Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh doesn’t get arrested

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Anupriya to take Dadi inside. He goes towards Kabir. He says welcome to this city, Inspector Kabir. Riddhima comes and looks on. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. Kabir says you have tried to make this city your jungle and rule over, I didn’t come to take your welfare, we are here to investigate a murder, an old man Mr. Sate is murdered. Vansh asks will you blame me for all the murders happening in the city, catch the real culprit, don’t waste my time. Kabir says real culprit is in front of me. Riddhima smiles.

Kabir says you mean you don’t know Mr. Sate, did you go on the murder spot on morning walk. He shows the cctv footage to Vansh. Vansh gets shocked seeing someone dressed like him. Kabir asks now shall I think of the relation between you and Mr. Sate, you are under arrest, I arrest you didn’t ask the guest to have water, I will do the best, your clothes and shoes are the evidence. He asks Mishra to give it. He shows the handcuffs to Vansh. Vansh asks can I see cctv footage again. Kabir says okay, you have see it many times, truth won’t change. Vansh sees the footage again. He says zoom in on the shoes, that’s not my shoes, I got VR shoes. Kabir and Riddhima get shocked. Vansh says about clothes, anyone can buy the clothes from the mall, I can pack clothes for you also, its not bribe, but a small gift from my side, it will remind you of your foolishness, Kabir, your evidence don’t match with me, game over.

Kabir says, you weren’t at home, where were you. Angre comes and says boss was with me at office, the people present in meeting can testify if you want. Kabir says I m not done, I want to interrogate your family, I will go once I m satisfied. He asks Riddhima is she addition to the family. She recalls Kabir’s words. Riddhima says I…. Vansh says she is Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania, my wife, so don’t you care. Vansh says the law says that you can’t blame anyone without an evidence, its my house, not your police station, I have the rights, power and relations here, get some substantial proof, then we will talk, have a good day, take care, good bye. Kabir says I m finding the proof, the day I get it, you will be at my police station, rights and power will be mine, you know our relation. Vansh says out I said… remember Kabir, some games aren’t so easy, so better luck next time.

Kabir says keep your wishes to yourself, you will need luck next time. Vansh goes in. Kabir leaves. Riddhima thinks Kabir couldn’t arrest Vansh. She goes to Mrs. D’souza and asks where is the phone. Mrs. D’souza says that man is murdered, didn’t you hear the police, I have thrown the phone, who do you want to talk to, tell me. Dadi asks Vansh why did police come home. Vansh says there was a small misunderstanding, police left, have medicines. Dadi says I understand everything, I don’t interfere, but I know everything, last time police had come when your dad died, then you handled everything, I m proud of you, I m worried for you. He says my family is my strength, not my weakness, just trust me, I will manage everything. She takes medicines.

She says I feel you know everything, who did that, right. Mrs. D’souza thinks Riddhima will give me info, I will pass to Vansh. Riddhima says no one, I was tensed about the phone so I asked you. She goes to her room. She tries to open the drawer. She says there is Vansh’s gun inside, we can prove that Vansh killed Ragini’s dad. Vansh comes to the room. She gets away from the drawer. He asks did you call Sate. He asks why do you spy about me, you do a lot of things and tell that a wife is doing it. She says you didn’t tell me entire truth, you didn’t leave any option for me, I admit I did this, I wanted to know Ragini’s entire truth, I did one mistake, but you have killed her dad, first Ragini then her dad, police has come for it, you have fooled the police, how will you deny the blood mark on your hand. He says remember this, I didn’t kill Ragini, Sate is not Ragini’s dad, I didn’t kill Sate. She asks how much will you lie. He asks am I lying or you.

He says you called Sate and also inspector Kabir. She thinks how did he know all this. He opens the drawer and gets the phone. He says this is the phone right.

Vansh gets the Ganpati idol home. Riddhima does the aarti. Vansh goes. Riddhima follows him. She spies on him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The way Kabir said you know our relation it felt as if they have some connection between them….maybe it’s related to Ragini or something else….

  2. Wait so Vansh now himself confessed that he knows Riddhima had called up Sate and Kabir. So still why is he being so lenient with Riddhima even after this? After marriage all Vansh does is give warning to her, but then lets her go easily. Doesn’t make any sense. He has enough proofs against her. And he doesn’t even love her yet.

    1. Wonder if it’s related to her parents… maybe he knows something about her that she herself isn’t aware off. Like her parents could have been friends of the family or something… I don’t think he has any feelings for her… Vansh’s mind is something else you can never tell what he’s plotting

    2. @Kalika Yeah maybe you are right. But hopefully the makers decide to give some logical reason for this behaviour of Vansh.

    3. The same question was asked by Ishani to Vansh in 18 August, episode 31. Vansh said he Riddhima fakely believes her so that he can reach her truth.

  3. I don’t trust this kabir

  4. Vansh is brilliant!!! I’ve been watching ‘Twisted’ with Rrahul and Nia and it is blo*dy amazing and twisted and dark – this show is a flaky crumbly rock in comparison to that diamond – both seasons are on YouTube. The 2 donkeys are still going in a circle… I hope they get caught soon. I don’t think Vansh is evil he may be a smuggler but he is not evil – he also said he didn’t kill Ragini – maybe Kabir did… Kabir is probably his illegitimate brother and this dumb Ridhimma is canon fodder like the female inspector before, maybe Kabir charms silly little girls into running behind Vansh for him. Vansh had the opportunity to kill Kabir but he just beat him up and left him… Ragini may have been killed by Kabir. Vansh’s character deserves a new entry send this boring Ridhimma to one convent or something where she can sit and preach whole day and night like the annoying idiot she is

  5. Plzzz makers it’s a humble request plzzz take a new female character for vansh like alisha panwar. Riddhima and her moral lecture doesn’t suit match with him. Plzzzz.

    1. They might not, Helly gets paid less than the guy who plays Kabir and he’s more like a recurring character. Between the 2 male leads she has the most screen time and earns less than they do. I don’t think other actresses would agree to that… also WTF is this gap in pay- where is the equity? I may not be a Helly fan but she’s got more dialog and more screen time she should be earning the same as her male counterparts

  6. Yes Riddima is acting dumb…but I think it’ll be better to see Riddhima being smart gradually rather than bringing another female lead who’s already smart to compete with Vansh… I don’t want another female lead.Riddima and Vansh looks lovely together…just in love with this couple…..

    1. Yes , riddhima can’t suddenly become super woman, she looks awesome with vansh. His aggressive nature and soft riddhima. I too just want story to unfold slowly and steadily.

  7. Character and acting of Vansh is superior to Of Kabir I feel Vanshmay be a smuggler but not killer Kabir is taking advantage of Ridhima

  8. Just an observation…. apparently Kabir is immune to covid, his underling is wearing a shield but this donkey… Kabir is such an annoyance like a mosquito, hopefully he and his mosquito mate Ridhimma end up like mosquito’s do

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