Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir saves Riddhima’s life

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking who are you. The person runs. She follows. She falls aside and says I got saved, thanks Bappa. She shouts stop… The person leaves from the house. She sees the foot marks. She says I won’t get a better chance to catch him. Vansh says my reputation is imp than your diamonds, don’t dare to spoil it, you won’t get those diamonds. Chang says stop threatening me, I have already got the diamonds, I will have the deals with him, our partnership is over. Vansh asks who is he. Chang says that’s none of your business, don’t think I will forget the cheat, I will make you pay for it, I want every penny back, will you sell VR mansion, your house or your beautiful wife. Vansh gets angry. He scolds Chang. Chang laughs.

He says I m not scared VR, I have nothing to lose, you have a lot to lose. He ends call. Vansh says its a big conspiracy, Rudra is dead, Chang got the diamonds, who is that person, I have to find that person and unmask that cowardly enemy.

Riddhima looks for the person. She says I have to take this risk for my baby’s sake, that person killed Rudra. She takes a brick in hand and looks around. She sees the person running upstairs. She also goes there. She says I know you want to kill me and my baby, come out and strike, I will know you soon. She goes ahead to see.

Vansh comes to the room and calls out Riddhima. He looks for her. He says where can she go, she isn’t here, is she in any problem. He recalls Chang’s words and calls out Siya. Siya asks what happened. He asks did you see Riddhima. She says no, I have no idea about her. He thinks where shall I find her now. Riddhima says come out and strike, you are a coward, come out. She gets a call. The lady asks her to reach at 10am, they have fixed the appointment for abortion. Riddhima asks what, you are called a wrong person. The lady says Mrs. Riddhima Rai Singhania, I had to inform you, come on time. She turns and screams. She falls down. She hangs there and shouts for help.

Vansh says why is her phone off, where can she go, where shall I find her. Riddhima cries thinking of her baby. She asks someone to help her. Vansh looks for her and drives somewhere. He says I have found her in some trouble when she went missing, where shall I find her. Her dupatta flies off and falls over Vansh’s car. Vansh stops the car and checks it. He says its Riddhima’s dupatta, it means she is nearby. Riddhima cries and shouts for help.

She falls down. Kabir comes there and catches her in arms. He thinks finally, you have come in my arms. Riddhima opens eyes and sees him. He puts her down and asks are you okay. She cries and thinks sorry baby, I risked your life today. She thanks him. He says I had to come, I had to save you and your baby also, I worry for the baby, Vansh is with you, you can trust me if you need help, I will always be there, don’t take it in wrong sense, Vansh is busy in his business, he has doubts about the baby, you fall alone sometimes, I m saying it as a friend, I want to support you. She says you saved my life, I m really very thankful, you shouldn’t worry for me, Vansh is always with me as my courage, I don’t need anyone’s support, what were you doing here, you won’t get a dream that I m in danger, answer me. He says I can ask the same, how did you reach here in this state, I can drop you safely home, come. She says no need. She goes. Vansh sees her and stops the car. He hugs her. He asks what are you doing here, thank God I got your dupatta and came here. She says we shall go home. He gives her dupatta. She says thanks. They get inside the car. He asks what happened, tell me. She recalls seeing some person and thinks I have to tell everything to Vansh, maybe he can solve this.

She recalls Vansh’s words. She thinks no, I can’t tell him, maybe that was a prank call. He asks what. She says nothing, we shall go home. They leave. Kabir looks on and thinks your unbreakable bond will get a crack from now. Vansh brings Riddhima home. He says you will inform me before stepping out, okay. She nods. She thinks who is that red gloves person, who got after my baby. Siya and Anupriya collide. Siya says sorry Vansh, the flowers fell down. Vansh says its okay. Riddhima sees the bracelet. Anupriya thinks Riddhima will identify it. Riddhima goes to pick it. Anupriya picks it and says its mine. She goes. Riddhima says Vansh, I will just come. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, I feel weak, I will go to kitchen and have some food. Anupriya’s wig falls down. Riddhima looks on shocked. She asks her to stop.

