Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Ragini

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima moving the blanket and hoping to see Ragini, but there is a doll instead. She says it means Vansh shifted her to some other location. Did he figure out she followed her other day? Her only hope was Ragini to get to the truth.

Other side, Vansh says Riddhima’s mind is fast, but she’s forgetting that it’s Vansh against her. In flashback, Vansh sees Riddhima when Angre asks whether to shift Ragini and him refusing it. Back to present, he says he knew Riddhima would find a way to reach to Ragini and that is why he shifted her. No one can reach to Ragini and before that happens, he will have to complete his mission. Angre says she will wake up in an hour. A nurse comes and gets scared seeing a gun in Vansh’s hand. Vansh puts the gun away and tells nurse to take care of Ragini as she has been doing since last 3 years. He will be back in an hour. He tells Angre to be more careful. Riddhima must not find out about the new location.

Riddhima says no matter how much Vansh tries to hide, she will find Ragini. She knew Vansh would find out about her following him other day and she installed a tracker in his phone. She checks the app and finds Vansh’s location. She comes to the new location and tries to find Ragini. Nurse comes out. Riddhima hears her talking on phone and her saying she got scared seeing the gun. She thinks the nurse is talking about Vansh. She quietly goes in the room and sees Ragini. Ragini is slowly regaining consciousness. She asks for water. Riddhima gives her water and says, you don’t know me, but I know you. Ragini says she wants to go home. Riddhima says she will take her to her home, but first she needs to find out who did this with her. Ragini sees Vansh’s photo in Riddhima’s phone and points at him. She’s very scared and cries. Riddhima tries to calm her down. She asks her to tell the whole truth. Why has Vansh kidnapped her? Ragini tries to speak, but she struggles. Vansh and Angre return. Vansh sees the nurse on phone and gets angry for leaving Ragini alone. He runs to the room. Riddhima hides in a cupboard. Vansh asks why she’s still not awake. Angre says doctor said it will take 2 to 3 days before she regains her consciousness fully. Vansh says he cannot wait that long. It’s hard to handle Riddhima. She’s being the biggest stoppage between him and his goal. He waited so many years, but not anymore. No one can come between him and his goal. He punches the cupboard and part of it breaks. Riddhima’s eyes are clearly visible now. But he fails to see her. He warns the nurse to inform him right away once Ragini wakes up. Once she wakes up, he will end her chapter. Once he gets information that he wants, Ragini will be of no use to him. Riddhima is shocked seeing this avatar of Vansh and has tears. She says she should leave too. Ragini won’t regain consciousness anytime soon. After Vansh and Angre leave, she tricks the nurse and manages to leave.

Anupriya comes to Chanchal’s room saying her room’s shower is not working. After Chanchal leaves, Anupriya tries to find the chip. Aryan finds out about this. He asks Chanchal how she let her go in when she knows the chip is inside. Chanchal says she forgot. They knock the door, but Anupriya doesn’t open it. Anupriya moves the mattress and the chip is there. Before she sees it, Aryan and Chanchal turn off the lights. Anupriya opens the door. They tell her to use Ishaani’s bathroom as Aryan also needs to get ready and go out. After she leaves, they check under the mattress and are relieved to find the chip there. Anupriya thinks they don’t have the chip as she couldn’t find anything in Chanchal’s room.

Riddhima is walking on a street and is thinking about Vansh. She cries for trusting Vansh. He broke her trust, dreams, everything. He’s an evil. He’s a murderer. She made a mistake of loving such person. She’s angry with herself. A car comes running towards her and episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima tells Vansh that physical wounds don’t give you as much pain as you get when your heart breaks. Vansh says no one can know that better than him. Her mangalsutra is broken. He asks her for it. She doesn’t give saying some broken things can’t be fixed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Rianshfan

    Thanks for the update ….Lovley ep

  2. So now Riansh ard playing a dirty game of wits?Well,I like it.At last Vansh is back to the Vansh of episodes 1-5.Now I feel like I’m watching a thriller.But seriously makers get rid of Ragini The story just revolves around her.

  3. Ong. Riddhima installed a tracker? She really cat be trusted then. Both for Kabir and Vansh. Neither can Vansh be trusted. Though it’s not surprising seeing that he had other plans. But why do I feel tht Riddhima is up to something no one else knows of?

