Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima sees the footage

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh looking for a file. Riddhima gets it. He lifts her and makes her sit. He asks her to take rest. She says I m really fine, are you going somewhere. He says yes, I will return in the morning. She thinks I m sure the blame on you will get erased, then we can make a new start. He asks her to take care. He leaves. She thinks please don’t take the laptop. He gets the first aid kit. She asks what’s this. He says you got hurt by the nails, tetanus injection is necessary, else it can be septic. She says I m fine, I m not in pain, keep it. She gets scared. He stops her.

She says I m scared of injections, you go, you are getting late. He smiles and says it takes just 5 seconds. She says I don’t want, I m too scared. He says fine, relax. They have an eyelock. Ishq mein marjawan…plays…. He says Riddhima, I have to say something, if you listen to me, then I will have courage. She thinks he is coming on line, he cracks big deals and is hesitant to say three words. He says I want to tell you, I… She asks I… He gives her the injection and says I wanted to say that tetanus injection is necessary, its fine to do the right work by wrong way. She pinches him and says you tricked me. He says I just had to say that, what did you guess. She says I won’t say. He stops her. He says you will listen to me, everything is set in my life, it happens what I want. He holds her close. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

She thinks to play the footage. She inserts the memory card. She sees the footage. She gets shocked seeing Vansh. Ragini pleads to Vansh. Riddhima says it can’t be Vansh. Vansh comes. The vase falls. Riddhima gets shocked seeing him. He comes holding a gun. He asks what were you seeing. He checks and finds it off. She recalls switching it off. She says you just left, so I wasn’t getting sleep, I saw your laptop and thought to use, I was trying to switch it on, but it didn’t happen. He goes and says my meeting got cancelled, so I have come back. She recalls the video and thinks Vansh had a gun in hand, Ragini was scared, is Vansh the murderer. She says I will go. He says stop. He takes her. She thinks Vansh cares for family and me a lot, he saved me many times, he can’t take anyone’s life, maybe he just threatened Ragini, why would he leave a proof against him, maybe someone made this video against him, maybe third person was also there, it can’t be the truth, I have to find out the truth. He says I explained you that you need rest, you don’t listen. She thinks I won’t get peace, its Dusshera tomorrow, evil will lose tomorrow, all the secrets will open, my faith will win.

Aryan comes to Riddhima with a knife in hand. He goes to stab. Chanchal comes and stops him. Vansh turns towards them. Chanchal hides her face. She takes Aryan home. She scolds him. She says thank God, I came on time, what would have happened today. He says I m in risk, I can’t take more risk, understand it, I m hiding this fear in my heart, it came out. He recalls capturing Vansh’s video. He says Riddhima got that footage, it means she can ruin us, no…. I can’t let it happen, Vansh can’t know it. FB shows Aryan running and dropping the memory card by mistake. He leaves. He says I m scared that Vansh will get the proof, so I want to kill Riddhima. Chanchal says nothing will happen to you, Vansh won’t doubt on you, we can use Vansh, I have a plan, I need some time.

Riddhima gets Kabir’s call. She thinks I can’t talk to you. She gets his message… I will be suspended in 3 days, any proof against Vansh will be useful, did you get anything. She has the memory card in the bangle. She says sorry Kabir, I have incomplete truth, its dangerous than total truth, I will tell you after knowing it. Kabir gets angry and sees Vansh and Riddhima’s pic. He says you think you can fool me, you are making a big mistake, you are proving yourself wrong, I know you well, mom informed me before that you got a proof, you are trying to hide it from me, love is like a sword, you are lying to save your love, this love will kill you, I have made you reach VR mansion, you are playing a game with me, smartness is good, but not oversmartness. He calls Anupriya and says pawn has changed intentions, she is lying, we have to do something.

