Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Siya apologizes to Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima to talk to him, he is listening, its a deal. She says deal. He says great, shoot. She closes eyes and gives her cheek. He says you said you will say something, you aren’t saying anything. She asks are you paying attention to me. He says absolutely, sweetheart. She says I will just come. She goes. Ishani asks Siya are you not ashamed to lie to me, that lobby manager is Vyom, it means you lied about the breakup. Siya asks how do you know he is Vyom. Ishani says I have seen you meeting him, he is dangerous, you won’t meet him. Siya says I will meet him. Ishani says he is our enemy. Siya says you should have told me when you encouraged me. Ishani says he will make you against the family. Siya says don’t give me this Gyaan, I like him a lot, look at yourself, first Sunny and then Angre… Ishani says be in your limits. Siya says you said I m not a kid, I can take my decisions myself, stay out of my business. Ishani says you will stay away from him. Siya says no, what will you do. Angre comes and takes Ishani’s phone. He asks what’s this video. Ishani says Siya and Vyom’s video is in the phone. Siya says what, get the phone back, do something.

Riddhima gets some dresses and asks what shall I wear today. Vansh says yes, wear that. She asks what, blue one. He says you look stunning in blue. She says fine, this blue dress will suit you. He says I can’t wait to see you. She gets upset. She jokes. He asks her to decide the wedding gift herself. He doesn’t pay attention and just talks to her. She says rain has stopped. He says you are magical. She says thanks, you said we should buy magical carpet, we can go anywhere using that. He says yes, I told you, just go and buy it. She says fine, you are giving me much attention. He says I know, I love you a lot. She says I hate you and goes. Ishani acts hurt. Angre asks what happened to your foot. Ishani takes the phone from him. Siya deletes the video and keeps phone back. Ishani says its better now, go and do your work. Angre goes with the phone. Ishani scolds Siya. She says I will tell Vansh that Vyom is roaming here as the lobby manager, he is staying much angered these days, stay away from Vyom. Vansh asks what were you saying… He sees her gone. She comes. He says I was listening to you, because I love…. She leaves from the room.

Siya sees Vyom sleeping and says you look lovely. She wakes him up. He gets scared and asks what are you doing here. She says I came to greet you. He wears the shirt. She says I will make you wear it right. He says don’t behave like my wife, just go, I m getting late. She says I will order coffee for you. He says I don’t need your help, I m irritated of you, just go. She says I love you Vyom, it doesn’t mean that you behave like this with your GF. He asks GF, what’s this joke, stop crying, I m fed up. She says you got gifts for me. He says I had pity, you didn’t had any friend, you think I have become your BF, you have no importance in my life, I came in your life to use you against Vansh, even then you are useless, go from here, get out. Siya cries. She says I know you are joking. He scolds her. She leaves.

Riddhima sits talking to the baby. Siya comes crying and says he broke my heart. She tells about Vyom. She asks am I so bad that no one loves me. Riddhima says no, you can’t be bad, he doesn’t deserve you, come. Riddhima pacifies her. Siya says I m weak. Riddhima says crying means we are sensitive, we are strong. Siya asks really. Riddhima says yes, you don’t need a partner at this time, you are young, focus on your life, when you find someone like-minded, then think of relationship, no need to go to the person who insults you. Siya says thanks for boosting my morale, please forgive me for that doll incident, stealing the letter and hurting you, I did that to please someone. Riddhima says its okay, forget it.

Siya asks do you think it was good if Vansh wasn’t here. Riddhima says yes, he always ignores me, he is always busy in work. Siya says wife has many ways to get husband’s attention, you may do that. Vansh asks what do you mean. Angre asks do you and Riddhima have some tension again. Vansh talks of work. He says Riddhima was telling me something, I didn’t hear it, when I answered, she got upset. Angre asks what did she say. Vansh says she wanted to buy some carpet, I asked her to buy it, she got upset. Angre says she is pregnant. Vansh says I know. Angre says girls get mood swings in pregnancy, they want much attention. Riddhima says idea isn’t bad, I used to run after him, this time, I will give him attitude.

Someone comes to the hotel. It Riddhima in a male’s disguise. She meets Angre and Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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      Congratulations. I think 1st time of yours🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  3. Link for today episode

  4. Gabriela

    Why are we so few?

