Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets caught red-handed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with uncle saying Aryan is immature but he won’t go against Vansh, we all know the result of going against you. Aunt says yes, Aryan will never do this. Vansh asks what’s the truth Aryan. Aryan says I m saying the truth, Riddhima did this, I know he is doing this since I wanted to bring the truth out. Vansh asks why did that man took your name, Aryan. Kabir worries and says Riddhima is in some danger, someone else got the info, Riddhima was trained to give info and disconnect. Kabir says Vansh trusts Angre a lot, I knew Vansh will believe if I take Aryan’s name. Aryan says you don’t want to see the truth, you are taking this girl lightly. Vansh asks why did the caller say Aryan. Aryan says I don’t know, I m free to go out, why would I need a transmitter, think and see, just this girl isn’t allowed to go out. Ishani says we don’t know her. Vansh says person’s identity can’t hide form me, so please let me. He sees Riddhima. She says you all think I came here for some motive, then why would I refuse to the job offer. Vansh says you knew I would doubt on you if you accepted the offer soon. She says the caller would have taken my name. Vansh says maybe he understood that someone is testing him, caller knows that I won’t doubt Angre and weak link here is Aryan.

Riddhima asks why would I pray for you in the puja. Dadi says she has helped me in puja and prayers by heart. Vansh says you don’t know for whom did you pray. She asks why am I blamed. He says you went near my room’s window today, it was you who was finding something in the garden. She says I answered you about it. He says answers can be lie too, anything else. She says doubt is person’s biggest weakness, you will lose something precious. He says its my biggest strength, that’s why none could reach me. She asks can I go. He says no, this matter didn’t end. He asks Aryan to prove Riddhima wrong and his innocence, until the morning. He warns Riddhima. Aryan says you got after me, I will pay back the loan. Ishani says you are gone.

Riddhima goes to her room and cries. She thinks of Kabir’s words. She says I will send the red cloth outside, Kabir will know that I m in danger. Kabir worries. Vansh plays the basketball. Angre asks him to sign some papers. Vansh asks what do you think, who is playing a game with me, Aryan? Angre says you can start investigation about Riddhima. Vansh says I have started the investigation already, if she tries to contact somebody, we will know who is the third person. Riddhima goes and takes the red cloth. Aryan looks at her. He asks whom are you sending the signal, tell me the truth. Riddhima worries. He asks for whom are you working. She asks him to leave her hand.

He takes Riddhima downstairs. Vansh and Angre come there. Vansh shouts stop it. Aryan says look what she was doing, she was throwing a red cloth and signalling someone. Vansh asks the truth. He asks her to think before saying the truth, the lie can be last mistake of her life, he can find about the cloth. Riddhima recalls Dadi’s words. She says I have thrown the rusted nails in the cloth, I heard its a bad omen to have rusted nails at home, I try to do something good always, but you always doubt on me, it has become your habit, I went to temple to get the cloth, not to steal anything. Ishani asks really, such a lame excuse, throw yourself out of the house. Riddhima says I m saying the truth. Vansh asks Angre to get the red cloth, they will see what’s inside that. Angre goes. Angre gets the cloth. Vansh sees the knots in the cloth. She thinks Vansh will not get the nails in the cloth and my lie will get known.

Kabir comes to meet Riddhima. They hug. Angre says someone is here. Vansh says lock the entire house. He comes to Riddhima. Kabir hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. what happens in the promo?

  3. Please post the precap also..

  4. So Ridhimma is an orphan… I wonder if she is the daughter of either Tara or Arohi… IMM didn’t get a proper ending… Maybe Arohi finally ended Deep’s life and gave birth in prison… wonder if the daughters of Arohi and Tara look similar so maybe Ridhimma will have a doppelgänger too… what am I saying it’s Helly, she has no flexibility in her acting skills she’ll always play similar roles, she’s incapable of flow the way Alisha was. Also why Helly, so many actresses and you chose this irritating Swara girl

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