Vansh takes a bath and comes. He sees a note… I know what happened with Ragini. He shouts Riddhima. She comes and asks what happened Vansh. She slips. He holds her in arms. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He asks did you lose your mind. She says sorry. He shows the note. He asks what’s this. She gets shocked. He reads… I know what happened with Ragini. She looks at him.

Precap: Ridhima wonders who can send such message. There is someone in house who wants to create differences between her and Vansh. Aryan is hiding and listening. She says it’s possible that Aryan had camera in one hand and gun in other. Other side, Anupriya tells Kabir to finish Ridhima. She doesn’t have right to live now. Kabir says after 2 hours Vansh’s bad time will start. Meanwhile, Ridhima says it’s time that Ragini’s death secret comes out now. She’s going somewhere. Aryan hits a stick on her head and she falls unconscious. Aryan and Chanchal put her in a car’s trunk. Vansh comes and looks at the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Awww…awwww….awwwww!!!!!!!
    So cute!!!! 😍😍😍😍
    But it is such a relief to see that Riddhima trusting Vansh. Even if the photo scene comes, she’ll still trust Vansh.
    Eager to see what Kabir and Anupriya wll plan now. Maybe they’ll expose Riddhima. That’s the best they can do now.
    When Vansh said that Vansh ki life mein sab kuch set hain. Jo Vansh Chahta hain woh hi hota gave me deadly vibe. Vansh maybe knows everything from the beginning. Maybe it’s his game. I’m really getting this feeling.
    In IMMJ 1 the romances were very passionate and kinda erotic (my personal opinion) too (when Nia came). But the RIANSH jodi is keeping it intense as well as sweet and cute.
    Lots of you may like the hardcore romance of IMMJ 1 but I like this cute one.
    Of course I’ve no problem with IMMJ 1 fans. 😁😁😁

    1. Actually I followed IMM1 until Nia’s entry. After that I lost all interest so I don’t know how Nia-Arjun ‘s scenes were. But with Alisha and Arjun, I didn’t find anything erotic. I think they looked really good together.
      I like Helly and Rrahul also together, but I don’t like the “never ending stare” scenes. I’m sure romance can be showed in a better way rather than mere “staring”.

    2. Aishwarya Barooah

      Mee too

    3. Vansh wasn’t the killer.He either burnt his hand before or after the scene of the footage.If it was before,his hand could have been shaking or exhibiting signs of pain (meaning,it was after)as of now,I only trust Vansh about Ragini’s truth.I can even wager that Vansh didn’t kill Neha.He might be doing something illegal,but he is not a crimminal

    4. @Nia I also said when Nia came that time I found that the scenes were bit clumsy to watch. I saw some of the promos of Nia and Arjun’s romance. But Alisha rocked as Aarohi and Tara both (Specially Tara).
      & yeah… you’re right about the staring thing. It can be substituted by some other scenes.

    5. @Sahada Yeah even I always felt the same. I dont think Vansh murdered Neha. Maybe it was an accident or something else.

    6. @Sahada they’ll show that Neha was so scared that she walked to the edge of the tower and before she could realize that, she fell from the tower.

  2. Thank you so much Amena…I’m happy Riddhima trust vansh a lot and knows he didnt kill Ragani.I actually think Aryan loved ragani but she loved vansh …I don’t even know if she’s alive 😕…?
    Anyway this episode put in 3 days into 1 Episode 😂

  3. Something is missing in this episode. They are creating a fuss which is unknown or misleading us. Is I’m the only one feeling so???

  4. I was just thinking who could be the ragini murderer …. may be its some lady form VR MANSION… some times I fell it could be Dadi…She is so sweet towards ridhimma….always taking her side …. but in thriller shows sweetness is Undigested….but seriously hope ragini remains in flashbacks …. and never come in between riansh…..

