it is revealed anupriya is not innocent in all this, its just a wild thought

  6. So Anupriya is not Vansh’s mom? I always felt something off when I saw her. Now since she is the stepmom, I guess the makers will turn even her into a villain. Because male leads always have manipulating stepmoms who are only always behind the property.

  7. I also think maybe Kabir is anupriya’s son. People around vansh are toxic.

  8. Thank you Amena for early updates..

  9. It’s really a incredible episode. When I saw that statue, I thought it’s his mum, know my guess is true, it means.Definitely their is a relationship btw Kabir and vansh (like brothers). I hope this serial is going to interesting..very interesting…

  10. Earlier I used to get irritated by riddhima but now I feel it is better.May be in this way vansh can burst his feelings out.He can let the pain out and move on in life

  11. I won’t be giving any spoilers but that was a hell of a good episode…. Both Helly and Rrahul did a really good job I must say… And it’s a must watch for those people who are criticizing Ridhhima being so dumb. Dude, she is not a trained spy..She is supposed to be like this…naive and innocent. All she wants is to collect evidence, leave that jail and return to the love of her life. She sees VR as a criminal as being told to her by Kabir. Her character is growing and getting smarter everyday. Eventually things are gonna unfold and i am sure she is gonna realise her folly.
    Her ways of getting to the truth are wrong I admit… But somewhere unknowingly she is helping VR heal his wounds and come to terms with his past. It’s only bringing them closer. And abhi toh sirf 40 episodes hi hue hain so chill and enjoy….we are gonna get more interesting episodes 😁

    1. Agree with you Ellie.. Even I was saying the same thing that Riddhima is doing what anyone in her place would do…people who are criticizing Riddhima are just obsessed in hating Riddhima….and yes the episode is super thrilling…I really loved it….

  12. I also think that Kabir is anupriya’s son. They both are trying to manipulate ridhima about Vansh. Because anupriya planted the seed About the murder of Ragini. And Kabir also instigated Radhima against Vansh. And here Ridhima is healing Vansh in the process of finding truth.

  13. I am excited for today’s episode. Vansh is just a smuggler and I am sure that this path is also chosen by Anupriya not Vansh on its own.
    Now Riddhima will start falling for Vansh but will not admit it. Vansh emotional side is coming out YES. Now we will know how bad Anupriya is and how innocent Vansh is.
    But Point to not forget that it can came out that Vansh is playing with Riddhima or something like that because it is Ishq Mein Marjawaa

    1. Yes it can be like that in the end or mid way.

  14. Guys did this episode air in tv?
    I searched in Jio TV and couldn’t find this episode
    Anyway another exciting episode❤

    1. No Rekha.A A It didn’t air on tv yet…It’ll air tomorrow…..

  15. Wow Anaya,U are reading each and every comment. And u are replying them, in the form of comments.kya Baath Hai anaya…
    Impressed. 👏👏👏👏👏

    1. Thanks M….

  16. Interesting…..very interesting so anupriya is not vansh’s real mom wow!!?and the death of his mom and ragini who caused them??what an episode today was incredible 🔥🔥👏👏

  17. U welcome anaya

  18. There is definitely a link with Vansh and Kabir. I wonder if Kabir is intentionally using Riddhima and doesn’t love her at all just to get at Vansh .

  19. I love this show just for it’s beautiful and unpredictable story line. You just can’t imagine what would happen next. Loads of love to this show.

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