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      May be due to late update

    2. I think they will come later Gabs maybe..Amena updated late today

  5. Neha1

    Thank God🙏, Sia had realised her mistake and apologize to Riddhima…
    Vansh didn’t pay heed to Riddhima and she got angry… RiAnsh cute nok-jhok was good to watch…
    I want to see how Vansh will pacify Riddhima…
    But Precap seems interesting as Riddhima turn to Mr. Roy’s get up…. Let’s see that if Vansh will be able to recognise Riddhima or not..???
    Waiting for Monday’s episode.

    1. Gabriela

      Precap is the best, Ridhima behaves like Vansh, same attitude, I cant wait!

    2. Can’t wait for Monday, is going to be funny

    3. Yeah Monday episode is going to be massive

    4. IMM2 Viewer

      @Neha, yes, I can’t wait until Monday’s episode! I feel like Vansh will suspect or realize eventually that “Mr. Roy” is RIddhima, but will just play along.

  6. Today’s episode was so so so amazing… I loved it 💖
    Riansh scenes were so cute and funny …Apple and orange ki shaadi, Weather,Mood,Magic Carpet …. Oh God I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The bgm was also hilarious 🤣
    Finally Sia understood that Vyom doesn’t love her… Loved to see Sia and Riddhima back together after a long time…
    Riddhima was so understanding and caring… I loved the way she consoled Siya and made her understand her priorities like an elder sister or a mother…💖💖💖
    Ishani got a taste of her own medicine…
    #Vangre was amazing as always…
    Siya and Riddima and Vansh and Angre looked like two pairs of best friends discussing their lovelifes …
    Precap is also exciting…
    Can’t wait for the next episode 💓

    1. Magic carpet seriously me too i can’t help it 😂😂😂😂coz even my ribs are cracking

    2. IMM2 Viewer

      Everything you said was on point….that apple and orange wedding line was funny too! I simply loved the Siya-Riddhu heart-to-heart scene. The episode was very nice!

    1. Gabriela


  7. Today’s episode is so boring

    1. Noor fifi what are you saying ?

    2. Noor You are BD naa??
      Are you staying at Uttara?
      (If you don’t mind so)

  8. Parita

    This episode was really cute and funny!!😂😂❤❤❤
    The precap is too hilarious, Vansh seems to recognize her touch🤭

    1. Ur right, the way he touched her n ridhima’s response was 👌👌👌superb

    2. IMM2 Viewer

      Yes, Parita, I feel like Vansh will recognize it’s RIddhu’s by her touch, but just play along!

  9. Link for today episode

  10. Today’s episode was awesome, coz i can’t stop laughing n am glad for siya that she has realised her mistake n apologised to ridhima now u should start afresh to support ur brother has u used to do in past

  11. Themysticalmetanoia

    Riansh nok jhok was really cute rrahel gave the best expressions cuteness was clearly visible through them ridhu gave her cheeks omg I can’t stop laughing n the magic carpet apple orange wedding even vansh said I love Riddhima went away
    I think in the precap vansh recognised Ridhus touch
    But still guys I want more riansh scenes ❤️
    And yes many utube channels r telling that immj 2 is going to be re telecasted on colors rishtey they will also count the trp I guess
    So we should all watch it n this will help in immj 3rd season with the same cast as early as possible
    I request u all to watch it!!!