Precap: Someone stabs Riddhima. Vansh comes there and says he will let nothing happen to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now I think Kabir was the one who asked for abortion maybe 🤔

    1. Snowflake

      Or anupriya

    2. Yeah, I know i should stop thinking about who the red gloves person is but perhaps it is Kabir or he is working with Ishani/Angre. He shows up as a savior almost everytime red gloves attacks – at the maternity clinic and now with catching RIddhima. I think he wants Riddhima to think Vansh is planning all of this.

    3. Gabriela

      Now the negative character, Kabir, is a mastermind, and all his plans succeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could separate Riansh. I don’t want that, but ….

    4. Candid11

      Ya ig coz vansh can never do that he is not heartless

    5. Yes ur right

  2. Guys Riddhima is younger than Vansh and even if she isnt calling him Vansh ji, at least she can use aap for him and call him Vansh for the fact that he is elder, she even uses aap for her unborn baby. In many shows the people when they are against another person uses aap but stops saying ji. And secondly ji may not sound good while speaking to Vansh but using aap while talking to him will atleast sound better than tum since he is elder.

    1. And yaar , I did a research on Chottisardarni and Pinjara😂😂😂😂 (about which you mentioned previous day)
      Dear, both female leads in the shows are from Village and the Male leads are traditional as well. The plot of the show too revolves around traditional concept and drama genre and primary audiences are targeted to be Mid-aged ones. So they calling each other “Ji” “aap” it is really apt for the scenario.

      Whereas in our show Immj2, Ridhima is a modern girl, having modern perspective towards her life, living in modern city like Mumbai. Vansh is a modern typical mafia man who is an antagonist. The plot and story deals with contemporary-modern genre along with lil tradition targeting mid-aged viewers. But this show’s primary audiences are youths and teens only. So usage of “Ji” and “Aaa” doesnt fits.
      And According to me, its not necessary to showcase our respect towards one with these gestures. Even I respect my friends, but addressing them as ji…isn’t it lil cringy?😅😅
      For me in every relation whether its Mumma-beti, friendship aur Hubby-Wifey Love and Trust is vital. Ridhima and Vansh both love each-other more than one can shake and they are developing trust too. Its shown that they both respect each other through many indirect ways. So I guess it isn’t necessary to show through “aap” and “ji” to showcase their respect.
      And one thing I found funny is Meher addressing Sarabjit as “Sarabjitji” its sounds like, “Sarabjeeji” Jeeji is either Brother in law or elder sister😂😂
      Mayura isn’t calling Omkar as Omkarji now!!
      Its only my small attempt to clear your doubt through my POV.🤗🤗

    2. Yeah…its Omkar ji and Sarabjeet ji…it sounds werid as riddhima saying Vansh ji,Kabir ji😅😅

    3. @Ina I’m glad she neither calls him “ji” nor “aap”, because tbh, he doesn’t deserve either of those. Secondly, after marriage both the partners become equal, so no one is at a higher position here. Today’s women don’t like using all these btw. If she really goes around calling her husband “ji” / “aap”, it would be one of those saas bahu shows.
      PS : There are quite a few examples in my extended family as well where the wife is younger by 10-12 years, and yet she doesn’t use such words to call her husband.

    4. @Den Arre what you actually did research 😂? Imm2 ko chodkar dusre serials par bhi research?
      Btw, Choti Sardarni is a Punjabi serial and Punjabis tend to use “ji” a lot. MummyJi, PapaJi, etc.

    5. Candid11

      Dude please yaar shut up !!!

    6. @Nia, Arrey I just did research with Wiki baaba. And also watched 1-2 sneak peaks. Thats it!
      I didn’t have the courage to watch drama shows 😂😂😂😂
      Even I will get addicted to “ji” and “aap”
      PS- Im a south indian and using “JI” AND “AAP” has somany other meanings there 😅😅

    7. Candid11

      Hi da even I study in South jn a boarding school in Coimbatore Tamil u r from which state/city. If u don’t mind me asking ?