  5. Altalst vansh will come to know about riddhima mission and he will give divorce to her…(got from some source)

    1. Fingers crossed🤞🤞

  6. After reading this I’m having doubt if Riddhima is a doctor or Vansh ?😆
    Aryan shot Vansh’s video, just for that reason he wants to kill Riddhima or he knows the real killer? Its a bit confusing. But thankfully Riddhima is not coming to any wrong conclusion without any strong proof. Thats a relief.

    1. It’s really confusing to me also. Aryan just took the video only, so why is he so scared? Even if the video goes viral, it’ll say that Vansh was the killer. Isn’t it? Then why is he so scared?
      But the video scenario maybe something like this- Vansh was scaring Ragini and Aryan wanted to kill her but also wanted to be not guilty. So he shot the video with his right hand that Vansh is pointing the gun and at that time he used his left arm and shot Ragini. Or maybe it was like Vansh wanted to scare Ragini, Aryan wanted to kill her but before he could shoot someone else did it from other side.
      But it still doesn’t make sense why Aryan is scared as hell!!!
      Also I think Ragini is not dead. She’ll return in present.

    2. @Tonni Yeah but I don’t think Aryan is the murderer. The makers have always made Aryan and Ishani as the scapegoat for such doubts. Maybe it could be Aryan’s dad or someone else.

  7. Heartfelt confession for the writers
    Maine kiya h ragini ka murder😂😂 khush…ab to kuch naya laao😭…
    Btw this episode was nice…😘like complete package..after a long time✌✌✌

    1. Yaar my intuition says Ragini is still alive. May be kept somewhere as captive or she flied away to somewhere witj her parents in fear of Vansh.

  8. No words…… Eagerly waiting to watch this episode on TV

  9. What ever say an done I want Riddema to tell everything to vansh and move on with him. I think vansh knows everything about kabir.he wants to know from her mouth.

  10. You know…When kabir is in the episodes I wonder if Riddhima ever remembers him.But I do know kabir is jealous or why would he get angry seeing vansh and Riddhima picture ….😏

    1. dammnn…thank u for providing the link it seems that a big suprise is on the way for us..just cant wait for the future track as story is coming on line

  11. They have made the song ishq mein marjaawan rote memorized. Please stop this three times five minutes, total fifteen minutes eye stare locks and playing title song every now and then. Make the story progress. I hate this. If I want to hear that song I can hear it on YouTube but I am interested in episode, which after cutting staring scene leaves hardly fifteen minutes out of total twenty five minutes.

    1. Haha even I know it byheart now! I think the makers also love this song so much, that is why they always play it in the background. They wont even cut it down and literally play it in full version for 5 minutes. I also like the song but hearing it infinite no. of times has made it monotonous.

  12. I am not getting why Dadi kept telling Riddhima that Vansh loved her,whereas before Riddhima Vansh loved Ragini.Is it that there is some past between Riddhima and Vansh, because no one will marry someone without knowing.

  13. After reading the precap.I feel that I’ll not able to sleep today…Hope vansh saves his riddhu and I think riddhima will be able to escape from aryan as she is expert in fighting with aryan.but I am also scared that kabir also wants to kill riddhima will he succeed I know main lead can’t die but still..

  14. Omg the precap increased my suspense even more😱 overall great episode. Loved the first and all Riansh scenes. They were so awww worthy 😍😍 thank you for the update ❤️

  15. The episode was full bang-on..A complete package
    & Now the precap..Woho…Finally back on track..Ye!!

  16. So many people just after one person. By this I am remembering Gabbar’s famous dialogue ‘bahut nainsafi hai’

  17. Suspence is in the precap. I won’t be able to sleep tonight due to excitement as to what will happen in tomorrow’s episode.