  12. IMM2 Viewer

    Hi y’all! I hope that you’re doing well. Today’s episode was simply lovely! We got a cute Riansh couple fight, a poignant Siya-Vyom break-up scene, Ishani getting her just desserts (at least partially), Riddhu talking to Dottu or rather Dotti (as she assumes she’ll have a baby girl), and a wise womanly conversation between Riddhu and Siya, all packaged together in one episode……it feels like Christmas morning haha! So let’s get to it:
    =The RIansh fight: Aww, RIddhu’s facial expressions and how she leaned in and closed her eyes, expecting a kiss from Vansh were just too adorable. I loved RIddhu’s mood swings, but at the same time I can’t blame Vansh for working so hard….not only does he have a wife and child to take care of, but also a whole snake family to support!
    =The Siya-Ishani confrontation: Hmm, I really liked this scene…unlike any other Siya-Ishani scenes in the past. First of all, I have to commend Ishani for directly confronting Siya instead of going and telling Angre or Vansh about it (though that would have not been wrong either)….Ishani may be selfish, but she does love Siya in her own weird way, and I think she wanted to hear her side of the story. But at the same time, Siya basically and rightfully told Ishani that she was the one, who pushed her to fall in love with/pursue Vyom, and then she progressed to give her big sis tons of attitude….it was so satisfying to watch! However, I do think in a way, it was nice of Ishani to help Siya delete the video of the latter and Vyom before Angre could see it…’s kind of like when sisters fight, but they’ll still protect one another from the wrath of their parents (or in this case their terrifying Vansh Bhai) haha. Though from a strategic point of view, I don’t get why Ishani would delete the video….perhaps, like she said, she doesn’t need the video to convince Vansh about Siya’s and Vyom’s relationship, or she genuinely didn’t want to blackmail her sister. Plus, ordinarly, I would want Ishani to have told the truth to Angre (as they should be communicating and all), but I’m 100% sure, he would have told his Boss, so from her POV, it’s better that she protected her little sis in that way.
    =The Siya – Vyom scene: Wow, if words could kill…..First of all, I again appreciated Ankit’s acting in this scene….even though the scene itself didn’t seem super complex or emotional from his POV, I could just feel Vyom’s almost loathing for himself and for Siya through his expressions and dialogues! Also, I long awaited this moment, when Siya would be absolutely heart-broken and realize that she was so wrong for betraying her family, but seeing the tears streaming down her face, and her desperation to attain Vyom’s love, really saddened me! Although, she wasn’t doing herself any favors by still practically begging for Vyom’s love after he explicitly told her that he was just using her to destroy her family…..but oh well! Also, even though Vyom is not my favorite character, and his behavior with Siya was so ugly today, I can’t dislike him….I feel like he just hates himself for not protecting his family, so how can he possibly radiate love or kindness to others. Like Gayu (RIP girl), I believe deep down, Vyom is a good, or rather great person!
    =The Riddhima-Siya scene: To begin, I loved RIddhu’s mini conversation with her baby girl….I kind of want it to be a baby boy/Chotu Vansh, but a Dotti would be fine too… any case, we won’t even get to see the baby in the series, so what difference does it make…, if RIansh do have a little girl, it would be nice seeing how all the women in Vansh’s life, including RIddhu, Dotti, his sisters, Dadi, Chachi, etc., drive him nuts, but I digress. Honestly, despite Vyom’s harsh words, we should be thanking him that he inadvertently gave Siya the push she needed to reconnect with her family… one could have turned her away from Vyom, besides Vyom himself. And I loved Riddhima’s mature, female advice to Siya… should first love and focus on yourself, before seeking love from others, particularly from a man….so true! Plus, I also liked how she said tears don’t make you weak, they just mean that you’re emotional…..personally, I’m sometimes dislike how people assume that just because one cries easily, they are weak, so I really loved RIddhu’s words here. Most of all, Siya and RIddhu are back on……I didn’t really realize how much I missed their bonding and it makes sense….neither of them have any friends, so they’re a friendship match made in heaven haha! And I adored how Riddhu said that sometimes she thinks that she would be better off without Vansh, since he ignores her all the time, and then Siya helped her with some playful plotting and planning against Vansh…..What a sweet and wholesome moment….it felt like old times!
    = Lastly, why are men so clueless….Although, I did find it cute that Vansh didn’t realize why RIddhu was that upset at him….oh lord. At least, his trusted right hand man Angre realized that Riddhu’s pregnancy mood swings were to blame lol…..I know Ishani was pregnant before, but has Angre been reading much parenting books or something lately haha?
    =The precap: Aww, how cute does RIddhu look as Mr. Nair-Roy! Hmm, judging by the way Vansh shook her hand, I feel like he may realize that it’s RIddhima, but will play along with her little game (or maybe not)….but Vansh did always say that he could recognize RIddhu from her scent or touch, so let’s see if his words prove to be true…..I just hope Vansh doesn’t get upset with Riddhu for meddling in his business in a way, by impersonating his business associate…..let’s see, but I’m really looking forward to these lighter scenes!
    =That’s it y’all for today/ I wrote too much, but I’m in better spirits today (let’s hope it stays that way), and the episode was truly lovely, with nice transitions between the scenes and was very, well done! My only grievance with the episode was that there was only one RIansh scene….normally that would be fine, but with only 7 episodes left, we want more haha! Till next time, have a lovely weekend, and stay healthy and happy!

