Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan saves Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima recalling Kabir’s words. She breaks the mirror. She sits crying. She says its my mistake. Kabir comes. He asks what will you do Riddhima, poor Vansh, he got killed in love, and you got ruined in love. He says you lost everything Riddhima. He pours some black powder around her and makes a circle. He says sometimes I feel there is a devil in me, this is Kalyug, no Lord will come to kill a devil, when you can’t break this Chakravyuh, then compromise with it as fate, if you try to break this, then there will be bloodshed, I don’t know who will die, who will get hurt, but it will happen, bloodshed will happen in this family, you will be responsible for it. She says no Kabir, please….

He says you know my entire truth now, did you think why you are alive, because you loved me, I know to value true love, so I didn’t throw you out of the house, because you are an orphan and now a widow also, where will you go. He makes a face. He leaves. She cries. She hears Vansh’s voice and turns. She says I heard Vansh’s voice. She goes to the window. She sees Vansh standing in the lawn. She says Vansh has come back. She runs to the lawn. She calls him out. She asks where did he go. She shouts Vansh, I have come… Vansh isn’t here, was it my illusion, he left me, I have gone mad. She recalls Vansh’s words. She leaves. She reaches a temple. She goes upstairs. Bells ring. She says whenever Vansh and my relation was tested, you always helped me and saved our relation, how did you let Vansh get way from me. She walks over some stones/glass. Her feet bleeds. She says I can’t do anything even when I know Kabir and Anupriya’s truth. She says Kabir is challenging you, you have to prove your existence, that justice exists, help me, I have to protect the family, I m ready to lose life, but Kabir has to lose, you have to send Abhimanyu in this Kalyug to fight Kabir, show me the way. Vihaan is seen. She leaves. The flower falls down Bappa’s idol. The guys at the tea stall see her coming downstairs.

They surround her on their bikes. She tries to run. They stop the bikes and ask who will help you, a beautiful girl in in trouble, give your gold bangles to us. She throws the bangles. They come to her saying you have more precious things. The bad guy holds her hand and asks how can we leave this. She recalls Vansh fixing the mangalsutra. She says I won’t give this. He says give it to me. She hits him. The goon says how dare you, see what I do now. He gets a knife and goes to her. Vihaan comes and holds the knife. He beats the goon. The other goons attack. He fights them. The goons go away. Vihaan comes to her. She gets shocked seeing him. Ishq mein marjawan……….plays…. She recalls Vansh dying. She gets dizzy. She says Vansh and falls in his arms. She faints.

Dadi sees her at the gate and shouts Riddhima. She asks what happened to you. Ishani comes and checks. She asks Dadi to relax, her breath is running fine. Dadi says her feet is wounded, what happened. Angre comes and asks what happened to her, we will take her inside. He lifts her. Ishani says Riddhima in this state, what happened with her. Dadi sprinkles water on Riddhima’s face. Chanchal asks what happened. Dadi says don’t know. Riddhima gets up and says Vansh…

Chanchal says Vansh isn’t between us now, its better if you accept this soon. Dadi stares at Chanchal. She asks what happened Riddhima. Riddhima says outside the temple… Dadi asks what. Riddhima thinks I m seeing Vansh everywhere, was that my illusion too. Ishani asks her to say. Riddhima says Dadi, I went to temple, maybe I fainted, I m fine, don’t worry. Dadi says how can’t I worry, you have lost it, if anything happened to you, I already lost Vansh, Siya is in coma, understand one thing, my heart has become weak, I can’t bear more wounds, don’t be careless again, sit back. Riddhima says I m fine, I promise this won’t happen again, don’t take stress, else your health will get bad. Angre says I will call the doctor. Riddhima says no, I will do the dressing myself. Dadi asks her to come to her room. Riddhima thinks of Vansh. She thinks was it my illusion or something else, I have to find out, who was he. Vihaan pays the guys.

The guy says you really hit us….. Vihaan says I got much data from your life hard disk, you can land in jail, just take the money and go. The goon says but unlock our data first. Vihaan says its already unlocked. The guy says but we didn’t understand, you saved the girl and dropped her home, you didn’t take her praise. Vihaan recalls dropping Riddhima. He sees the house and says I have to come in, but not now, my time will come, wow already my name initial is here, I m waiting for the right time then I will be inside the gate, fruit of patience is good for digestion. He leaves. FB ends. Vihaan says I m weird, my heart and mind don’t know what’s happening, if I tell you, you won’t know it, my work is over, your data is unlocked, now out. The guys leave. Vihaan says now the real game begins. He smiles.

