Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: No Telecast


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is no episode tonight

Due to change in schedule.

From now, Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 will be airing Monday to Saturday only.

Next episode will air tomorrow.

In next episode: Vihaan says I have played my move, I have to see if Riddhima comes back. Anupriya says its shagun for Kabir and Riddhima’s engagement. Dadi says how did you think of this, Riddhima will never accept this. Dadi asks Riddhima are you ready to marry Kabir. Kabir smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. She will say yes to the marriage and than dhamaka ka entry honga of Vihaan. Don’t know why they have to show all rituals of marriage instead of just showing the marriage epi..dragging dragging

  2. Shit …yaar i forgot and me like an idiot was waiting 😂😳….im so desperate to know her reply…i hopr riddhu doesnt marry him please😰😰😰😰

    1. RiyaVaghani

      me too! i was waiting like a fool!

    2. Dhi are you still posting the FF..?😐

    3. It’s yes…
      I could sense confidence in AnuBir’s face and fear in Ridhima’s face.
      And also Hellyshah uploaded a story on IG with Vishal Vashista in groom’s attire and Chandni Sharma in designer lehanga attire.

  3. If they’ll drag the wedding rituals,then only Riddhima will get time to bring Vihaan to VR Masion.

  4. They’ll definitely drag this whole week..
    Already have seen off screen videos of the marriage get-ups and decoration of some of the cast.
    I really don’t know why Rrahul Sudhir is missing from off-screen videos nowadays.
    Earlier we used to see his fun moments with Helly and others but now there’s nothing. I wonder is there any problem in their frienship?
    After Angre’s birthday there’s not even any glimpse of him in any off-screen videos.

    I really don’t go about actor and actress’s personal life but nowdays Rrahul is seen more with Nia Shrama, which I don’t like at all.(It’s my own choice that I don’t like Nia, so plz don’t get into argument with me).

    1. You are right .Nia is a good actress,but she is not a good pair to Rrahul

    2. I’m extremely sorry to disagree with you dear.
      I saw Nia’s acting in immj 1. Total crap she was!
      Also I’ve seen her in “Twisted” and “Twisted 2”. Wearing revealing outfits and doing some bold scenes and having whore-like expression can’t make someone versatile and good actress.
      She’s just hyped and overrated due to her controversial activities and amazing body diagram.
      I’m sorry for my harsh words if she’s your favorite actress but I don’t find her good in acting also.

    3. Personally I really hate nia sharma to the core. I dont knw hw she has so much fans. I never watch her shows.
      I dont knw how directors are selecting her.may b bcz of her glamorous thing and doing bold scenes…it is disgusting to c her onscreen shows with exposing outfits..And that too she very well knows audience dislike her bt still she is very proud of her and keep doing it..

      In this season(khatro ke khiladi) i skip her part Becoz of her outfit it was disgusting to watch with family

      R they really dating? (rahul sir and nia)

    4. No offense..just my personal opinion

    5. She’s overrated no doubt.

    6. Especially i hate her make up sense…as if she is immersed herself in make up items.

    7. Tonni, It might be like that.
      Nowadays Rrahul is not getting enough screen space, like Kabir in former episodes. And also Helly and Rrahul had only shared one ore two scenes together in between 10 episodes.
      Don’t be panick

    8. I’m not panicked. Just curiosity! Rrahul has enough time for parties with Nia but no time for sharing any bts content-that’s what bothering me a little..Nothing else.
      It s unusual from him though.

    9. I also noticed that and thought that they might have some problem but yesterday they liked eachothers posts on insta . I think rrahul is shooting in another place and rest of the cast are shooting in vr manaion . I also think that rrahul is dating nia but in every ivs when asked he said he is single .

  5. Yes..i dont really like nia sharma….and not with rrahul….my personal thought

    1. Basiacally, I don’t like her with any of my favorite actor.

    2. Back at you guys
      Even I hate her acting too…..
      Nia’s acting on Jamia raja was cute. But after wards only overreacting and exposing became her acting skills. IDK why all are praising her for portrayal in ‘Twisted’. Her dialogues , imitating Maya of beyhadh were the only thing highlighted.
      I was pretty impressed by Rrahul portraying officer Aryan Mathur and somewhat Tia Bajpai’s Disha too. Rest of them where nothing more than crap.
      She had been criticized for her portrayal in IMMJ and Naagin 4 too (, i hadn’t seen those shows).

    3. Dude after watching immj 2, I thought let’s watch season 1 also.
      I enjoyed it till Alisha was there for both roles. Nia’s entry and acting made me say yuuuuuccck!!!😂😂😂😂😂😁

  6. I was waiting for the show too…………but next episodes will be all about wedding rituals and then we can see Vihaan’s entry into VR mansion.Maybe Rrahul Sudhir is not showing up nowadays they are doing on purpose so fans will be more interested in Vihaan character .

