Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets threatened

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal leaving from the room. Riddhima takes the brochure and says I will match the number. She checks and finds the numbers same. She gets shocked. She says it means Chanchal is doing this, Rudra wanted to warn me about her, I don’t understand, but how can she kill Rudra. She gets the call again. The lady says Riddhima ji, you reach at 10am for abortion. Riddhima says Daima, Chanchal… why are they doing this, what can be the motive. She goes to her room. She gets surprised by the flower petal shower. Vansh says I don’t want to fight more. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

He asks can’t everything be like before. Riddhima says no, we are going to be three now, our thinking isn’t matching about the baby, that’s increasing our distance, I m saying it again, until you accept our baby, the distance will be the same. She removes the flowers heart from the bed and makes a line. She says this is our Laxman rekha, which you can’t cross. He says we will know if your stubbornness is bigger than my love, I have much patience. She stops him from clearing the line. She goes to the washroom. He asks her to listen. He says I didn’t think this reason will bring a distance between us. She says it will be there until you accept your baby. He goes.

In the temple, Riddhima lights a diya in the temple. She says what shall I do, I m stuck between my roles, wife and mother, I don’t understand what to do. She prays to Bappa and Mata Rani. She says please make the thing away, whatever is coming between Vansh and baby. Kabir comes and asks what are you praying so desperately, tears don’t hide.

He stops her and says please I m not a stranger, tell me, I can solve the problem. She asks what if you are the problem, how do I believe that you aren’t creating these problems. He asks me? I have saved your baby, its the first baby of this generation, I know you and family are very happy, Vansh doesn’t care, but I do, I m the baby’s uncle, I can take care of this responsibility. Aryan comes and says Riddhima. Kabir gets up and leaves. Aryan says Dadi has sent laddoos for you. He goes. A card falls from his pocket. She sees the same doctor’s visiting card. She says what’s this card doing with Aryan, is he making those abortion calls. She gets the same call again. She says how many times shall I say, I m not coming tomorrow. The lady says you have to come even if you don’t wish. Riddhima says these people are threatening me, I don’t know whom to trust. Chanchal says she won’t come there by her wish, we have to force her and get her there. Anupriya says there should be no mistake, tomorrow morning 10 am. Aryan says we have to do this, be ready at 10. Riddhima cries in the temple.

Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words. He thinks my family and your protection are most imp for me right now. He sees her sleeping. He lies to sleep. Its morning, Riddhima wakes up. She asks what are you doing Vansh. She sees the soap bubbles falling over. She calls out Vansh and asks are you in the bathroom. She gets a call. She says I m not scared of your threatening, who took the appointment. The lady says you come here if you want to know about it. Riddhima thinks who is it, who doesn’t want this baby to come in this world, where are you Vansh.

Vansh says I don’t want any mistake, that traitor shouldn’t know that we are coming to punish him. He is with his men. Kabir asks shall we have the final deal. Chang asks him to spend time, understand each other, partnership doesn’t happen in a day. Vansh says he can’t snatch the deal from me today, hurting me would mean digging his own grave. Chang says every deal has its conditions and negotiations. Kabir says our relation is new, our motive is same, I agree to your every demand, money isn’t everything for me, my motive is imp than money and business. Chang says I hope the motive can get negative. Vansh says if we don’t punish him, then many such people will stand in front of us, we have to tell the world that Lord may forgive if one doesn’t do the aarti, but Vansh doesn’t forgive anyone.

Chang says traitor is imp than enmity for Vansh, Vansh will not leave you. Vansh says we will hide and wait for him, okay. Kabir says I m taking this revenge because of my heartbreak, but I think from my mind, you will be on front, I will be behind, Vansh can never imagine this, just relax. Riddhima calls Vansh. Angre says I think they are inside. Vansh says lets go. He disconnects. Riddhima says where did he go at this time, Ishani isn’t here, why is the room light on. Chanchal calls her out and asks what are you doing here. Riddhima says the room light was on. Chanchal scolds her for spying.

