Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh confronts Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking what are you doing here. Riddhima turns to him. She recalls seeing Vansh coming. She picks a book and acts to be reading. She says you…. Kabir hears them. She says I thought you left, I wanted to see a book, Siya said you have a good book collection, so I had come, I hope its allowed to come here. Vansh opens the drawer and takes his laptop. He locks the drawer. He says I have forgiven you since you told the truth, remember, I hate lies and cheat, you can’t even imagine, don’t give me a reason to doubt on you. He asks her to stop. She throws out the transmitter. Kabir loses the connection. Riddhima asks what. Vansh says don’t come here without permission next time. She says sure. He says this mansion is my world, nothing can happen here without my permission, remember that. She goes.

Kabir tries to connect. He says maybe speaker broke, how shall I talk to her. He says one mistake can put her life in big risk. Dadi says the puja is imp, everyone has to come here before mahurat. She asks Riddhima to make Rangoli. Riddhima nods. Maa asks Dadi why is she making staff do this work. Dadi says she has helped me in puja work, who can do all this here, tell me. Maa says Riddhima, focus on Siya’s treatment. Dadi asks staff to throw the old nails outside, else it will hurt someone’s foot. The lady takes the nails. Riddhima says I will start making Rangoli. She takes the colours. Vansh comes home. He sees Riddhima making the Rangoli. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. Riddhima thinks its done, I will go and get transmitter now. Dadi likes the Rangoli and says its very beautiful, you will help me in work, prepare the aarti plate and diya. Riddhima sees Vansh. She thinks Vansh may doubt on me if I go now. She says fine, I will do it now.

Riddhima goes to find the transmitter. Vansh comes there and looks at her. She gets shocked. She says hello. He says I got what you were finding. She asks what. He asks why are you breathing heavily, what’s the matter, you are sweating. She says actually… He holds her hand. He says pulse is fast, I can read eyes as well, your eyes were saying that you were finding something, what, your tongue will say it, tell me, what were you searching for. Riddhima says I was doing your work. He asks what work for me. She says the puja is for your long life, I want flowers for the puja, I just came to see if the flowers are enough, or if I need to order flowers. He leaves her hand.

She says if you don’t believe, sorry, I forgot you don’t trust anyone, you can go and ask Dadi, she will tell you. She goes. Ishani spoils the Rangoli. She says sorry and goes. Riddhima says puja is happening in some time, please remove your sandals. Ishani goes. Aryan stares at Riddhima and thinks to take revenge. He pushes the stool and goes. Riddhima falls down. Vansh holds her in arms. He asks are your nails really nails, stop hurting me. She says I m sorry. Her chain gets stuck in his shirt. He sees the ring. The ring falls down. He picks it and tries to open it. She gets worried that he can see Kabir’s pic. She says its some old memories, I can’t share my personal matters with everyone, will you tell me what were you doing in backyard yesterday, the day you get ready to share your life, then expect someone else to share their life. She goes. He thinks of her words. He asks Andre to check the garden area well. He thinks I know Riddhima is hiding something, I will find out.

Meher encourages Riddhima. Riddhima prays in the puja. Vansh gets the transmitter. He shouts Riddhima. He asks were you finding this. She says its just a make up box. He shows that its a transmitter and switches it on. She worries. He hears Kabir’s voice coming and throws the box away. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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