Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh spies on Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima deleting the message. Siya gifts her a poetry book. Riddhima thanks her and goes. She thinks I will go out on Hartalika Teej and meet Kabir, I will inform Kabir about Vansh, then I will get free from this cage. Her dupatta flies over Vansh’s face. Ishq mein marjawa…..plays…. He walks to her. She stops him and says I m your wife, but you know what I feel, stop there. He says the misunderstanding was sweet, I came to give your dupatta, for the first time, I m finding hard to understand someone. She says you are also an open book, when one chapter ends, another chapter begins. He says Lord gave us mind to use all life, do you want to end all of it right away. She says when you don’t doubt me and let me look into your heart, then I will give you this right. He says its fun when there is a puzzle, a code message, I crack it and know who you are, physiotherapist, party planner or poet.

She thinks Ishani told him about poetry. She says I m not a professional poet, my feelings got words. He says you have this talent. She says I deleted it. He says from phone, you would be knowing it, tell me. She recites the lines. Vansh claps for her.

He says so romantic, who is that lucky person whom you gifted these words. She says nobody, I just wrote it. He says good, it was beautiful, sleep now, I have to end some imp work. He goes. She says thank God, he didn’t understand about the message in poetry. She sees Kabir’s pic in ring and says I will wait for the morning. Vansh thinks I will wait for the morning. He recalls the poetry and says I will see who is he and why did she call him, all the secrets will be out. Riddhima and Kabir think of their meeting.

Its morning, Riddhima gets ready. Vansh comes and says you fight at night and get ready as a bride in morning, finally, you got to remember your duties. She says you can think anything. He thinks I know everything, you don’t know about coming in the hawk’s sight and falling prey. She says I have some work. He says you aren’t ready yet. He gets the sindoor and takes his ring. He says Dadi says a bride looks incomplete without sindoor. She stops him and pushes him way. The sindoor still falls in her hairline. Mangalam…plays….

He says Dadi also says that if the sindoor falls over nose, then husband loves a wife a lot, its a husband’s right to fill sindoor, any problem with it. She cleans the sindoor off her nose. She asks him to bring sincerity. He says I told you about Ragini. She says incomplete truth isn’t truth. She goes. Riddhima greets Dadi. Dadi asks her to taste the pickles spice. Riddhima says no, I can’t taste it, I have kept a Hartalika teej fast. Dadi says I forgot it, in our times, we used to celebrate it so well, this is your shagun from my side. She ties a thread to Riddhima’s hand and says you finish the work and come. Riddhima thanks her and thinks I will go to Kabir if this work ends soon. Dadi says I will ask driver to drop you. Riddhima says no, I will go by walk. She helps Dadi. She says I believe that hands magic works in pickles than spices, same way devotion works more than the temple. Dadi says you talk lovely things, I m done with this, I will come along. Riddhima says no, you just worked a lot, you take rest, don’t worry. Dadi says I will ask Anupriya. Riddhima says I will just come. Ishani says I m free, I will keep an eye, I mean I will give company, its her first fast, its not good to go alone, who knows what happens. Riddhima says Siya woke up late, help her in taking the shower. Dadi says yes, go and help Siya. Ishani goes.

Riddhima asks Dadi to go and rest. Dadi blesses her. She leaves. Vansh looks on and recalls Riddhima’s words. He says you are an interesting puzzle, it will be fun to solve you, trust me, it won’t take long. Kabir is disguise, waits near the tree. Vansh’s uncle comes there and sees him. He asks who are you. Kabir says I have come for municipality to sanitize the area. Uncle tells about his new book. Kabir says title is interesting, I will read the book. Riddhima says I will see Kabir after many days, I will pray that no one sees him. She looks for him. She prays. Vansh looks on and thinks waiting is the toughest work, I also have to meet your stranger friend today.

Kabir asks did you find anyone. Riddhima says Vansh murdered Riddhima. Vansh says there is something behind the tree. He goes to ask Riddhima.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think Kabir is related to Ragini either by
    1. He was her brother.
    2. Kabir was the person for whom Ragini cheated Vansh Or 3. Ragini was a cop sent by Kabir to spy on Vansh by making him fall for her like Riddhima
    & now Kabir is trying to take revenge for her death if she’s dead or trying to find her if she’s alive. So that’s why he trapped Riddhima

    Choosing Riddhima for this task,there are benefits
    1. Riddhima is an orphan. So if she dies or disappears there is no one to inquire
    2. Since she till now lived alone, she would naturally want someone to love her, take care of her. Hence it will be easy to make her fall madly in her to the extent she’s herself ready to cross all limits in name of love. (Innocent Riddhima what was the need for her to do all this for Kabir and tell him that she loves him to the extent she can give her life)

    And now this side, Vansh either destroys or kills the person who betrays him. So now she has no place to go. Although before also Vansh have killed a cop but I don’t think that he can kill Ragini. (Making Vansh a smuggler is still fine but I don’t makers to potray him as a murderer)
    Now only Riddhima’s smartness or Vansh’s love for Riddhima can save Riddhima from both Kabir’s betrayal and Vansh’s anger. Hope the makers don’t make Riddhima character like brainless and bechari queen Aarohi. I want makers to progress the story like Beyhadh & Ek hasina thi serial even if for that they have to make it a finite series. At least better than dragging, end the show. I don’t want this serial to be ruined like season 1.

    1. Yeah even I feel that Ragini is related to Kabir. Riddhima’s love for Kabir looks unbelievable. The makers should have shown more of Riddhima and Kabir’s backstory so that her love for him looks believable.
      For some reason I feel that Vansh has not even murdered the cop. Bcoz no one found her body yet, so it is quite possible that she is alive.

    2. Complete agree with ur words, and I really hope this season doesn’t turn like season 1.
      Well right now story is going great

  2. Although vansh is so far villain like character & forced ridima on many things still I am feeling bad that she is cheating on him . Vansh is only suspecting her but she doing worse thing .

  3. i think ragini is lookalike of riddhima that why vansh married her

  4. @ Dear Nia, the cop I was talking about was Madhurima Tulli.Her name was Neha. Vansh killed her in episode 1 and she breath her last in Labor’s arms.

    1. Sorry. Meant to say in Kabir’s arms

  5. Sorry. Meant to say in Kabir’s arms

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