She asks Riddhima to take rest, her baby needs rest. Riddhima says I just thought to see once. Chanchal says you mean Ishani lied that she is going to her friend’s house and got hidden in her room, just go. She sees some shadow in the room and smiles. Riddhima goes. Vansh says don’t know what are they talking, who is that person with hoodie, on my command, okay… He counts down. Vansh shouts hands up and gets Kabir at gun point.

Kabir gets shocked. Riddhima gets the message, you just have an hour now. Aryan collides with her. He says my car is ready, we can go if you want. She asks where, I don’t want to go anywhere, do you know anything. He says no, I was just saying that we can go out if you want. He goes. Anupriya says I have made the breakfast, don’t go empty stomach, I have kept a dress for you, wear it before going. Riddhima says I m not going anywhere. Anupriya says you look stressed, I thought fresh air will be good for you. Riddhima says I m not going anywhere, okay. She says why are they behaving like this. Chanchal says the day will be tough, abshagun will happen with someone in this house, I have seen the dream, don’t worry Maa. Riddhima thinks is she telling about me, where are you Vansh, I need you a lot.

Precap: Riddhima is busy in her phone, someone hits on her head with a bamboo and then puts her in a fridge. Service team takes away the fridge. After putting it in their truck, they say work that Vansh sir gave is done. Riddhima hears Vansh’s name and wonders Vansh?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Btw….today I finally watched the episodes on voot.Loved them.
    Today I could feel the difference between reading the wu and watching it.
    Really Vansh is being stubborn.All this while I thought that Riddhima is hiding the matter(that someone is trying to harm her) from Vansh.
    But today I came to know that she tried telling him.But it is Vansh who is not ready to listen.
    Have some brain man.
    But filhaal I am worried ki if Vansh would be able to catch kabir or not.
    My answer would be no…kabir will escape.
    But still hoping for the best.🤞🤞

  2. Precap 😫😫

    1. Oh lord, I just saw the promo….now RIddhima will suspect Vansh, again. Poor Riansh. I just hope she and the baby will be fine.

    1. Gabriela

      So Ishani it’s not gone

  3. No I don’t think Riddhima will belive them. She has always misunderstood him I want something different

    1. Gabriela

      Not! Never!

  4. Gabriela

    Healthy snacks with Helly and Asli so Ishani it’s not gone

  5. Thakur Priyanka

    Uddariyaan replacing IMMJ2 soo bad yaar from 15 March onwards no one is going to turn on the color’s channel I’m not going to watch any of color’s channel shows from 15 March

    1. Neha1

      Don’t be sad, atleast IMMJ2 is shifting to OTT platform is a releived to all the Fan’s…
      And about Colors TV channel, I already mentioned that it’s most partial channel ever for IMMJ2 and many more before IMMJ2… That’s why I hate Colors channel…
      But not to worry IMMJ2 will continue on Voot.. and this time make sure that IMMJ2 will be top in online Ratings, like never before…. We should show to Colors channel that they did wrong decision to off-air IMMJ2 on TV… And we should compel the channel that they again bring IMMJ2 on TV after learning IMMJ2 online Ratings at its top position.
      That’s the only way, we have another chance to prove that IMMJ2 deserves to be in top on online Ratings and also deserves to be air on TV.

    2. Themysticalmetanoia

      @neha yes ur right this is the correct way in which we can give ans to colors TV n show our immj2 power

    3. Thakur Priyanka

      I totally agree with you and yeah we should make IMMJ2 no 1 in online trp so that color’s channel should feel a tight slap for shifting IMMJ2 to OTT platform

  6. Neha1

    I thought of this coz I learn about the spoiler that Riddhima’s going to suspect on Vansh, as he isn’t ready to be a father. Now, don’t know why I think, it would be Kabir as he wanted Riddhima and Vansh to be seperated, so that Riddhima comes back to him…
    On the other side, I also thought that it might be a team plan who’s involved some of the family members except Dadi and Siya….
    Let’s see what and how this mystery get unfold.