  4. RiyaVaghani

    Omg 😱! O hope things sort out soon! I hate this about TV shows! There are so many trust issues!! For once, can’t you trust a person whom you love!? But they need a track so… that’s how it is 🤷‍♀️

  5. Kuch bolnae Kae liyae baathae Nahi baachae thae, hamesh ragini ragini ragini iskae alava kuch be ny….. First bharosa karnae lagthae Hai baadh kyu my bharosa Karim bolkae pachatavogae.
    Naye sae Kya bolu… Same ridhu, same vansh, same ragini, same misunderstandings, same betraying khel. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  6. I just don’t know what to say..
    But I’m still commenting as I’m a regular admirer . 😁😁😁😁
    If Kabir somehow becomes aware that Ragini is alive then what will he do with that chip??😆😆😆
    Foolish Kabir! Only depending on the chip.
    How’ll he trap Vansh with the chip when Ragini is alive??
    He’ll try to kill Ragini I guess. But Riddhima and Vansh will never let that happen. So Kabir’s gameplan must be changed now.

    1. The main reason he is so desperately waiting for her to come from coma to know who killled his(vansh) dad. She might be sent as spy to kill his dad. She used/betrayed vansh in the form of love(so that he won’t doubt her)in order to kill his dad. Thatsy he call her as cheater. The one who send her as spy might be the reason for her coma to save himself .
      Nw he is waiting to know who send her as spy and who killed his dad.
      Wat do u say?🤔

    2. @Maha Your concept is actually fab!!! I like it. So if it really happens then ragigi is the missing puzzle of Vansh’s past. In one episode , when Kabir came to arrest Vansh, Dadi was telling Vansh that iss ghar mein police akheri baar aaye thi jab tere papa ka maut hua tha. That time I was thinking that so many questions are there.
      Why Vansh said he was being brtrayed since childhood?
      what happened to his dad?
      What actually happened to his mom( I know she’s alive)?
      How did Anupriya ended up here?
      Why Kabir is so connected with Vansh (bcz Vansh doesn’t know Kabir is his brother and a chor-police relation can not be that much particular)?
      If Ragini is the eye witness of Vansh’s dad’s murder then it’d be easy for us to realize or picture the 80% of Vansh’s past.

  7. Good instead of watching better to read the written episode.waste of time .

    1. Noo please do watch on t.v. because if nothing air what will you read trust me the track is getting more interesting now!!so please watch on tv.

    2. Yes, Rita.
      The show is damn so slowww. 100 Episode and still RAGINI! Even Vansh is tired of hearing that name LOL.

      I will stop watching and catch up later when they reveled what happened to Vansh’s Mum, Dad and Siya.

  8. My question for riddhima is that y does she care about whom is he killing and why is he killing and all that? Vansh takes care of his family in such away that whatever he does outside will never affect his family members. Vansh is also a good husband who takes care of riddhu well, save her from all the troubles, help her whenever needed,but y is she always curious about all these things? She should not care a damn about all these things, and better move on with him as trusting kabir is also useless as kabir is only using riddhima , but vansh truly loves her.

  9. Omg tense episode..riddhima is just like vansh she is also clever ❤️ But I don’t want their separation. They may have misunderstandings but pls let them solve it together. Anyone saw the promo yet? I feel
    Like it’s a thriller now. We had the romance and I’m thinking vansh is up to something. He might let Ragini go after getting information instead of killing her. Let’s see 🤔 btw their acting was amazing

    1. Yes Vansh is upto something.
      I think its something to do with his family.
      Could it be that Ragini is responsible for Siya’s condition?
      That is something we are all missing out. How did Siya became cripple?

  10. Scary vansh is back…. but the show is running on elastic property…. at starting u r like what will happen next…. same like u starch the elastic…. and when u release it… I mean at the end of episode it is the same from where u started …. RAGINI KA RAZ KYA HAI…. end this ragini track… really got bored of it

  11. What goal is Vansh talking about? I think Ragini was also a spy sent to work against Vansh, but in the process had got exposed. But Vansh doesn’t know who sent Ragini as she lost her mental balance. And thats why maybe he has kept her hidden so that she doesn’t get killed. But is it Kabir or Aryan who had sent Ragini with the plan to destroy Vansh?

  12. And the fact that Vansh hasn’t told anyone in the house about Ragini being alive and kept hidden by him proves that he trusts no one in his family. Which is a good thing at least.

