Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan and Riddhima’s date

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking Dadi about the date. Someone fills dangerous gas in the balloon. Dadi says I can’t forget that date even if I want, I feel hurt thinking of it. Riddhima says I don’t want to hurt you, what happened that day. Dadi says Vansh was shot that day, he came back from the death, I don’t want to say anything else, you have food and sleep. Someone is seeing with a big dagger. Riddhima says what was Vihaan doing there when Vansh was shot, the information isn’t matching, Vansh was shot on his back, but his back had no bullet mark, then why did Dadi say so, I don’t understand. She sees a red balloon outside the door. She says what’s that. She goes to check. She gets a note fixed on it.

She reads, I have kept my promise, its your turn, I will tell you the secret of 8 december, fulfill your promise, I have kept a dress for you in the cupboard, wear it and come. She says what’s Vihaan’s intention, he is promising to tell the secret, I have to go. She looks for the dress. She gets a dress from the cupboard. She picks a knife from the fruits basket. She gets dressed up. She hides the knife at her back. She comes out and says Vihaan. He blindfolds her. She holds the knife. Vihaan stops her. He loosens her hair. He says when I did this, who did you think of. She says Vansh. He feeds her the sweets and asks who did you think of now. She recalls Vansh. He sprays the perfume and asks and this fragrance, who does it remind you of. She says it was Vansh’s fav perfume, what are you trying to do, I don’t understand. He says I do what’s out of everyone’s understanding. She asks him to remove the blindfold. He throws away the knife. He makes Riddhima wear some jewellery.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. She says please open the blindfold. He opens it. She asks what’s this joke. He shows the romantic set up. She asks what’s all this. He says its my secret, I took selfie with Vansh on 8th december. She says you didn’t tell me such an imp thing before. He asks her to have patience. He shows her two roses. She says I didn’t come here to hear this nonsense. He says you can hear what you want when you answer me, else you won’t get any answer. She says its roses. He swaps and asks which rose did I had in my right hand before. She says what can I say, its just the same. He says I used to do this work for Vansh, person is amazed when he finds his lookalike, game gets more interesting when the similarities are so much that none can differentiate, Vansh used to use this, I was not Vansh’s shadow, but his secret, I was his body double.

She gets shocked. He says Riddhima, Vansh worked in such a world, where there were new enemies, who used to find chances to kill him, but he knew the truth, police had dreamt to catch Vansh red-handed, Vansh did everything for his family, but he had no shield for himself, he knew his life’s importance, whenever he felt the danger, he used to send me as Vansh, that was my work, our faces matched so much that no one could know about Vansh’s duplicate, my work was to save Vansh’s life, it doesn’t mean I did a favor, Vansh paid me much money, there were dangerous situations where Vansh used me, it was an added advantage that I am a hacker, many times, death came for Vansh, but didn’t reach him ever. Riddhima recalls Dadi’s words. She thinks Vihaan was shot, not Vansh, it means Vihaan’s back would have the bullet mark, I can’t ask him, how to find out, I have to manage the situation.

He plays the music. Shayad….plays… He gets close to her. She runs away. He stops her. They dance. He goes close to kiss her. She keeps her hand in between and stops him. She thinks how shall I see the bullet mark, how will it get proved that he is saying the truth.

Precap: Vihaan says this cake is to celebrate a new chapter between you and Vansh, party just started. Riddhima makes the drink fall over his shirt. She asks him to change the shirt. He changes the shirt. She looks at his back to see the bullet mark.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Neha1

    Episode was little bit confusing about Vihaan and Vansh’s identity….
    But I m sure that Vihaan is Vansh….there will no bullet mark on Vansh’s back and Vihaan is Vansh only…
    I thought this that Monday will reveals the truth….
    Waiting for Monday’s episode.

    1. But how do you know that the person who was shot 3 years back was Vihaan and not Vansh? It maybe possible that real Vansh Raisinghania died 3 years back and from then on Vihaan is living as Vansh.

    2. Right

    3. yaa it is so confusing what was going on omg …………………… i m getting mad

  2. I’m still confused but let’s see. Still hoping the one with Riddhima is vansh

  3. Neha1

    On Monday’s episode, we will witness that there’s no bullet mark on Vihaan’s back, this will enough to prove that Vihaan is Vansh.