    8. Dear, I’m from Kerala.
      Unkaluk Tamil teriyumaa??

    9. Den I am happy that we keralite have amazing writter.

    10. Candid11

      Aamma nalla teriyum ninga

    11. No, actually Riddhima doesnt need to call Vansh as ji… its fine if she calls him just Vansh… but atleast she can use aap. Not because of any saas bahu stuff or anything, just that Vansh is elder than riddhima so thats why she should use aap since he is elder… also she uses aap for her unborn child then why not Vansh, he is elder… it means she is giving an unborn child also more respect… secondly ji sounds cringy aap doesnt, its got nothing to do with sanskaari bahu or anything… its just the amount of age gap. Even a modern girl would use aap with such an age gap. If Vansh was younger than riddhima then he would have to say aap to her though.

    12. Thakur Priyanka

      Dear ‘aap’ word is used for elders and unknown persons out of respect not for dear one’s especially husband and wife even though if husband is elder than wife because wife and husband relation is above all it doesn’t depend on age etc for example we people at starting stage of friendship we address them as aap but after becoming close friend we won’t mention them as ‘aap’ instead ‘tu’ exactly same in husband and wife relation also

    13. Thakur Priyanka

      Vansh plz atlest wake up now if not now you will lose everything actually after watching and reading update one dialogue is coming to my mind that to Vansh dialogue when Kabir came to VR mansion to arrest Vansh for murder of sathe(Ragini’s fake father) at the end Vansh said “Yeh Mera Mansion Yaha Hak,Power Aur Rishtey Bi Meray For That Kabir gave backward answer as Ek Din Hak,Power,Aur Rishtey Mere Hongey” I think so Kabir’s words are going to come true

    14. @Den Arre now I’m very curious to know what these words exactly mean in South India

    15. @Ina
      Dear, Even Parents of my North Indian friends and even their Grandparents doesn’t address each other using “ji” and “aap” (I guess they might have age-gap of 10-18). They simply call them with their name and even use “Tu” and “tum”. But still they respect and adores each other in every aspects.
      I guess, some are even using “ji” “aap” either to showcase or under pressure of family and rituals.
      One of my friend is oldie than me, we shares a good bond too, I respect and adores her a lot.
      But calling her using ji and addressing her as aap will be weird naah.
      Still you’re doubt isn’t cleared, then I guess only way to devoid and clear your doubt is to contact either Ridhima or one among below.
      Mamta Patnaik
      Shashwat Rai
      Noel Smith

    16. You’re right

    17. @Nia, it isn’t too unique. Don’t be too curious.
      Im from kerala and my mother tongue is malayalam. Earlier Malayam was of two types, Ancient malayalam, which is similar to sanskrit. And Modern Malayalam which has 40% similarity to Shudh Hindi and sanskrit. But still slangs vary from each districts.
      But few decades back a new form of malayalam rose, which is contemporary malayalam. That is a mixture of whole slangs and forms of malayalam even owns few words whose origin is still unaware.
      And “JI” and “Aap” are idioms and phrases belonging to contemporary category.
      I dunno exact meaning of “Ji”. Just know that it used to tease.
      “Aap’ has a vast of meanings.
      ‘Aap adichu’ – means to have upperhand. Eg: Kabir’s current situation. He is having upperhand in everything.
      ‘Aap vechu’ – some one ploted aginst. Eg- The way how Kabir tricked Vansh and stolen diamonds causing Vansh’s life in peril
      Few more are there but IDK how to explian…..they are too hillarious as well have inner meaning😂😂

    18. Wat is your problem seriously they love each other they call them by their name

  3. I don’t understand this logic of Vansh being so frustrated and unable to accept the reality of him becoming a father. If he didn’t want to embrace parenthood, he could have easily avoided it by taking necessary precautions. Simple!

    1. Gabriela


    2. Yes…right

  4. I think Vansh has started to think that all this is done by Chang. How can he not put 2 and 2 together and find out that its actually Kabir? How is everyone easily trusting him? And that call about abortion….I think that also is a plan of Kabir to separate the couple.
    Don’t know if Rudra is alive or not. But it seems evident now that even if he is, Vansh is definitely not involved in that.
    Riddhima, you are pregnant and you shouldn’t go around running after dangerous people if you are really concerned about the baby.

