Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir saves Riddhima’s life

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking who are you. The person runs. She follows. She falls aside and says I got saved, thanks Bappa. She shouts stop… The person leaves from the house. She sees the foot marks. She says I won’t get a better chance to catch him. Vansh says my reputation is imp than your diamonds, don’t dare to spoil it, you won’t get those diamonds. Chang says stop threatening me, I have already got the diamonds, I will have the deals with him, our partnership is over. Vansh asks who is he. Chang says that’s none of your business, don’t think I will forget the cheat, I will make you pay for it, I want every penny back, will you sell VR mansion, your house or your beautiful wife. Vansh gets angry. He scolds Chang. Chang laughs.

He says I m not scared VR, I have nothing to lose, you have a lot to lose. He ends call. Vansh says its a big conspiracy, Rudra is dead, Chang got the diamonds, who is that person, I have to find that person and unmask that cowardly enemy.

Riddhima looks for the person. She says I have to take this risk for my baby’s sake, that person killed Rudra. She takes a brick in hand and looks around. She sees the person running upstairs. She also goes there. She says I know you want to kill me and my baby, come out and strike, I will know you soon. She goes ahead to see.

Vansh comes to the room and calls out Riddhima. He looks for her. He says where can she go, she isn’t here, is she in any problem. He recalls Chang’s words and calls out Siya. Siya asks what happened. He asks did you see Riddhima. She says no, I have no idea about her. He thinks where shall I find her now. Riddhima says come out and strike, you are a coward, come out. She gets a call. The lady asks her to reach at 10am, they have fixed the appointment for abortion. Riddhima asks what, you are called a wrong person. The lady says Mrs. Riddhima Rai Singhania, I had to inform you, come on time. She turns and screams. She falls down. She hangs there and shouts for help.

Vansh says why is her phone off, where can she go, where shall I find her. Riddhima cries thinking of her baby. She asks someone to help her. Vansh looks for her and drives somewhere. He says I have found her in some trouble when she went missing, where shall I find her. Her dupatta flies off and falls over Vansh’s car. Vansh stops the car and checks it. He says its Riddhima’s dupatta, it means she is nearby. Riddhima cries and shouts for help.

She falls down. Kabir comes there and catches her in arms. He thinks finally, you have come in my arms. Riddhima opens eyes and sees him. He puts her down and asks are you okay. She cries and thinks sorry baby, I risked your life today. She thanks him. He says I had to come, I had to save you and your baby also, I worry for the baby, Vansh is with you, you can trust me if you need help, I will always be there, don’t take it in wrong sense, Vansh is busy in his business, he has doubts about the baby, you fall alone sometimes, I m saying it as a friend, I want to support you. She says you saved my life, I m really very thankful, you shouldn’t worry for me, Vansh is always with me as my courage, I don’t need anyone’s support, what were you doing here, you won’t get a dream that I m in danger, answer me. He says I can ask the same, how did you reach here in this state, I can drop you safely home, come. She says no need. She goes. Vansh sees her and stops the car. He hugs her. He asks what are you doing here, thank God I got your dupatta and came here. She says we shall go home. He gives her dupatta. She says thanks. They get inside the car. He asks what happened, tell me. She recalls seeing some person and thinks I have to tell everything to Vansh, maybe he can solve this.

She recalls Vansh’s words. She thinks no, I can’t tell him, maybe that was a prank call. He asks what. She says nothing, we shall go home. They leave. Kabir looks on and thinks your unbreakable bond will get a crack from now. Vansh brings Riddhima home. He says you will inform me before stepping out, okay. She nods. She thinks who is that red gloves person, who got after my baby. Siya and Anupriya collide. Siya says sorry Vansh, the flowers fell down. Vansh says its okay. Riddhima sees the bracelet. Anupriya thinks Riddhima will identify it. Riddhima goes to pick it. Anupriya picks it and says its mine. She goes. Riddhima says Vansh, I will just come. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, I feel weak, I will go to kitchen and have some food. Anupriya’s wig falls down. Riddhima looks on shocked. She asks her to stop.