  4. Am confused 😭

    1. Thaan repeater alle
      Ithilum bhedam aa aplication question irunnu padikunnathaa…….
      Ithile mystery kandupidikaan upayogikunna bhuddhi indayirunnu venkil Namuk ottadik Entrance il 1st rank vaamgaa maayirunnu
      Seriously yaar

    2. Malyyali spotted🤩🤩ethilum malayyalkal undo🤔

    3. Njanum unde

    4. Pinnalla😂evide poyaalum malayali

    5. Le malayali 🤣

    6. Nammalokke kore naalayitt assume/ expected Vihaan is Vansh but ivarokke athu matti story new twist konduvannu Vihaan and Vansh two persons annnenu daivame makers engayeyum nalla bhuddhi thonnikanne,Don’t disappoint us please

    7. Ofc no doubt.. Ee budhi qstns cheyyan ndel pinne 1st rank thanne

    8. Evidayum malayali 😍😍😍

    9. Meghu

      Areyy…evdem malayaleez

    10. Malayali ellathe oru sthalam illalo

    11. (@Gowri and @Meghu)
      Ningalude Radar ithu vare evide aarnu, Ippazhano work cheythathu…….. Ridhima yude brain pole aanno lime light 😂😂😜😜(kidding)
      Njngal korch malayalees ivide hindeem englishum paranju Malayalavum marannu poy Brainum kalanjupoy 🤪🤪
      Sis Malayaleez illatha vere place indo bhumimalayalathil…… 🤭🤭🤭🤭

    12. Correct aliya nammal malayalikall enthoram famous alleyo 😉😊😌

    13. Hi meghu, gowri nammal malayaaleez ellayidathum undavumallo😁😁😁

    14. Helloooo
      Njnm malayaliya😁

    15. Njanum unde malayaligal ellatha sthalam ellalo

    16. Malayali Army😎Ellarum evideya place? Nth padikkunnu?

    17. yrr plz jis bhi languge me tum bat kr rhe ho mat krna mere to kuch pale hi nhi pada or phir me to rajathani girl hu or haa yaad rakhna agar mene marwadi me comment kiya na to tumhare sir ke uparr se jaye ga

    18. Malayalees undennu ariyaarunnu.. pakshe ithrem Peru kaanumnnu karuthiyilla… CVs nammale kozhapichonde irikua.. nalathe episode kond nammade confusion korach korayuo atho veendum twisted aakuo ennu kand ariyaam…

  5. Neha1

    @G, where are you….be ready with coconut 🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥 if Makers will bring double role wala twist…. I don’t think this will happen but still can’t take risk…. So get ready, if needed.

    1. @Neha1 tumhe aur G ko meri taraf se bhi marna padega coconut 🥥🥥🥥🥥

    2. Ahona ki bachi ye coconut to mai makers ke sir pe mar dun kia pta jaise jasoos ridhima dadi ke thappar k bad track pe a gai…to makers bhi confusion ko chor kr track pe a jayen….lekin tm…tm pe to mera dil kar rha hai online thappar,jooton aur coconut ki barish krun….bjt gussa hun mai…😠😠😠

    3. Being ready with coconut 🥥🥥🥥🥥DAY BY DAY STORY HAS MORE MYSTERY IN IT ….🤯🤯

    4. @Neha1
      I’m here……I’m ready with many coconuts 🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥
      After today’s episode I literally can’t trust on the makers now………
      They can do anything…….mostly they give us the opposite of what we think of…..
      So I’m ready 🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥………..on the count of 3……all coconuts I’ll throw toward their heads 🥥🥥🥥

    5. @Neha1
      Haan yaar today even I’m ready…. And not today I’ll be ready till the double role confusion ends. ….
      🥥🥥… We will together throw coconuts….🥥🥥🥥

    6. I was making coconut milk as I read this. No worries, I have enough to go around. But,I think vihaan is the one who died