    1. Gabriela

      Ridhima put herself in unnecessary danger

    2. @Nia. Everyone in this show seems to lack common sense except Kabir.

    3. Tonni

      @Nia aise matt bolo yaar!!
      Remember Ishani?
      She used to dance with full might in her pregnancy.😂😂😂😂
      It’s Raisinghania’s tradition to dance, run and do stunts in pregnancy.
      Hum fans hote kaun hain unn logon ki khandani riti-rewaaz meinsawal uthane wala?😂😂😂😂

    4. @Tonni Haha exactly! Tbh I think Ishani completely forgot about her pregnancy, and remembered it only after the miscarriage .Puri pregnancy mein bhi baby ke baare me sochne se zyada yeh toh Riddhima ke baare me sochti thi 😅.

  5. Wow! The episode seems nice. I’m really excited to watch it.

  6. Snowflake

    I love ur moments wid ridz,….
    I am starting 2 like ull

  7. Gabriela

    Kabir saves Ridhima, Ridbir its on the way

    1. The whole fandom would be pissed. If the show ends with Ridbir

    2. Snowflake

      Wonder if riddhima will start liking Kabir
      I know that chances are very less but Ridbir fans are increasing now…

    3. Candid11

      Whaaat really ridhbir I don’t want it to happen

    4. @Asen Exactly. They might show Riansh separation, but Ridbhir? ? Naahh…audience will never accept it.

    5. You people are behind RidhBir and RiAnsh .
      But I’m worrying about an end with KaVa reunion and Ridhu on baby outside of the floor

    6. Oh god!! Your view!!

    7. Gabriela

      @Den 😂😂😂

    8. @Snowflake, I think RIdhbir fans may be increasing because Kabir is always winning and Vansh no longer seems like the mastermind, but just weak. I don’t think the fans (myself included) would ever accept RIdhibir at the end or even during the duration of the show because honestly they can’t match RIansh’s chemistry.

    9. Gabriela

      @Asen and Nia I don’t want Ridbir, but Kabir succeeds in all his plans, so I hope it doesn’t happen

  8. Don’t post the whole episode people reading here ple watch it on tv


    Oh, wow….Anupriya ka raaz aab revel ho jayega….haha….can’t wait for it

    1. I don’t think.

    2. Gabriela

      I wonder what he will do this time. Does she have a poison injection ready, a gun, a bomb, she will hit her, or run away?

  10. How is Kabir always there to save Riddhima. His behaviours seems very fishy

    1. @Khushi Yes, I’m glad that atleast Riddhima has started to doubt Kabir, even if it is a little.

    2. Gabriela

      He’s there when he has to because it’s his plans

    3. Snowflake

      But how come he follows her everywhere??

    4. Tonni

      @Snowflake nowadays Kabir acts like a dog.
      Always smelling Riddhime here and there..
      So it’s easy!!He smelled Riddhima and got her traces .😆😆😆

    5. Whattttt 😂😂😂😂

    6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. @Tonni Eww Kabir smelling Riddhima.

  11. Neha1

    Thankfully Riddhima is safe… But then how come Riddhima be in hospital gown…. There’s a big twist coming up in next episode…. For how long Vansh get defeat by his enemies… I just hope Vansh should know the truth…
    Who’s that Red gloves person… I now feel it’s Aryan/Angre…. Or maybe it’s a Kabir’s plotting to get Riddhima back anyhow… That’s why he’s attacking on Vansh with personally and professionally too… So that Vansh destroy..
    Let’s see what Makers will show next in the show.
    Waiting to watch tomorrow’s episode on TV

  12. Tonni

    @B my comment is for you.
    Thanks a lot!!!!!Thanks that you wished on my birthday..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    You’re so sweet and I love to have arguments and healthy conversations with you..
    Hope that we’ll carry it till the end of the show..😛😛😛😛😛😛
    Thanks again!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. @Tonni I might be late but happy b’day dear! Hope all your wishes come true.

