Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh gets rid of his past

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal saying we are living in VR mansion since years and Riddhima is playing with our minds. Aryan nods. She says I was scared when Vansh was coming to me, its all your mistake, that girl would have turned to ashes. He says sorry, I will get us out of this problem. She asks what did you get. He shows the burnt card. She says its the same chip in which you recorded the footage. He says yes. He recalls finding the chip near the fire. Chanchal asks what, Riddhima had thrown this in fire. He says if we lost something, we gained a lot. She asks him to check it. He checks the chip. They see the video. They smile. She says your mistake is forgiven, I m proud of you. Ishani says its fun to have dessert date after going on a long drive with husband, I don’t understand why you got hidden in dickey, I just saw you getting out of the dickey, I wish I could capture that weird moment.

Riddhima says its fine, better luck next time, you need a proof to blame anyone, you can’t do anything without proof. Ishani says vert soon I will have proof that you have come here for a special motive, the day Vansh knows you are spying, you will pray to die. She taunts Riddhima. She says I will prove it soon. Riddhima says its all nonsense in your mind, you can’t prove anything. She thinks thank God, Ishani didn’t record, else Vansh would have known it. Ishani thinks to find proof, it will be found for sure. Riddhima gets ready and comes downstairs. She sees Vansh and Dadi sitting with the pandit. She thinks whose Shraddh is happening. She sees Ragini’s pic. She is shocked.

Pandit guides Vansh. Vansh asks Riddhima to come and complete the Daan Sankalp. Riddhima thinks why does Vansh want to show Ragini dead when she is alive. He says you are thinking why I did this suddenly, so that you get sure that Ragini’s story is over for me forever, I had given much place to her in my heart and mind, think its a closure, its imp to break relation with dead people to keep relations with people alive. Dadi says I like your decision, I m with you, a new start is good on Vijay dakshami day. Vansh asks Pandit to give the things to poor people. Vansh says I want to show my decision about my past, meet me in the garden. Riddhima asks what. He says if you ask, the surprise will get spoiled. He goes. Dadi says you should be happy, Vansh is doing this to make a new start with you. Anupriya says I told you Ragini is dead, you said Riddhima was confident that Vansh didn’t kill her, she fooled you Kabir, Ragini’s shraadh is happening.

She sees Chanchal and Aryan happy and thinks what did they get that they got so happy. She says Kabir, something is happening here that we don’t know.

Pandit says I m a brahman and can’t lie, their kundlis are opposite, I m surprised how they got united. Dadi asks him to find some way to solve the problem. He says some problems can’t be solved, sorry. She worries. Vansh says I don’t believe you. Ishani says you have to believe me, I have seen Riddhima leaving from this dickey. He says I have checked it, there was no one. She says Riddhima likes hide and seek game, you don’t believe me, I will show you the proof. She opens the dickey. She says its the ring which fell down in the dickey. He sees the nut bolt and asks is this your proof, stop giving childish excuses. She says fine, tell me, where is Riddhima’s ring, why isn’t she wearing it, answer me, I will accept that I have seen it, that was my imagination. He says you have no right to ask about our personal matter. He goes.

He asks Riddhima do you want to bring me out of my past. She says yes. He says then we will start with this, you have to break it. Riddhima gets shocked seeing the statue and drops the hammer. He says I will ruin everything that’s related to my past, won’t you support me. He gives the hammer back to her. He says its fine, I will help you, we will do it together. They together hit the statue. The statue breaks. He says I have completely removed Ragini’s name from my life, you should be happy, why do I feel, you want to remove me from your life. She says no. Ishani looks on. She asks why did you remove my gifted ring, answer me. She says its here. She recalls getting the ring from dickey. She says I had a rash, so I had worn it in other hand. Vansh sees Ishani. He says my past is destroyed, I want to make new memories with you, I want to hold your hand. Ishani goes. Vansh says tell me, will you support me. Riddhima thinks he did this to make a new start with me. She recalls Dadi’s words. She thinks I should support him. He thinks I have to leave the past baggage. She smiles.

Angre plays the dhol. Vansh asks what’s the festive now. Dadi says I told Angre to play dhol, you should know about the festive of married couples, I think Riddhima knows about Karwachauth. She stops Ishani and says its your and Angre’s first Karwachauth also. Vansh says sorry, I don’t believe in this. Riddhima says I believe it, prayer with true intention and devotion is accepted. Dadi nods. Vansh looks on. Riddhima says faith can move huge mountains also, love can win Lord’s win as well, I will surely keep the fast. Dadi says we have to keep a special rasam, husbands will buy bangles for their wives from the market. Chanchal asks Rudra to get gold bangles for her. Everyone smiles. Ishani taunts Angre and goes. Vansh stops Riddhima.