    7. Yaaa I too think 🙂 @Sahada

    8. Ayeshu main tumhe bhuli nahi hoon phir yeh itna gussa kyu😅😅 Show ka frustration mujhpe mat nikaliyo. Itne sare coconut se mein kya karuu😅😅😅 Mujhpe gussa mat hone main ro padungi😅😅😅

  6. Ho kya rha h😂😂Iss hisab se to jb Kabir ne arrest kra tha vansh ko tb bhi vihan ki hoga jo gira hoga Jisko jalaya tha antim sanskar kiya tha mtlb vo vihan hoga r yeh vansh hi h kyuki vansh ki hr maut vihan apne sr leta tha🧐🧐🧐🧐o goddd kya ho raha hai ab to Monday tk ka wait hi nhi hoga

  7. I should go to mental hospital and get myself admitted.. yeh serial ghum ghumke mujhe paagal kar rahi hai.
    Literally one episode I feel vansh and Vihaan are same and the very next epi I feel they both are different.

    1. Exactly…. Aree yarr mein pagal ho gya ye dekhte dekhte

    2. Can’t wait till Monday😞

    3. Don’t worry. I’ll be coming with for company. The makers must say first whether Vansh and Vihaan are Same or different in order to confusion. Pleaseth

  8. Plot is getting more confusing with every passing day.Now what is this new story framed by Vihaan…Now I have a doubt on dadi.She is surely hiding something and whatever she told is not true….every weekend,the precap becomes more suspenseful and interesting.
    Just waiting for monday.
    BTW hii guys..

    1. Exactly. I’ve said it before. No one in VR mansion can be trusted. Not even Dadi and Sia. As per what the show says, Vansh consults with Dadi before he does most things. No one can convince me that Dadi is that innocent unless the makers directly reveal that in the show. Just waiting on this fiasco to finally be revealed to Riddhima. She will probably go to jail or whatever, I don’t know. But what I know for sure she will be heartbroken again. Vansh will hurt her. I also admit that she played a part in Ragini’s supposed ‘death’, but she was manipulated. I feel after that track she will finally show her strong, grey side.

  9. According to the episode………(Just think that Vihaan and Vansh are 2 different persons)
    Who married Riddhima??
    Who danced with Riddhima??
    Who did romance with Riddhima??
    Vansh ya Vihaan???????
    The episode has confused me very much……..

    1. exactly yes…i hv my exams coming in less than a week and im just wasting sm time on this

    2. I think it was Vansh. He used Vihaan in hurdles .

    3. Neha1

      Let assume…. that Vihaan and Vansh are two different person and as Vihaan said that he used to take risk of his life in place of Vansh…coz Vansh knows how much his life is important… So according to Vihaan’s saying, It would be possible that day when Kabir arrested Vansh, wasn’t Vansh but Vihaan and he died and Vansh came as Vihaan to discover the truth…. Which is also not a bad twist but I am sure that Vihaan is Vansh and on Monday episode Riddhima will not see any bullet mark on Vihaan’s/Vansh’s back.
      But I just hope that Vansh isn’t dead and he’s Vihaan if this happens….then coconut 🥥🥥🥥 is needed.

    4. actually mere bhi mind Mai yahi aaya tha.
      And after reading your comment I started laughing

  10. I think the person who married Riddhu,would turn out be Vihaan.
    And the one,whom we saw as romantic Vansh would also be Vihaan….
    But I want it to be my assumption only…not reality

    1. I as well heavily feel the same

  11. What is happening here……….
    I am totally confused.
    @Neha1, Yaar mein bhi hum thumhare Saath. I also want to throw coconut on the makers…………..

    1. Are you final year student??

  12. I m really confused
    I agree with @ishi that if vihaan used to take all the hurdles and problems that came in vansh’s life..
    so when vansh died when he jumped from the cliff..who was it vansh or vihaan🤷
    My mind is buffering…and showing try again😂😂

  13. Guys I think that when vihaan said Ki vansh Ne Mujhe uski Jaan bachane Ke Liye bheja tha and I think that ovanshe might fall in love for her he might have fear that if someone can kill them also and that’s why we have to take care of the tumor