    2. Tonni

      Thanks dear!!
      I also hope that your wish of “all my wishes come true” comes true soon..😂😂😂
      About the late wish…’s always better late than never..😅😅😅

    3. Oh I’m sorry …I forgot…
      Happy belated birthday Tonni❤🤗. ..its not today right?
      I remember there was a mix up with both of our birthdays 😅

    4. Neha1

      I don’t know when your b’day comes, but Sorry for that…
      Happy Belated Birthday to you dear… May god showers their choicest blessings on you… May you get the success and achievements in whatever field you choose… May your all dreams comes true…💐🎂🍻🎁🎉🎊😘

    5. @Neha1 I think her b’day was yesterday

    6. Awwww….. And this is our IMMJ family. Discussions are bound to happen in families. That doesn’t mean that we should stop admiring & caring for family member who don’t agree to our POV. Everyone has their own perspective but the important point is that we are IMMJ family. It’s okay.

    7. @ Nia @ Neha1
      Her birthday was on 21st February.

    8. @B Lol. I’m late by 2 days. How did I miss all your comments God only knows. Sorry @Tonni 😕
      As long as our discussions and debates are healthy and not hurting anyone’s personal sentiments, I think everything is chill. But I can very well say that IMM2 forum on TU, is very positive. Often on other pages, we sometimes see some name calling. But not here.

    9. Tonni

      @B yeah!!!We all have different POVs. Arguments may happen often but we are all under one roof.
      We are IMMJ2 family and family sticks together.😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Nowadays Kabbu is like flash ⚡⚡⚡ see how he saved Riddima, like waiting for her until she fall😃😃

    Did anyone see the great Vansh Raisinghania 🙄 there are so much things happening around Vansh but he is only went out his anger, not able to find any clue about the culprit 😐😐😐

    ” No one can escape from Vansh Raisinghania” they are just words nowadays 😏😏😏

    1. Famous last words…..

    2. Gabriela

      And meanwhile his uncle died, his sister lost the baby, his wife and baby are terrorized by red gloves, the diamonds were stolen, he lost his business, and he has no idea who the biggest enemy is.

    3. Tonni

      @Gabriela Vansh is busy nowadays in venting his anger and frustration on Riddhima and the unborn infant.😂😂😂😂
      He is unable to manage some time to do the brainwork.

    4. Just imagining kabir as flash …😂🤣
      Kabir saves the days 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Gabriela

      In the end, I think Chang will tell him about Kabir

    2. I’m so excited for this 💥🔥

    3. Snowflake

      @Gabriela at gunpoint maybe!

    4. Wow, I hope Vansh finally finds out it’s Kabir who’s behind all of this – otherwise what’s the point of another Chang – Vansh confrontation.

    5. Tonni

      I guess they are planning to end Chang;s story.
      So they’ll do the confrontation.
      I just hope it doesn’t happen in the same way like Ragini and Rudra chachu.
      Both the characters died murmuring the culprit’s name.
      Just praying they won’t do it here again.

    6. Interesting very interesting

  14. Tonni

    Riddhima falling off from the building and Kabir catching to save her is almost a same scene of Molkki..😂😂😂😂
    Just wait for the episode to be telecasted and then BOOM!!!!!!
    Again another war on twitter between Molkki fandom and IMMJ2 fandom.

    1. @Tonni,
      Molkki’s TRP got increased after that scene. So might be our makers too might have given a hand too.😂😂
      And that scene, finally our Kabir’s longing wish of Ridhima in his arms got fullfilled.
      Cheers to Kabir 😅😅😅😅

    2. Some Molkki scenes also copied Immj2 like bullet scene 😂😂😂

    3. Tonni api….is it your b’day today??…I think it’s someone else’s b’day too??..But whose??
      Can’t remember exactly.
      But nevertheless
      Happy Birthday Tonni api🤩🤩…God bless you….may we all be together like this.I hope you had a great day so far.😊..Stay happy always.