    1. Believes none but acts like dumb than anybody. Vansh’s characteristics are coming out at leaps I guess. Sharp one first. Romantic one next. Dumb one afterward. Again back to a little bit of sharp. what’s next?
      Cruel one I guess.

  13. Btter than yesterday’s episode seriously…Riddhu installed a tracker in Vansh’s phn..Lyk seriously🤐

  14. I think today’s episode was okay-okay.I mean better than yesterday’s episode.I am excited to know what we’ll happen next? @nia I think you are right.becoz ishani,aryan and kabir often said to ridhima that the same is going to happen with her that happened with ragini.

  15. Vansh had seen Ridhima, but pretends to be not. Thats why he is again playing mind game with ridhima. How Vansh doesn’t noticed about Tracker????😕😕

    Kabir is wasting his time by going behind the chip. Because Ragini is still alive. Only he can do is charging against attempt to murder, from which Vansh loosely escape😂😂 Or else Kabir would kill Ragini and put blame on him. But wht abt date and all of evidence? ???

    Finally Ridhima used 0.0000000000……….1% of her brain 😂😂 but still no use Vansh might noticed that early.

  16. Why don’t nobody is suspicious about Anupriya’s behaviour 🤭

    Aryan – chanchal duo are utter foolish. They should destroy that chip. Or else when Vansh comes to know he doesn’t spare Aryan.

    Show is back on its thriller track. But feels like reversing plot to beginning. This only drowns the TRP bcuz TRP only increased when RiAnsh moments were shown.

  17. Vernali Mohanty

    I loved the precap. Riddhima did not do that rona dhona and staying silent shit. She spoke this time. Show is back on track at least for now.

    1. Even I felt the same…. I hope from now riddhima character will have progress from bechari, rothi-dhothi type to some bold full of confidence,some extra smart type…..if this happens it will be a treat to watch…
      somehow i felt that the car coming from the back is kabirs ….. Now he will do the work of adding ghee to the fire….. just random production…. 🙂

    2. Vernali Mohanty

      Just like Aarohi became so bold in season 1

    3. *prediction😋😋

  18. After reading the precap, I just feel like I’m watching from the beginning of thew show where Riddhima used to possess so much hatred for Vansh and Vansh doubted her still cared for her. Same vibe is coming.
    But Riddhima is using her brain a little bit now, so she’ll not end up being a statue like Ragini. The story is in such point where everything is either predictable or nothing is predictable. Don’t know which one will happen.

    1. Actually IMM2 has always been like this from the start, predictable yet unpredictable. But I really hope that the makers can surprise us for real this time.
      And also what I have noticed is that the makers keep fluctuating between two themes. Once thriller, then romantic, now again back to thriller. I think they can’t show both of them at the same time 😂

    2. @Nia RIANSH chemistry is very good. The makers can show thrill and romance at the same time with them.

  19. does ragini know who killed Vansh’s dad or something in those lines, so he’s eager to know what happened to her, since she was comatose and couldn’t ask till now. I really hope ridima teaches a good lesson to vansh for thinking he could get away with his shady behavior and expecting her to be continuously truthful and all.

    1. S that is the main reason he is so desperately waiting for her to come from coma to know who killled his(vansh) dad. She might be sent as spy to kill his dad. She used/betrayed vansh in the form of love(so that he won’t doubt her)in order to kill his dad. Thatsy he call her as cheater. The one who send her as spy might be the reason for her coma to save himself .
      Nw he is waiting to know who send her as spy and who killed his dad.

    2. Oh yes! How did Vansh’s Dad? What happened to Siya’s or who put her in that condition?
      Could it be Vansh’s mum left because someone is blackmailing her?
      I think we will get to know about this in the future.
      Unfortunately, the show is damn SO SLOOOOOOOW

    3. Guys this is not a ff,but a tv show. Ff may finish in a maximum of 100(although they just end after 50 episodes or something) but a show,that is aired on TV,is expected to atleast have 500 episodes.Makers just can’t reveal everything directly.So for this reason show has to be slow…

  20. I have a question ,if Riddhima is brainy ,if vansh killed ragini why he needs to take care,obviously vansh is not a killer ,he saved ragini,again in this promo ,is she cop to keep up farz,she has to prove that her vansh is not a killer,that should be her farz as well as Ishq.

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