  14. Vihaan says that vansh used vihaan to save himself from troubles. So there would be a possibility that even during his death, he used vihaan and he got saved. Seriously my brain has collapsed. But i don’t wanna make theories because makers theories are far better than us. Just show us vansh is alive. And then do anything u like we don’t care…

  15. Plz admit me into immj 2 pagal thane….i m not able to understand anything….i haven’t watched episode till now… but this update has confused me…i just didn’t understand the start…ye date ki story achanak se kidr se a gai…im not getting it…🙆🏻‍♀️😣…

    1. Mera dimag to gol gol ghum raha hai. Kabhi bhi blast ho sakta hai

    2. 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊……👋👋👋….🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥….🔫🔫…💣…yesb tmhre liye…😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    3. @AA
      It’s not the case only with you……’s the same with most of us……
      Itna soch soch ke kuch nahi hua……aur ab yeh date aur Vihaan-Vansh…..ka suspense suru….
      Hey bhagwan…….mera sar ghum raha hai……bachao mujhe…….

    4. I am also with you .Mera dimag Kabhi bhi blast ho Sakta hai.

    5. If ur going pls let me know…. My condition is getting worse, yesterday ‘s epi I understand some scenes, but Today I didn’t understand a single scene….

    6. @AA bacchi ki jaan loge kya?🤣😂🤣🤣😅😅😅😅

  16. Today’s episode was too confusing yaaar….😑😑…
    Dimag toh aada khaar tha ye mysteries ki vajah se abb toh… Puraa kharaab ho chuka hain…😶😶😒😒

    1. 👋👋👋👋…tmhrw liye itne bhoot hai online thapar…dimagh set krne ke liye….😠..tmhai bhi yad nhi ai…😠😠

    2. It na kafi hain…😂😂
      Tumhari yaad…?😶…

  17. Okay…… What Vihaan said today makes sense. Maybe that was the reason that in no time he was abled to convince everyone that he is Vansh only. Also I remember that when he ousted Riddhima, he brought her bag from Vansh’s room. So that’s why he knew where Vansh’s room was.
    Now there are possibilities-
    1. Real Vansh Raisinghania died 3 years back and from that time Vihaan is playing as Vansh. But then arises the question that how did he survived falling from the cliff?
    2. Real Vansh Raisinghania died from falling from the cliff and Vihaan took his place. But how does he know the things which happened between Vansh and Riddhima? ( I don’t think Vansh is such a person who would jump off a cliff. So this is least possible.)
    3. It was Vihaan who died 3 years back and now after somehow surviving from falling from the cliff, Vansh entered as Vihaan in VR Mansion.
    4. There is no Vihaan and Vansh is just fooling Riddhima.
    But the three main questions are
    1.Who was actually shot 3 years back – Vihaan or Vansh?
    2. Does Angre knows about this?
    3. Are they really two persons or just Vansh is plotting all this?
    I had successfully survived up till now, but I think now I will go mad!! Please help me…..

    1. Neha1

      Even I too think the same…. But I think, It was Vihaan who jumped off from the cliff and died and Vansh disguise himself as Vihaan in search for the truth of Riddhima.. and His mom’s murderer…
      Also I think till the time Vansh re-entered as Vihaan he’s not talking to Anupriya much, which he did earlier…. His attitude towards Anupriya is Weird and strange… Is he knew something about Anupriya, or He just make distance from Anupriya after learning that Kabir is his own son… This is not clear in my mind….

    2. I also noticed that, and Anger too

    3. @B
      These possibilities and questions are running in everyone’s mind……
      Who actually is Vihaan and who is Vansh…….Who has died and who has survived…..
      I think the actors also might have not thought that something like this might come……then there’s no chance that we viewers could have thought……..
      How can we help you @B when we ourselves are on the verge to become mad……
      The show is driving me crazy…..

    4. @ Neha1
      Chech out my reply to Vidha.

    5. I have answer only for ur first question. Vansh didn’t die 3 years back. It was vihaan who got shot. Do u remember the bank receipt that riddhima saw? Vansh has transferred 5 cr to vihaan to get shot on bullet on behalf of him. This makes sense. So whatever V said is true.

