Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh and Riddhima’s argument


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya saying I will get punished today so that no stepmum tries to give love to her step children. She does a drama. She stabs herself. Vansh comes in between. Everyone sees Vansh’s hand hurt. Anupriya says Vansh I was punishing myself, why did you forgive me. He cleans the trident and keeps it back near the idol. He silently walks off. Everyone goes. Anupriya goes to Riddhima and scolds her. She says there is still time, just change your ways, else you won’t stay here for long. Riddhima goes to Vansh. He says leave me alone. She says let me do the bandage. He says you just know to give pain, I don’t want any bandage. She stops him.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. They see each other. She says I m your wife, its my right and duty to do this, I care for your wounds and feel it also, I have hurt you, sit. He sits. Chanchal says I will wear jewellery in aarti, I was so scared, I thought if Vansh knows our secret, what will happen. Aryan says Riddhima reached Anupriya’s secret and was blackmailing her, we thought she is innocent, she can expose our truth anytime. She asks how will she know, she is always with Anupriya and Vansh, he will not leave us, he left Anupriya, as she is his mum. He says relax, we have to be careful, what Riddhima is going and why. Riddhima sees the wound and does the aid.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. Vansh says family trusts each other, not give wounds. Riddhima says give me a chance to explain. He asks you trust me, why couldn’t you believe that I didn’t hide anything about Ragini, why do you find her anywhere, your silence gave me the answers, whatever I do, you don’t trust me and will never do. He says you have hidden a lot, I have seen world too, marriage is not just about seven rounds, sindoor and mangalsutra, when this broken trust ends, I will feel our relation really started, we won’t need to ask for trust. He goes. She cries. She says why does it happen Vansh, I try to make place in your heart and everything shatters, when will our distance end. Vansh says I know much is hidden from me, I didn’t think mum’s first child truth will come out, Riddhima sent a parcel for Sejal at Mumbai address, when she said Sejal is in Dubai, I just bluffed, I didn’t know this truth will come out. Siya says its shocking for me and all of us, when I heard Riddhima talking to someone about Ragini, I was careful. She recalls hearing Riddhima.

He says Riddhima has many secrets hidden in her. Siya recalls Riddhima’s words. She says she always takes your problems on herself, she took the bullet shot on you, she can’t harm anyone, some truths are necessary to hide, else such truths hurt us, like mum’s. He asks what about Ragini’s matter, Riddhima wants to know the truth. She says maybe because she is your wife, she is curious, she would be insecure, maybe this is called love. He says love has trust, not insecurity, she doesn’t trust me. Riddhima holds her bangles. She says this red colour is of cheat for you, but its of love and devotion for me. She recalls her marriage and prays to Mata Rani. She says give me strength that I tell the truth to Vansh.

Dadi comes and holds her. She says tears has much strength, Lord doesn’t deny real devotion, Vansh is not a human, his family is imp for him, you are also his family now, you support her as a wife and protector. Riddhima says you are right, I will try my best to fix the relation, I will go to any extent. She prays. The flower drops on her. Dadi says you got Mata Rani’s blessing, now keep the nine fasts for Navratri, just pray for Vansh and your relation. Riddhima prays. Dadi say we will do first aarti well, get aarti plate, keep all the suhaag items, get it from backyard storeroom. Riddhima sees Sejal’s call. She thinks why is Kabir calling now. Dadi says Sejal would be coming to meet. Riddhima says she left for Dubai.

Dadi says I will talk to her. Riddhima thinks I saved Kabir’s number by Sejal’s name, Dadi will know it. She says you said I have to make aarti plate ready, I will talk to Sejal later. Dadi asks her to go. Riddhima goes. Kabir says you don’t know my state, its because of Vansh, I will get suspended from job forever, just you can help me. He asks her to get proof against Vansh. She says sorry Kabir, I can’t do this, Vansh is innocent. He asks did you decide it, then you would have proof of his innocence, you are staying with him, you couldn’t know he is a devil. She says I trust him. Someone looks at her. She says you don’t know him, stop saying this, I live with him, he saved my life, the one who wants to kill can’t save lives, I don’t want any proof, I m sure he can’t kill anyone.

Riddhima checks a video. She sees Ragini begging someone. She thinks who is Ragini’s murderer. Vansh wakes up.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I am really confused. Is Vansh taking Riddhima’s side or Anupriya’s side? Today the only one thing which was surprising was Siya helping Vansh by telling him the conversation between Riddhima and Anupriya and the conversation of Riddhima about Ragini. I don’t why but I feel Vansh knows something about Riddhima’s past.

    1. Ya!Vansh know about ridhima ‘s past I am sure Becoz vansh’s behavior had changed hope u remembered that promo in which vansh heard ridhbir’s conversation.I got this information from one of the youtube chanel from that chanel I never get fake news.

    2. Thx for the information

  2. Vernali Mohanty

    I’m really upset with voot for uploading episodes so late. There’s no point of upgrading to voot select. But on the other hand, the episodes are getting leaked maybe that’s why they are doing this. Please guys watch this on tv. The trp needs to be good for the show to keep going on. Leaking the episodes before hand is not done. A lot of work and effort is put into this. Please respect that. Don’t ruin it.

    1. I don’t understand why they have to release early. They can release at a same time. Early release ruins suspense and interest. Then they take shows offair saying no TRP.

  3. Vaah. Kya drama racha hai Anupriya ne. I feel that day by day vansh ka character dumb hota ja rha. Ridhimma now to prove her love will bear all the pain and consequences given to her by the family. I hope aisa na ho. Ridhimma ka character bhi strong hona chahiye otherwise this will become like any other saas-bahu serial.