Precap: Someone stabs Riddhima. Vansh comes there and says he will let nothing happen to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. I definitely forgive dont have to say sorry ..actually I had a feeling that you would come today…..
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  2. Guys Im surprised at the fact that alot of you read comments and watches the show yet the show’s trps are not going up like what is going on????…………any answerss

  3. Guys Im surprised at the fact that alot of you read comments and watches the show yet the show’s trps are not going up like what is going on????…………any answerss

  4. Guys Im surprised at the fact that alot of you read comments and watches the show yet the show’s trps are not going up like what is going on????…………any answerss

    1. Some are international fans here so we can’t contribute to main trp.

    2. Tonni

      International fans aren’t able to contribute for TRP and Indian fans aren’t willing to contribute for TRP.😣😣
      That’s your answer in short.

    3. Have tv, but don’t have a cable connection.

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  6. Was it just me or did Aryan not cry in Rudra’s funeral? He seemed very strange 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

    1. Don’t worry Khushi he is like this …he will say that now I’ll take revenge for my DAD….and will destroy them and he is having fire inside him but after 1 or 2 days he’ll put water to that fire and will actually Forget that he had a father named Rudra and will be back on his track that is good for nothing or will do things like kabir when he found that fake thing that vansh killed his papa…and he will plan some stupid thing….this is the least i can expect from him…😔

    2. Aryan Is just greedy…you are absolutely right…he will forget his father …

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  9. Ishani is now where to be seen…makes one evil person out

  10. Plz I don’t like Kabir or anyone having an upper hand to Vansh. Request makers to show Vansh as before strong and steady. He should be able to find his enemies and punish them. I don’t want to see Riddhima with Kabir. Plz don’t separate Vansh and Riddhima. Let Vansh throw Kabir out of VR Mansion and put Anupriya behind bars. Let’s see a Vansh as a father.

    1. @Deepa, I agree with you and I think most fans want what you are requesting to happen, but it will take time. If Kabir and Anupriya are out of the house, then there wouldn’t be much of a story – at least not without Kabir. None of the other villains are strong enough to carry the show, at least as seen in the case with Ahana. But let’s see.

  11. I just saw the episode, it was good I found it enjoyable.
    – Riddhima’s determination to find out who the red gloves person is, my theory changed I think it can be Kabir because he was there when Riddhima fell and also that can’t be possible to follow her everywhere like seriously. But by putting her in danger,he wants both of them the baby and Riddhima. On the other hand it could be Aryan too🤔 let’s see I kinda gave up on guessing
    – The people who said it was wrong for Kabir to save Riddhima, I think we should at least thank him a little, he did save the baby and Riddhima. I think he was also the one that asked the abortion to create misunderstandings. Let’s just hope she doesn’t blame Vansh again (I want something different plz)
    – But if something did happen to Riddhima, Vansh will probably realise it and accept the baby. I really hope he will soon by this week. Technically the promo ends today 🤔 so let’s see what the new one comes.
    – The scene with Anupriya I don’t think she will be exposed that easily. I am still scared as to what she can do 😬
    – Vansh was threatened again by Chang, I think the face off coming will have Chang reveal the truth of Kabir giving him the diamond or another theory he kidnaps Riddhima and tells Vansh to save her, not so sure but the way he was saying about Riddhima it could be a possibility.
    – I found it quite good I mean the episode 🤔 something interesting is coming up for sure. Excited for upcoming ❤️

    1. Gabriela

      Yhank you Khushi! I haven’t seen the episode yet, so your review helped me to understand better what happened today.

  12. Is it not strange that Sia is walking at this time, perhaps she is the one who warns Ridhima?

    1. No if you see the previous episodes it was Chacha ji that was warning Riddhima, and Siya has been in the wheelchair for a long time, glad at least she is walking now.

  13. @Khushi, nice review as always. I agree that it’s suspicious that Kabir just happened to show up when RIddhima was falling. I just hope the makers don’t drag out the reveal of the red gloves person. Also, even if people don’t like that Kabir saved her, they should be happy that she and the baby are safe. If Vansh saved her, people would start doubting him and think perhaps he’s red gloves…which we don’t want lol. I’m looking forward to a Vansh-Chang face-off and I really do not want it to end with Vansh not knowing Kabir did all of this.