  18. @tonni and nia, I think Aryan get scared bcz he recorded that video, if vansh know that he will definitely punish him or kill him. That’s y he is behaving very wierdly….
    Kyu kee voo dhokakoo bardhash Nahi kaar saktha…

  19. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Riddhima and Vansh bonding and Ishq mein Marjawana song 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    2. I haven’t been regular watcher of this show, so can anyone tell me some of my question ans:
    A) who is Ragini?
    B) Why Kabir want to Kill Riddhima, when he is shown he love her?
    C) Why expect Dadi and Vansh all hate Riddhimaa??
    Do answer my questions plz…

    1. A) Ragini is Vansh’s ex girlfriend
      B) Kabir never loved Riddhima. He only used her to expose Vansh ( He thinks Vansh killed her which is not true). He intends to take Vansh’s place. Actually. He is Anupriya’s illegitimate son. Anupriya is Vansh’s step mother.
      C) Ishani hates her because Riddhima was behind her and Anger’s marriage and middle class status is also one of the reason. Vansh’s sister Siya likes her. Because of Siya Riddhima could enter VR mansion as her physiotherapist. Riddhima slapped Aryan many times in the past because of his misbehavior with her. Since Aryan hates Riddhima his mom Chanchal also hates her.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks @TSA for your reply…

    3. A) Ragini is Vanshs ex- fiancee. She is framed as a traitor to Vansh. Dadi claims her to be a gold digger.
      B) ▶Kabir used Ridhima as a toy who dances on his fingertips to usurp Vansh. Now she is supporting vansh instead kabir. So he wanted to get her rid of his path.
      ▶Kabir is Vanshs foster mother Anupriya’s biological son. Whom she kept as a secret from all.
      ▶In the beginning he is shown to be an orphan and loyal cop for whom his Ridhima and his job only matters.
      ▶ And an over obsessive who can go to any extent over a mission to put Vansh( framed as a white collar mafiaso) behind the bars.
      C)▶ Ishani is a spoiled brat. Who hates Ridhima’s middle class backgrounds. Due to some reasons she believes Ridhima killed his ex fiance sunny ( who is still alive ).
      ▶Aryan wanted to date Ridhima but she refused every time. And he misbehaved with her several time and she slapped him every time.
      Due to Aryans hatred towards her his parents too dislike her.
      ▶Anupriya hates her because Ridhima spoils her plan and even founds Anupriya’s hands behinds many incidents.
      ▶Dadi and siya (younger sister of Vansh) loves her. Even Angre (ishani’s hus) vansh’s right hand also respects her as bhabhi.
      🌸 I guess I had unlocked🔐 all your questions. ☺

    4. You are most welcome

    5. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank you @DEN for your reply

  20. I love this whole episode.
    Lekin,oh injection scene 😥😥Nahi…. Muje bahuth daar lagthahai injection sae 😭😭😭
    But they both look shooo cute.
    I don’t know about season-1 bcz I didn’t watch it

  21. After watching the precap, I feel that Vansh will drive that car without knowing Riddhima is inside.Bechari Riddhima will lay unconscious there. Then after finishing work Vansh will again drive back home, still Riddhima will lay senseless there. When Vansh reaches home Riddhima will gain sense and come out somehow..
    Vansh ko pataa hi nehi hoga kuch bhi.. 😂😂😂😂
    It’ll be a pure comedy if it happens. Already feeling sarcastic..

    1. @Tonni …I’m sure vansh ithni stupid nehiy ho…Riddhima will suffercate just like in the suitcase….

    2. Lol. Actually i’ve had enough of comedy from this show😆
      But as @Amisha said, I’m actually bored of the same VR mansion they have been shooting in for the past 3 months. I know its covid and all, but i’m sure they can change the sets to make it look like they are shooting outside/somewhere else.

    3. Even I thought so tooo. It will be more funnier than tragedy 😂 . And again show would get a hyp among social platforms for their illogical thing. TRP increases. What a plan by makers.😎

  22. @tonni chalo isi bahane Riddhima and Vansh ghar se bahar toh nikle.. thodi sair ho jayegi.😆😆

  23. The precap are now so much more better and have more information ….Want to know what happens in the next episode 😒😟

  24. Koyi IPL matches dhekthae kya….?

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