  4. Today’s episode has nothing interesting except the fact that siya is the one who was overhearing everything.
    But guys heard that they have casted ragini’s character. Sushmita Bhanik is gonna play the role of ragini. So it means that ragini’s truth will be soon revealed and ragini’s entry will be shown soon. Ithink that riddhima misunderestood that ragini is dead. And also makers are dargging this ragini story from ep 30 which means that ragini is not dead.Anyways exited for upcoming episodes.

    1. Cynthia Olaniyan

      I agree very boring episode

  5. I knew Siya’s silence is just of pretence, I think she knows more about all the family members and I feel vansh might also as well track his wife phone by maybe putting some kind of device on it

  6. Ragini’s entry will reveal vansh innocence. But Riddhima is not ready to expose her truth. Then how can solve their problems.

  7. @Tonni, on 13 October, remember you asked me if it’s possible that by some drama Anupriya can melt Vansh’s heart and make a way for Kabir’s stay in VR Mansion and I said no, it’s not possible. Now I think this can happen. Later on when Vansh will try to kill or harm Kabir then in order to save him, Anupriya can come up with another drama discovering that Kabir is his long lost son. Please spare him. I have given you mother’s love etc. etc.

  8. Thanks a lot Amena. You are a love.
    I stopped watching the show and only keep eyes on your WU only.
    So Vansh changed his attitude after hearing that Sejal is kidnapped and Riddhima sent her a parcel in Mumbai before. WHAT KINDA JOKE IT IS!!!!!

    #Vansh didn’t check the parcel bcz Vansh knew that the parcel was going somewher else, not to Sejal.So he already knew Sejal’s address was false.How can he doubt on Riddhima on that basis?

    #If he still doubts Riddhima on that basis then I’ve a question. Sejal is a party planner so she can go to Dubai for events, Can’t she? Then why is Vansh doubting that Riddhima lied about Sejal?

    Anyone here to clear my confusions?

    Doubting Riddhima on wrong basis really doesn’t suit the story. What am I saying!The story itself doesn’t suit now.

    1. Vansh heard ridhbir’s conversation.In one of the promo also it is shown.

  9. Aishwarya Barooah

    Ameena thida jaldi de diye karo na plz. Mai wait karti rehti hoon par aap bohot der se deti ho😔🙏🙏🙏

  10. The feel of the show is missing for me … when the sequence of yellow gloves was going, at that time I was just kept thinking who could it be but as far now…. it has become like a daily sass- bahu drama type …. there is no suspense no thriller…. & riansh moments ka tho dur dur talk koi sceens hi nai…. it’s getting bored …. hope something good to see after the entry of RAGINI….

  11. Saw precap on Instagram, ridhimma wanted to confess her love to vansh, suddenly someone threw a picture of vansh aiming gun at’ i think is sejel… don’t know weda if they are still going to drag the story long again 🤔 but it will be better if they show us ridhimma stands by her husband and trust him… since she her self said he’s a good person…and also how can she not suspect Kabir???when Dsouza told her someone was in the store room, it was Kabir she found only, the cooked a story and she bliv him, he disguised himself and entered the house twice, but still she didn’t suspects him even once, I think they are portraying ridhimma as a big fool sometimes or a typical house wife that doesn’t even know her worth.

    1. It was ragani in that picture

  12. Yes it’s bit boring,day by day losing new promo when Riddhima about to say her love she saw a picture of vansh shooting ragini again back to one like vansh is a would be better if ragini comes back and some jealous track and Kabir fake face to riddhu.

  13. Hey guys tomorrow (Oct 18) is my birthday. I just want to share with you bcz I felt you all are my frnds and it’s my 18th birthday. ok coming to the story
    Not interesting… really not interesting… But how ridhu cares for vansh and she fought with him for vansh. It’s really interesting..very interesting…

    1. Hey Happy birthday M 💕.I see its 02:15 now so hope you have a lovely day 💐😊✨🙋

    2. Happiee level up day M 💕
      Congrats dear now you were upgraded to level 18 of your life💝

    3. Happy birthday @M… have a gr8 day a head

    4. Yes now a days story is very boring no suspence no thrilling only typical saasu bahu drama iam slowly slowly losing interest
      @M Many more happy returns of the day 🎂🎉🎈 Have a great day💐💐💐

    5. Thakur Priyanka

      Many more happy returns of the day dear🎂🎂🎂🎂💐💐💐💐

  14. Thanks Amena.We all thought daadi and siya was innceont but see out of all SIYA?.Moving on …Riddhima is stuck to vansh she loves him so damn much it is just wonderful💕💕💕💕💕💕

  15. @Riansh lover Thanks for the promo link. Nowadays I feel that the promos are more interesting and thrilling than the actual episodes!😆
    @M Happy b’day dear!

  16. Tq Nia
    TQ riansh and I really want to know your name

    1. I don’t think you will see this as its your birthday but I will just do it anyway ….You asked my name .It’s Shivani 💕

  17. It is becoming bakwas day by day and now I’m fed up of this show because it is also like other saas bahu types show

  18. I had a doubt on Siya that she is not how she looks…she was spying/kept ears on Riddhima.

  19. TQ den, TQ rimsha,tq Praveen, TQ Priyanka, TQ nia
    TQ sooooooooo much for all your lovemy dear dear dear frnds.
    Love you all…..💖💖💖💖💖

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