Kabir says tell Dadi to let me handle Vansh’s business, first business, then his house and his room. Riddhima looks at him. Riddhima comes to some place and sees Vihaan. She cries and says Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow what an episode. Totally loved it. Finally they came face to face. Waiting for next episode

  2. Good bye RiAnsh hello RiHaan

    1. No never…still believe in Riansh…i knew you guys would say bye riansh but not me

    2. RiyaVaghani

      Hey! Me too! But you have to get ready to accept RiHaan if it comes to that…

    3. Dhi when are you posting the next episode?…im waiting😀😉

    4. No one can break riansh.
      No one means no one…..
      I like vihaan but it comes to a Jodi i love riansh not rihaan
      No one can take vansh place in my 💓

    5. I missed this episode on tv
      Pls anyone can tell me the timing of retelecast.

      Happy birthday to you geethu bng

      Many more happy returns of the day to you Chaitanya 🥳🥳🥳

    6. Watever …i m ready to accept however it is…
      Vihaan also kind of attracting,handsum hunk with dimples and very smart than vansh.
      Waiting fr riansh/rihaan scenes..

    7. Vansh is smarter than vihan

    8. In wat way he was smart?

      1.He didnt even notice wen riddhima kept tracking device in his phone.

      2.He did not knw riddhima was the one who helped kabir to reach ragini place.

      3.he didnt not able to find abt anupriya’s intensions.

      Anyway its my opinion….No offense guys.

    9. Yes M ….love vansh …he has a place in my heart …

  3. Wow……Riddhima was able to recognise Vihaan as Vansh without beard instantly.
    When I saw Rrahul Sudhir without beard for the first time in his instagram post many days ago, it took me few seconds to figure out that the beardless man is actually Rrahul Sudhir himself. (I have never seen any of shows or web series, so have always seen in beard only in IMMJ 2)
    Now the makers will drag the show by showing that Riddhima will go on another mission to find out about Vihaan and then will train him, bring him to VR Mansion etc. etc.
    Vishal’s acting is awesome and so are his one liners.

    1. Yes I also think the same

    2. Yes they will drag more and more for riddhima’s another mission to find abt vihaan.

  4. After precap I think riddhima will ask vihaan to act as vansh so that Kabir wouldn’t be able to get the property of vansh🧐 as in “THAPTI PYAR KI”….. I only think of it, it can be wrong 😂😅

    1. *THAPKI

    2. Vihaan was the name of male lead in “Thapki Pyaar Ki.”
      He was also kinda jolly guy like this Vihaan.

    3. Yes u r correct and Manish Goplani (bihaan of thapki) also have dimples like Rrahul Sudhir….. Thode thode dimples hai par hai

  5. Who am I fooling?I want Vansh back #noRiAnsh no imm2

  6. What an episode, but I still doubt if this is our vanch

    1. Keep watching. Enjoy #Riansh moments at least now. It’s getting interesting

    2. It’s Vansh for me till now. Let me tell you why- Vihaan hired the goons, so he could go easy on them in beating but he beat them hard bcz they were trying to kill Riddhima. Vansh becomes ferocious when someone hurts Riddhima just like Vihaan did.
      Another reason is- Riddhima fell in love with Kabir, then Vansh, next she’ll fall for Vihaan. Tell me if you’ve seen any drama where the female lead falls in love thrice???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      So whether it’s Vansh only bcz that’ll make sense why she again fell for Vihaan. Otherwise, Vihaan will leave and real vansh will appear on some point of the show.

    3. @tonni
      But in season 1 three female leads were there 😂😂
      This is immj anything will happen at anytime.

    4. @Den In season 1 Deep was the most stupid character. Aarohi was a protagonist and simple girl so her morality and innocence was justified(untill Nia Sharma showed up).
      Tara was a spectacular character but the makers couldn’t do enoug justice with her. She had all the potential to suppress ‘Maya’ character of Jennifer Winget.
      But just look at Deep! he was not only a confusing character but also it seemed like his alma matter was only women. Bringing Sonarika at a certain time was of no mean. What was she even doing!!!!

      But I don’t think they are portraying Riddhima’s alma matter is only men. I mean she has no lust for money and even men. So she won’t fall for three different men that’s something I’m sure of.

