Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima is terrified

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. D’souza saying Riddhima wants to know about Ragini, she spoke to her dad, she said she wants justice. Vansh says he isn’t Ragini’s dad, Riddhima is hiding behind the fog, I want you to be with her and show me her real face, there is some reason behind her passion, I want definite proof, I break law but the law statue inspires me a lot, it says just trust definite proof. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s words. He says I want to know why is Riddhima doing this and why, why did she become my wife, does she have any agenda or is she the hidden enemy. Riddhima says Sita’s one move ruined Raavan, same way I will bring your destruction. He says you have to go close to her so that she shares every matter with you, just follow the plan.

Riddhima sees Vansh playing the game. She says he will play game and then exercise, till then I will call Ragini’s dad and get info. He stops her and says a call was made from landline when I asked not to, find out. She thinks how does he know. He says find out that man, he should be at my hideout. She says he was on call, I have to call Ragini’s dad and tell him before Angre reaches him. She looks for landline. Mrs. D’souza says Vansh removed all the landlines. Riddhima says I need to call Ragini’s dad, tell me, how can I do it, I m worried for him, try and understand, you said you will help me, give me your phone. Mrs. D’souza says no. Riddhima says there is no time. Mrs. D’souza says don’t tell anyone. Riddhima thanks her and takes the phone. She goes to make a call. She makes a video call. She speaks to Ragini’s call. He says I have made all details ready, I will send the file. He sends the file. Riddhima says just leave the city, Vansh is trying to find you. He says someone has come, I will just come. She says no, don’t open the door. She hears a gun shot and sees the blood marks on the sofa. She gets shocked. The file transfer stops. Riddhima says Vansh has killed Ragini’s dad, I told him that I will help him, he trusted me. She cries. She calls Kabir and says Ragini’s dad died because of me, I m responsible for it.

She says Vansh is a devil, I have married a devil. Kabir says this marriage isn’t a marriage, its a deal, always remember one thing, you are there to get Vansh punished, that’s it, you have no relation with him, its not your mistake, Vansh is doing crimes, we will punish him, its possible when you don’t let yourself break down, remember how you went into his world to ruin him, become that Riddhima. She cries. He says I have a plan, just do what I tell you. She says Kabir, I came here for your sake, but I want to get this murderer punished. Riddhima sees Vansh with the gun. She gets scared and holds a vase. He keeps the gun in the drawer. She thinks I have married a murderer. She recalls Kabir’s words to keep an eye on Vansh. Vansh asks where are you going.

She stops. Mrs D’souza comes there with the food trolley. Vansh says I know you didn’t have food, so I got it here, Dadi says that love increases when we dine together, we both need it a lot. She thinks how can anyone be so stone hearted. He asks her to sit. He eats the food. She thinks he is eating peacefully after killing someone. She recalls Kabir’s words. She drinks water. She gets up and slips down because of oil. Vansh gets up. She says don’t, I will manage. He says no, you will fall again, you are making a mistake. She says no person is perfect, anyone can make mistakes. She taunts him.

He says maybe you are right, what about those who control time, their bad time never comes. She says I don’t need your help. He asks where is it hurting. She says where you held it. He twists her foot to relieve her pain. He says your pain disappeared. She gets up. He says these hands have magic, none knows what they do and when, you are a physiotherapist but I also know to end pain, I have hidden a lot inside me. She sees the red mark on his hand. She recalls the murder. She says you are right, I m your wife, I will bring your every talent out. He sees the red mark and says oh this, I got hurt, how did this stain stay. He cleans the mark. He goes. Dadi and Anupriya see someone. Vansh asks what happened. Dadi shows someone. Kabir comes home. Vansh looks at him.