    1. Gabriela

      What happens in the next episode is unbelievable. That is, someone kidnaps you from your home and takes you to a hospital to have an abortion to get revenge on you or someone close to you. I think the evil mind is Anupryia

    2. Gabriela

      I don’t think Ridhima will blame Vansh for that. She will never believe about him that he can do such a horrible thing to her. Never!!

    3. I want something different I hope she won’t hear it. She might be just calling Vansh out to ask him for help but I am not sure I hope there is no misunderstandings. She will never do that but who knows makers can do anything

  7. Damn precap… don’t tell me maker that even after the decision of ending the show tv and transferring it OTT platform … u still want to show us the trust issues between the leads like seriously … it will very disappointing if u to show this kind of nonsense now… where i personally feel that it should be riansh v/s enemies ….

    One more thing did anyone one noticed the recent picture of bedroom date (i think so).. there riddhima’s expression is quite weird like she is forcefully do that …

    1. Gabriela

      Often precap is confusing. I don’t think Ridhima hears what is being said outside.

    1. Gabriela

      Did you see Helly and Rrahul in the promo for Deevane? Will they appear on the show?

  8. That person who had hit Riddima is none other than Ishani… I am sure. as shown in that snack having video of Helly shah and Chandni did any one notice her dress

    1. Tonni

      Yeah Aditi..
      I’ve seen.
      If it’s really her I must say, Ishani should go back from where she came from.
      Her reason of enmity is the lamest.

    2. Neha1

      Yes, even I saw that video Ishani wearing black hoodie. Don’t find Red gloves… But I doubt on her after seeing that video… Let’s see.

  9. Tonni

    The precap..😑😑😑😑😑
    Again I’m pissed with the precap.

    1. Don’t worry precap can be misleading let’s see what happens

    2. Tonni

      I just hope it’s misleading..
      High chances are there bcz we saw them in party outfits for upcoming episodes.

    3. Gabriela

      Precap is scary. I don’t know what the writers are going to do, where they want to take the story. However, only women in the series always suffer a lot, they are the target of hateful revenge, as now. It should have happened differently. How to think about kidnapping a pregnant woman, forcing her to have an abortion to get revenge, if it’s Anupryia, because your child has turned against you, to make the child disappear because the baby would be the cause for which you no longer receive wealth, inheritance, if it is Chanchal and Aryan or make her suffer, as you suffered, if it is Ishani, or revenge for betrayal if it is Chang.

  10. Tonni

    Never reply to those negative outsiders.
    Let them bark but don’t give it back to them.
    Ignore them and they’ll leave and if they don’t just report them.

    1. Gabriela

      That’s what we should have done, but we’re probably a little more protective when it comes to our show. However, we showed respect and responded diplomatically, because that is what characterizes us. But I don’t think I’ll answer this nonsense from now on.

    2. @Tonni yes you are right by the way, I don’t think they were not our show’s fans. They I think once watched it till Vihaan Track and that Vansh Revenge track they became against the show as at that time I myself saw on social media, that we fans got divided a lot just because makers did so much injustice to Riddhima’s Character. But I think we only forced them by our negative feedback to end Vihaan track so early. There was very much potential in Vihaan Track to increase the Trp to even 3.0 or even more if we would have been patient at that stage but we are just like that only and yeah that is our Indians positive quality also to stand up for Women’s rights except few ones

  11. This colors tv is getting on my nerves. Udariyaan is replacing our show… Sometimes i feel positively like no tension about trp or trp aunties but also i feel that our leads and show won’t get proper recognition on ott. Especially Rrahul, who is the television ruler as of now. He is in the top position in every week’s online ratings,equal to big tv stars like siddharth shukla. He got all these recognition only on tv. But anyways, it’s good for students like us, without worrying about trp we can watch anytime. But feeling sad for international viewers. This voot should improve its technology so that international viewers too can watch. Or i dunno whether it would be uploaded on utube.
    And makers pls no illogical scenes on ott. Because in tv even few aunties watch but in ott it’s fully youth who watch it so better don’t show some cringy scenes. And we as fans should give full support to the show even on ott to get no 1 position in online ratings.

