Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima shares the truth with Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking the black mamba to show her face. Riddhima removes the mask and comes in front of them. They get shocked. Dadi asks what’s this joke Riddhima, what drama are you playing now. Riddhima removes the hood. Ishani says so you are black mamba, you had sent us the videos. Riddhima says I did this to catch the black mamba. She recalls seeing Chanchal. She sees the coat and gloves in the room. She sends the invites to them. She says black mamba is between us, I called you all to get to see the black mamba, I got a proof today. Siya asks what. Riddhima says I can’t tell it now, I had applied turpentine oil on that person’s hand today, that person doesn’t know it, its inflammable. She lights a candle. She says we will know who is black mamba. She lights all the candles on the tables.

She checks Angre’s hands. Chanchal gets back and refuses. Riddhima asks what happened, why are you scared, even I m not scared of you. Chanchal says I had applied sunscreen, it can apply fire by the candle. Riddhima asks did you apply at this time of night. Chanchal says yes, I take care of myself. Riddhima says sunscreen doesn’t catch fire, tell the truth. Chanchal says you are doing this drama to hide about your pregnancy. Vansh comes and asks what’s happening here. Chanchal says you came on right time, I can’t tell you what Riddhima did. Vansh asks what did she do, tell me.

Chanchal says we thought the family heir is in her womb, but she is lying to us since 3 months, I think she is black mamba, she is making stories to hide her lie. Dadi says she is right, Riddhima is playing with our emotions, I wanted to be happy seeing you, but I have to give you a bad news, she is cheating us and got the fake reports. Ishani says I found out about the company, they give a fake provision of pregnancy to women, they provide fake details and also fake bellies. She asks Angre to tell Vansh that he heard. She says Vyom had seen Riddhima crying on an unborn baby’s grave, what does it mean. Siya says yes, someone was threatening Riddhima that she isn’t pregnant, I read that letter. Vansh asks Riddhima is this true.

Riddhima says I will tell you everything, not now. He says enough and goes. Dadi scolds her and goes. Ishani says you deserve ths, congrats. They all go. Riddhima says we will have a talk, I know why you had got scared of this candle. Chanchal asks why are you blaming me. Riddhima says I got this coat from your room, and you know this bracelet, you gave it to Siya. Chanchal says you are framing me. Riddhima says say the truth, else it will be too late, I will tell Vansh, that you were spying on me, it will be good if you say, you know what can Vansh do. Chanchal says forgive me, yes, I had followed you. Riddhima asks are you black mamba, did you send those videos to scare us. Chanchal says no, I came two days back, I fell greedy, someone gave me much money to follow you, I was getting money, I had my expenses, sorry, don’t tell Vansh. Riddhima says fine, you have to send me the phone numbers and bank details of the fund transfers. Chanchal says okay. She goes.

Riddhima asks Vansh to listen to her. She says your baby is fine. He asks what. She says look into my eyes, am I saying the truth or lie. He asks what’s this new story. She says I had made this story, I was helpless. He asks what is it. She says I didn’t tell you about my past story, someone wants to bring it out in a wrong way, I wanted to stop that person and lied that our baby is no more. Vansh asks who is it. She says that person is from our family, I did this drama to make them believe that I m not pregnant, I had threatened that doctor and sent the letter to me, I paid that guy to meet Ishani, I knew someone is following me and wanted to make that lie a truth. Ishani looks on. Riddhima says I was waiting for your arrival, that person paid Chanchal to spy on me. Vansh asks what’s the truth of your past.

Riddhima says its related to contract killer Sara, I want you to meet her, then you will get all your answers. She goes. Sara looks for her medicines. Riddhima comes and gives the medicines to her. Sara scolds her. She asks Riddhima to go. Riddhima says I thought to tell our past to Vansh, I can’t hide it. Sara asks did you go mad, please don’t tell Vansh, he will kill me. Riddhima says no, he won’t kill you, he will help you, we can’t move on until we bury the past, I want to help you. Sara says I don’t want your help, I m not doing this intentionally, you made me do all this, I was living my life happily, Aditya and I were happy together, you had a problem with that professor. Riddhima recalls the professor trying to molest her. Sara says I was helping you, you told me that we have to expose that professor. Riddhima says I know you were helping me, it was our plan to get him arrested, you had hit a stone on his head, you have seen how scared I got. They recall and cry.

Riddhima says I want to tell you something about Gayatri and me, an incident changed our fate, Gayatri is Sara, she became a contract killer. Vansh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 2nd…
    Do anyone hv today’s episode link??