    6. @SM
      And how can we trust Vihaan that he saying the truth? Maybe real Vansh got shot and died and he is pretending to be Vansh from then on. We all know that he is money minded. Maybe makers bring on some twist and reveal that that day Vihaan couldn’t go and Vansh had gone and got shot.
      But I am sure about one thing- neither one of the two would commit suicide by jumping off the cliff. And if the other one isn’t present then there are just two possibilities-
      1. It’s just Vansh’s story to fool Riddhima.
      2. Either of the one died 3 years ago. Maybe Vansh died or maybe Vihaan died.

  18. Neha1

    We all are sailing on the same boat ⛵.. We all are thinking of the same direction….. But don’t know why Makers always think/do opposite of what we think…. Let’s wait for Monday’s episode.

    1. @Neha1
      Ur right…. And u also know these makers always disappoint us… 😑😑😒

  19. Oh god I am so so so excited to see Vansh’s comeback. Maybe Vihaan was the one who jumped and is died or getting treated. And as Vansh knew Vihaan’s lifestyle so he copied him to fool everyone and testing Riddhima but she is doing things which will make Vansh beleive that she is and was wrong. But she showed concern towards Ishani and her Happiness. Plus she always says to throw Kabir out. But why she is not finding evidence against Kabir and Anupriya.
    I just want Vansh to find out about his mother and Ragini’s murderer and punish Anupriya. Cuz it’s now too much for Anupriya to Rome freely after doing so many sins

    1. I don’t even think that even Vansh would jump off the cliff. When Vansh kept his doppelganger to save his own life, to live then why would he easily commit suicide?
      And why would Vihaan jump off for Vansh? If Angre does this, it’s still acceptable. Out of loyalty, he can do that. But when Vihaan is so money minded and selfish, then how can he jump off a cliff for someone else?
      I don’t think anyone died by jumping off the cliff. Either one out of the two died 3 years ago. Or Vansh is just playing mind games.

  20. today’s episode is so confusing, vihaan used to help vansh whenever he was in danger, but i don’t think he would accept to die for him, maybe our vansh died.

  21. Are the makers trying to make vansh a crimminal?

    1. Don’t know they r doing that or not but surely they are doing this and trying to make us mad!!!!

  22. what the hell if he is not vansh then how vansh can see riddima with a stranger guy vihaan? is that mean their wedding also a lie… no no thatmeans who always care and love riddima is vihaan.. omg poor riddima…… please god do a miracle on Riddima,,,,

  23. Riddhiima’s perception is whoever got shot on bullet will have scar on their body. But y doesn’t she has scar on her shoulder?

    1. And guys can anyone tell me who exactly got shot? Vansh or vihaan?

    2. I don’t know the answer of this question….bcz it’s latest mystery by makers…
      Firstly they confused us with wether vihaan is vansh or not…
      Now we have to find who got shot…
      Don’t worry new theories by our friends are on the way…they will definitely give u some answer that’s why i m reading the comments to find answer…😎

    3. Good question very good question….😎….and the answer according to me is maybe she just hide it with the help of make up…😏… isn’t it possible….🤔🤔🤔… Protagonist should look good on tv na so if they show us mark on her shoulder acc to them it’s not good so she might have hide it….😜😜

    4. Neha1

      As far as I think, Vansh has no bullet mark on his back and if Vihaan is Vansh then he too don’t have any bullet mark on his back….
      Now just wait for Monday’s episode… I still have a feeling that if “Vihaan is Vansh” then there’s no bullet mark on his back.

    5. @ SM. As soon as I come to know that who was actually shot, I’ll tell you.

    6. @B then i think it will take months for u to answer my question 😂😂

  24. Oh god…im hell confused

    1. Congratulations….😜😜… for being 99.99 percent mad….just 0.01 percent is left and if the makers continue to add such mysteries we’ll definitely overcome this 0.01 and will get 💯 Percent mad…😇😇…

    2. 😂😂😂…. Ayesha I’m sure yaar tumhara dimag bhi kharaab ho chu ka hai isliye aaj aapka mood aisa hai…😂😂

    3. Yes dhi😂😂…
      What if the one Riddhima married was vihaan?
      And this is vansh…😱
      I will truly scream at the makers…😣
      God help me or the makers of immj2😥
      …whatever happened either vansh or vihaan died…

  25. guys I don’t think that the person who fell from the cliff can be Vihaan….A person can do many efforts(of any kind) for money…but he will never risk his life merely for money….why will Vihaan fall from cliff,knowing that he may not survive and the money he earned would be of no use….

