Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima caught red-handed


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima getting scared. Vansh opens the cloth knots and counts. He shows there are no nails. He opens the last knot. The nails fall down. Riddhima looks on. Aryan gets shocked. She thinks how did the nails come in this cloth, who can put these. Kabir has put the nails in the cloth after hearing Riddhima. Aryan says its her plan. Vansh stops Aryan. Vansh says you should have put one knot, why three then. Kabir enters the power room. He cuts off the power line. Vansh asks Angre what happened to the lights suddenly. Riddhima goes. Aunt says Riddhima has said the truth. Ishani says he is a smart girl, and Aryan is oversmart. Riddhima goes and calls Kabir. She hears his ringtone and thinks is he in VR mansion. Kabir comes to Riddhima and holds her. She gets scared. He says its me, Kabir. She hugs him. Ishq mein marjawa….plays… He sees Vansh’s uncle and says I m the technician, company has sent me. Uncle takes him. Vansh asks why didn’t the light come. He waits for Angre. Ishani says I need to talk to you, related to Riddhima, I want you to make her out of the house. Vansh asks the reason.

She says you can see the strange incidents happening here, I want you to tell her to leave. He asks her not to tell him anything. She asks why can’t you make her go. He says Siya is also my sister, she needs a physiotherapist. She argues. He asks her to think and talk. She says not done, you always insult me. He says no, its your own deed does insults you. She goes. Angre checks the power board. He sees the wires cut. He says someone had come here. Riddhima says I don’t understand. Kabir says I m with you, calm down. She asks how did you know about nails. He says I know, I heard your story through a device, I told you I will protect you. She hugs him. She says Vansh would have killed me. He says I have promised you. She says Vansh is a dangerous man, but he loves his family a lot, especially Siya, his Dadi is really nice, Aryan is irritating, Vansh’s uncle Chitwan is a novel writer, he instructed staff not to question anything, I m scared of Vansh, I feel he can read me. Kabir says I have come to you, I can’t put you in danger, no need to get scared of Vansh, this mission is over.

Chitwan says electric board people got smart, they have sent two technicians. Vansh looks around. Angre comes and says someone has cut the fuse. Vansh says seal the house, get the fuse fixed. Riddhima asks what about your mission. Kabir says we will see that later. She says listen to me. He says listen to me, I can’t see you living in fear. She asks him to go, you can’t get stuck here because of me. Angre fixes the wires. She says I will manage. Kabir says its not safe. She says please go. Vansh comes there. Lights come. Kabir hides behind Riddhima. She worries and sees Kabir gone. Ishani shouts on Angre. Vansh goes to see her. She asks who gave this servant a right to stop me from going out, do you care for this servant. Vansh says he is my employee, not your servant, there is an intruder in this house, Angre is following my instructions. Angre says I was going to lock the gate, Ishani was going out, I stopped her and…. Ishani throws the purse in anger. Vansh gets the tool in her purse. He asks Ishani how did the cutter come in her bag, where was she during the power cut down, was she helping anyone. Ishani asks are you doubting me now, wow, brilliant, you think the family is your enemy, you should doubt her first. She shows Riddhima. Everyone looks on.

Vansh gets Riddhima to see the result of her cheat. Angre stabs Kabir. She shouts Kabir.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks for the quick update Amena…
    BTW the serial is getting interesting…..Does Vansh has some reason to keep Riddhima in the mansion?? I mean Ishani was so right..He hs multiple reasons to kick her out of the house but hm…let’s wait & watch…..

    1. Riddima is the physiotherapist of vansh’s sister siya…thats the only reason vansh is keeping her at his home..

    2. Thank u 4 ur written update

  2. what is the precap?

  3. The precap is Riddhima’s dream according to me but the funny fact is that I thought for two times before I was wrong that’s why can’t say. But I have seen a video in which Ridhima was dressed in bridal costume it was BTS so don’t know who was she getting married too but it will be definitely Vansh

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