  2. I have no idea what happened in episode but precap looks interesting

  3. yayy!!! today im 3rd

    1. Yeah😎

  4. Amazing episode

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  6. Please someone give today’s episode link as today’s episode seems to be —- I have no words kindly fill the space by what you think and ya please give the episode link

    1. exicting… or something else……hehehe

  7. Link dedo koi….

  8. Anyone please share the link of today’s episode

  9. todays episode seems good from recents so they killed a professor
    gab di our hope became true
    dottu/dotti is alive
    i was refreshing this page from half an hour eagerly waiting as if class is going to start LOL
    how much we want to divert that much we tend to dive deep (haha)

  10. raddu past, another history

  11. Can someone please share me the link for today’s episode.

    1. Themysticalmetanoia

      Actually it is not available on utube also today I think they will release it late to avoid copyright strick

  12. Themysticalmetanoia

    I knew it Riddhima herself is playing a game with the family n our dottu is safe I’m so glad
    Vansh is back really very happy
    Finally the puzzles r getting solve one by one
    Ridhu is opening up to Vansh I’m really happy with this that this time she is not trying to hide anything from Vansh
    Also with all things coming to their terms it reminds me that it’s ending in the tv ending also they showed riansh trusting each other this is what happening now also
    With each episode I’m getting emotional day by day
    I want more episodes yr really I want it all very badly idk how they r going to wrap it up in such a small span
    I just want it to never end!!

    1. Gabriela

      Themysticalmetanoia I really liked Ridhima from today episode, the final episode is so close. Lets hoping for beautiful Riansh scenes in those 10 episodes left

    2. Themysticalmetanoia

      yes even i want more and more riansh scenes now because we r getting very less of them

    3. Yeah i was happy to see ridhima opening up to vansh n i never lossed hope for ur dottu

  13. Gabriela

    I’m still looking for a link, so far no one has uploaded it

    1. Parita

      it’s so difficult to find nowadays!

  14. Hi! Silent reader hereπŸ€—

    Poor dottuπŸ‘Ά died two times….even before being bornπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  15. I am so happy dottu is alive

  16. Who is chanchal to riddima?

    1. Gabriela

      her aunt from Vansh part

  17. Koi link dedo…please

  18. Cant seem to find anything even in youtube

  19. Hi all! Thank heavens, there are three things to celebrate today: Vansh is back, our sweet, little Baby Rai SInghania/Dottu is alive, and we finally found out what happened in RIddhu’s past….though it’s a bit of a sad/unfortunate story. First off the bat, Riddhu’s plan to trap Black Mamba was brilliant, and I loved Chachi’s reaction….but I still think she’s playing dumb….she probably helped Anupriya make those videos or Aryan did. But in any case, we know she was the one tailing RIddhu all these days. Plus, who knew that the whole family was so excited about Dottu….they seemed so upset that RIddhu played with their emotions about the baby….though, I’m guessing that they just wanted to show Vansh that they had a valid reason to hate her lol. And I kind of found it strange that Vansh got all upset, but just stormed off….normally, he would have much more to say, but Rrahul had another two day shoot, so I don’t think the makers wanted to waste his time/talents on just yelling at RIddhima again lol. Plus, Vansh doesn’t like to air out private/marriage-related discussions in front of the family anyways. However, I’m glad that the next morning RIddhu told Vansh the truth about Dottu….our bouncing baby is alive!!! But it seems the IMM2 fandom gave this issue more importance than the baby’s parents…..they really didn’t even linger on or celebrate the fact that the baby was even alive, but oh well. And I’m a bit concerned that Ishani overheard their discussion, I belive Dottu will be safe, but I feel somehow Ishani will lead to Gayu’s death….perhaps, she’ll tell someone (e.g. Chachi) that RIddhima wanted to introduce Vansh to Sarah and investigate the matter…Chachi will pass this information on to Anupriya, and then the latter will kill Gayu/Sarah….who knows, but I kind of wanted Gayu to get a happy ending. As for Gayu, RIddhima should be thanking her a hundred times over….the poor girl, not only saved her from being raped, but also went to jail for killing the professor who tried to s*xually assault RIddhu…..However, I also understand RIddhu was traumatised by seeing so much blood at the moment when the police came, but why didn’t she speak up later? Perhaps, she was concerned that people would think that she was raped and didn’t feel comfortable sharing her story, but she wasn’t and I think she should have spoken up for her friend… this instance, I think Sarah/Gayu’s anger towards Riddhu is in a way justified. In any case, I’m glad RIddhu is finally telling Vansh the truth….despite Gayu being scared that Vansh would kill her for being sent to kill him, I’m sure he’ll praise her instead for killing the man who tried to harm RIddhu….Vansh couldn’t even bear to see Angre touch RIddhima’s wrist, so you could imagine what he would do to the man, who tried to do much worse to her. However, I’m guessing by the time RIddhu “introduces”: Vansh to Gayu, she’ll be dead….and perhaps RIddhu could be framed for the murder….I’m just trying to think how RIddhima will become Mr. Roy….perhaps, she’ll be banished from the house/hotel for killing Gayu, and then return to the hotel as Mr. Roy to find the real culprit…..who knows, though I doubt Vansh would throw RIddhu out of the house for murdering a non-family member lol. In any case, I’m super excited about all that is to come, especially since two of our beloved Rai Singhanias (i.e. Vansh and Dottu) are back haha! Stay healthy and happy. Yill next time and only 10 episodes to go!