  7. Vihaan hired the goons and again he beat them for real…umm..too much attraction for Riddhima or Vansh Rai Singhania’s love?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Ishani was showing care for Riddhima a little bit. I guess now is the time for Ishani to be the good guy.
    Kabir already won the award from me. He’s a lunatic villain..His acting is so shooting .. I almost feel like rip his head off..😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Tonni
      In your previous comment and this too I agree with you it’s a logical thinking,

    2. I agree with u nd vishal is slaying as kabir.ofcourse ishani should be good to ridhima but u wrote she should be a good guy..xd

    3. @Xyz I actually meant that it’s time for Ishani to play the “good guy” character.😅😅😅

    4. Ohk got it! @Tonni your sense of humour is very good.nd I have read most of ur comments in of previous episodes so I came to know that u don’t like ridhima I too don’t like ridhima since vansh died.don’t know where ridhima’s brain used to go when kabir did suspicious things.

    5. @Xyz Actually I don’t dislike Riddhima. I’m just pissed how they are playing Riddhima on screen. Just think, here we are waiting for Riddhima’s grey side but Riddhima doesn’t even have this 🧠, when most needed!!!
      So it’s time for her to come up with some intellects .
      Thanks for the compliment..😁😁😁😁😁
      Sense of humor is the only one thing which I use sensibly ..😂😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Hope we’ll get to see her grey side soon but I don’t think makers will do that bcoz they just like doing experiments with her leg by making it walk on different I don’t think too much about what will happen next bcoz the more I think the more it drives me crazy.I find peace by reading ffs.I think they are better than the real show.

  8. Walking over glasses again?? God!! these makers won’t leave riddhima without damaging her legs i think.
    I never thought that kabir would spare riddhima!! A guy who is ready to harm even his mum if she comes btw him and his future is pitying and sparing riddhima?? Such a lame excuse!!
    And vihaan pls enter VR Mansion asap!! Before this kabir could do anything!!

    1. Kabir isn’t killing Riddhima not because he pity her but to use her as his pawn for getting things done in VR Mansion as per his will as you can see in precap. If Anupriya asks dadi to give Vansh’s business to Kabir then everyone will oppose it. Riddhima is dadi’s favorite and no one can refuse dadi’s orders. He is a very good planner indeed. Also he can satisfy his ego by this way.

    2. wen dadi handing over business to kabir at that time vansh/vihaan will give entry into vr mansion and interrupt it.

  9. This is getting exciting, now this devil kabir will know who is messing with

  10. Really all of us here can be great authors know what’s going to happen in the coming episodes and that’s good guys
    Even we aren’t shocked in events, I’m proud of us

    1. Thanks for praising and congratulations to you too.

  11. Denza

    1. Ridhima’s attitude towards AnuBir is like………….do whatever you can i will be there at gallery.
    2.Why she need Abhimanyu?? He entered into the chakravyuh but wasn’t able to broke and exit??? Why she needs fail??🤨
    3.Kabir is like you are allowed to live….. but not allowed to breath😅
    4.Stone was the only thing left for her to walk…..🤣
    5.I had’nt watched the episode…..Is ISHANI started to develop soft corner for RIDHIMA???🤔
    6.Ridhima should atleast reveals everything to Angre….. He will help her and manage AnuBir for a while
    7. Vihaan why U are staying as a mystery ! come soon yaar…….we are twitchy and irritated with those Oscar loosing Melodrama’s🥱🥱😴

  12. I knw they will show riddhima and vansh/vihaan face to face scene at the end of episode …Tmrw also they will show their scenes at the end of episode. Dragging too much yaar

  13. Really excited!!!!!! For the precape.
    Awesome episode!!!!!!!

  14. Redho has kept the marriage chain until now. It will not be good that after this you love someone new

    1. That itself says vihaan is vansh

  15. i have some qns guys pls reply
    1 why vihaan hired goons to steal from ridhima and then save
    2 whether vihaan i s falling in love with ridhima
    3 why kabir left ridhimaa without killig her reason pls

    1. Zoya will you read the episode once again you get your answer by yourself 😉

    2. I think, vihan wants to reach the palace and want him at the same time, so he chose Redho
      Kabeer thinks Redho is weak and doesn’t have evidence and can’t tell anyone, or because he does not know who will be wealth, so whether Ridho or Dadi

    3. the answers to your questions are
      1. Vihaan wants that Riddhima searches for him, trains him as Vansh and she gives him entry in VR
      Mansion. He can’t enter directly into VR Mansion and tell, “Hey, accept me as your Vansh in this look
      and give me all of Vansh’s money.”
      2. It will be too early to answer your this question.
      3. Kabir isn’t killing Riddhima not because he pity her but to use her as his pawn for getting things done
      in VR Mansion as per his will as you can see in precap. If Anupriya asks dadi to give Vansh’s business
      to Kabir then everyone will oppose it. Riddhima is dadi’s favorite and no one can refuse dadi’s orders.
      He is a very good planner indeed. Also he can satisfy his ego by this way.

