Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets a clue


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying Vansh’s family has motives, Vansh loves them a lot and they do such things, after Siya and Dadi, just Vansh has a clean heart, he loves for his family and protects them. He says you believe him more than me, right. She says I m trying to explain the truth, we should give importance to other’s opinion, I had come here on your saying, I risked your life to know Vansh’s truth, I have thought well, whatever happened with Ragini, I will prove Vansh’s role in it, if I fail to prove anything, this mission will end, you won’t ask me anything. He asks are you in senses. She says yes, we have to end everything once truth comes, I will make a new start, stop calling me, I will call you if I know anything, I don’t want anyone to doubt me, I don’t want to play this game. She ends call. He says talk to me, hello… She turns and doesn’t see anyone.

Anupriya says Kabir, she trusts Vansh more than us, she has become a big problem for us. She recalls hearing Riddhima’s words, she has fallen for Vansh. She says our plan will fail. Dadi does the aarti. Riddhima’s chunri flies away. She looks for it. Vansh says truth is the foundation of every relation, she doesn’t trust me, she doesn’t want to come on my side, I don’t want to hurt my ego, I have to decide about this relation, I had given many chances. She asks what do you want to do. Riddhima’s chunri flies out of the house. Riddhima follows it. She reaches Ragini’s statue. She says chunri fell down, I have to get new chunri now, Vansh loved you Ragini, he loves his mum also, I was told that Ragini cheated Vansh, his mum is also cheating him, I promise, I will bring out the truth and get justice, I m sure Vansh isn’t the criminal, I will expose the real culprit. She recalls Vansh.

She says I know this won’t be easy, I can’t begin my new life unless I get justice for you. Anupriya joins the aarti. Riddhima gets something. She checks under the statue. She gets a memory card. She asks what can be there, is there something about Ragini’s murder. Dadi says why didn’t Riddhima come, she had to get suhaag items. Riddhima comes and says I have come. She keeps the plate and prays. Dadi asks her to give aarti to everyone. Anupriya says its good you came, we were thinking you are spying. Riddhima thinks Vansh, our misunderstanding will end soon.

Riddhima says I need to use some laptop to check, shall I use Vansh’s laptop, no, he will think I m doubting on him. Ishani throws the cushion and scolds Angre. She asks him to adjust on the carpet. She says you have no status that you touch me. Riddhima checks Vansh’s laptop and thinks what’s the password. She enters random passwords. She enters the right password and thinks I guessed right, the password is Uma rai singhania, his mum’s name. She puts ear plus and plays the video. She sees Ragini pleading someone. Vansh turns. She thinks who has the gun. Vansh wakes up. He gets up and doesn’t see Riddhima. Riddhima hides behind the chair.

He says maybe she is in bathroom. She tries to run out. He turns and says you, you were hiding here. She says no, I went out for a walk, I was slowly shutting the door, but you are already awake. He lies to sleep. She lies beside him. She hides the memory card under the pillow. She thinks I can just see the hand, the murderer is a leftie, Vansh is right handed. She smiles and thinks I knew it, Vansh can never be the murderer, he lied to me, its proved today, Kabir has to listen to me, I have to see entire footage first.

Its morning, Riddhima thinks I forgot to take my clothes in hurry, thank God, Vansh isn’t in the room. Vansh comes with his papers. Riddhima collides with him and falls into his arms. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….. His phone rings. Their eyelock breaks. He looks at her. She goes away. She says I forgot to take my clothes, so I had to wear your kurta, sorry. He says its okay. She says one thing, can I use your laptop. He asks what work do you have. She says I want to make big rangoli, I wanted to see some designs and get printouts. He thinks I m trusting you and giving you another chance. He says okay, password is my mum’s name. She thinks I will not let this trust break, Vansh, I will prove your innocence to Kabir.

Riddhima dances in the function. Vansh looks at her. Dadi asks her to take the Akhand jyot carefully. Riddhima takes the diya upstairs. Chanchal and Anupriya keep nails platform for her. Riddhima walks over and her feet bleeds. She loses balance. Vansh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Bring them together plz…

    Meanwhile i checked so many times to see if the update has been posted or not..god I am so damn addicted to riansh

  2. Plz bring the together..
    And god I checked so many times to see if the update has been posted or not..I’ve got addicted to Riansh

  3. Vernali Mohanty

    I can’t get over that Riddhima forgetting to take her clothes scene🤩🤩🤩

  4. Today’s episode was like … when it started and when it ended …. pata hi nahi chala…. but the last sceen was nice … Quite funny and quite romantic … otherwise tho … exited about that new promo…. may be bandh is testing riddhima…. hope to see some some real sceens of suspense, not dream and not sass bahu drama… 🤞

    1. Today episode ok ok tha looking at precap phir se shuru hogaya saas bahu drama
      Kuch tho reveal karo yaar thoda interesting banavo story ko iam just watching for riansh only….

  5. I was waiting for some scene like this. It’s after a long time.

  6. So mataa rani’s blessed chunri helped Riddhima to find a chip and there she saw the murderer is leftie but Vansh is righty. That means Riddhima now know that Vansh didn’t kill Ragini but again the new promo showed that Riddhima got a photo of Vansh aiming gun at Ragini with left hand.
    So you guys are challenging mataa rani’s blessed proof..HUH??? 😆😆😆😆😆
    Riddhima is a very foolish girl. She figured about the left right combination hardly and now the makers are again confusing the bechari girl by giving this type of confusing photo.
    Don’t confuse her anymore.. Already she’s a confused aatma. 😆😆😆😆😆

    1. I can’t beleive we are back to contradicting scenes.Or maybe we are too impatient but please makers be a bit more realistic.