    4. I checked in the previous episode’s comment section.
      It’s @Riansh Lover’s b’day.
      Happy Birthday Riansh Lover🥳🥳…God bless you buddy…Hope you had an amazing day so far😊.

    5. Thank you so much Ravi…had a super amazing day….😊🤗❤🌹

    6. Tonni

      Naah Den.
      TRP isn’t going up anymore.
      It’ll hype the controversies only.

    7. Tonni

      @Ravi naah Kiddo!It’s not my birthday today.
      It was on 21st Feb..Sunday it was!
      So nobody could know.
      But it’s ok..
      I’ll grant your birthday wish anyway..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
      Uparwala se dua karungi tumne mere liye jo jo wish kiya sab jald se jald sacch ho jaye..😁😁😁😁
      Thanks a lot for wishing me..😘😘😘😘

    8. Ohh…so sorry Api.
      Belated Happy birthday api😊😊.
      And yes,may almighty fulfill all your wishes😄.

    9. But indeed there’s a great war going on between the two FDs.
      And this would be a hot topic for discussion tomorrow for the fandoms.
      But I wonder that what’s the need of this clash between the two fandoms.Why don’t they just support their respective shows instead of bashing the other??

    10. @Tonni What? I had no idea that there was war between these 2 fandoms on twitter. Actually I’m not on Twitter so….
      I don’t watch Molkki that much…just saw a few highlights in the beginning. But i noticed in the beginning, quite a few things were copied from IMM2. We all know Ekta makes slow paced serials, but in the beginning Molkki had a new mystery every week ie fast paced similar to IMM2.

    11. Tonni

      @Nia even I’m not there on twitter but I just follow all the tweets having #IMMJ2..😅😅😅😅
      Molkki copied some scenes from immj2 at the beginning so our fandom bashed and criticized them for copyright issues.
      Then Molkki fandom countered it with the TRP as it was higher than IMMJ2.
      Then they called IMMJ2 a beggar’s show bcz of our repeating costumes.
      They criticized IMMJ2 fandom again calling it a flop show when it didn’t get any award in ITA.
      When our show got the award of the best series award they again said that Yash Patnaik and Mamta Y. Patnaik bought the award by money.
      It’s them who called IMMJ2 a beggar’s show and again they are saying that we are so rich that we bought the award.(Mood swings you see!)

      That’s how the fight is happening there.
      Today’s scene is a copied scene of Molkki’s so you can only imagine what will happen..😅😅😅😅

    12. @ Tonni
      Now, regarding the war, we need to do 2 things.
      1. Increase the intensity of the war so that more Molkki viewers watch our show to pinpoint our mistakes. By this our show’s trp can increase.
      2. Our IMMJ viewers shouldn’t watch their show so that their trp falls. Also, I don’t think that our show’s viewers can bear Ekta’s this show. Only few spokesperson of our side should watch their show for counter attack.
      Even ATBA copied our scenes. This shows that we are already very popular & regarding trp, it keeps on fluctuating. But still, such war wasn’t needed. Anyways, I can understand our show’s loyal fans feelings behind starting the debate.

  15. I think Kabir will kill Chang.

    1. Yeah…his kabir ….
      Hes kabir the murderer

  16. The one and only mastermind of this show from ep 1 to 200 is Kabir, like demn bro good going.
    And honestly makers would never go with Ridhbir, coz that’s just eh. Even me (who is Kabir fan) would never want that.
    Lmfao despite having three leads this show has only one strong lead character.

  17. And lmao wtf Riddhima woh itne stunts kyun karti rehti hai like sis aren’t you pregnant? Like running after people, buliding se latkana
    Oof yar kuch bhi dekhate hai makers

  18. I don’t understand one thing. A deal is a bilateral. If Chang gave Vansh the money then I can understand that Chang wants either his money or diamonds back in return. But they didn’t show Vansh taking Chang’s money. So now which money(loss) is Chang asking from him? Neither Vansh gave him diamonds nor Chang gave Vansh money. Accounts closed.
    And even if Vansh took the money then he can give that same money only back to Chang. It’s Vansh who is at loss & not Chang.