    1. Great review girl ❤️🤗 it was an amazing episode I enjoyed it a lot especially in the beginning 😂😂 yes you are right I really did want more RiAnsh scenes but hopefully we will try and get of that next week. Looking forward to it but yes even I do feel sad that there’s only 7 episodes left 🙁

    2. Abhay

      Nice review sis . Awesome. I think from their handshake vansh will know about riddhima being mr roy..but he will also play with mr roy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . And Aryan and ishani both love siya and it’s fact.. but
      Ishani care towards siya :
      Care key kuch rang aisay bhi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
      Vyom is now again on his mission

    3. Nice review di yeah i also liked siya n ishani’s convst n also ridhimaz bonding with siya n am pretty sure vansh knows her touch

    4. Awesome review yeah the episode was superb n ur right siya n Angre they would have been are good couple,yes ishani will never change that’s her n vansh alway says that he doesn’t want Angre to interfere in his matters now is he allowed to advise him vansh seriously

    5. IMM2 Viewer

      1. @Khushi, thanks girl and yes, hopefully we’ll get more RIansh scenes next week!
      2, @Abhay, thanks so much, and what a good play on words “care key kuch rang aisay bhi” haha!
      3. @Angella, thanks so much dear and yes, I’m sure Vansh will recognize RIddhu’s touch!

    6. 🙌 girl you do all, thanks for the review 😘. Yeah we are left with 7 episodes only is so heart broken 💔 😢. Enjoy your weekend too🥰.

    7. IMM2 Viewer

      Thanks @Akorfa Linda! Hope the new job is going well too! Yeah, I can’t believe there’s only 7 episodes left.

    8. Parita

      Amazing Review @IMM2 Viewer
      Firstly i apologize for the late comment, got into some work! Anyway i felt the episode was really funny and i loved it like anything! The beginning was too good, i loved the expressions and the entire conversation-apple and orange wedding!😂😂
      The convo between Siya and Riddhima was something i really liked after Riansh scene, finally she’s back to the normal Siya we all love and i’m really excited to know what Riddhima will do to try get attention from Vansh and what he will do to pacify her. I’m really looking forward for Mr Roy let’s see what happens now. It is very disheartening, only 7 episodes left! But we should make most of the time right now! Thanks for the review!

    9. IMM2 Viewer

      Thanks Parita! Yes, everything you said is on point, and we should just make the most of our time here! I’m sure the Mr. Roy episodes will be great, and am looking forward to them.

  13. Abhay

    So hello are you all . Today’s episode was very funny …makers really should give us comic relief 🤣🤣🤣 because providing comic relief lies just on Chanchal’s shoulders only 🤣🤣🤣 . ” So without thinking yourself someone’s gf/bf let’s start our review 🤣🤣🤣”
    Orange and Apple marriage who wants to go 😀🤣🤣 . Vansh is first time doing computer work…my baby is studying now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Atleast makers didn’t shipped vyom and sara or vyom and ishani 🤣🤣🤣what about Aryan and will match 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Now everyone is getting character redemption eg sara , now siya and i think after the revealation of black box …dadi will return to our old dadi…but ishani will never change 🤣🤣🤣 . I think till the end makers should make siya and Angre…because they both are good characters but didn’t get proper life partner. They are singles like us 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . I am dating a vampire now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Siya’s answer deserved ishani behaviour. Thanks Aliens..riaansh support team is increasing . And Angre didn’t got anything… And riaansh scenes…magical weather , rain , orange and apple marriage , magical carpet….
    Le me : release the entier Aladin 2 with cheap zafar ( Akeel ) and Laila stone together 🤣🤣🤣 .
    Angre : Pregnancy swings …
    Le me : Vansh learn something from Angre…he knows how to train your hella ( ishani) 🤣🤣🤣.
    Precap – More comedy comming soon . I think vansh will find about Mr roy very easily …but still let’s see.. And riddhima will show her attitude.
    Le me : This is what the fans wanted to see 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
    Today’s episode rating : 5 star 🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐ . The 5 star is for its humors . Makers are giving us lot of riaansh moments and jokes to prepare us for next week thrill . Sayonara .
    Tell me your ratings below

    1. IMM2 Viewer

      @Abhay, wonderful review! Honestly, the episode was incredible and it gets 5 stars, as does your review. Personally, I want Ishangre to stay together (even though I don’t like their romantic scenes). As RIddhima said today, Siya doesn’t need a man right now, she needs to focus on herself. I’m super excited about Monday’s episode and seeing the absolutely adorable Mr. Roy! Sayonara!