  7. @M I just saw the previous update comments and saw that it’s your birthday today.
    I know you are gonna comment today bcz today’s episode has RIANSH moment so hopefully you’ll see my wish also.
    Happy Birthday dear!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
    🎂 for you. Just give me the bigger piece..😜😜😜

  8. Seems we will soon begin to see Riansh moments.The love they feel for eachother is beginning
    to make them forgive each other.

  9. My subscription just ended this morning. I have to wait till tomorrow to subscribe. I missed the scenes you people are talking about only reading it here

  10. Even the romantic scene was not touchy without the trust

  11. @M happine level up day dear💕
    Congrats now you are upgraded to level 18💝
    I had wished you on previous posts.but you may not have seen it.

  12. @ M Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎉🎉.May you a live long, happy and healthy life. God bless you.

  13. Tqsm tonni….. 🥞🍰 One piece Kya poora cake loo
    I really love riansh moments very much….and bina mai bathaye mere barae Mae janliyae aur achi tharhasae yaadh bee rakae. Really impressed 🥰🥰🥰
    Coming to the story I really loved their intimacy moment and vansh had given one more chance to ridhu. I am really glad for that. ( I saw 20 Oct promo, she saw the pick but in the video she saw a glove man was killing Ragini but in the pic their is no glove to vansh hand, I hope through that point, she want to understand that, someone want to frame vansh as a culprit )
    Hope for the best will happen
    And tq sooooo much

    1. It’s Shivani…My name .You asked before .

    2. Shivani… Nice name dear

    3. Thank you 🌹

  14. Happy birthday🎂 and thanks for posting.

  15. So riddhima told kabir that she’ll start new life with vansh!!! But has she forgotten the fact that she used to love kabir more than her life and it’s for him she took these relations?We may know kabir’s true motive but according to riddhima kabir is loving riddhima truly , how can someone tell to their lover like this? Just as vansh started caring riddhima how can she forget every moments with kabir? Now this riddhima is unfit to talk about love. She is doing injustice to her boyfriend. I thought that the makers would show like riddhima loving kabir deeply but when she come to know about kabir’s truth she’ll feel deceived and then start loving vansh. Now since she started loving vansh she’ll not even feel disappointed even after knowing about kabir’s truth i think.Now she must agree that her love is not true towards kabir. Anyways, even i am a riansh fan and craving for more riansh scenes.

    @M sorry for wishing late , just now i saw,Happy Birthday!!!

    1. @sm….ye sab tho phr bhi theek hai yarrr…. bcoz of mrg may be she fell for vansh…. but i feel ridhima is too dumb….. how can she trust kabir so blidly yarr…. do u all remember the anupriya box sceen…..anupriya didn’t even know that box was hidden by chachi and Aryan in their room… it was riddhima who informed kabir that the box was stolen by them & and it is kept in chcnchals room…. Dam yarr thoda tho domain lagalethi….

    2. @ SM, it would have been better if makers had shown that Riddhima loves Kabir then she came to know his deceive and after that she fell for Vansh.
      However I don’t find her fault for falling in love with Vansh and forgetting Kabir. Vansh is a good man. If Vansh physically abused Riddhima, committed marital rape on her then where could Riddhima go? She didn’t had her phone nor could she could use landline to call police or anyone for help. She was also not allowed to leave VR Mansion. And in case after these many hardships, if the matter reached court then Vansh can easily hire the best lawyer using his power and get decision in his favour.
      But he didn’t do all this which shows his good nature. In fact he shouted on Riddhima only when she pinch him otherwise he always kept his tone lower. And coming to Kabir, we protect the person whom we love. We don’t send him to enemy and that too without any protection. Even if Riddhima went on his saying but slowly slowly that relation between them started getting spoil. That love, care and respect which every person wants to get, Riddhima didn’t get from Kabir but from Vansh.
      So this was my opinion.

    3. Since he knew he loved riddima so much why choose her for the task, he shouldn’t have sent there, he shouldn’t allowed the marriage happen, he shouldn’t have made vansh fall in love with rhidimma in the name of making Riansh trust eachother , he should have always notify her before doing anything, what do you expect, A man and a woman is living together, trying to tolerate each as time goes on their misunderstanding while become understanding then later it becomes love.

    4. @B Exactly. Even I wanted Riddhima to first come to know about Kabir’s betrayal, and then start to fall in love with Vansh. That would have made sense (considering how madly she loved Kabir). But what you said about Vansh being caring towards her and thus making her fall in love with him is right. But there should be a proper closure to it, or atleast some kind of situation or flashback where Riddhima realises that how Vansh is better than Kabir. Or atleast she should try to end her relationship with Kabir atleast.

  16. @M happy birthday dear.I wish u enough (read I wish you enough poem)

  17. TQ den, TQ amisha, TQ B, TQ chhavi
    Tqsm for all your love 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  18. Tqsm SM and you know what my father and mother names Start with s and m

  19. Sometimes broken glass, sometimes burning coal and now the great Riddhima will walk on nails. Is there any other thing left to be walked upon?
    Riddhima plans to spend her entire life with Vansh if he is absolved of Ragini’s murder. But what about Kabir? According to her, Kabir should be still loving her, so how can she do this with him without even giving a proper closure to their relationship?

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