He says you don’t need to keep fast for me. Riddhima says its my own decision, I m keeping it by my wish. Vansh goes. Riddhima thinks I will keep the fast for Vansh by all the right. She gets Kabir’s message. She thinks Kabir gifted this teddy to me on birthday, why is he sending pics. She gets Kabir’s message, happy karwachauth in advance. She goes aside. She calls him. He says I was missing you a lot, I kept our memories safe, you are the most special for me, I know you also love me, its Karwachauth tomorrow, I know you will keep the fast for me, I decided to keep fast for you, tell me, when will you come to take the sargi, its ready, I m waiting for you, are you coming. She says yes, I will come. He sees sindoor and thinks its imp, relations get helpless, this will become my weapon now, I will get you to me. He says I m waiting. She ends call.

Riddhima goes to meet Kabir. He says I knew you will come. She says I will keep fast for Vansh, I want to start a new life with Vansh. Vansh holds her hand. She looks at him. Kabir says you want to cheat me, your new start won’t happen, I will end your love story.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Precapp🤔🤔🤔riansh holding hands.. Is it in front of kabir🤔🤔🤔

    1. No dear,I had seen it in t.v when vansh holds her hand they are in their room

    2. RiyaVaghani

      even i want to know that… if it is in front of Kabir, then it’s definitely a dream

    3. Oh!I love to read your ff’s.You only write”falling in love again”.Btw vansh doesn’t hold her hand in front of kabir that time they are in their room.

  2. Hahaha Everyone thought kabir got the chip but now Aryan and Chanchal got it ..again?I think ragani chapter closes.Kabir thinks riddhima is stupid 😒…She’s fasting for Vansh and not him😀😄

  3. Now what happened with this Kabir fellow?
    Moment ago he was planning to kill Riddhima, now he got jealous of Riddhima-Vansh?
    His love came back?Just like that?
    He knows that Riddhima is no use to him now and he also wants to expose her but yet again he’s feeling that Riddhima should be only his. Only he has the right to cheat her, love her, kill her, use her, save her.Psycho he is! But I like it. A solid psycho antagonist ..
    Honestly only Kabir is giving me the vibe that I’m watching a thriller show.
    Don;t know what Vansh is planning but Riddhima’s idiocy again going to cost her. Anupriya will get the chip from Aryan and Chanchal.

    1. Exactly my thoughts …. only kabir is giving the thriller vibes to the show…. I don’t think vansh really want to move on with riddhima…. I seriously felt that he is again upto the disclosure of the mastermind behind riddhima… May be this could be the reason to move close to riddhima and shoot someone(latest promo) so that riddhima will go to kabir and say everything to him….but intresting episode …

    2. Ya you’re right , Kabir is the one and only character giving a vibe of a thriller. Meanwhile he really portrays a real Psycho path killer as well.

  4. Wow! What an episode
    They are just reversing the whole episodes. Now again Ridhima doubts Vansh. ( I had seen a precap) again shake hands with Kabir and Ragini come to light.(just prediction)
    Then again reverses episodes she go back to Vansh bla balsa

    Thus High temperatures doesn’t effect on SD cards???? 😁My SD card faulted after having contact with little bit temperature.

    I wish it goes back to its beginning track filled with lots of mysteries suspenses thrills lil romances and less family drama.

    Once the show was trending on online with almost 25 point something TRP now it’s drowning 😬

  5. Panditji’s words are giving me negative vibes . I just want riansh hope they won’t separate .

    1. Pandit ji didn’t say that they will part their ways, he only said that their kundlis doesn’t match at all and they’ll have to face many problems. He also said that he was surprised how they even became a jodi, right? Si it means they weren’t supposed to be couple but it happened. So keep hope. RIANSH will stick together till the end. They’ll face all the games of love ,hatred, betrayal but they’ll be together.

    2. Vernali Mohanty

      Finally I feel good seeing your comment🥺😭❤️

  6. Guys I noticed something, Our IMMJ2 WU page is the most active page on Telly Updates. This is the only page having more than 30 comments. Majority WU pages are left with 0-5 comments.