    1. Gabriela

      Yes, we have to show that it means IMM2 for us and we have to turn it into the most watched series on Voot or online on other platforms.

    2. If ratings is less high chances are there for immediate season finale.
      Still we needs to worry for online TRP😕😕

    3. @Denza don’t worry about online TRP for our show, as far as it is concerned, exams of many children are gonna be over till 15th March or few days later i guess so it will maintain a good Online TRP

    4. Tonni

      @SM to get the 1st position on OTT platform first of all ColorsTV and Voot should start promote that, IMMJ2 will be coming on Voot only. Which they are not doing it. But they are already promoting that Udaariyaan is replacing IMMJ2. So the irregular viewers will think the show has wrapped up .
      Again ColorsTV and Voot is doing wrong with us already.
      So to become the topper on OTT again promotion must be there.
      Also it’ll be really tough for IMMJ2 bcz Zee5, Hotstar provide much more higher facilities than Voot and their number of subscribers are enormous.

    5. @Tonni that’s wat i said, voot should improve its technology so that international viewers can also watch and contribute to online trp. As immj’s fandom is so huge that it is the only show on colors which has highest number of international viewers.

    6. When Colors not even promoted our show even on TV properly, then what can we expect from them now. I hope some miracle happens for now so that at least on OTT we are able to enjoy our favourite show for more longer period.

    7. @SM The thing is not that whether the actors will get proper recognition for their characters or not but the thing is that for how long, lead actors will act for OTT show, if they get any new better project other than IMMJ2 then they will not hesitate in leaving IMMJ2 and as the lockdown is removed from almost every place, now more new shows are emerging, so if our show run for even two to three weeks only, then it will be a big deal

    1. Tonni

      It already happened in today’s episode.
      They gun pointed Chang and Kabir with the whole gang but I’ve a feeling that, before Vansh could see Kabir’s face he’ll somehow escape! It’ll be Vansh Vs Chang only.

    2. Yeah @Tonni Sister I too feel the same

    3. Gabriela

      I know, but I liked Vansh in this picture

    4. @Gabbs that expression certainly gave me a Mastermind Vansh like feeling!

  12. Gabriela

    From the good old days when we didn’t worry about TRP. Vansh and Ridhima begin to fall in love ❤❤❤

    1. Woh bhi kya din thay!

  13. W8 a minute
    What’s Immj2 now?
    It’s neither Tv series after shifting to Voot.nor a
    Voot original as it’s origin is from Colors??

  14. It’s confirmed na Immj2 ending on tv on the 13th March and on voot from 15th March?

  15. Guys we got a golden opportunity now!!
    Earlier only one TV can contribute towards BARC TRP.
    But now as Much as Gmail and Voot ID = as much as online TRP.
    So if in a family there more than one people are watching then please watch it with seperate ID’s. Then we can contribute our best towards TRP.
    More TRP= More demands= More economic support for makers= More episodes.

    1. Do the Online TRP also include the episodes which we watch on MX Player, Jio TV, Airtel Xtream or Tata Sky App? Can you confirm from a trusted source as i can contribute from them only

  16. Can we still be in Ormax charts when it is on OTT?

    1. To which category now Immj2 belongs to?
      Neither a TV series nor a Voot Original??

    2. It is still a TV series so don’t be so low on your spirits, Stay calm and enjoy watching till it’s there on TV

    3. Tonni

      @Khusi of course you’ll be able to see it on ORMAX top 10 chart if it’s there.
      The show doesn’t need to be in certain category of TV show or TV series.
      ORMAX just shows most liked ones only..
      If you see the chart closely you’ll see shows like Anupama, Bigg Boss, Indian Idol, KKB, KB all are there, where Anupama is a TV series and shows like Indian Idol and Bigg Boss are TV shows.
      So don’t worry girl!
      If our show can make it to top 10 it’ll be there always regardless of category.