  26. Vaishnaviaddanki

    Riddhima’s character is being tarnished. It’s not yet sure if he is Vansh/VIhaan but later when Vansh would return, he’ll accuse Riddhima of cheating him. This is not taken!!!
    She could have chosen some other way of learning the truth instead of letting Vihaan come closer to her.
    She is being targeted and she’s falling into that trap.
    This is so disgusting!!!!!!!! Be it Vansh/Vihaan he demanding Riddhima for a night with him and now trying to get close to her is so not taken

  27. Thank god. Tomorrow is Sunday and they have stopped telecasting on Sunday. Now we can give our brains, if left any, a rest.

  28. I am sorry,I’m asking many questions…but can anyone tell me,who was the person who filled poison in the balloon……were there two balloons….one,in which the poison was filled and the other on which the note was sticked….We know that if any liquid is filled into the balloon,it never floats..but the balloon on which note was sticked,was floating as if it was empty and there was just air in it… is there someone who is keeping an eye on them,maybe kabir…..and that person listens to the conversation of Rihaan…

    1. You better don’t ask us. At least today. For god’s sake.
      In upcoming episodes, they’ll definitely show.

    2. i think it was poisonous gas not liquid .idk abt the knife tht person was holding either

    3. @Ravi
      Its Upcoming mystery dear…….. Yellow gloves, mask and jocker ke baad, the grand entry of BLACK GLOVES!! Coming soon.
      Lagta hain woh Anupriya hi hain……

    4. @ IMMJ2islife
      It was liquid only and if you clearly see it was Vansh’s hand only. Thereby meaning Vansh only filled poisonous liquid into it.

  29. i like the doppelganger angle, it makes sense. at least with this added episode, the previous ones make sense.

  30. Full of confusions and assumptions.
    Mujhe jo jo kehna tha tum log bol diya..😂😂😂😂
    Lekin mujhe sirf ye janna hai ki shaadi mein Riddhima ki saath kaun tha?
    Waha kaun tha?
    Vihaan tha?
    Vansh tha?
    Vihaan tha, Vansh tha kaun tha?
    Kaun tha?Kaun thaaaaaaa!!!

    1. Neha1

      Jab humein pata chalega toh bata denge…
      Tab Shayad tumhe kya, hum sab ko saare Jawaab mil jayenge…
      Agar Makers ne hum pe thoda rehem kiya toh…
      Nhi toh Confused Mind, Zindabad….🖐️

    2. @Tonni…
      Sab ka vahi sawaaal hain….
      Koun tha vo..? Aur kon hai ko…??

    3. Yaar ek to ye show study mein dhyaan nehi dene dete hai,,upar se kal meri exam thi..
      So I thought I’d do a little bit of study but after watching the episode I’m busy in thinking.
      Agar ye woh hai to woh kaun hai?
      Agar woh ye hai to ye kun hai?
      Agar ye pyaar karta hain to woh kya karte the?
      Agar woh pyaar karte the to ye kya karta hain?
      Kabhi sukun se jeene nehi degi ye show..

    4. I can understand…
      Iss sab ke zimmedaar makers hain…..😑😑😑….😒

    5. @Tonni apu immj2 ko bhulake padhai karne jao. Agar marks kam mile to daant milegi. Ghar mein bhi aur yeha pe bhi. Highest marks pana hoga tumko

    6. Mumma tune kya kardi……. 🙈🙈
      I was upto post the same Parady on rasode mein kaun tha 😅😅

    7. @Tonni, Vansh only married Riddhima. Don’t worry. Because the beard guy was Vansh and the shaved face guy was Vihaan. If you saw, even in 2017 he had a shaved face. So I don’t think it’s possible for Vansh to be Vihaan on the marriage day.

    8. @ MissLisa
      But it can be possible that real Vansh died 3 years ago and Vihaan had grown beard to live like Vansh.

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