Precap: Kabir comes to arrest Vansh for Ragini’s dad’s murder. He asks Riddhima who is she. Vansh says she is my wife. Riddhima smiles seeing Vansh’s arrest.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks for updating it early Amena😊😊

  2. Good Lord this Righteousness ki dookaan; Ridhimma. So damned annoying. Ridhimma must just go away with her boring eunuch. Vansh is playing her like a violin. The way these 2 donkeys keep saying they will both get Vansh punished, can’t wait for them both to get shot. For those who missed it, they didn’t kill the man who was pretending to be Ragini’s father – it’s all a trap for that boring nun Ridhimma. Vansh is the most interesting on that show unlike the other 2. Watching the web series ‘Twisted’ with the guy who plays Vansh, he plays an actual cop and plays it well unlike that eunuch Kabir (not dissing the actor, his character was badly written) . Ridhimma must go now, she doesn’t match Vansh in any way, shape or form. Can you imagine living with someone like Ridhimma let alone marrying it, with her lectures and idiotic expressions and her high moral horse – this is the kind of person no one wants to be friends with in school unless it is to do their homework. She harps on about morals and religion and culture blah blah blah but she made a mockery of marriage done with all the rituals iand she wants to use the blessings of Vansh’s Dadi who loves him to destroy him… Ridhimma truly is a witch, the ones who appear innocent and righteous are the worst. I am not a fan of Nia, but if they killed off Ridhimma and brought in Nia as the new lead – even that would be better than that moronic eunuch loving Ridhimma. Ridhimma will never be a good match for Vansh, a vamp is what is needed for Vansh, they should have a kingpin versus kingpin situation, the new girl should be getting into his smuggling territory – a proper dangerous love in which someone may die in that love – the title if after all Ishq mein marjawan. Let Helly go do more teenie bop roles and leave the adult roles alone, she is not able to do grey roles which is what is required to go with Vansh’s character…. I look at Vansh and think of Beyhadh’s Maya… can you imagine how that story would go – 2 people dangerously obsessed with each other and outdoing each other…. okay I am going… need to watch my new obsession Pavitra Bhagya… what I wouldn’t give to trade the Dadi’s in these 2 shows… that Dadi would be the right one to boot Ridhimma out the house and her grandsons path.

    1. Why r u using eunuch…u use it as a bad word…u r abusing the whole plzzz beware…think before u might harm someone’s sentiments

    2. paramjit kaur

      If don’t like the characters then don’t watch the show and for Pavitra Bhagya… the show has the lowest rating of all the shows that are being aired in the colors t.v. That’s why Big Boss is replacing the show. The main lead actress, all she does is crying, i agree that the dadi and the main lead actor are actually good at acting.

    3. There should be alisha panwar for vansh. Riddhima is just annoying me

    4. There is a difference in criticizing something/someone and just outright being hateful, you are part of the latter. As for the words you are using, you are very ignorant. Why use such derogatory language. Helly and vishal are doing their best according to the direction they are given. As of now this is what Riddhima’s character is supposed to be like, however as the story progresses her character will also change.

    5. Not nia but alisha panwar will look good with vansh.

    6. Now I have to teach people English… The definition of Eunuch is an ineffectual person or one who has been castrated ie has no balls which is the term most people use for spineless men. Someone said I shouldn’t watch if I don’t like the characters – who are you? Please go back in your kitchen. I watch for Vansh – he is a strong character, the casting for the other 2 is stupid and their characters are written so badly that it would be better if they were written off completely. Channels are known for killing off good serials and letting crap like KKB and it’s sister program go on while good shows get rushed and axed. Aneri, like Helly is good at making that rhona dhona face but unlike Helly when Aneri makes her moral speeches she’s comical hence palatable unlike Helly who makes you feel like she’s forcing her pseudo righteousness down your throat

    7. I don’t know @Kalika why r u behaving so arrogant…Ppl said that bcz we don’t like to see such comments on a public portal..U hv a opinion evryone gets thatt..It was juss that stop watching if u hv got so much prob…
      Lest even I watch Pavitra Bhagya & I too think that it should not get axed..& hopefully it will not..

    8. So now we should ask the cvs to write the show according to your choice.isn’t?Even we don’t like kabir’s character.but unlike you we don’t abuse him…it shows your mentality….

    9. Didn’t like ur comment, too vulger, this is a daily soap, actors are playing what they are directed too.
      You are actually so obsessed with vansh that u r disliking everyone, this isn’t the way, u r critizing too much.stop your nonsense and enjoy the show pls🙏

    10. As you addressed behayd. I really like Jennifer & her acting skills. Jennifer might be a good match for Vansh.
      And mockery of marriage needs to be stopped from all ITV drama’s, its degrading Indian culture &morals..