    1. Yeap that’s for sure let’s see what happens next. I’m excited for the faceoff tho, seems intense. Waiting for your review after you see the episodes I am always reading it ❤️

    2. Thanks Khushi! I always look forward to your reviews as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find this episode anywhere online today – probably that’s a good thing it’s not easily found online to help indian TRP, but since I live abroad, I would really like to watch the episode in advance of the telecast. If anyone doesn’t mind sharing the link with me for this episode, that would be great. But it’s totally understandable if you can’t….I’ll just post my review after the telecast lol. For now, I think Kabir is red gloves (I try to stop theorizing, but I can’t help it haha) or maybe Angre/Ishani – she hasn’t been there for the past few episodes. For the moment, I’m kind of concerned about that BTS picture of RIddhima in the hospital night gown and the phone call about the abortion…I definitely think someone is going try to do something to her at her next doctor’s appointment….maybe sedate her and then try to terminate the pregnancy….it sounds really morbid, but with all the attacks going on her, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the next attack., but like I said it’s just another one of my crazy theories. As for Anupriya, I doubt that she will be caught so easily. But if she really wants to fool everyone as Dai Ma, the lady really needs to invest in a better nose prosthetic and just dye her hair grey/silver…this is like the second time her wig fell off lol.

    3. Gabriela

      Beautiful theories. And I think Anupriya’s disguise is not the most successful.

  14. I hope chang does not accuse Angre until he takes revenge on vansh.

  15. Okay, so I just saw the episode and thought it was pretty good.
    Here are my thoughts:
    – Although, I like that RIddhima is determined to protect her child and a momma bear, she was definitely not smart in following the red gloves person all by herself. I understand why she did it, but if she’s not even safe climbing a flight of stairs in her own home, why would she follow someone threatening her to a desolate area without telling anyone and walking on metal rods connecting two buildings.?…how is that safe for her child? In any case, it was a good scene and thrilling to watch.
    -Also, I felt really bad for her when she was remembering her first sonography and all….I really hope nothing happens to her baby because you can tell how much she loves it and her desperation to protect it.
    -I doubt it was Kabir who pushed RIddhima off the building because in the end of the day, he would not want to cause her harm without knowing that he could save her. If he pushed her, he could not be certain that he could make it to the ground to save her in time. But this makes me think, he definitely is working with red gloves and was already on the ground knowing that she would fall, so that he could swoop in and save her. Also, when she fell, he didn’t immediately ask her, why was she there or how did she fall, until she questioned him, so, at least to me, this all seems staged or he knows who red gloves is.
    -He also mentioned that this is the beginning of a rift between RIansh, so I’m guessing it was Kabir’s idea about the abortion appointment call.
    -The scene with Vansh and Chang was interesting, but seemed a little awkward over video call – I thought it was a little funny at how Vansh yelled at the screen when Chang mentioned his wife.
    -Also, I’m digressing here and I don’t if the actor who plays Chang is an Indian national or native to India, but I really like how the show is giving a sizeable role to someone with non-traditional Indian looks…at least it brings in more opportunities for different ethnicities/cultures to be represented on Indian television.
    -At this point, RIddhima should really tell Vansh the truth, even if she thinks he will get upset at her or not want the baby even more….like the situation has become unmanageable for her, so if I were her, it would just be a choice between facing my husband’s anger and him possibly helping me vs. being subjected to another attack and losing my child….it’s obvious she has more to lose by not telling Vansh.
    -:Lastly, I don’t think Riddhima will catch Anupriya so soon – she didn’t actually she her wig fall because there was a drawer/table hiding it.
    =In any case, I’m excited for the next episode as always and I hope there is some big revealation/dhamaka this week!

    1. Gabriela

      I still haven’t been able to see the episode. But I also learned details from you. Thanks a lot!

    2. Hehe nice review. I agree with your every points 😍❤️


  16. Gabriela

    IMM2 on the 4th place

  17. We are Number 7 on the Ormax media charts too 🥺😍❤️

    1. Gabriela


    2. Yay! Let’s hope the TRP increases this week, because I think the online TRP was 13 this week.

    1. 😂😂😂😂

  18. Neha1

    Helly’s topper in 10th std. between Rrahul and Zaynibad….

    1. Gabriela

      Helly 1st place, Rrahul 2nd place, Zayn 3rd place

  19. Neha1

    Hahahaha,,, What an answer gave by Rrahul Sudhir… Actually he wants to be a father in real life. Aww.😜🤭😅🤣

    1. Gabriela

      Aaaaaaaa! 😂😂😂

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