Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh and Riddhima’s moment

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying I won’t get back from my responsibilities. Chanchal says I knew Vansh will handle everything. She takes Aryan. Dadi sees Vansh. He goes to her and says I said I will handle it. She takes him and says I have no tension when you are here, you are our protection, you have Riddhima in your life, you have to open the doors of your heart for her, give a chance to love, you have to love her to get her love. He says there is no love. She says what if you tell this, don’t feel shy of your feelings, be proud of it, Ganpati Bappa will decide it, love and worship are called by same name, both wants good intention, do you understand. He nods.

She goes. He says there is much danger for me, I can’t put Riddhima in danger, I have to control my feelings. Kabir looks on and says I have to try something else, I have to give such an offer to Vansh that he can’t refuse. Kabir gets the pure haldi. Dadi says great. Siya offers help. Dadi says we used to grind shagun haldi like this. Siya asks who will grind it. Kabir says sorry, I think Riddhima should do it. Dadi says right, Riddhima come and grind the haldi. Kabir thinks I will make the day adventurous for you, its just the start.

Dadi gets some clothes for Ishani. Ishani says I m going to become a servant’s wife. Dadi says he isn’t a servant, everyone loves you, don’t lose beautiful moments of your life, wear any clothes you like, come for haldi, no arguments now. Ishani thinks I will show them how much I hate this marriage. Siya asks Vansh to come and help Riddhima. Riddhima sees Vansh. Siya goes. Kabir says yes. He thinks this haldi will bring red colour of love for you, Vansh. He goes. Vansh helps Riddhima. They grind the haldi together. Ishq mein marjawa…plays… They have a moment.

Ishani shouts. Vansh says I will go and explain her. Riddhima says every situation isn’t solved by anger, Ishani is angry as she thinks this marriage is forced, you can explain her with love. Vansh says you were also such at the time of marriage, I know how to handle her. She says sorry, I just tried to help you, I m sure you know more. She gets hurt by the haldi. He goes. She throws his hanky. Kabir and Anupriya look on. She says its not easy to win Vansh’s trust and love. Kabir says we have to go to our ultimate plan.

Ishani throws the things and bag out. Anupriya asks Kabir what did he plan. Kabir says I m going to kidnap Riddhima, person’s value is known when he is away and in danger, Vansh can’t stop himself, his real feelings will come out, his love will come out. He gets Omkar’s call. Omkar asks why didn’t you come in my marriage. Kabir says forgive me, life has become a game of chess, its your day, did you fulfill your dreams, a big house, business and a beautiful wife. Omkar says yes, I want everything beautiful around me, Mayura is beautiful, I m adamant to make everything possible, it wasn’t easy to win Mayura’s heart, she realized she was wrong and agreed for marriage. Kabir says I m sure you also crossed limits in love, remember, every beautiful thing becomes a stain or breaks down. Omkar says no, Mayura is safe with me. Kabir says I wish its true. Mayura sees rashes on her neck. Omkar says Mayura will never get any stain, else I can’t tolerate. Riddhima collides with the wall and falls down in the bag. Servant seals the bag and takes it. Kabir thinks my plan can’t fail. He doesn’t see the bag. He looks for Riddhima. He collides with Vansh.

Vansh looks for Riddhima. He gets the bag from the pool and saves Riddhima. He gets her out and hugs her. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Awwww….kitchen scene was so romantic!!!!
    Helly rocks every outfit..Today seh was lokking absolutely stunning.I’m just in love with her beauty.
    Ishani hate Riddhim a so much..But I’ve a feeling that she’ll have a good bond with Riddhima later.
    Why do I feel that Angre is not loyal to Vansh!!!It’d be very interesting to see that Angre is the spy for Riddhima.

  2. Hey, sorry to disturb but how do you watch Ishq Mein marjawan or any dramas? I mean I wanna watch it where it has English captions like free. Can you help me please?

    1. Voot, mx player

    2. After 24 hours of uploading an episode on Voot, subtitles appears as usual you can also watch after quite time after uploading dear

  3. Hey, what website do you watch Ishq Mein Marjawan on? Like for free? Because I need to know how to watch on English captions please explain 🙏

    1. Mx player..

  4. Shantheman2001

    Sorry for the disturb, I was gonna say how do you watch Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 like for free without pay? I want to watch it but I want to watch it with English Captions. Do you know any website or anything? Please help 🙏🙂❤️

    1. On voot dear!! After uploading an episode on voot the app itself play the video with subtitles maybe after 24 hours

  5. I also feel ANgre is not loyal to Vansh He is after his money He knows Vansh secrets and can black mail

    1. I think he really have some feelings towards ishani

  6. TQ for the update amena

  7. hi am new here…. i think some how u r rigth he can blckmail vansh as he knows all his secret nd also vansh trust him more than anyone else

  8. hi am new here…. i think some how u r rigth he can blckmail vansh as he knows all his secret nd also vansh trust him more than anyone else….. and also u r right that kitchen scene was fantastic with the title song that made it so awesomeeeee……….

  9. I think I know the story line. Riddhima and Ragini are lost sisters, Ragini died under mysterious circumstances, Riddhima wants revenge and then she happens to meet Kabir who is also after Vansh however unaware of his connection with Vansh’s Mom. Therefore pretended to be an innocent orphan girl mad in Kabir’s love so as to reach VR mansion and the rest is happening in front of us. Gist: she herself believes that Ragini got killed by Vansh but proof is not there

    1. You should also start your own ff dear!!😉

    2. Amazing…
      Btw this seems like some ekta kapoor’s naagin stuff….

  10. After watching from the beginning I understand that no matter ridhima is in love with kabir she is also intelligent and in my opinion she already get suspicious on devraj hope she’ll find out it soon!!

  11. Hi everyone pls I’ve a question
    what’s the meaning of “CV’s”? pls u guys always write it but I don’t now the meaning

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