Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima speaks to Ragini’s dad

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angre missing to see Riddhima hiding under the table. He takes the diary. A picture falls down. Riddhima thinks whose photo is it. Riddhima tries to take it. Angre steps on her hand. She doesn’t scream. He picks the pic. He keeps the diary back. She thinks is this Ragini’s pic. He tears the pic and burns it. He puts it in the bin. He goes. Riddhima gets the burnt pic from the bin. She tries to join the photo pieces. She sees Ragini. She recalls the statue. She sees some number written on the photo’s backside. She goes and calls someone. She thinks to find about the number. Someone answers.

She recalls Vansh’s words and thinks is this his plan. She trashes the pic and says no, I don’t have to think negative, maybe its not a trap and I m close to his secret, I will have to take risk, I have to find out. She calls again and says I m calling from VR mansion, my name is… The man says shut up, you people killed my daughter, I will not leave you, I will get justice for Ragini, I will send everyone to jail for her murder. She gets shocked and asks are you Ragini’s dad.

Vansh looks for her. She says I m on your side, I will get justice for her, I know wrong happened with her. The man cries. She asks him to stop crying. Vansh doesn’t see her. Vansh goes to the other landline. The man says I m ready to give you Ragini’s information to you. She says fine, I will call you tomorrow morning. She thinks someone picked the phone from second line. She keeps the phone. She goes and sees Vansh. He asks did you finish the talk. She asks what. She thinks was he there on parallel line, did he hear me. He asks her to wipe off the sweat. He gives a kerchief. She thanks him. She says I went to take Ramayana, I wasn’t getting sleep and wanted to read something good. He asks can I see it. She says sure. He checks and says Ramayana, you would have heard about Laxman Rekha. He pours water around her. He says whenever its crossed, destruction happens, take this warning as Laxman rekha, when some people forget it in foolishness, then the unexpected happens, destruction, don’t cross the limits, else your mistake can awaken the Raavan in me, don’t tell me that I didn’t do a husband’s duty and didn’t explain you. He gives the Ramayana to her. Her mangalsutra breaks and falls. He holds it in his hand. He makes her wear it. He warns her.

Riddhima goes to Mrs. D’souza and says I found about Ragini’s dad, I spoke to him. Mrs. D’souza says I asked you to not get into this. Riddhima says I do care for people’s emotions, I have a right to know about Vansh, a father has a right to know about his daughter, it will be dangerous, I will do anything to find about Ragini. Mrs. D’souza warns her. Riddhima says someone died and we can’t be silent by our fear, I will find out for the sake of Ragini and her dad, I want to know, will you help me if needed. Mrs. D’souza says you are risking your life for others, I will do anything for you. Riddhima thanks her. Mrs. D’souza says Vansh shouldn’t know about it. Riddhima asks can I trust you. Mrs. D’souza says you gave me respect, I won’t break your trust. Riddhima thanks her.

Mrs. D’souza goes to Vansh. Vansh recalls asking Mrs. D’souza to find out Riddhima’s plan of action, gain Riddhima’s trust that she shares her secret. Vansh says I insulted you in front of everyone so that Riddhima believes that you hate me. Vansh asks what is Riddhima doing and why, does she have any agenda, is she the hidden enemy of this house.

Precap: Vansh says someone made a call from landline, find that man. Riddhima asks the man to leave the city soon. She gets shocked hearing the gun shot. Kabir comes home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. God!!This Riddhima is so foolish…..sometimes she reminds me of Aarohi…..

    1. She is not the fool, we are fools bcz she is just doing her job as like the director sir said 🙂🙂🙂

  2. Thanks for the fast update Amena!!…D’souza thing was something I hadn’t personally expected..Riddhima needs to be more alert..However I don’t think Riddhima will ever tell her mission to anybody..Lest…. let’s wait & watch:)

  3. I feel like throwing something at the screen whenever Ridhimma and Kabir share screen space they are so blo*dy annoying… I hope Ridhimma falls off her high moral horse on her neck and breaks it, then they can bring in an interesting female lead who isn’t obsessed with God… Jesus on a MFN pogo stick, the Ramayan really Ridhimma… though the Ramayan May be a clue… Kabir and Vansh could be half brothers and Kabir wants his share of the empire… coward Kabir the eunuch needs to take his spiceless side piece and go. I’d rather watch Vansh, oof that brooding face that arrogance, Vansh is a snack, as tasty fresh crispy snack and he needs good accompaniments not this blo*dy stale Ridhimma and her eunuch

    1. Yes there shoud be another female character for vansh. riddhima doesn’t match with him and her dialogue is so annoying. She should be with kabeer.

  4. No Riansh is the best….Riddhima is perfect for Vansh….I have a feeling that Riddima’s simplicity and innocense can change Vansh into a nice person….Riansh’s journey seems to be interesting,very interesting…..

    1. Good Lord – she is a boring uninsteresting unimpressive character please… Ridhimma needs to be written off. Why do these middle class people have such tasteless thinking… Simplicity and innocense? She is doing it all to get Kabir’s love. She is a dumb citizen doing the work of her enuch boyfriend… why couldn’t they caste the person opposite Ridhimma better, Helly is nauseating. So many good actresses and they bring this 1D girl in. SHe can only play the same type of role over and over again. Event though I am for Vansh murdering both Ridhimma and Kabir, this nonsense of the girl playing the puppet for men needs to stop as well.

    2. Exactly she is to be simple and innocent till now don’t you get it!?.

  5. Is kabir a eunuch?

  6. No he is not.It’s Kalika who addresses him as an eunuch….

    1. Ooh,right it’s not fair to address one as such, not nice.

  7. The real hero is Vansh Kabir is using Reedima not a lover Vansh is better I feel even Riddeema will like Vansh

  8. No he’s not a eunuch.It’s Kalika who addresses him as a eunuch….

  9. Will u please have d updates of next episode???

  10. Don’t use eunuchs shows your mentality

  11. Of course he is a eunuch, see how he keeps hiding behind Ridhimma and uses himself as a carrot to lead her like a donkey back into danger. Gadha 1 and 2 need to go…

    1. Will you pls stop using eunuch as an abuse? Trust me none want to hear your abusive language….if you don’t like the characters it’s fine but pls don’t abuse them…be respectful while leaving a comment

    2. Agree with Anaya..Kalika it’s btter u stop watching it btw if u r so irked watching it…

  12. I love Vansh/Riddihma. Kabir is a joker. Using a girl he loves to do his job, knowing fully well that she’s not trained is cruel. He feels that she is an orphan and even if she was killed in the process, nobody will ask questions. Also, I believe that her search will amount to nothing

  13. I think vanshs sister would have acted as ridhimma coz ridhimma is an annoying crown

  14. I feel Kabir killed Ragini not vansh, vansh and Kabir were old friends some kind issues happened between them hence he is not trusting anyone now

  15. Really if you don’t like the characters then just don’t watch it but you don’t have any right to abuse them…and about tasteless thinking it’s better than having cheap thinking….

  16. If you don’t like the characters then just don’t watch it but you don’t have any right to abuse them…and about tasteless thinking it’s better than having cheap thinking….

    1. Yeah @kats Nicky like you would act betterbb 😂

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