    1. Tonni

      I think Chang also lost the money in the blast.
      So he wants his money back bcz he lost the money and didn’t get the diamonds that time as well.

    2. Gabriela

      That’s right, we need to let Vansh know, too, because he’s busy thinking about nothing

    3. @B Yes I think Tonni is right. Chang did lose lot of money due to the blast, plus he also lost many of his men when Kabir and Vansh fought him.

    4. @Tonni @Nia
      Makes sense….

  19. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY……My cute lil chottu sister JHANVI (SHIVANI) @RL….🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊
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    May you have a year full of love, happiness,joy,warmth, peace and success…..💜
    My love and best wishes will always be with you ….❣️
    At the end i wanna thank yoouuuuu whole heartedly for giving me space in your heart and for truly considering me your elder sister…..💞
    Even though we don’t talk Always but you will always remain in my heart no matter how far we are……💓

    1. Tonni

      Happy Birthday @Riansh Lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
      Wishing you many many happy returns of the day.
      May Almighty grant all of your good wishes, keeps you healthy and loved!!
      (I’m very bad at remembering dates..Thanks to @AA(Aishu) and @Ravi)

    2. Thank you Tonni🌻🌼🌷..sorry for not remembering your birthday even when I was the one who asked💐….

      🎊🎉Happy belated birthday dhi🎊🎉…I hope you had an amazing day🤗❤

    3. Happy Birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎉…@RL…
      Stay safe and stay blessed…❣️…
      Have a great year ahead

    4. Thank you Nifa dhi…😉🤗❤🌹

    5. Thank you thank you so so much dhi💜💜💜💜💜💜💜…I really missed you so much❣…thank you for always being my big sister and best friend here😘❤🤗😉❤🌹….
      And you will always be in my heart too💖…
      Love you so much❤ ….
      Thank you Ayesha dhi😘😘😘
      (I think I’m literally crying 😂)

  20. Secondly extremely sorry for not commenting earlier…I do remember your birthday how can i forget that…. actually i was in academy and in morning mobike wasn’t available…..
    So sorry…. hope u will forgive ur sister

    1. I definitely forgive dont have to say sorry ..actually I had a feeling that you would come today…..
      Thank you dhi….😘😘😘❤

  21. Guys Im surprised at the fact that alot of you read comments and watches the show yet the show’s trps are not going up like what is going on????…………any answerss

  22. Guys Im surprised at the fact that alot of you read comments and watches the show yet the show’s trps are not going up like what is going on????…………any answerss

  23. Guys Im surprised at the fact that alot of you read comments and watches the show yet the show’s trps are not going up like what is going on????…………any answerss

    1. Some are international fans here so we can’t contribute to main trp.

    2. Tonni

      International fans aren’t able to contribute for TRP and Indian fans aren’t willing to contribute for TRP.😣😣
      That’s your answer in short.

    3. Have tv, but don’t have a cable connection.

  24. Happy b’day @RL/@Riansh Lover. Hope you have a great life ahead.

    1. Thanks Nia….😊🌻💐❤

  25. Was it just me or did Aryan not cry in Rudra’s funeral? He seemed very strange 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

    1. Don’t worry Khushi he is like this …he will say that now I’ll take revenge for my DAD….and will destroy them and he is having fire inside him but after 1 or 2 days he’ll put water to that fire and will actually Forget that he had a father named Rudra and will be back on his track that is good for nothing or will do things like kabir when he found that fake thing that vansh killed his papa…and he will plan some stupid thing….this is the least i can expect from him…😔

    2. Aryan Is just greedy…you are absolutely right…he will forget his father …

  26. @Tonni …
    Ur right 😂😂.