    1. Gabriela

      Agatha what an interesting episode. Our ridhima was brilliant. There are 10 more episodes and the action is a bit hasty. You don’t even know what to expect, you don’t know what’s next. But one thing is clear Dottu must survive.
      You’re right Chachi and Anupriya are a team, and they are dangerous, for Chachi knows how to play like a stupid.
      I really liked Vansh’s attitude today, he didn’t listen to the family members, but he was open to listening to Ridhima, so everything is going well, I think the Riansh team was in action.
      And I would like a happy ending for Sara but also for Vyom, and for Dadi and Ishani a sad ending.
      The episode made me happy too, my two favorite men Raisinghania, Dottu and Papa are with Mama. ❀❀❀
      I hope you are better every day, because you know that in the last episode you will have to give us the best review. Please be well by June 5th. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
      Thanks for the review, I know it’s an effort you make for us, it was a pleasure to read your opinions and especially the theories. ❀❀❀

    2. Themysticalmetanoia

      if this is the case will we get less of vansh and riansh scenes ???

    3. Wow what a review haha girl, I will write a longer one today too since Dottu is safe and Vansh is back but well done on highlighting all the important things that happened.

    4. IMM2 Viewer

      @Gabriela, thanks girl so much, and please pray that I’ll be completely fine by July 5th….I would love to write a nice review that day (in my previous lengthy style lol). Yes, the Rai Singhania men are back with Mumma…..that’s awesome! Let’s see what happens…I dislike that things are rushed , but at the same time, I like how we are getting closer to the Black Mamba mystery!

      @Themysticalmetanoia, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get our RIansh scenes, but probably not during the Mr. Roy segment….I think that will last three episodes,because Helly said she dressed up like that for three days in her latest youtube video. But I’m sure the last 2-3 episodes will be filled with romance…at least I’m hoping.

    5. Themysticalmetanoia

      Hoping for it too I want more and more riansh scenes now n I don’t think Mr Roy segment is for the last 3 days last day one would be the one which Rrahul posted the one clothes they were wearing on tv finale also I thinks that’s the last episode

    6. IMM2 Viewer

      Thanks Khushi!

    7. Interesting episode n thanks for review yap i also expected a small party for our dottu bt no, no time for party n also i was lighted the way vansh handled today’s situation n Ishani all the time she malice especially in these days so ridhima u have to be more careful

    8. IMM2 Viewer

      @Angella, thanks so much and yes, Vansh handled the situation much better than before. I too was hoping for a little bit more excitment from Riansh about Dottu, but oh well lol.

    9. Parita

      Amazing review!! @IMM2 Viewer
      Sadly i haven’t watched it yet as i’m still preparing for my last exam tmr however i will do my best to soon watch it! But i’m glad to know that out super dottu baby is alive and Riddhima did amazing by telling some truth at least-trust building up!

    10. IMM2 Viewer

      @Parita, thanks so much! Good luck on your exam and I’m sure you’ll like the episode afterwards. Plus, our Dottu is alive!

    1. Video is not starting

    2. I have watched the episode just now. I guess the video is unavailable in India

    3. Yes.. It’s unavailable in India

  20. DDD

    I am happy that the baby is alive and Riddhima opening up to Vansh. Now what will be the reaction of Vansh will be when he meets Sara and learn about their past.

    1. Me too am happy that she is opening up to vansh n automatically vansh will help her

  21. Finally dot is save
    So that’s what happened
    They creat such suspence but end up giving nothing .

    1. Thank you 😊😊

    1. Hasn’t nobody else apart from Riddhima,Siya and perhaps grandma recognized Vyom.Coz i doubt that Angre confused him for the hotel Manager and did get to know if it’s Vyom.

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    1. Thanks for the info

    2. Thanks for the info

  24. But the story is rushing now πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    1. Yes, but that’s because the show will be ending in 1-2 weeks

    2. Yeah but the ending is coming closer

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