  7. Last week full of anu and kabir scenes.
    This week will be full of marriage rituals.

  8. Guys, IMMJ2 fandom are somewhat decreasing nowadays………..
    Its visible from our page only………… How comment section drowned from 100 to 40 last day. Without update also we hit 100 but now i felt like drowning. IDK whether it is my illusion or not…

    1. Fans will return in the show as our vansh returns 😁

  9. Just bring Vansh back then see how they will come back…happy as ever …i will be very very very happy😁💓💓💓💓

  10. I saw some pics of Kabir in offscreen mama channel …. He is in his marriage suit, i guess riddhima said yes to the marriage. (But I hope Kabir and ridhu marriage is not going to happen.) This is my personal opinion and one more thing
    Police arrested our laughter queen bharathi on drugs charge

    1. She stored and took drugs so it was obvious she got arrested. I wonder how many more are yet to be exposed?

  11. @Tonni Rrahul doesn’t have many scenes to shoot as of now, so maybe he is taking a well deserved break. After recovering from covid, he really needed some time to rest. You could literally see how tired he looked during his post covid scenes. Come to think of it, maybe thats also one of the reasons for the makers to bring up this track, so that Rrahul could now get less screen space and therefore be able to take enough rest. I also feel that this track gave more scope for other characters to grow, especially Ishani and Kabir.
    Plus poor Vishal has always been away from gaving bts fun and interaction with the rest of the star cast, he also deserves to have a little bit of enjoyment as well.

    I think Rrahul is dating Nia. I might be wrong but it really feels that way. In fact I think it was through Nia only that Rrahul got to Mamta and Yash Patnaik.

    Nia is a good actress, but she is good at carrying out only modern and confident female characters. She cannot play the innocent and traditional girl-next-door characters. She was a total misfit in IMMJ1, which people have not forgotten yet and still hate her for. I think she really did good in Twisted series. I know she’s comfortable exposing, but its her choice and we shouldn’t judge her for that.

    1. Shesha485

      @Nia, You’re right.. I have seen Twisted season 1 and some episodes in season 2… There was no considerable flaw in her acting to be fair…
      @ Tonni, Maybe she didn’t perform that well in IMM and Naagin 4 but she was good in her previous shows and can easily fit into immature kind of characters or like Aliyah Mukherjee… But people hate her for extremely weird fashion sense, her different accent and her recent controversy… That’s it..

  12. Also if Nia did bold scenes in Twisted, so did Rrahul. He also was very comfortabe in those intimate scenes. As fellow girls, if we ourselves sl*t shame a woman for doing bold scenes and wearing revealing outfits, what can we expect from a guy? She’s an actress and thats her job and we must respect that.

    1. I’ve never judged Nia for her outfits and looks. I’ve always judged her by her acting as a viewer.
      My only problem is that she’s really good at bold and revealing shoots and she’s cutting modern gimmick, then how do people call her a good and versatile actress?
      A good artist is he/she, who can shape every type of persona ehere Nia is only good at going bold. A particular type of character can’t give her title of good actress.
      She can fet hot and sizzling tag for her figure but I can’t give her credit for being a good actress only for revealing scenes.

      About Rrahul,obviously he needs 2/3 months to recover properly but even few days ago he shared so many off-screen contents but now there’s nothing. That’s why I was just questioning that he has time for parties but not for having any off-screen contents!!!Kinda weird from him.

      You’re right! Rrahul too enjoyed the bold scenes but nobody slammed him like Nia.

      I’ve never slammed Nia for being bold in the screen. I’ve slammed her for veing good at bold only but taking a credit of good actress.
      But I literally don’t like Rrahul-Nia’s pair. I just hate them for pairing(if it is true).

    2. I hope I’m not wrong to you this time.

  13. Kabir and Anupriya is going to blackmail Ridhima on the name of Sia, so obviously she is going to say yes.
    Poor Anupriya , uski kundali main toh sirf ek hi daughter-in-law and ewould be daughter -in law ligti hain. 😂

  14. This colours tv has a problem with immj2 because they are promoting all other serials and not immj2 ….it is very irritating😒😣

    1. I am also worried about this . Nowadays voot also uploads episode of immj2 so early. It will hamper trp .when every time slot will be filled up by new shows then colors has to pull the plug of one show to bring a new show . At this point of time getting no promo is alarming guys

    2. In my opnion, Imm2 is the only good show in Colours… u cant find a thriller series like this everyday…

  15. Ishq mein marjawan 2 lover...........

    Amena,Amena dear where are you new episode and precap is out on voot select.Update it fast

  16. Definitely Riddhima- Kair wedding rituals will take place and Vihaan will come at the last moment… I dont want Riddhima to marry evil Kabir😭😭😭😭

  17. Vihaan: Nw wat do u want?

    Riddhima: see this photo clearly.

    Vihaan: y r u showing my photo?

    Riddhima:its my husband photo.His name is vansh.i want your help. U will come in vr mansion become as vansh.i will give you will act as vansh so be careful.i will teach you vansh behaviour,style,everything. You will follow only my commands

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