    1. Power of #RiAnsh…❤

    2. Some of us comment regularly and it’s more like we wait to read WU and comment on it.
      We’re some sort of a family here I guess.

    3. Yeah, I really like the healthy discussion and debate we have over here without any unnecessary negativity.

    4. Be it written update or ff, the number of comments of IMMJ 2 is always more.

  7. Does anyone watch episodes on voot ..the description of immj2 show is quite mysterious.

  8. I think riansh are going to separate because the Pandit said that their kundlis are opposite, right? that is what I think guys

    1. He said opposite and full of barriers but he didn’t say they’ll be separated. He also mentioned that he was surprised how did they become couple that means they weren’t meant to be married but it happened against all the odds. So keep hope. RIANSH won’t part ways.

  9. Omg this episode was awesome. Loved the part that Vansh didn’t believe Ishani and Riddhima was clever haha made a fool out of her. I’m happy they are taking new problems together. The precap looks amazing. I wander what was Vansh doing 🤔 anyway still excited 😍

  10. @Xyz..thanks for info😊

  11. Guys.. Have u seen the promo of karwachauth😒

  12. Why on earth should predictions of a priest mean more than faith upon the gods they’ve been praying since the start? No offense but continuous religious festifals are getting annoying, people lie and make lame excuses and pretend to be devotional type. Please, if creative writers can’t keep a plot realistic, at least don’t make a mockery out of festivals.

  13. Best of immj2.. Watch in TV and online.. Riansh should be together for ever. Bt still could not find who’s the real master mind.. Is vansh? Because he is very much playing games

  14. Hi guys am new here nice 2 meet u all

    1. @ hasee welcome to the family

    2. @Hasee …Hi welcome to the immj2 telly updates family 😀🙋

    3. This episode and precap made me more exciting to watch the show.

      KABIR:-He really don’t care about her then y he is creating all this stupidity.what his problem with their relationship. He can do anything with her but she can’t do anything what she wants. He want to apart riansh but y man what did you want.if we think it was all about mission but you want to kill her. If you kill her your mission was stopped, so it’s not the reason then y????🤯🤯🤯

      RIDHU:-you really love vansh then y your are irritating him. You know very well about vansh if you take ragini’s name definitely he get very aggressive 😠 without using her name you can’t express your feelings. If you want to make a real connection💞 with him then don’t take raginis name infront of vansh, you really want to express your feelings towards him then you can simply explain him how vansh explained you in ishanis marriage.😜

      VANSH:- you really want to be an open book infront of ridhu right then y you are hidding about Ragini.
      I am missing my old vansh😭, bcz he doesn’t trust anyone. He clearly made his decisions without any doubt😎. If anyone is hidding any secrets or anything else from him. He can easily find out everything but know their is so much happening Infront of you but you are not understanding it. I am very disappointed about you ☹️☹️☹️

  15. Hi guys really I’m getting upset thinking what’s going to happen.I don’t know what vansh wants he has a feeling for Riddhima.same time Riddhima as usual loosing all evident . Still mentioning ragini’s name always which vansh doesn’t like to hear and meeting kabir.I have a very bad feeling but hope vansh should not leave Riddhima.pls someone can give me any latest update.i just cannot see Arian anymore.

    1. New update is- In karwa cauth Riddhima sees Vansh murdering someone with a gun and blood splashes on his face , Riddhima gets heartbeoken and shocked seeing Vansh is a murderer.

      I also don’t understand what is Vansh thinking. He wants to have a fresh start with Riddhima but hiding the fact that Ragini is alive. he seems too cold towards Riddhima. I don’t want them to split and it won’t happen maybe but still I’m confused. Does Vansh really love Riddhima or he’s in love with Riagini and playing with Riddhima?Things are confusing as hell.

    2. @Dharshini….she had to meet kabir because she’s closing Ridhbir and now only making it Riansh…Basically she is breaking up with Kabir….

      Happy that Vansh wants riddhima to be with him ..but why is he hiding about ragani?

  16. Pandit g word is giving me negative vibes😓..if riansh will be together in the end or not😟

    1. 😥😓Hopefully Riansh will stay as they are🙏…Dadi is our helper …she always brings them closer 💗💗💗

  17. @tonni let’s see at about 100-110 episode that whether Vansh loves Ragini and playing a game with Riddhima..but I can’t take the fact that he will betray Riddhima.Its giving vibes of immj1.

  18. Guys when vansh held riddhima hand in this episode it wasn’t here it was dadis😆

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