Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima accepts the blame

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya saying I wanted to show Vansh that every woman isn’t a cheat, then you came and played with his emotions, you started spying, you took his mum’s avatar to make him admit his crimes, I knew its right time to break him from that link with his mum, my intention wasn’t wrong, I don’t think I didn’t wrong, if you think you should tell him, go and tell him. She asks Riddhima to take the coat. Riddhima says I will tell Vansh and everyone, Vansh blamed me for the crime I didn’t do. She goes. She goes out. Vansh comes to her. Riddhima says I lied that I had seen a shadow, I had burnt your mum’s last sign, I regret for my mistake, before you throw me out, I m leaving this house myself. She apologizes to Bappa and goes. Dadi stops her.

She says I know Riddhima did mistake, but is Vansh doing right. Vansh says yes, she has hurt me a lot, I will never forgive her for that. Dadi says you are forgetting the difference between right and wrong, decisions taken in anger are wrong, when the person realizes mistake and regrets. Vansh says but Dadi…. Dadi says everyone should get a second chance. Vansh agrees. He says I can’t go against Dadi’s words, so I m permitting you to stay here, but remember, your shadow shouldn’t fall on me, else I will burn it, stay away. He goes. Riddhima thanks Dadi. Dadi says remember, don’t make this mistake again. Riddhima says promise. Anupriya asks why didn’t you tell the truth. Riddhima says Maa is a second name of faith, I told you I will tell truth, but I thought Vansh will lose faith, I don’t want any tensions between you and Vansh, I am an orphan, I value this relation a lot. Anupriya says wow, amazing speech, you wanted to become great. She taunts Riddhima and asks her to just leave. Riddhima goes. Anupriya says Riddhima is still in the house, very soon she will be thrown out, I don’t want you to spy in this house and know secrets, I can’t let this happen. She blows off a diya.

Aryan stops Riddhima and claps for her drama. He says you had hit Angre and came back home, you are saying you burnt the pic, shall I share the psychiatrist’s number. Riddhima stops him. She asks him to remember the slap. She says be thankful that I didn’t tell your real intentions to Vansh, you misled me and helped me in reaching the mystery room, I got the last warning, don’t mess with me again. She goes. He says you should have thought once before challenging me, you made a relation of enmity with me. Riddhima finds the room door shut. She says I think Vansh doesn’t want to come inside the room. Vansh opens the door and smiles. He burns her belongings. She asks what did you do, leave me. She cries. She recalls Kabir’s ring.

He says you should know the pain to see memories turning to ashes. He leaves her. She gets the water and puts on the things. She gets her chain. She says you felt like you burnt in this fire, right, you make this pain 100 times, you gave me so much pain by burning my mum’s last sign, you are staying here on Dadi’s word, you will not be forgiven, you will be punished, I will teach you a lesson. She goes crying. She says I have to fight until I complete my aim. She prays to Bappa to get strength. Its morning, Riddhima apologizes to Siya and thanks her.

She makes Siya ready. Ishani comes and scolds Riddhima for the theft. Siya says no, she was just taking it for me. Ishani says Riddhima’s greed will not end, she had stolen Vansh’s mum’s painting. Riddhima says I got the earrings for Siya. Ishani pushes her. Riddhima gets hurt. Ishani says I know you are so cheap and selfish. Dadi comes and asks Ishani not to get angry. Ishani goes. Dadi says don’t feel bad of her words, come with me, there is much work. Someone infuses some chemical powder in the coconut.
Riddhima says I will find the secret, even if the price is my life. She takes the coconut to break.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riddhima is actually worth it;) but still, I hated it literally…Arre kya vishwas yr…Itna bhi koi khaas trust nahi h use Anupriya pe…Huff…Y they hv to show goody typical kinda bahu….I knew they would do that..But I had expected that atleast they’ll make Vansh hear the convo…whatsoever may be the reason it’s eventually Riddhima getting punished for wht she never did….
    And like a cherry on top of the cake, Anupriya taunts her….WTH….Getting over my nerves..
    I guess just blast drama ka prep is what I feel was something worth & intriguing in this episode..
    Btw Thanks Amena:)

    1. So true….

  2. Riddhima ki fan j

    Riddhima ….. 😟Anupriya burns the painting and you take the blame with a taunt , that’s not right😒.Why are you so so innocent .Ishani ek baatameze insan he .

    Where in the world is KABIR???????😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. reading the first part of the update for a minute i thot anupriya is still good then no and what secrets she also is hiding and afraid ridma might reach them, that lady is a mystery.
    if she attack ridma repeatedly vansh is not dumb enough not realize someone is after his wife

  4. Arae AAP sab ridhima aur anupriya Kae baraemae thoo Baath kar rahaehai, lekin. AAP ye bhulja rahaehi ke, vansh koyi be cheej kaa sach patha laetha Hai. Bahuth strong, samj dhar Hai. Lekin iss vishayMae voo Dil sae sochatha, iska matlab in very soon we are going to see another side of vansh
    My Sudhir baby is really Soo cute when he was smiling..🥰🥰🥰 haina.
    Aur please aa socaled drama scenes Koo serial Mae math rako yar kyu ke a drama serial Nahi this is immj2

  5. Till now I feel it’s a different story. But No it’s the same drama like all serial. Anupriya may have role in vansh mothers disappearance and also in ragini death.

  6. Good Lord this Dadi is just as annoying as Ridhimma
    Ridhimma’s apology is an empty as her head, she defiled his mother’s memory by prancing around in his mother’s clothes and wearing her jewelry and she didn’t even seem truly apologetic she was like “oops my bad sorry haha now lets take Vansh to jail”. Why do these serials have to keep bringing God into their drama, Bappa doesn’t want to be part of your serial none of them do and this habit of adding them in everything needs to stop – it’s blasphemy pure and simple. Hypocrit Ridhimma strikes again “I’ll never be away from Kabir’s engagement ring” and look now it’s in a fire, I wonder how…. not like Vansh ripped it off her.

    Dadi needs to shut up, the girls have a right to be upset that was their mother’s clothing and painting that were defiled by Ridhimma, she may have not burned the painting but her actions gave way for Anupriya to do it. Though I am more annoyed with the way these daily soaps make God part of their show – this needs to end.

    1. @Kalika I really missed your comments.coz beside you none criticize Riddhima to this extent….I wonder when will you stop being so judgy!?!? She is just playing her role…why don’t you get that and respect her….?

    2. Please don’t do that ….. Anaya is right …leave Riddhima alone

  7. Do whatsoever you want makers
    But pls don’t turn it into another boring drama
    Sanskari bahu becoming strong,taking all shits of the in laws and husband as always a nincompoop….
    Remember it’s Ishq Mein Marjawaan
    No side characters can be villain except the leads….

    1. krishna sharma

      it will became a typical sankari serial my gut felling is telling.

  8. Smriti Tyagi

    Is kabir role is of cameo ?He is selfish he emotionally blackmailed Ridhima to get his work done

  9. krishna sharma

    well reading all the comments and my gut feeling in this serial and my experience around serials story. I think this will become a typical serial and kabir will regert or be removed out of the serial.

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