  3. Why do I feel its kabir who killed that man and not Vansh he’s just trying to create terror. I don’t know why I don’t trust Kabir at all. Had he been a true lover he wouldn’t have put Ridhhima to risk. As in marry my enemy bro you got senses!? Why has Govt given you a job ?! To get your girlfriend marry your enenmy. Common man! Kabir is a dhabba to the bravery and valour of Indian Agents and Officers tbh. Also I think he killed that man idk why is it just me or someone finds this amusing!

    1. @ Dear CC, I don’t think that man is dead. I feel that Ragini’s photo, number behind that photo etc. all was Vansh’s planning only. In fact that man was also Vansh’s man only. When Vansh can plant D’souza, then there is also possibility that he only did all this to know Riddhima’s motive and helper.
      Because you see, that as soon as she heard gunshot, she called Kabir only.Also Riddhima cannot go that much far she went hiding from Vansh. I feel it was all Vansh planning to trap her deeply so that slowly slowly she trusts D’souza and reveal her motives.

    2. U are so right…

    3. I too feel the same and that Kabir’s character will be different from what is being revealed now, for all we know, he could be a rival don. Considering how first season went, i wouldnt be surprised if it turns out vansh and kabir are related to each other and they are trapping riddhima for some reason also, like in main na bhoolungi and one ends up truly loving her. Also they could even be having a story on riddhimas parents death and if these 2 or their families are involved. Anyway, so let us wait and enjoy it, the music, sets and costumes are good, it is a different story with many possibilities and i feel all the actors are trying their best within the limitations. Also, there might still be some of us who like innocent, well intentioned characters like Riddhima who is actually being manipulated by love and made to go against her principles. Let a few such characters also be there and it will be interesting if she turns stronger and more intelligent with experience and realise she is being used and protect her own interests and make better choices while still not losing her inherent humanity and sense of justice

  4. Riddhima has made many grave mistakes. 1st she confesses into D’souza, then calling Kabir from D’souza’s phone and the gravest of all, she left her locket (with her and Kabir’s pic) in the drawer. Someone’s bound to find that locket and that day would be the end of her mission.

  5. @Kalika Just because a man is castrated doesn’t make him spineless. I know the dictionary gives this meaning of eunuch (which is dated to olden days where people used to look down upon this community), but we as responsible and civilised people must refrain from using such words. You want to call Kabir spineless, you can do so by using other acceptable words.
    Also remember the actors are simply doing their job as per their director’s instructions. So refrain from bashing any actor.

  6. Who are you to teach us English?who do you think you are? You should just go and wash your head with chilled might cool down your judgemental mind….

  7. I don’t think it’s kabir who killed the old man. Killing ragini’s father is a drama by vansh.

  8. Actually this serial drama is developing well on its own pace. Not being Indian,I quite enjoy it still. As for the characters, I recall Helly and Rrahul their back stage interview, in which they too shared that every character can’t be either good nor bad, all of them are flawed 😂 so calm be, it is just a story in progression .
    Btw realistically speaking, every character so far have managed to do a great expressive job, this is called acting!
    Whenever you watch their dialogues, facial expression…idk what the majority Indian look for, but I surely saw the actors giving lively hue to the momentum building up. Cheers & well done to the casting team 🙏

  9. @Roshni, thank you. Your illustration shows that you have good manners and a good judge of characters. Please we shouldn’t be so insultive to an actress doing well the job directed her. It’s understandable if you don’t like a storyline I’m writing from Nigeria. And I and my family including a lot of our friends love the play and the actors.

  10. Well i enjoyed and this phyco person talking shit is just hell mind you @kolika 🖕🏼gou are phyco

  11. The storyline seems interesting and the actors are doing fair to the respective characters given to them…and Vansh is my favourite as well.. but @Kalika if you watch this show just to see Vansh then I think you should watch it just when Vansh is onscreen.and pls keep your abuses to yourself,be respectful while commenting and let others enjoy peacefully….

  12. Yeah allow all degrading comments but block mine, disgusting tellyupdates. My comment in naagin forum and others is not published.

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