    2. Hahahah hilarious bro 😂😂 I don’t know about IshAngre watching their scenes makes me a bit angry but it’s okay today. Ratings from me also 5 stars

    3. Yeah Angre knows hw to put some sense in her sister n now it’s vansh’s time to sink advise from Angre whom he usually tell not to interfere in his matters n thanks for ur review n am giving 5⭐⭐

    4. Parita

      Your review is really funny!! Bro i’m coming to the wedding, wanna go? 😂😂Lets teleportal to there
      Siya and Angre not a bad pair, i mean they deserve more than those wicked partners. You’re dating a vampire? All the very best with the experience with a vampire, vampire+alien=Vampien!
      It’s going to be very interesting to watch what Riddhima does and i agree it was an episode with pure humour!!

  14. Abhay

    Me and imm2 released episode review at the same time.
    Readers : Whom should we read first 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. IMM2 Viewer

      Haha, they can gladly read your review first!

    2. Parita

      😂😂Multitask in reading both together

  15. Amazing

  16. Priyanka Thakur

    Hiii guys how are you all

    1. Hi Priya, I’m fine

    2. Parita

      Hi di, long time!
      hope the wedding is going fine?

  17. Priyanka Thakur

    Today’s episode is so funny especially orange and apple marriage thank God finally Siya realised her mistake and came back to positive side

    1. Yes am also glad for her

    2. IMM2 Viewer

      Yes, I loved how Siya turned back into a positive character, and the apple/orange line was really funny!

    3. Parita

      I agree di, it was an amazing one!

  18. Thankful a tonne that Ameena finally uploaded.
    Hello everyone!
    How are you all?

    1. Parita

      fine and you?

  19. Hail the entry of Mr Roy aka attention-wanting Rid!

    1. Parita


  20. Abhay

    Guys if anyone is free ..then read my new episode in my ff . Link Below

    1. Parita

      I did bro and enjoyed reading!

  21. I haven’t seen Vansh with so much patience like he had today.I mean he never ignores the most beautiful woman in his life but today it felt like a husband was ignoring a nagging wife(though Riddhu baby hasn’t been nagging since the ice cream moments.)They both genuinely needed a break from each other i mean the couple have had alot hiccups with their relationship.They needed a break from each other which is perfectly okay.It was really necessary for Vansh to get the chance to differentiate between his grumpiness and dear wife.
    I loved how she laid her cheek for a kiss (for she knew that he couldn’t ignore kissing her pinky cheeks.)That cute moment gave us a real picture of a normal marriage.

    1. IMM2 Viewer

      @Sawwm Abdul, I agree too. I kind of miss seeing Vansh romantic all the time and having no patience/sabar around RIddhu, but at the same time, I do think today’s scene ressembled a more normal marriage, in which you have romance and all that good stuff, but you also have to work and do other things too. Plus, I love it when Vansh is serious at times about work, and not just a complete lover boy lol. In any case, I also hope, RIddhima “going away” or rather dressing up as Mr. Roy will teach Vansh to be less grumpy and also appreciate his wife. I also loved that scene in which Riddhu leaned in for a kiss….so sweet, but suprisingly Vansh didn’t kiss her….who knew that the man that used to take every opportunity to romance his wife, would now ignore her kiss haha.

    2. 😊🥰

    3. Parita

      Yea i agree too, it was a different version of him totally this time, so engrossed in work that he forgot his wife!!❤😂😂But all in all i really loved their scene!

  22. Abhay

    Hi.Gabriel sis where are you

    1. I think she was here for a while

    2. Parita

      yea where is she?

    3. Abhay

      She told me hat she is busy a a celebration

  23. the episode is very interesting

  24. I wrote a review and then I refreshed the page and now it’s gone 😭😭😭😭😂

    1. Parita


  25. Tujhse Hai Raabta

    This is a great series. I liked the story very sweet.