  17. Can’t wait for Monday’s episode? And will abortion happen because I read somewhere that abortion will happen and Ridhima will fake her death and then will return to take revenge.

    1. No abortion please. My heart is very delicate like a glass. It will break into millions of pieces if that happen, I was too much frustrated even when Ishani’s miscarriage happened but this time if writers are gonna do something like that then coconuts are ready from my side for them.

  18. Don’t call me as a sadist, but i like separation tracks. Because unity after separation track will be so strong. Also i got tried of this mushy mushy romance, hundreds of forehead kisses everyday. But i don’t like misunderstanding being the basis of separation. Why can’t makers think of anything else? Also see in the recent pic, it looks like riddhima is forced to dance, as she was looking worried. And while thinking that vansh made her to dance and keep her close forcefully, this shows me a sign of obsessive love. And youth really like obsessive love stories so i wish makers would bring something like this and execute it properly on ott…

    1. Ps: it may not happen too, as their love is soo strong now i just wish riddhima will not get carried away. I am ok with both the ways

    2. Gabriela

      I don’t know what to say about a possible breakup. The screenwriters will take the story in such a way that it will have continuity after March 15 and will have about the same audience. If Ridhima looks as if she is forced to dance, it means that there will be a rupture between them. Maybe Ridhima thinks Vansh is behind her kidnapping. I don’t want to think about a breakup because of the baby. However, I would like to give birth to a mini Vansh. But you are right, an obsessive love would attract the public and not just young people, I think that women in their 30s and 40s would be attracted to such love.

    3. @SM As Gabbs said that writers will make further story on the basis of continuing it further on OTT, and stretchening up a bit but according to me as far as their chemistry and bond is concerned, they might not get separated so soon and makers will definately not take that risk so soon before creating some strong misunderstandings between RIANSH so their separation is not expected so soon but due to murder or death it may be possible

  19. Why all of you told that this show come only on voot…kya hum esku utube per nahi deksakte hee or google or chrome par… Or Amena update karegi naa

    1. The show will exclusively only be available on Voot after off airing on TV on maybe 13th March. Not yet confirmed whether officially the episodes will be uploaded on Youtube or not but don’t worry we will not let you miss any episode but stay updated with us. As far as Amena is concerned for writing updates, most probably she will do so as a show is telecasted on OTT and she is the writer of that show and she is updating that regularly.

    1. Gabriela

      Very scary!

    2. Same promo like Yesterday’s

    1. Is this an old video? 🤔

    2. Gabriela

      I just found it on Youtube

    1. Gabriela

      Oh, yes! I like this!!! 💣💣💣 But where is Kabir ????? 🤨🤨🤨

    2. Uff! No again Kabir rescues from the crime spot. Vansh again fails this time. I don’t think there was better chance for him than Today to catch Kabir red handed. I hope it doesn’t get too late for Vansh to save Riddhima and his business.

  20. Hello 👋 guys

    1. You have been missed☺️

    2. You have been missed ☺️

    3. Hi dear😁

    4. You have been missed ☺️

  21. I’m having an assumption that Kabir will switch Ishaani at his place. They both are together. Kabir will always have a backup plan. If Vansh found Ishani, then she’ll get spared being his sister, but Kabir won’t.
    At the same time Aryan along with Ishani or someone else is behind Red Riding hoodie. They want her abortion as well as rift between RiAnsh.
    Aryan is surely related with Red Riding hoodie!!

    1. Yeah that too can happen. Anything is possible in IMMJ2 by the way

  22. Guys. IMMJ2 is going off television to make room for Udariyaan 🤢🤢💩💩

    1. Oh by the way Welcome to our Paagalthaane, Keep commenting like this in future also. We are really very crazy about our show. Most welcome to our Fan Club

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