    4. 1.Its not vihaan. he is vansh to make his entry in VR Mansion.
      3.For property

  16. I think riddhima prepares vihaan as vansh and bring him to Vr mansion and defeat kabir.. So thereafter v can expect more funny/comedy scenes of vihaan/vansh in upcoming episodes…

  17. Tonni
    Ur right, but I don’t know why my heart still don’t accept vihaan as vansh but his entry is good aleast we would get rid of this melodrama of kabir nd his mom

  18. Kabir just nailed it…. with his acting… vihan heroic entry…. awesome…..but the way he touched the VR name plate and they way he said a” Abhi tho game shrug Hua hai” made me felt like he is vansh….. Now just w8ng for the vihan to act as vansh…. and also for kabir and anupriyas reaction after seeing vihan…..

  19. Did someone noticed that when a goon asked why did Vihaan hit him in real then he said’pata nahi weird hun,dimaag jo sochta hai dil ko pata nahi chalta and vice versa’does that mean Vihaan/Vansh has MPD as in Aparichit movie.In previous WU someone had mentioned about the syndrome.

    1. Yep aparichit movie( telugu movie) you will also find a Hindi dubbed … what all u guys were talking about MPD for vansh charecter in previous episodes … u can relate to this movie…. awesome movie u can say a bolck buster

    2. I think here, Tonni’s reply to Haseena fits.

    3. It’s not possible dude.
      1. It’s need high leverage for the makers and actors.
      2.Bcuz if it’s DID or MPD the lead actors need a long break after every few days to reset their mind. Otherwise their mental equilibrium gets affected.
      In soap operas it’s not possible as frozen he’ll.

  20. I don’t know why but I guess Vansh is pretending to be Vihaan so that he could know the reality behind Riddhima’s betrayal. I remember in an episode where Vansh is talking to Angre about Riddhima’s hidden jasoosi revealed and Angre said that what he’s going to do now..and Vansh replied that there’s someone else who’s using Riddhima to destroying him and Kabir already admitted that she’s just a pawn which Kabir used to destroy Vansh completely..So I think he falled from the cliff and later he dragged another body and burnt that body so that no one could get Vansh’s dead body and Kabir’s junior employe Mishra already said that he didn’t found Vansh’s dead body…I think Vansh is becoming Vihaan to know the reality of Riddhima and also wants to know the murderer of his late mom Uma Rai Singhania and who attacked on Sia as far as I know Vansh already knew that Sia was all alone in the house except Anupriya and when Sia was about to clear Riddhima’s name, suddenly Anupriya made Vansh to believe that it’s all done by Riddhima…I don’t know why but I really think that Vansh still not believe that Riddhima played with his emotions/love. But he wants to know who’s his biggest enemies behind all of this and I guess somehow he(Vansh) know it’s some one very close to him but didn’t get a clear picture…
    That’s why he becomes Vihaan and will make his entry as VR Infront of the family…but yes this will not be disclose so will take time but I’m sure that Vihaan is none other than but our Vansh Rai Singhania and I am sure That RiAnsh will be back again as we saw today episode where Vansh join Riddhima’s broken “Mangalsootra”.. just like that later RiAnsh love story will come on track. But obviously we have to wait for that…It won’t happen so early and easily.
    I’m waiting for 2morrow’s episode.

    1. Firstly, it’s not Vansh Rai Singhania, it’s Vansh Raisinghania. Raisinghania is one word.
      Secondly, even I believe the same that Vansh has planned all this. To reveal all this, it will take maybe 2-3 months more. They revealed in episode 117 using FB that Vansh didn’t kill that cop Neha in episode 1, she fell on her own. That FB scene was different from what they showed in episode 1.They didn’t show that scene (which they showed now as FB) in episode1. Meaning thereby, that they can take 117 episodes to reveal complete truth.

    2. Yes surely it will reach another 100 episode to reveal vihaan is vansh.
      Everytime at 100th episode they unlock suspenses.. so it will take some time.

    3. @B
      I agree…but in yesterday’s episode Kabir himself confessed that Vansh didn’t pushed Neha… Maybe she slipped or what but yeah For sure Vansh didn’t killed Neha…

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