  27. RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrLllllllllllllllllllllll
    I mean my cute RL
    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    SHIVANI 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Sorry thoda busy thi classes mein warna Lanka wish Kar chuki Hoti
    And you know tumhare liye mein Preeti style wish karungi ….. You can ask Astha or Tonni about it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Oops tum Bura Matt mano start Karti Hu
    🌺Dear sweet Friend,🌺
    my special wish on your birthday is that
    you will live long.
    Well, that may also mean having
    long wrinkles on your face.😉
    How about that?😜


    When life gets crazy,
    you need to have someone to lean on,
    laugh with, and do stupid stuff with-
    I’m glad I found you so
    I can do all those things.😂
    You’re the best! A year older but still the best.
    Happiest B’day

    Dude when cake is cheaper than the candles,
    it means you are getting old!😜
    Have a crazy birthday, bestie!
    🎂🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂🎂.
    Enjoy, have fun. It’s your special day!

    Dude, today I pronounce you guilty
    of becoming a year older!
    You’re hereby sentenced
    to a life devoid of your youth!😂

    🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂
    Cheers to you on your special day!
    I hope your day is as memorable as
    the day you were born.🙂

    🎂🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂🎂
    You smell like a pig🐷 and you live like one too!😜😝
    I love you and
    I hope you have
    the best birthday yet!
    I’m so glad we’re friends!
    Oink! Oink!😜

    So because you are my friend
    I feel it is only right to tell you the truth.
    YOU. ARE. OLD. 😜
    Get over it already.
    🎂🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂🎂!
    Let’s get to the good stuff—cake & juice

    They say age is just a number…..but personally I think that’s a load of crap. With age comes saggy skin, wrinkles, and thin hair. Don’t worry though, you’re a few years away from all that.😜 🎂🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂🎂, my friend!

    Age is just a number, but in your case it’s quite a large number indeed. Have a great birthday, my friend!

    Sweet friend, the older you become, the wiser you get. How about getting older by the day, so that you will become wiser by the day?😜 Have a swell time on your birthday, my dearest friend.

    I long for you every day as
    I would long for food.
    Please, are you available for my next meal?😂🤤🤤🤤
    🌼Happy Birthday Friend.🌼

    Happy Birthday to my unique friend
    I mean, you really are a one of a kind girl;
    You’re unlike anybody else I’ve ever met!
    Whether that’s due to reasons better or for worse,
    I’ll leave that up to you to decide!😜

    Sweetheart, on your Big Day,
    I am a little bit worried about how you are going to act your age,
    considering the fact that you have never been this old before.
    🎂🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂🎂.😂


    1. Thank you a thousand my Pyaari Preetu…yaar what a message 🤣🤣🤣…you made me laugh so hard … mom thought I’m losing my mind
      By the way …I’m not 60 years old yet🤣🤣🤣🤣….but I love you so so so much….thank you for all your crazy wishes and yep being one year older…I do feel old….😂😍😘❤❤
      Thank you thank you thank you So much ….😘😘😘😘😘🌷🌷🌷❤❤❤

      Birthday celebrations 🍿🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍈🍈🍈🍈🍉🍉🍉🍊🍊🍊🍋🍋🍌🍍🍎🍏🍏🍎🍐🍑🍒🍓🍅🥥🥝🥑🍆🥔🥕🌽🌶🥒🥦🍄🥜🌰🍞🥐🥖🥪🌭🍕🍟🍕🍕🍔🥓🍗🌮🥙🥙🍳🥘🍲🥗🍿🍱🥫🍘🍙🍪🎂🍰🍭🍦🥛🍧🍨☕☕☕☕🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

  28. Ishani is now where to be seen…makes one evil person out

  29. Plz I don’t like Kabir or anyone having an upper hand to Vansh. Request makers to show Vansh as before strong and steady. He should be able to find his enemies and punish them. I don’t want to see Riddhima with Kabir. Plz don’t separate Vansh and Riddhima. Let Vansh throw Kabir out of VR Mansion and put Anupriya behind bars. Let’s see a Vansh as a father.

    1. @Deepa, I agree with you and I think most fans want what you are requesting to happen, but it will take time. If Kabir and Anupriya are out of the house, then there wouldn’t be much of a story – at least not without Kabir. None of the other villains are strong enough to carry the show, at least as seen in the case with Ahana. But let’s see.

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