  26. Hiii I’m back and just watched the episode. It was amazing and totally enjoyed every scene 😂❤️ kinda sad that there is only 7 episodes left but I am sure those episodes will be full of fun and thrill too towards the end.
    – RiAnsh scene: omg 😂😂😂😂 this was hilarious, it was probably one of the funniest episode I have seen. The way Riddhima was acting like a baby and wanting attention from her busy hubby and Vansh wasn’t having any of it. He was so disoriented and didn’t know what to say 😂 the flying carpet 😂😂😂 that reminded me of Aladdin. Poor Vansh couldn’t understand his wife’s pregnancy moods 😂 it was cute and so funny at the same time. Totally enjoyed watching it and their expressions were super cute too ❤️
    – Siya/Ishani and Siya/Vyom: okay Ishani was right here that vyom was using her but Siya was also right that Ishani was the one that manipulated her into going after Vyom. I kinda did feel for her tho when Vyom broke up with her. She only wanted love and a family but I am happy that she has finally came back to being positive again ❤️
    – Riddhima scene: awww ❤️ I always love Riddhima talking to her unborn baby. I wouldn’t mind a baby girl (that is what they are expecting) as she would become the princess of RiAnsh especially Vansh, I can literally imagine him beating up all the boys that even look at his girl 😂 and she would make a good mafia woman or even a spy just like her mom. Anyways, it was a sweet scene❤️
    – Riddhima/Siya: after so long finally got a sweet scene between Siya and Riddhima. I kinda missed them together because Siya was the main reason that RiAnsh are together. It was a nice conversation
    – VanGre 😂😂 this was another hilarious part 😂😂 it was so funny 😂😂 and Angre’s expression were priceless. The way he said “Boss, Riddhima is pregnant” and then Vansh looked at him and said “are you asking or telling me that? I know she is pregnant” 😂😂 yes you know she is pregnant but don’t know her mood swings..but how did Angre know about all this? I get that Ishani was pregnant but still it would take an experience parent to even know about that..never mind it was still super funny 😂 I kinda felt a bit bad for Angre tho, he felt like her really did want to have a kid but I don’t think he can expect that much from Ishani, it was a nice and entertaining scene😂❤️
    – So from the precap, it looks like mr Roy is making his/her entry, not sure what for? Maybe to show vansh some attitude that riddhima mentioned in the end of this episode..but it will be super fun to watch. It also looks like vansh recognised Riddhima’s touch. The man can even recognise her perfume he would recognise her anywhere even in disguise. It was funny tho and cute 😍 super excited for the next week🤗
    I will stop here now, wrote the same review twice after accidentally deleting it 😂😭😭 but no worries I have managed to save it now. Hope you all enjoyed reading and stay safe everyone. 🤗

    1. IMM2 Viewer

      Very nice review @Khushi! I agree with everything that you said, and you’re right….if the baby is a girl, Vansh will definitely beat up any boy rhat tries to flirt with her haha! Also, I feel your pain about rewriting a deleted review….the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago lol. Great job and I’m excited about the Mr. Roy angle!

    2. Haha thanks girl 🤗🤗

    3. Parita

      Amazing review @Khushi!
      I agree with you, this was one of the funniest and most adorable episode! Riansh scene was great, and i would honestly love to see them having a baby girl, Vansh would definitely beat all of them black and blue!
      I try my best to not remind myself of the ending however it just hits us all again at the end of the day. Only 7 episodes!😭
      I’m excited for Mr Roy! Thanks for the review dear!

  27. Ooh it’s Sunday I know but be serious. Get up sisters and brother. It’s no time to wake up in afternoon or at 12pm or 2pm. My dad would have killed me for that. By the way I knew Amena Sister would upload the review late as it was Saturday and I noticed many times that she gets a little late. Okay lets come to the episode, Episode was Bit too funny and interesting especially those Riansh moments. Hahahaha🤣🤣🤣 Vansh ignoring Riddhima and she showing herself like a little kid shows naughtiness. Oh my God! Those marriage, magic carpet, and that dress scene! Haha 😂 Vansh answering all the questions correctly and didn’t know what he answered her. It do happens when we are busy in some work and mom says have lunch or dinner or anything else, then we say coming mom in a few minutes. When its half an hour or hour she comes ranting and say will you do PHD Degree now only? Come and take lunch or dinner from yourself from next time. Sorry I went another way.

    Those Vangre moments! Vansh discussing about Riddhima behaviour with Angre. Oh God you are a businessman Vansh and don’t know so little things about Pregnancy? 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Parita

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